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  1. Every time I mow the front lawn I think about building a berm between the house and the curb just to slow them down a bit while my body cools. Think car stuff is bad, imagine spending your life collecting and repairing typewriters.
  2. Inventorying all the pieces when you buy the unfinished job.
  3. There is one dealer license plate frame that is pretty hard for a Riviera guy to resist. Had to hunt for this one.
  4. I have a Buick Chassis Parts Book listed on Ebay. I bought it around 1980 a while after I bought my '64 Riviera. The exploded parts diagrams were very useful in reassembling the car after I pulled the frame out from under it for cleaning and paint. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153953570258 Good learning tool. I never used the part numbers much. Bernie
  5. I have two parts left from a 1948 Continental coupe that I parted out. A maroon knob Overdrive cable and the inside chrome window post trim. They are in my garage now, but I am planning to box and move a bunch of stuff to a different storage location. There is a risk they may not show up again until the estate sale. Right now they are listed on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/373058905871 https://www.ebay.com/itm/153939525392 That is all I have left of the car. Thank you, Bernie
  6. When really bored, sometimes I sit back and try to remember the most complimentary adjective I have heard used to describe a Plymouth.
  7. I would be inclined to think an individual's method of belt adjustment would be the main factor in water pump life. I am not one for making them real tight. I also add a can on water pump lubricant when I service the cooling system in any way. 1960's Buick pumps were usually good for about 60,000 miles. In the early 1970's you might notice a lot of bowed face bars on the models that used them. They weren't strong and the tow job ended up being obvious. One of the features of the LT1 cars is a camshaft driven water pump to achieve the 100,000 mile tune up. Got away from belt tension.
  8. I put a used engine in a truck one time and had a similar sound. In moving around the engine had been resting on the oil pan. The oil pan had mushroomed out a bit on the sides. The crank throws were hitting on the pan bottom. In that instance my fix was to start the truck and lie under it with two ball pien hammers and tap the sides of the oil pan until the "belly" came out. Worked fine after that. Bernie
  9. I can't lay my hands on the book right now, but many years ago I bought an early 1900's engineering text book with a quote on the frontispiece that went something like "One must study the many to thoroughly understand the one." That quote meant a lot to me because it was the way I learned from the time I could read. Old shop manuals and technical books have been my reading sources all my life. I have a family full of English majors and always get scolded because I do not read novels. After 60 years of studying a wide variety of what can be, I can approach a job with confidence in what "should be". Years ago I serviced and operated a large ammonia refrigeration system that had been purchased and installed, used, in my plant in 1904. Not much documentation on that. Most recently I have been deep into Lambda sensors both pre and post Cat at a fundamental level and the diagnostics of their signals,not for a specific car, but their function in general. Knowing the fundamentals is the key. At one time I taught the fourth year of an apprenticeship program. Many students did not know first year material. Repeating the fourth year would do them no good. The system had let them down. I went to the leadership and begged to teach the first year. They told me first year instructors were a dime a dozen. They wanted me in the fourth year. That story applies to fixing cars as well. Thoroughly know the basics and the manuals you do have will make good easy chair reading. Bernie
  10. 1993 when the Future looked a bit bleak for one of them. Dougie Seibert, they left the door unlocked. Impressive without a windshield.
  11. Monday, but in these times what does the name of the day mean. Just drove up through town and saw Hector, the barber was open. Got a hair cut for the first time in months, came home, and did a 2020 whitewall wash. Guess I will spend some time in the shade by "Stonehenge".
  12. I just get this image of her dripping beet juice. Now where could that have come from?
  13. Now I am feeling bad about selling my '83 H&E Biarritz.
  14. I deleted the comment. Sometimes I don't click the channel changer fast enough on the national media stations. Contagious.
  15. The reference to S. A. E. standards and logo style make think 1950's. People for get stuff and tend to adapt their memories.
  16. A great book anyone should read: https://www.amazon.com/Fourth-Turning-American-Prophecy-Rendezvous/dp/0767900464 Start reading on page 300. Then you will want to read it all.
  17. I can't remember the last time I voted for someone. Usually against the other pick. The first round of the virus took out the most susceptible. Second round gets the "smarter" ones.
  18. I had been a Bond fan all my life when I was transferred back to the states in late '69. I was regular Navy on a reserve training destroyer and spent a lot of time in the downtown Charleston, S. C. nightlife areas. I'm having some flashbacks about guns and women and bars, jumping over a stair railings to disarm a bad guy. Yeah, you find a sleazy part of the city where you can live out your super hero. The Cooper River don't go through Monte Carlo but sometimes one can embellish the story. Fifty years later I know the Captain must have had a sense of humor but he sure knew how to contain it back then.
  19. Great comparison. Resurrecting that Pierce-Arrow is quite similar to the incident David had at the funeral home that got their whole problem started.
  20. It looks like a dynamic idle adjust switch. You hitch your trailer to the car and you can adjust the idle in Drive while hold the level to engage the brake. Funny it is on a '65. The Turbo doesn't put the idle down like a Dynaflow. Maybe they carried it over from a previous car. Bernie
  21. The Studebaker engine comment was supposed to be an engineering joke. You guys are too serious.
  22. The machine guns are not real but light up. A real 1960's version would have a friction motor with a flint to spray sparks. A Cord headlight crank could make it work but it would be distracting. Maybe it was inspired by the new corona virus. The owner can sit in his garage and say "We're home, James".
  23. The pictures of the owner's manual packet have a lot better photo quality than the pictures of the car. Did you take them on your dining room table?
  24. I have never sold a car by best offer. How does that work? Does your offer go on a list with others? Is there a date when the highest offer is selected? Will you be notified that you need to up your ante? Seems like an odd way to do it. I wonder if there is a way to buy the car on one trip, without waiting for all the offers to come in.