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  1. Gentlemen, thank you so much for the info, the morning project will be taking out the iac and cleaning it's orifice. I'll report back any problems but look forward to a normal idle. Jerry
  2. 90 Reatta idle problem.. Upon starting the idle goes to 1600-200rpm and remains there. Hitting the gas after warm up has no effect. ( Maybe I'm thinking about an automatic choke). Either way, if I turn the car off anda couple seconds later restart, the idle settles in at 650-700rpm. Take the care for a spin and when you stop it will resume 1800=/- idle. Computer shows no codes and drives as nice as can be. Any thoughts, could the IAC be faulty? Thanks in advance Jerry Kiefer
  3. This boy is dreaming, $3500. max for a super daily driver..
  4. Thanks, I'll be on it in the morning.. Let you know what happens..
  5. Harry, I have the shop manualbut don't see anything abut alignment of the cps, could you direct me to the page? Thanks
  6. The Delco has been in for several years, when I swapped out the Maganox the car acted exactly the same, ran and performed great for about 10 minutes then the misfires and spuddering began befor it shut down, if i tired to operate it, after a normal start, if I waited 10 minutes or so it would start and you can drive about a half mile. If the car cools you can drive in for about ten miles. I get the feeling something is heating up and breaking down. Only code seen is B440 which is an air issue.. No other codes. Just replaced the harmonic balancer and new crank sensor...Everything seems great..with them.
  7. Had the Delco on it and when it acted up put on the Magnavox spare..complete assembly Bring me up to speed, what is the HB. Would the power supply act up the same way at the same time a day apart? Car is a 90.. Thanks
  8. Just replaced the harmonic balanced with a Dorman, also the crank sensor. Car fired instantly and ran fine about 10 mintues covering about 5 miles. At that point it started to misfire which lead to spuddering and then shut down. Started it back up but very rough idle, if I tried the two pedal feather it would die quick by putting it in gear... Thinking the coil module was getting hot, I put on good spare and tried it again starting with car cold. A repeat of the previously experience to the letter. Any idea what could be the problem? Car ran perfect before the balancer wooble began..Tried to limb home from 100 miles away before the sensor snapped about 3 miles out. Can't think of anything else besides the coil module and that's not it. I come up with nothing when I run the codes. Hope somebody has an idea.. Forgot to add, after the car sit for about 15 minutes it will go a mile or so before it craters again. From dead cold it's go for 5 or so miles. Could this be a fuel pump starting to fail?? Thanks!
  9. Looking for a used front wheel sensor, I have one that's intermittent. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Dave for the brake fluid tip. I replaced the rear caliber and added fluid with out the key off pumping. As a result I was leaking I thought from around the master cylinder. Did the pumping and it was ready to come out the top when I took the cap off. remove fluid to the sticker this mornng so I'll watch it for a couple days. Sounded just like your scenario!
  11. Barney, Figured out where the problem is. On the solenoid, end of the plunger there is a horizontal 3/8" inch disc welded to the end. This goes in between the forks to activate the latch. Somewhere the disc broke off. In looking on the carpet of the trunk and found it. I might be able to spot weld it back in place. At least I know where the problem is. Thanks for the assistance. This is a black 90 ragtop that I bought from Padgett a couple years ago when he was thinning the herd.
  12. Not sure which part I need or both. Solenoid works but trunk does not unlatch. The arm that is activated by the solenoid doesn't move. I can open the trunk with the safety orange switch but no cigar with the button or key, just a clicking solenoid. Almost acts like it's missing a spring. Does anyone have an assembly for sale or can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  13. Sold to a gentleman from near Fort Worth.
  14. Anyone interested in a Delco/Buick factory radio with CD? Model # 16085434 Came new in a 92 Roadmaster wagon but works fine in the Reatta as all the plugs match. $260. includes shipping.
  15. Found the problem, passenger side wheel sensor reads open, checked the drivers side and it's 1100 ohm so the codes don't lie. Thanks for the help.
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