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Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend


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51 minutes ago, 60FlatTop said:

My Wife hates it when someone stops by and the mower sits like that for a week.


Sure looks like wet grass.



A week? Well, ya.... 😁


When the grass is that tall it takes days after a rain to dry out completely but it's that time of year isn't it.

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Last weekend, I drove my 1937 Century to the opening reception for the 2019 Southeastern Divisional Tour, which I hosted. This weekend I drove it to our local Cars and Coffee on Saturday morning and then drove it to lunch on Saturday. This is a photo from Cars and Coffee.


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The sun finally came out today and we headed over to the next county to our regular lunch spot. I remembered to slip my camera in my pocket and we rode down into the gully.


They filled the Erie Canal last week so the falls from the spillway was running pretty good. The top elevation is a little below the surface of the Canal.


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I actually drove three cars today, although two of them barely count.  I had to move the Wildcat to get the Skyhawk out.  I had a boy along to drive the Skyhawk home from the country spot while I drove the Estate Wagon.






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Not the weekend, Monday, but what the heck.


I drove the little convertible home from the storage unit today (just gotta find a ride to get my truck back).

This year it gets front gas struts and a little paintwork.

I would say within a week the top will go down and the boot put on. And that's how it will stay until Fall, unless I get caught it the rain while I am out.





Ready for more of this.



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With no place in particular to go, and a late start to boot,  added just 30 miles to the '56 tonite.  It is just such an easy ride...  except the seats are really in need of rebuilding...But here's a few pics from my tour.

The Magnolia's are past peak here, while other trees are yet to bloom?




It's a challenge to find a babbling brook where you can actually stop for a photo and get the water in the picture.  This is the first time I was on this back road and caught this one. 




Just liked the background here.




Same location with the sun dropping quickly




Another "field" view




And the last shot for the evening.  After 10 days of rain this pond was full!





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Last weekend was a busy one. Saturday was Wheels on Wheels in New Milford Ct. organized by the son of a LHVBCA member. Good weather and over 250 cars. Took the Electra as I didn't trust the weather, turned out to be a beautiful warm day. Drove 84 miles roundtrip.

Sunday was raining all day and took the Electra to Concours d Caffiene in Westport Ct and a tour in Fairfield County Ct, with a Cinco d Mayo lunch to end the tour in Redding Ct. 72 miles total for a total of 156 miles for the 2 days.

I took the Yellow Suncoupe out today to the Auto Center in Chappaqua NY, run by the President of the NE GS/GN Club for an inspection and to put the new registration sticker on, plus a gas stop to fill it up. A total mileage of 50 miles. Glad the driving season is finally here. My 2 pictures are only 6.3 MB and the site won't let me add a 3rd.  




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On Saturday, May 4, I took out my '63 Electra 225 and pretty much repeated the drive I took with my '57 Roadmaster a few weeks earlier in April. (The Roadmaster photos were posted in this thread a few weeks ago.) The day started out pretty cold, so I drove up to Wisconsin with the top up. By mid-day with the sun shining, it was warm enough to put the top down.




The photos below were taken near the boat launch in Williams Bay, WI, on Lake Geneva.


2019_05-04 - Electra 225 at Williams Bay WI -1.jpg

2019_05-04 - Electra 225 at Williams Bay WI -2.jpg

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While it was a beautiful day yesterday, I had no opportunity to get a car out for a ride.  And while today is cloudy and cool, at least it is still dry, so wandered off for a 30 mile jaunt in the Happy Car!   The thing is, it had a hiccup this am.  While waiting for a traffic snarl first thing this am, it dropped out of drive by itself.  When I went to start off it did not want to move.  Then a few seconds after raising the idle a little it caught up with itself and took off.   Tranny fluid was a little low, maybe a quart, but I only had a pint on hand, so I put that in at least.   Then the rest of the ride it was like normal.  Being a 58K car, I am not going to worry too much about it unless it starts to burn up the trans fluid. 


And on another road less traveled...










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Started out in the park near home.



But the farther east we got the hungrier we got. So a good, $6 sub sounded like the best option.


This is one of those little places on the edge of the city where, during the week, it is packed with contractors and guys in service trucks at lunchtime, Saturday afternoons, pretty quiet.

And we left with two fresh cannoli's for a snack tonight. (also half my Wife's sub, but I knew I was going to get that from the start).


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The local Caddy and my local Buick Club chapters got together for a "lawn show" at the Saratoga Auto Museum.  Unlike the past few years, this year was dry and sunny, albeit a little cool this am.  I think there were close to 50 cars, but I did not count em.  I did take some photos but like many times before, I am not thrilled with the clarity of the shots.  Here are some that were salvageable. 


I believe this was only about 15 miles for the Electra,  but it was still great to drive it!  


1970  GSX, 4 speed.  If the owner registered it he did not display his windshield card, so there was no information available on this vehicle.  But it was a beautiful car! 






I think this is a 66 Eldorado.  





A 1973 Caddy Coupe De Ville.  



A row of Chapter cars.  



Two 68 Caddy's in the same color, one a Coupe, the other a 4 dr hard top sedan.  





A '49 Special.  Yes, it is a '49, before the body was changed to that of the '50




A 1940 LaSalle




And a '37 LaSalle, driven close to 50 miles to get here.




A super clean '63 model 62.  



A new 2019 Regal GS .   Turbo Charged V6. 







1940 Century.  




And a '56 Coupe De Ville.  I did not get a picture but this car has another 3-4 inches in length, in the trunk, than my '56 Super!  This picture sucks!  The car is drop dead gorgeous! 



Members Tom and Diane with their '66 Electra.  This car always wins awards.  It has a green interior, which is not readily evident in this picture. 




This 63 Riviera was on display inside the museum.  That white interior looks like no one ever sat in it. 









Also inside was this car, which I have never seen before in person. 











And out on the show field again sat my favorite,  this lonely, but well loved, Queen! 



5-11-19 buick caddy lawn show (10).JPG

5-11-19 buick caddy lawn show (26).JPG

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My '64 Riviera was the personal pet car of a used car dealer in the next town from me. The main reason he considered selling it to me was because he was finishing up a red repaint on a '66 Cadillac convertible "for his wife". Nice cars.

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The 63 on display has the same color combination as mine but mine has the custom interior instead of the standard interior.  However, my car has a black console and solid black sterring wheel.  If anyone else has a car with the same combination, what color is your console?

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1 hour ago, RivNut said:

However, my car has a black console and solid black sterring wheel.  If anyone else has a car with the same combination, what color is your console?


It is hard to read the display card, what with that lousy picture, but I would note that this Riviera is restored, and was not black on the outside originally.  That plus the card says it was an Arizona car with the electrical connectors all melted, and the interior replaced, so it is possible that it was a preference of the owner/ restorer to change the color of the console and steering wheel.  

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I got the Skyhawk out for about a 20 mile jaunt today to the local swap meet.  It seems to be settling in, but I’m noticing a few more squeaks and rattles.  I stopped for a few supplies on the way back home and the guy who helped me out to the car really enjoyed it.


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 Finally got the Electra out for a test drive tonight. First atcual drive since the engine went in. Did cam breakin, etc., but one caliper that was sent out for sleeving was mega slow in coming back, but finally got it back, and installed it.

 About 12 easy miles, all seems great, so far.


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Didn't really drive too far this weekend considering it was just out on the driveway and back inside the garage. Will have to get a milk crate to sit on as I'm taking the whole seat out for some track cleaning and lubrication.


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The red Eldorado drop top at the Cad-Buick get together is a 1965. By the chrome trim around the headlights ; unmistakable at first glance. I could only find one picture of a '66 in my files, a white convertible which you will have to zoom in to in order to see the difference. Thanks, as always, Buick folk, for letting a Cadillac guy get together with you from time to time !    -   Cadillac Carl 




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 Today we had to move one my daughter's pets to our house for a time. So I drove the Electra to get a few more miles on it, didn't check, but its' aroud 55 miles each way, so with a bit of other driving, I put about 120 miles on it, for about 185 or so on the rebuild. Running better each trip, limiting myself to 60, tops, and that only for a short distance.

 A few shots of the cute furry critter, he was in the back seat of the Electra, sitting on his top perch, all the better to see, maybe? He didn't say. But a chauffer driven Degu none the less. The lower mileage is when it first came out of the garage, then the last couple when I pulled up to the house this aft in the rain.





Mileage StartEng.jpg

Mileage Today.jpg



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Had the '39 out several times in the past week, and a couple of photos are attached.  The Buick at Farmers Branch Historical Park parking lot, their sign, and the mileage on the speedo (not the swim suit) when i got home.


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Whoo-Hoo!! We finally had a nice day in the area.  Sunshine,  cool temps, and dry roads.  Headed over to Vermont for the first Hemmings cruise in of the season.  90 miles and could have gone more without any cause for concern.


Cherry Blossoms have opened! 






A quick break on the way to Vermont! 





At the Cruise in, this fellow says it is documented that Olds made three 442 wagons.  They were concept cars, and never made it to production.  This is a homemade version that is very well done.  Bucket seats, console stripes and other w30 goodies.  It made a nice package. 




A lot of cars were repeats from previous years but there was this one!  




Sorry!  I can't un-see it and probably now you can't either.  However, it was there! 


Then there was this kit car.  




I thought it sounded pretty good when it drove in..




No wonder!  225495414_5-16-19HemmingsCruisein(8).thumb.JPG.5b694e683fdfae8e0d299967e2907b6e.JPG


A Buick V6


And of course, ANYBODY can get into a Cruise In, including super heros




Good thing this 65 Lemans Wagon was there to save the evening...326 with a 4 speed!  Another kinda neat package that I do not think was ever available.




As the evening wound down the sunset made for a dramatic view of my personal favorite




Hope to get back out with the car soon.  


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Back to the Saratoga Auto Museum today for their annual Spring Show.  Not sure how many vehicles but several people noted the attendance seemed lighter.  I have no real perspective since this is only my second time attending this event.  And even though there were vehicles from all walks of manufacture there, domestic and foreign, I noted that there was a significant presence of "restored toward original" vehicles, and a preponderance of those vehicles being standard shift cars.   Still lots of hot rods, but much fewer brand new cars.  Not many Buicks but here are some I thought notable. 


How about a 56 Ford 4 dr Hardtop?  Acording to the owner 34,000 were made.  This is the first one I've ever seen!




My friend Mark's '55 Packard.   I always thought these looked suspiciously similar to a Buick




Here's one for @dei 's Brother In Law...lol




A super clean Pontiac 






Chapter Member Dave's 58 Chevy, with a 348, 3 deuces and a 3 speed...  Okay, this is a VERY NICE CAR!!  An extensive and detailed restoration! 




This one I question because the owner was claiming it was a 1932 Detroit Electric.  I did not think these were manufactured into the 30's, but I don't know that for a fact. Looked kinda sporty with those wheels and tires.  




El Camino's are everywhere, but not many are '66's with a 396 and 4 speed.  




This one stuck a chord with me.  As a teenager  I had built an AMT model of the same car,  and painted it the same color.  It was a favorite of my small model car collection.  But this one was way better.  Still sporting the factory 327 engine, with a 3 speed on the column and looky there, a factory gauge package!    Those Chevy guys have a lot of fun to choose from






While I was talking to the owner, he opend his trunk and placed his camera inside.  Then just after closing the lid he tells his wife,  "I think I just locked the keys in the trunk".  Sure enough, he put them on the side and just shut the lid.  His wife was very calm.  She said I guess you're taking out the back seat.  She asked if he had spare keys at home, and he told her that he only had spare ignition keys because the locksmith did not have the proper blank for the trunk  cylinder.  I felt so bad because I felt like I distracted him causing this situation.    So I asked if he wanted me to try my GS trunk key, just in case it would work.  He thought it was different as his was the small round head while the '69's was the larger oval style head.  So I inserted the key easily to avoid jamming the cylinder and it went in no problem.  I then twisted my key and the trunk opened.   Where upon his wife says, I guess we know who to see if anything is missing!   LOL...They were so appreciative 




Here's another Chevy fun bucket!  






It's the one on the left in the next pic.




Late in the day this fellow approaches and his daughter goes right up to the GS and reached for the door handle.  Naturally I invited he to try it out!  The family moved here from France, and they just loved all the American cars! 




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Made up for the driveway back out and drive back in the garage the other day by asking my oldest boy if he wanted to go for a ride Downtown this evening as it was a nice 70 degrees.

I did this with him when he was a youngster and we reminisced during the drive. 😍


Downtown has changed a lot from the Saturday nights I remember...

He even said that at now being 34 it has changed since he haunted the bars...

Are we getting old?


BUT... the Special ran like she should for an old girl and got the usual thumbs up!

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The picture above was the general show field. 


This year they had a class of the 60's parked around the reflecting pool!  




I also like these little MG's...

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6:15  birthday pastry run.  Love how the old girl runs with the temps this time of day and the roads are all mine ! The simple joy of a small town lazy Sunday morning.  The rebuilt dynaflow is starting to come into her own now too after about 500 miles of break in.

20190519_061529 19 may.jpg

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