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  1. While there is a corridor across the river in Michigan that gets them it's my feeling the lake effects have saved us most of the time thankfully! However, to my count there have been 5 official touch downs of various strengths close by so far this summer and the season is not over hence my statement of heeding any warnings. My closest first hand experience to a possible tornado was 6 years ago. I was working on the Special in the garage at the other house not listening to the news when I heard a loud bang of thunder close by. I stepped out the open garage door to see pine tress two blocks down the road going horizontally! Later that night the news reported the radar reading "suspected" there had been a tornado. Gee ya think?! That section showed tree tops twisted off (on the ones still standing) and many homes lost shingles along a line for three blocks. From what I read and see on video it sure would be a tornado small or not. My point is that while we get severe thunderstorms, rarely are they tornadoes to answer your query.
  2. Like some of you around this continent, weather patterns here have been not normal. Between extreme heat, rain about every other day, we are now experiencing a few tornado's around home. Fortunately so far they have skipped us but are plenty close enough to take heed when our phones go off to take cover. This cell went north of us by about 15 miles yesterday evening but we still got substantial wind. Enough so that the plastic tarp cover where the Overland sits on the trailer got the rest of it's life finished. Admittedly the sun had weakened it in spots and the Overland was not damaged being covered properly but... Much to the orders from Headquarters I unscrewed the remains tonight after supper and will buy another cover tomorrow which I hopefully can conscript one of my boys to lend a hand with the installation... It's always something or other (but could have been worse).
  3. The past week has been surprisingly busy on the work front which is a good thing but things are on hold on the home front due to things being on back order halting me from moving forward especially on the shed project which I need for the storage of equipment and parts that are tarped currently. On the car front we managed to go to another weekly cruise-in that opened up officially on Monday nights. About 60 cars showed up and carrying on the same format in the past, felt good to catch up with some of the gang. Camera battery dies (might be time for a new one) so no pictures this time. No we didn't have one of the antiques there but Cindy was quite happy to show off her Cady which the few that know me could not believe I'd buy such a newer vehicle. A few ribbed us saying they'd now have to address us as "Mr. & Mrs. Ives" in the future. Kinda flattering in a way to think a car can still elevate one's status some not getting a swelled head or anything, just saying... Attending this it got me to thinking about bringing the Nash home as there is a large event known as the Ouellette Ave Cruise that a local business man generously supplied the funds to have it this year August 13th. I took the initiative and registered the Nash (no cost) to ensure I have a spot on the waterfront and car attend from 1 PM till closing (when ever that is). It cruises the main downtown street to major cross road then turns left to the riverfront till ending back at the reserved parking lot to listen a live band or two during the day. Have been there before with the Special in the past so called out to the place where the cars are stored and was told to come out when ever I would like. The building is somewhat empty now till obviously the Fall so access is no problem. With a long weekend coming up might see if bringing her home will work out... Meantime, a buddy of mine stopped by with his recent purchase on his way back home. I need to get a ride when he has more time!!
  4. Now it that isn't a testament to Buick Engineering Larry! 👍
  5. Been there, done that...
  6. Last night (Monday) was the first official gathering at Brews & Ques since the start of the pandemic and my wife decided we would go and have something to eat. Unfortunately my camera battery wasn't charged up so no pictures but needless to say it looked like everything is back to normal with well over 60 cars attending. No I didn't have the Special or the Nash home yet to drive but Cindy was quite happy to show off "her" Cady to some of the gang we haven't seen for a long time. She also doesn't shrink away from our friend (owns the gold Riv) when he says to her, "Hows my girlfriend?". Once I get a bit more landscaping in place will likely bring the Nash home. I know she will bring a bit of interest since it's been out of the circuit for some time. Picture was taken in Niagara Falls Ontario on Lundy's Lane attending the then Annual Blossom Tour around 1969. Dad flat towed the Overland all the way from Windsor and back so made sure he checked the wheel nuts on her frequently. We travelled as a group in those days taking back roads with many members diving their antique cars like the one you see behind that tree. For a young kid being around this experience it just seemed so natural. Today.... Different time, different place.
  7. With having four '58's all having the red rims (painted on the hub cap side) isn't necessarily definitive proof so did a quick google search for 1958 Buick magazine ads which show both red & black rims in official advertising. I also scanned what I could of the large Chatelaine March 1958 ad I have and as you can see, the Limited wears the red rims so I would think you are good to go.
  8. Back to cars... Wednesday evenings are again a weekly cruise-in happening in full swing. Ironically they are held across from Hiram Walkers Grain Towers so went for the second time this year. Sadly not with any of my antiques but hope to do that one day soon. Caught up with some guys I haven't seen for a long time and a few cars that are new to the scene. And of course my buddies Riv. Always an eye catcher. I hear they are doing a Saturday gathering/cruise too so need to bring a car home!
  9. On the job front, today was one of notable significance for me. I have been trying to complete this work for almost two weeks and like others have posted in general proximity to my area, rain has been an issue. The work consisted of not only cleaning the 1st floor windows outside but cutting back the vines that have been left to overgrow the place / windows. While not anything spectacular in that effort the significance is two things. First: It is at Hiram Walkers & Sons old Executive Offices located in Walkerville, Ontario (Windsor) established in 1858. The work started out fine the first day but as stated rain was persistent delaying progress. Second: I started in 1974 as a hired employee working for what eventually became my Window Cleaning Company and cleaned windows at this very building learning the correct way to set up and climb ladders, clip vines and clean windows efficiently that summer. It was just a summer job but liked it so much I came back the next summer while in College. To spare all the 47 year detail, let me say that this will be the very last work here as the building was sold from Walkers about 5 years ago to a Japanese interest and by September will be given to the City of Windsor to hopefully be a well taken care of asset for likely tourism interests. It is somewhat fitting that my service here will be the last for me (the City has their own contractor for that work that I'm sure I will not qualify for...) as I'm very seriously considering closing the doors soon. This pandemic has hit me hard business wise and the costs/regulation cost have almost doubled, making it hard to justify when the work has disappeared. Everything comes to an end at some time but I took solace today when finishing up, in the fact I was the contractor of choice off and on for these many years. While not about my cars please allow me to share with you some of my work environment. The offices actually comprise of two building with this front entrance being the oldest of the two. It's my understanding that the design was of the famous Architect Albert Kahnn. This other side was built later for additional executives but on the second floor was an Executive Dinning Room that had many a Professional Chef preparing exotic meals for many customers and guests. My instructions this time were to only do the 1 st floor as they didn't want to spend the money for a lift to access the 2nd floor. Again the rains hampered the efforts for almost two weeks... You can imagine the mess when wet vines and the mosquitoes along with the humidity. (complaining??) Today I was on the riverfront of the building and the weather finally co-operated so had a good day. Those three big windows on the 2nd floor are where the Executive Dinning room is. In this picture you can clearly see the original Office Build and the differing design to the later addition. Walkers Office / Board Room was the three windows on the balcony plus the two widows on the right. Back when I started cleaning windows there was a door that opened out onto that balcony. Somehow after the building was sold off the owners managed to take out all the solid oak double hung windows and put in those thermo pane solid windows. This after it had been designated a building of Historic significance.... Sadly the grounds are only a fraction of their once show piece condition that was attended by a full time crew of 10-12 men & women. I took many breaks as the temperature was about 85 F and reflected on the scenes I might not get to see for awhile. How this building got sold/separated is a mystery as it sits between the grain elevators and the production facilities with as you can see limited waterfront access now. Beyond this gate under those concrete slabs is two huge augers that supply the grain to the Cereal Products Building where they are blended before sending over into cauldrons to be cooked and then on to the extraction process to make the various alcohol products. It makes a sound like sand going through a steel tube but not annoying at all. Obviously that is downtown Detroit across the Detroit River. Looking north you can see Belle Island where the Grand Prix was held not long ago. You can also see the only Bridge that gives access to and from the Island. I've had the Special over there in the past with many thumbs up from the locals. During my afternoon break I went inside which the manager had left open for me and captured a few offices for keepsake purposes. The building was used by the owner for transient office personnel but has been vacant for some time and I was alone (short of the security cameras) to take these. The Main Entrance inside to the Offices. The what you see wrought iron looking mesh is actually brass (or coated) and used to be highly polished in it's day. It now looks like it was painted gold with a coating of clear on it... Imagine working from one of these 1 st floor offices at anytime. Walkers used to have two men that actually refinished these desks and repaired/replaced the leather inlaid tops. What a lost art today. And the 2nd floor offices, especially Hiram Walker's are beautiful but didn't press my luck with the possible security issues. Hopefully there will be a time in the future to visit the place after the City gets done deciding what they are going to do with it... By 4:30 it was time to pack things up and shut the doors to leave the building secured. Oh, you can see my wife's van with the ladder on it? Yesterday my trusty Ford truck decided the starter had enough and left me stranded so had to conscript the van for the day. Fortunately there were not a lot of complaints as she really likes 'her' Cady. Thanks for letting me post the experience and promise I'll get back to the cars soon.
  10. Yes Larry my Overland doesn't perform well in the rain either. Her brake bands are on the outside of the rear drums only so get wet fast in the rain. Dad taught me to also use the parking brake in the rain as its brake band is on the inside of the drums. Together the 3 1/3 by 30 tires would actually lock up in a panic stop but... not a lot of ground surface so driving cautiously in those conditions was the key!! On another issue, what was the name or location of the steam train museum? Do they hae a web site?
  11. Last Saturday was a good day! The weather was dry and a decent temperature, got a load of screenings for the base to replace my walkway and we were asked to babysit our grandson for the day. I didn't want to do a lot of moving the screenings by wheel barrow so very carefully backed the trailer between the gates with just enough room to squeeze by instead of walking all the way around the house. Guess I should be thankful for loosing those 10 lbs two weeks ago sweating it off in the 98 degree heat. 😏 Took my time and quite satisfied the way it worked out. Will need to do some finessing of the old section to get it level again. I deliberately took several breaks to go inside and see how things were going. It's not going to be long before he is walking and can only hope he will be outside there with me and the cars one day. This is the first long time visit with us without his mom and dad and heard afterwards it was mom's first time away from him so was feeling anxious about it. Fortunately he has his Dad's temperament being not a problem at all. Just like riding a bike after all this time for us. LOL Eventually it was time to get him home and had to learn how to hook up the seat in the Cady. The previous owner never had any children so no grandchildren have every been in the car. There's a first for everything isn't there.
  12. To try and be a bit more up beat on the thread, I had to change the plates on the car and while I had the plate holder off cleaned it up from dust that accumulated under the clear plastic. I took note of the Dealership and noticed/remembered they also sold Buick's in 2015. Have to check and see if that is still the case as it was sold last year to a conglomerate who is buying up existing car dealers. That frame just might be a local collector thing...
  13. Thanks Keith for the congrats. Yes the circumstances getting the Cady are mixed blessings and are even deeper now. We transferred everything yesterday before 4 pm, changed out the plates and then went for a cruise along the river. About 7 pm I get a call from the Power of Attorney saying she had something to tell me. Seems the wife was having much difficulty accepting the changes going on (residency, loosing her dog, the car etc.) and had become quite angry to the point of physically lashing out. The hospital nurses and doctor decided to give her a sedative to assist calming her down in the afternoon and sadly had to call the Power of Attorney around 6pm to say she had passed away! Cindy and I are so saddened about this lost for her husband who is dealing with dementia but also shocked with regard to the timing of this! I take heart knowing they had a full life travelling many places in their RV over the years but at 91 the last 5 years have been a struggle for them both and feel it was a sad way to end. Not to sound harsh but sometimes a quick ending can be a blessing for those around and loved ones. RIP Betty.
  14. I wanted to post a 'like' for this part of your post but this part... I so wanted to post a 'sad' face! Regular is hovering around 1.34/ liter here so far and that means a $145 dollar fill up for my F150 if I let it get down to 1/4 tank. (holds 124 litres) My '58 Special holds 20 US gallons and I like to fill it with premium like you do for the same reason as you. Granted I don't (and haven't so far this year) put her on the road daily but going to have to bite the bullet when she comes out later this summer...
  15. Wonder if he could see well enough to read sign language? Now, back to trying to encourage the yougn's.
  16. So the Wedding was special in so many ways, the main one of course was that they can now call themselves husband and wife. That was the way both parents raised them, to be committed to each other and we are all so proud of them to be at this stage of their lives. Another way it was special is because this is the first social gathering of any size for almost 2 1/2 years and boy did it feel good! Someone upstairs looked upon us and cleared the skies lowering the temperatures from the muggy hot week we had before which made dinning out under the patio perfect! 40 people had an excellent 7 course meal spread over two hours leaving plenty of time for conversation, pictures and libation. 🍺🥳🥩 The Wait Staff were on their toes not missing a chance to ensure things were more than satisfactory. We made sure they received a fine tip to show our appreciation. You know you just have to appreciate where you are in life when at an event like this you realise there are four generations together which again has been a long time coming. That's my mom who will be 94 this December. It was a bit of a long day for her but she was a trouper putting up with some of the tom foolery and noise but said she had a good time. SHOOT! For the life of me that picture does not post upright! Never had that happen before... Oh Well. Suffice it to say we laid low Sunday and yes, the humidity came back with another 90 degree heat warning and continuing today (Monday). However.... One more blessing came today in a bit of a sad way. I've had a senior couple as a customer for well over 16 years who are dealing with very difficult changes to their lives recently, the least of which is they both will never drive again. Having no children or living relatives they have appointed a Power of Attorney to handle their affairs and she contacted me to see if I would continue the lawn care till the house and items are dealt with. Naturally there was no question whether I would continue and on Friday the garage was open for them cleaning things out. Sitting inside was the couples Cadillac SRX and politely asked what was going to happen to it. The short version was that if I was interested in it they would accept a sealed bid that would help the couple out (not that I believe they are in dire need) so I went online to get an idea what they were selling for, wrote it up then delivered it to their mail box. That was Friday afternoon and with the wedding and all waited till this morning to find a text that we had won! The only condition I placed on the deal was that Cindy had to test drive and approve before any money would be exchanged. See, I was at the couples place when they bought this car new in 2015 to sit beside their other Cadillac Escalade hybrid and knew of it's condition and guessed at the mileage to be low. Here it is with 16,514 kms (that's 10,260 miles over 6 years) and parked inside all it's life. It goes in for the mandatory Safety Check tomorrow before I can transfer the ownership (Title) and of course drop off the cheque but wow, never thought I'd own a Cady in my lifetime! Especially one this nice!! I know it's not a Buick but at least it's in the GM family.
  17. I totally agree with @Steve_Mack_CT. My experience was a car dad bought, a 1951 Nash Canadian Statesman which I still have today. He drove it to a Car Club function for the first time and the 'President' of the Club had the gall to say to him "What did you buy that damned thing for?". This was 1968 and I was there to hear it. This man was an abrupt crud guy so dad quipped back, "I bought it to make guys like you ask questions". None the less, like stated above, that behaviour knows no real age limits.
  18. So this weekend is a BIG one on many fronts! To my fellow Canadians, Hope you all had a Happy Canada Day! With a bit of relaxing the gathering numbers here in Ontario it was a day of hope for getting somewhat back to normal (?). Personally we still stayed home and did the traditional BBQ meal with my favourite summer drink, the Canadian Caesar and listened to the evening fireworks around the neighbourhood. With the tunes on 'twas a pleasant way to end another warm day. To my American Family & Friends I wish you all a GOOD Fourth of July weekend also! There has been some talk that after July 21st our Governments are discussing opening up the Border between us (with restrictions) and keeping fingers crossed for that as it has been announced the Woodward Cruise is to be held this year. Boy would it be nice to attend once again... Car gatherings are slowly being held here but with both the Special & Nash out in storage while I concentrate on the home front, it none the less has been missed for me & mine. Finally, By 1 pm today my wife and I will be at my son & soon to be daughter-in-laws wedding! Our knees hurt from all the praying we have done to not only finally have the rules open enough to allow some family in the Church but also have a dinner reception and hearing the weather is going to be just perfect for the outdoor patio meal! 👍 For the kids this has been almost two years in the planning and the many changes to those plans due to the pandemic. Something their kids one day will hear about I'm sure. My only slight regret would be that my Special (or the Nash) isn't on the road to partake in a small way. Funny how history repeats itself on the car issue. For our wedding my Dad felt a bit slighted because we decided to go with a friends white '70s big Tbird and her dad's white NewPort to be decorated. That actually worked out as it rained ALL day till 11 PM so his cars stayed inside & dry lessening the hurt feelings I guess. Today is about the kids so in the scope of it all, will chose another time and place for the cars to be involved. Off to wash the Van, gather up Mom (soon to be 94) and as it has been said, Film at 11. Stay Well everyone. Doug
  19. Good to hear Jim is getting to look at it Adam. Sounds like he is well and keeping us Dynaflow guys in good good shape! I have been nothing but pleased with the work he did on the transmission for my Special. Wish there was a guarantee this trade was going to be taught moving forward.
  20. While I guess it looks like a planter box and was another surprise discussed with my wife while I was out working for the day... He knew she was displeased with the concrete base looks so came up with putting the two 2x6 boards on and then back filled it with 3/4 clear stone saying that it would drain enough to keep his precious reclaimed red brick from getting wet, absorbing water and shelfing off as the frost freeze season comes around. Admittedly it does hide the concrete but will be considering putting black lava rock or slate stones on top to hide the gravel stone look... Wonder how he is going to feel when I regrade the lawn to slope the water towards the backyard drain, building it up on those boards. Oh wait, I really don't give a rat's pitutey what he thinks. (it's my property right!) 😝
  21. Technology! Shortly after my last post my computer froze and after several attempts to reboot the system had to bring it in for some serious surgery! It seems the mechanical hard drive (to me not that old a system..) is prone to failures whereas a solid state hard drive is much less prone to fail but still will go south as does electronic things in this world. My biggest fear was loss of data and fortunately the tech was able to save everything plus now the PC works faster than it did before. It's somewhat crazy how left out of this world I felt for this past week without access to not only this site but my emails... (the Ipad doesn't quite cut it for me). So to catch up a bit, Yes Lance I will in the end have things looking good and be helpful for parts storage (much to my wife's displeasure) so the end game is what's important. Meantime, the fortress wall is now completed including gateway. My preference would have been to have the finished side showing to better match my back fence but it will just have to due as I didn't put a dime into it... I did say to my neighbour that he didn't build it high enough as I can't hang the noose on that cross beam to be effect enough. LOL Now to get a load of screenings to put the walkway back in to the gate and then a load of top soil to get the grade ready for grass. Also going to price out lumber to see if I can build a shed myself now that lumber has dropped (only slightly) as the supposed delivery date for the package is not till August 30th, right before the Labour Day Weekend. (not very likely the way things are going...) This Saturday my other son is getting married (finally) after a year of cancellation due to the pandemic and all the gathering rules. Not unlike most this has been quite the emotional roller coaster for my soon to be daughter-in-law. Things have opened up some and there is talk of some Border rules opening up so hope springs eternal to be able to go over and see some Buick friends possibly before the end of this summer??? Picking up that nail head which Cardinal95 has been storing for me will go a long ways to concentrating on the Limited again. Fingers crossed.
  22. For sure Elpad. With still having two of my first cars both being 1958 Buick's, I think you might understand where it comes from. Seeing those crashed well....
  23. Now that just really hurts me!
  24. Spent the weekend putting a pad in for a new 10x12 shed much needed (if it ever comes in...). What's the car connection you ask? Once I get the lawn equipment placed for easy access there will be as many shelves as can be built to house all the Buick parts I need to get labeled and sorted out!
  25. With a 3 inch overnight rain fall today's lawn cutting was held off till later in the day as it makes such a mess cutting/mulching wet damp grass so spent the morning working on the pad for the new shed. Catching up a bit, the stone was dropped out on the road in front of the house as scheduled on Saturday. First I had to lay out the intended location and figure the grade before transporting the stone to the back yard with the machine I rented. This little machine has a feature that once you set the bucket it will maintain it at that level when moving backwards which really helped. Once a rough level was set it was nice letting the machine pick up and place the stone versus shovelling it into a wheel barrow, walking it back to the pad, dumping it out and then raking it level in the heat we had that day... Being used to 40 & 65 foot boom lifts it wasn't too long before the hydraulic controls responded to what I needed it to do getting the stone somewhat level before finesse raking it further by hand. I then packed the stone after watering it down some to get it ready for the patio stones to be laid down. Three hours moving stone from the road, cleaning up the residue to avoid complains from anyone, tweaking the stone level then tamping I finally started laying patio stones after supper as it slowly got cooler. Had enough around 8 pm and took a break Sunday as stated in the last post. Today finished placing the rest of the patio stones while one lone worker next door started putting up boards on those posts. When this is all done I will have my shed the size I want (if it ever comes in due to being on back order) and we also now have decent access to the back yard for another project that has been on hold since the pandemic which will get me back to dealing with the cars again. I can feel the summer drifting away...
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