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  1. I just came in from working all afternoon. The British do that, huh. I have been dramatised the the TV weather. They use kettle drums for rain and a girl plays a flute when a sunny day is predicted. That is to set my mood if I am not paying attention. I remember it all started with "Oxydol's own Ma Perkins" and the so called journalists have been scrambling to sell more soap ever since. (My Wife hates it when I call those TV news types soap sellers.) Orson said it best. "There will be no Ferrari until the rent is paid"
  2. I was watching an older cop movie a while back and they were driving on this curving, surreal looking bridge with curves and darkened decks. It looked like something from that Robin Williams Popeye movie. I wondered, where the heck is that place? Turned out the be the Oakland Bay Bridge. I never saw anything built like that. I would just have to get a look at that.
  3. A Camaro owner had just told a Mustang owner that his car was his Pride and Joy. Then they both looked up. One said "Wow! Look at that old barn find coming in!"
  4. I bought this car on Craigslist for $600, $800 delivered. The picture is the arrival at home. Quarter cut out, no engine or trans, just a shell. After fees and shipping costs I netted $3200. Parts went all over the world to happy people. I still have about $500 worth of parts to sell AND I dumped the body off at a junkyard. (where it was bought the next day by a hobbyist). Outside of one dinner out with my Wife, all the money went to my car hobby. That Caddy would net a similar amount but a little more outlay. That's the "is it worth" part. Anyone restoring a rough one might say it was too much at the start, but somewhere around the 80% complete mark it could take on a whole new value to them. If the car was $3200 I could be tempted to throw some "easy money" at it. All depends on where the money comes from. Bernie
  5. Sunday I went to a club breakfast buffet with my '60 Electra. We won the bottle of wine prize for the oldest car. The other old car was a 1979. It was an "old people event". I had lunch with a Buick Club member yesterday. On Sunday he went to an AACA club buffet. He said that out of 60 people attending, there were 7 old cars in the parking lot. The oldest was a '55 Chevy. When people don't get their cars out the event defaults to those who do. From my personal experience and observations at meetings, picnics, and other club events, Tahoes are very popular with the old car crowd. Bernie
  6. Where dash lamps mount on a circuit board you can clean the contact area with a pencil eraser to get the contact back. On other body lights I use a long piece of #14 wire with two alligator clips to make a home run to the negative post of the battery for a test of the ground. It is usually the ground. No one paid $4,000-$5,00 of 1960's money and drove home in a new car with dim dash or interior lights. Bernie
  7. Here are a couple pictures at Villa d'Este in 2017. I need to get there one year.
  8. That is really great to read and valuable information for others. It is not just the Forum, but anywhere you go in this hobby (like for 50 years) no one wants to tell what a car cost. My rule of thumb is keep my risk at or below $3,000. I figure I can survive the hit should it happen. I have run into situations here the old neglected family heirloom had no asking price. I have asked what they would buy if they had extra money. It is usually roof repair, windows, some home construction project. I think you were right in there for them. Now, if all your outlay was cash on the table in front of you; would you hand it over and do it again? Here's my Buick when I was 15. 55 years ago. The Olds was mine too. It was a little better. That '39 Buick was a significant car in my life. It came from a junkyard where I have hung out all my life. The deal for the Buick was in exchange for hand digging a septic tank hole. That taught me a lesson about hard work... and I have made sure to stay away from it for the past 55 years. Thank you for the details on your Model 90 experience. I wish more car guys were that open. Bernie
  9. From the picture, it looks like the long white mark will come right out with a little rubbing compound. The find a blue that looks close and lay it in with a brush. In that location it won't be noticed and you can probably find more places to touch up once you start looking. A body shop might make a big production out of it, partly tape off the trim, spray your tire and frame rail blue, and leave a window open so the interior gets full of paint dust. It is not that I wouldn't trust them, but a kid could fix that.
  10. Short for Seven. Different group from a place where cars are smaller. I posted this picture on an international site and a European guy wrote "That Buick makes the Sev look like a Three." Katherine Hepburn couldn't have said it better.
  11. That is the kind of vague information a buyer usually gives. When people come on the Forum to ask, as you did, all we can offer is speculation "got it at the right price", "we came to an agreement", "they accepted my offer". Expert opinion, just speculation, but a lot come for it. You are a true expert on the value now, with the kind of knowledge you were looking for. How much was it? Bernie
  12. I was thinking hitch hikers. Loud rock music is as much a part of car meets as "wife left me songs" in cowboy bars. Some things are inseparable. Getting far enough away from the speakers so my skin doesn't vibrate seems to work for me. Two years ago I quit wearing clothing that identified me with any subject. Last year I went to one cruise in, parked next to two SBC's and left my hood open. Something about me is changing. Maybe I am rejecting stereotypes placed upon aging Americans. Oh, I should add, I fix that Sev myself.
  13. You got some sneaky guys out there that will do stuff like this. Wheelcovers. But you could buy a new set of 5 on 5, 8" wagon wheels and even baffle the big kids.
  14. About 80 miles down to The Lumberyard, in Perry, NY, and back for the Cadillac Club buffet breakfast...... in a Buick. New York, land of concrete, steel, and glass. That's what I heard. I can share the view, but I couldn't capture the deep breaths of dairy air.
  15. I am trying to decide which unsettles me more; a car for sale on a car trailer or a Craigslist car sunk in the ground.
  16. My Grandfather used to say "I heard its a piss poor man who won't go half way. I'll split the difference with you." I was pretty young, but recognized it as a great way to boost you own self esteem and put the other guy in an awkward position. Ahhhh, my formative years. Bernie
  17. Spent the morning between the garage doing some mellow waxing and then a little lawn mowing. Just got back from taking my Wife to lunch in my 16 year old BMW with more computer technology than any of the Apollo capsules. My Daughter was volunteering at some soup kitchen for the homeless in Boston. Twenty years ago she showed some promise.
  18. Cindy, ask Buick club members how many new parts that fit their cars and are sitting on shelves in their garages and basements.
  19. I am surprised I haven't seen more of the last generation El Caminos painted black with Buick front clips. There are a few but not common.
  20. That could be a body swap from an Auburn Bloattail.
  21. Why did Tim Allen flash through my mind when I read that?
  22. I have been looking at '51 through '54 Packard convertibles for about 3 years. I have seen two nice ones just over $30,000 and a few projects around $10,000. These are not Caribbeans, nice Perry White cars. The completed car is there to see in all its quality. The project is full of unrealized expectations that may or may not materialize, even with the best efforts. I could have a "work in progress" where my personal efforts might reach the same $30,000 in 10 years. I'm not super aggressive. An average would be $250 over the 120 months, probably something like 10 hours per week. But I think time, costs, and contracted labor would go beyond expectations. If I found a part time job that would net me $10 per hour I could schmooze my banker into handing over the 30K, put in put in an average of 6 hours per week, have the finished car, and drive it to my part time job. No body shop excuses, no rebuild mistakes, just a big smile. In my instance I always manage some windfall and would probably pay it off early. I haven't done that myself. I am more inclined to buy a clean newer car and let the car, as well as myself, age to collectible status. I have bought restoration projects in the past, kept them for a few years, and sold them to fund a newer, clean, older (but not real old) car. The cars I own now, by age, are 59 years, 55, 35, and 16. I drove them all today and they are in pretty good shape. None of them were really that old when I bought them. Pick a nice clean car that is not too old and keep it nice. Fixing up an old dilapidated one doesn't go with living long and prospering. Bernie
  23. I have noticed many people raised during the 1930's and WWII years tend to be shorter than average due to hard times and poor nutrition in their early years. The diet may also have caused issues of a cognitive nature as well. Started noticing that when I was about 11.