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  1. '89 Reatta/Riviera FSM shows up on eBay now and again.
  2. And the 67/68 Cougar...I used to own a 68 XR7....I do miss that car.
  3. I believe the 1990 GM Buick color is called "Bright Red", and the color codes are "81" and "WA8774".
  4. Was able to book Hotel room Sunday, 7/11/21, 9:30 pm EDT. Had to wait over 35 minutes in the que until a "live" rep answered, but the reservation is made.
  5. Same outcome, finished side outward, here in MA....
  6. Just my opinion, but that is down right pathetic. And yet members complain just about anything/everything the BCA does...club direction, finances, etc., etc. Off the top of my head, that's roughly less than 10% of the membership.
  7. Lamar, how are the sales progressing? I'm sure Rita, Elvis, and Cowpie are happy to see some of the Buick "stuff" leaving the yard....they're probably saying "Thankya Jesus, thankya Lord!".
  8. Thank you Jack for the info. We are all well here and hoping for the same for your family.
  9. Haven't seen BOD minutes posted Feb thru Apr...any update?
  10. Sundays we would either have 1pm dinner at our house or at my aunt's about 15 miles away. We'd drive our family '56 Ford Fairlane (later a '62) if it was to my aunt's house. She was my mom's identical twin. My maternal Italian grandmother Lucia Coletti would start preparing tomato "sauce" around 9am...she lived with us. She and my grandfather Loretto Coletti were born in San Donato, Italy, about 50 klicks northeast of Rome...migrated to USA shortly after the turn of the 20th century. My dad was career Navy, so it was a real Sunday dinner treat when he was home on leave. He was usually out to sea 9 months of the year. Very fond memories....
  11. Dick always sought me out when attending either the ROA or BCA Nationals. I had lived in La Mesa, CA not far from Dick during the '50's so he would let me know of the area's changes each time we'd meet. He was a very personable guy and will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family.
  12. I knew Dick well but did not know he had fallen sick. We would sit and talk at each ROA National that we attended...especially the Monterey, CA meet. He was a very interesting guy and owned a beautiful bamboo cream '65 Riviera GS. Am very sorry for his family's loss.
  13. I know its not the weekend yet, but I got the Reatta ready for our first Friday night cruise-in at Walmart Halifax, MA. It sits in it's new igloo with a slate pavers (they're actually rubber!) tire track driveway with new sod ready to cruise.
  14. Don't sell it! I love that car. It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to drive it when I attended your regional meet in 2017.
  15. Wow, Mr. Earl your property is looking mighty fine! You've put in a lot of hard work.
  16. I believe 1988 Riviera was the first year for composite headlights. Below is a picture of an 1987 Riviera front end still with the four individual headlights. PS: I'm a Riviera fan...have owned five of various years.
  17. I agree with both of your choices! Junior was number 55. Tedy did not want his number 54 retired when he retired...Hightower wears it now. Sadly, I'm now a Tampa Bay fan with Brady moving....just sayin'
  18. Bruschi 54...are you a New England Patriots fan? I assume so...Tedy Bruschi wore number 54 and played for the Pats from 1996 to 2008.
  19. I also have JC Taylor and my '91 Reatta is insured for $15K. Also had the '92 Riviera insured through them for the same amount up until I sold it. Had zero quarrels from them when I asked for a $15K value on each.
  20. Took the '91 Reatta out of storage for the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons. Ran it on the highway for 25 miles...didn't want to stop driving because it ran so well. Next week its in for its annual MA state safety inspection with oil change/lube and biennial radiator flush:
  21. My '91 Reatta comes out of hibernation the week of April 5 for MA State safety inspection, oil & filter change, lube, anti-freeze flush/thermometer change (195*). Can't get under a car any longer due to vertigo....really does a number on me.
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