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  1. Started my day with a coffee and checking email and the Forums when I looked over and realised my office is starting to look like Parts counter. Those being some of my best pieces it's OK as it keeps me motivated to keep at the Buick's.
  2. Focus & Time. I had big plans for my Limited and then bought other cars. Not all projects but it diversified my time. Then as it has been said, Life Just gets In The way... Staying Focused is the key outside of the physical needs on a restoration project IMHO.
  3. Well DANG! Lot's of excuses asking the question when I just needed to READ your post. Sorry. I'll call it late at night or maybe smelling too much metal polish?
  4. Mother Nature presented a damp dull cold day so continued with more cleaning up/out. I took the storage rack down after emptying it of the wood and such. Some is scrap and some has usefulness, again time spent sorting. Found a few more pieces I set aside and went back out after supper to shine things up. The one on the left looked worse than the other when I started but they both cleaned up great! One will be going on the Limited and the other saved/labelled for the Roadmaster. These both looked about the same before starting. Will have to check
  5. Nice job on the fuse block Lance. I'm going to have to do the one for the Limited and have the harness from the Roadmaster out in storage which likely needs cleaning up too. Can't hurt right? The linkage looks great! You say you painted it, can I ask what with and the colour? My screen doesn't show it well. Doug
  6. Made enough progress in the garage the last few days to finally see the front and back bumper for my Limited. Took a rag and some polish to them. Eventually they will mate back up to the car but for now that garage door needs to be installed first.
  7. Squeezed a trip out to the container today and got through things that were needing to be moved and thrown out. It's looking better now and feel like I'm finally making some progress for the first time. Moving that card table and things under it I was able to see the bumpers for the Limited. They needed some attention so grabbed my wonder polish and went at them both tonight what I could reach with the radio turned up. The rear bumper is going to require more work but will see if I can't get it looking presentable with some more effort.
  8. Finally dug out the back of the garage in preparation with putting in another overhead garage door to access the pad behind which will become the addition I need to house three of my cars leaving me room to work on the Limited. WHAT A CHORE! Gathering, marking and packing parts in selected bins, then moving out to storage is a process. This is only temporary and can't thank my friend enough for it's use! At this point need to measure twice (maybe three times?) and cut once. Found this sign in the mess and hung it up as I thought
  9. Further to my earlier post on my '51 Nash, I found this in a box Dad had saved and blew it up. The year was 1975 while on a Club Mystery Run.
  10. Spent most of the weekend between lawn work and sorting through stuff in the garage but no pictures as it was pretty boring stuff. I did however come across this sign which I hung up as I felt it is pretty accurate. Earlier this evening I came across a box that I realised it was one Dad had put together but I placed it in the garage after he passed. Some of the literature I found was the monthly Bulletin's from the local Car Club he belonged to, The Historic Vehicle Society of Ontario (Windsor). He joined the Club in 1966 not owning an antique ca
  11. Yes! Also as in, "I'm sorry son I can't give you the keys to the Nash tonight".
  12. Dad bought this 1951 Nash Canadian Statesman in 1968 with 49,000 miles showing and with only one winters driving. Still have it today, original paint, original upholstery showing 99,700 miles. (No winter driving either.)
  13. The next step with the garage was to cut off the plastic vapour barrier and remove the insulation. With that completed I started next on removing the outlet and the supply wire under the window after isolating the circuit. We bought this place in 1983 and the garage was bare walls with an overhead light bulb and one outlet. Wanting a warm place to work on my cars I did the wiring and insulation then panelled it myself. I was surprised to see a price tag still on the back of this outlet. I'll bet they are a bit more now. I
  14. Not having planned on a back door in the first place I hung a board from the ceiling for some wood and trim that would be up out of the way and off a shelf but after doing some measuring found it was too low and going to interfere with the opened door and hardware so... Sort, throw out and discover was fun. Especially finding a mouse or two had chewed up some of that styrofoam! A pleasant surprise was finding the rocker panels. Unfortunately out of all you see there I will only have one good set that will go on the Limited. There is one decent on
  15. Thanks gang for the congrats! We are both excited to meet and hold our grandson. Yes I'm going to lead him down the BUICK PATH as best I can. Will have to figure out how to bolt a proper seat belt set up in the Special at some point... precious cargo you know. We are amazed what a flood of memories are coming back to light so want to not rush things too much and enjoy the new moments. Even my soon to be 93 year old mother is getting caught up in this as it is her 1st great-grandchild. My nephew and his wife are expecting very soon also so gives Mo
  16. Some happy news today! As of 3:45 am this morning, my oldest son and his wife presented my wife and I with a 7 lb 11 ounce boy. The world being what it is we won't actually get to see him till they come home hopefully this Friday but we've waited this long, I guess we can wait a few more days to say Hi, we are your grandparents.
  17. Trying again... The day sucked weather wise but being Sunday, did what I had to do. It was a total fiasco and will spare the details but three hours later managed to put a plug in and on the road again... The culprit was this big screw fortunately in the tread of the tire allowing a plug to be used. The point of this was that I lost that time getting parts bins labelled and out to the storage in hopes to get the garage cleaned up enough to remove panelling for the contractor to start the new garage door. Since then (being it is n
  18. Glad you are getting her our Gary! She sure looks good. I hope to copy some of your pictures to my I Pad and show Fred how it is doing. I've mentioned before I'm sure at one time he owned that car but have not been in contact for quite awhile. Happy motoring.
  19. While my plan this weekend was to spend every minute in the garage sorting, packing and taking bins out to the storage well, that went south in a hurry. Got a text Friday evening saying I had to cut the property Saturday as it had been held off for two weeks. that was five and a half hours taken out of that day but is was fairly nice temperature wise. Came home and did what I could in the hour and a half before having to clean up to go out for dinner with the neighbours. Was told to "winter up" as reservations were for the patio at Applebees... I get the distancing thing but the heat
  20. Today marks a bit of a milestone seeing this morning my thread has reached 95,000 views. I guess there has been enough interest to at least entertain you. It has helped a lot by posting words and pictures to keep me moving forward and want to thank everyone that has been following along. With the drastic changes having taken place over the years with our local Car Club, these Forums have truly been a wonderful support. Thank you so much BCA and AACA for all your hard work keeping this available to us. 👍 Doug
  21. Just ending a late night but happy with the progress. I managed to clear and sort items from the upper shelf and some things on the lower one identifying and placing in the appropriate bins. Was able to make a trip out to the storage container before supper and went back at it after dinner till now. With the shelf down it was a process to deal with the lower shelf items but have a few bins yet that can be used. Just a sneak preview of some of the things locked safely in the tool box. Moving along...
  22. Sorry Keith, the oldest one I have shows 1975 and then only about 8 pages of mixed models. Believe me when I say I'd be happy to give one to you for postage if I had it or use that as an excuse for a road trip to come up and visit but...
  23. Yes on both counts! History is repeating itself as my dad did the same thing with his collection/cars. Guess it's the seed not falling too far from the tree theory...
  24. Attacked a mess on one shelf first of something that leaked and was quite sticky and second, found these computer boxes that were there when I bought the place in 1983. Knowing the previous owner worked at the Chrysler plant here imagine they are of 1982 vintage and miraculously walked out the gate to his then garage. By the looks of them imagine people collecting/restoring 80's Chrysler products are going to have a hard time finding these in good condition. Those were tough years with the Lean Burn systems acting up a lot (ask me how I know). Anybody th
  25. dei

    1957 76C

    Wow! Sounds like the same thing with those ball joints for '57. Makes one wonder why there was no standardisation to save money doesn't it?
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