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  1. There's an old quote "I don't care what you say, I am not going to let you talk any sense into me." Just do it. I turned 72 over the weekend and hardly ever took advice. When I look back the few regrets I have are for things I didn't do when I could have. Ask your dad what regrets he has. It probably won't take long to get to "should have". Then you've got him.
  2. I knew a couple of welders who worked the midnight shift building up the teeth om the deep rock tunnel boring moles. A good welder could build those up with a minimum of monkeying around. Worth investigating
  3. The same. The people just got dressed and posed for the sale.
  4. Newer products use a chemical bond rather than mechanical (tooth). Lots of NASA evolved technologies out there today. Keeping up sometimes goes beyond the hobby level of updating. PPG recently changed its formulation and there is some adaptation there.
  5. As long as the parent company nets 10% they will be happy. I looked into Lemon Law Warranties when they first came out and they were a pretty well hedged gamble. If you set aside the amount of the payment in a personal fund you would actually be in good shape to cover yourself. In my non-automotive business I deposit 5% of each job into my "Circus" account (You know, when the circus starts). It accrues through the year and covers any expenses that can't be billed. I purge it as a bonus each year and loan 90 days of predicted funds back as a basis for the account for a starter. I la
  6. The Rage Gold is an Evercoat product, all very good stuff. The 400 Ultra Glazing Putty comes in 20 oz. cans and is good for deep scratches if you want to try out a small job.
  7. I get asked all the time. But I have only bought a couple of cars that were actually "old". My keepers were about 15 years old when I bought them and we got old together. Look closely at the features of the owners in these two pictures. They really could be the same couple. The caption goes. "You almost made me bust when you told the city slicker you selling the Buick for money to fix the porch."
  8. I was mature enough to understand my contractor had to make a profit on the job. I had a very good idea what the going prices were and I knew I was asking for extra. So, when the contract price came out reasonable I just signed. Some are out there with the "sharp pencil" mindset and have to beat every nickle they can out of the job. Bragging rights, I guess. My perception of a garage and the basic structure were different and it showed as we progressed. An apron at the overhead door was not standard, or a mandoor, and, when I asked for better quality windows, they were delivered the next
  9. The smaller the crew the fast it goes. The GC who built my garage said he used to have a crew of 5-10 on his jobs. Until he figured it out. A crew of two, father and son, did my job quickly. And I don't even think they said a word to each other.
  10. I just listed this electric car on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1956-Pontiac-Other/373233553398
  11. I hated to sell that Avanti II but the previous owner had sanded off the Gelcoat, primered it, and left it outside. Without the Gelcoat fiberglass was shedding like hair.
  12. Even though it is a Studebaker the rig was built in Ford Country, where the best recovery vehicles are built.
  13. Take a handful of walnuts out to the garage and have her crack the shells moving forward in second. It's good practice. Crack but not smash. Makes me think of teaching my daughter to drive with the '65 Electra that eventually became hers. I took her to an empty parking lot where the spaces were all lined off. She had to park with her front bumper directly above the space line. She got pretty good at it after a few tries. I could tell by the haughty body language. She puffed right up with the complement on how well she did. "Now the rear bumper over the line." " What!". A coupl
  14. I left a Blue Spruce standing when I built my garage. It was about 15 or 20 feet out and required a little navigating. But the availability of '60 Electra door stainless trim may not be so easy in the future. Corrected.
  15. Passionately abscessed. PO'ed for short.
  16. Another Sunday. Over to the next county for lunch per the routine. The angle of the sun is just perfect for pictures of a white car this time of year. From the mound in the village square: And my masked wife paying the check in the newly compliant spit guard protected area. A $10 donation to the High School band gets you 10% off for the year. The Saturday morning car guys get the break 'cause I'm sitting there with them. When I was in my early teens that diner didn't have booths, just tables and a counter. I remember stopping for lunc
  17. There were a few light 1980's cars built with transverse torsion bars. A little bracket fabrication might get a pair of those under your car. Even though 1977 brought some major changes to the B body platform you still have a B body car. There is a lot of good information here: https://www.impalassforum.com/forums/ And it is a very active site. It includes Caprice, Roadmaster, wagons, it is a good resource. Bernie
  18. A few years ago the term "dogma" just feel on my ears and it seemed to apply so appropriately to my old car hobby experiences over the past 50 years. One of those things that sticks. The instance of dogma surfacing in my vocabulary is entertaining in itself. On the news the leader of a South American country had been deemed "dangerously dogmatic" by sources in the US government. Being one to enjoy taking things literally I thought about the meaning. I realized that I could be called "playfully dogmatic" because I have fun believing my own BS when it suits the moment, a lot of fun.
  19. Wait until you see the dramatic subject line and find the first sentence to be: After this. When we get back. Coming up at 11. Then you know the writer is leading you into the sewer.
  20. Suburban means on non-work days you can run errands in town or go to church. An urban delivery truck never really worked that way. Chevy now makes trucks from Suburban to Ultra-urbane.
  21. Years ago I sold a '39 Cadillac Model 75with no engine, transmission, front suspension, or other mechanical parts. The front sheetmetal was stacked inside the car. The buyer perched the crossmember on his trailer hitch to hold the front up. I had only shuffled it around with a flatbed. So when we started moving down the driveway the failed rear axle bearing let the axle start walking out toward the fender. One of the guys who came with the buyer rode in the back of the truck and kicked the axle back in when needed during the trip home. People are out there targeting buyers like that to tr
  22. Walking away with a little dance step ain't bad when you can't sing.
  23. My picture shows us under the car supported by jack stands. Actually, after the rear end assembly was rolled under the car we put a stack of inflated wheels and tires under the rear bumper as a second support. Fout of them.
  24. With sure footed determination.
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