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  1. C Carl

    What is this car?

    Again, please note the difference in brake drum diameters. Of course they could well have been increased between '17 and'20. - CC
  2. C Carl

    New 2019 Peugeot 504

    I enjoyed my 403 very much back in the early 60s. Never knew about the pepper mills until right now. About the time of my Peugeot ownership, there was a Dominican playboy who drove for Ferrari. Luck ran out for him in Paris when he ran his 250 into one of the trees in The Boise' (that was in the mid '60s when Porfi' was in his mid '50s - I think at this point in my life, I would trade all my tomorrows for just one of his single yesterdays). Anyway, this fortunate fellow's first marriage was to the daughter of "Old Goat" Trujillo, the vicious dictator of the D.R. Marriage did not last long, and Porfiro Rubirosa "pole vaulted" his way up the social ladder. I seem to remember names like Hutton, Gabor, Duke, Monroe,.................... some of whom he married (large dowry against no guarantees), others treasured toys. About that time the larger of the Parisian pepper mills were referred to as "Rubirosas", terminology now largely forgotten. Oui S├ębastien ? Non ? Speaking of lost "classics", where is the "treed" 250 GT now ? - CC
  3. C Carl

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    I was wondering the same thing as I tapped out (I also should have taken typing with the girls - who knew ?), my bloody experience. From what I gather, now EVERYONE learns to type very well, but don't learn one end of a screwdriver from the other end of a wrench. - Carl
  4. C Carl

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    I still have a proud scar on my left thumb from a "lathe lesson" learned in Jr. High school metal shop. Agree about the buff'. - CC
  5. C Carl

    34 Buick

    SOLD ! Came and picked up yesterday. That Buick is gonna do a "reverse webfoot", (some of you will remember Joel Chandler Harris' short story "African Jack"). I am very happy for Gordon and the new owner. The temptation that tugged at me would not have been beneficial if I had succumbed to it. I confess to having a strong crush on the HPOF '34. If I had "Slipped", "Stumbled", and "Fell" in love with it, I really could not have justified a marriage at this stage of life. If I had got hitched to it : "Danger ; heartbreak dead ahead" might have been my fate. Now the emissarys of the African gentleman may have an interest in returning for 3 of the remaining cars. 1932 Chrysler 6 cylinder RS coupe, and 1946 and '48 Chryslers. Check on Seattle CRAIGSLIST. I really had to spend all my limited time on the Bu', so didn't have much time to go into those. The '46 &'48 seem to be extremely solid projects, now well into the uphill swing. '32 runs. I just don't know much more. There is also a degraded '65 or so Riv' parts car that I didn't see. Man and boy do I hope the purchaser is or will become an AACA member, and join us here. - Carl
  6. C Carl

    34 Buick

    I just (5:30 PST) called and left a message. Will post when I hear further. - CC
  7. C Carl

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    Yeah, in my declining condition I am confusion susceptible. I would love to drive one while I am theoretically still able. I would not feel comfortable on public roads. If I am ever back in Hickory' again, I will take the class. - CC
  8. C Carl

    1920 Buick K45 project Pittsburgh PA craigslist

    A 1928 car in the '60s would have been about 40 years old. My '76 Eldo' gets quite a bit of attention from people who were born after 1976. Although these Gen. X, or whatever, do like my '20s cars if confronted by them, they seldom harbor "possession fantasies". I think for many in that age group, this 90-100 year old stuff hardly computes as cars. - Carl
  9. C Carl

    34 Buick

    Thanks, George. - CC
  10. C Carl

    34 Buick

    The driver is a fellow CLC member with his daughter by his side. He became such a good wheelman (had never thrown a double clutched shift before I "learned him up" - he is a great learner with a PhD and a Jd), that I hade the rare pleasure of seeing my old car in motion from all angles as I drove my E550. "X", you are a genius ! In one short posting, you have conveyed the impression I spent so many "column inches" trying to describe! Thanks again for getting me out and about doing an old car thing. Mark : What were your friend's general feelings about the Bu' ? Was there something about it that put him off ? You guys obviously didn't buy the car. Also he did not take the rocker cover off. Gary and I were prepared to do the first step towards eventually going back to turn and possibly start the engine. Neither he, nor I, nor the owner (the title is now in his name rather than his father), have time for the complexities implied by what we found with the valve(s). Does this engine have the fiber timing gear ? I am trying to rationalize some way to multitask my way back down there. - CC
  11. C Carl

    1908 REO touring original unrestored.

    Wayne, not only does it need to be said, but you said it perfectly. Why should anyone delete that insight into the fate of hobbies in an environment of "The disappearing middle class blues". (To paraphrase Steve Goodman in "The City of New Orleans"). Yeah, I have been saying for about 20 years or so that we are approaching a time when the middle class will not be able to afford their toys, and no one will be able to afford to buy them off of 'em. Now although your thesis as stated in your first paragraph is based upon the general observation that people don't appreciate things they have not worked for, I think the inferences you have projected upon there might find you skating on rather thin ice. Let's use the powerful technique of exaggeration to illustrate. You and I and a great many of us declining middle class guys are unable to advance our hobby interests. I was given a car which i had high hopes to put on the road. After spending about $1000 on it, I realized I was not able to accomplish such things anymore. I sold it for $2000, delivered it to the purchaser who immediately found ways to aid other cars to live on with an infusion of needed parts. Suppose someone gave YOU a project car. For free. Could you advance the cars resurrection ? Probably not. If you were also given a quarter of a million bucks would that help? Don't assume too much regarding the capabilities or lack thereof of the recipients of gift hosses. Bottom line is, that this wonderful stash of ancient iron has been rescued from certain death long ago, in order to enrich the gene pool of the hobby today and into the future. I really hope some miracle occurs in order to let you put your great talents back to work in the hobby. Bit too late for me. - Carl
  12. C Carl

    34 Buick

    Hi "X" ! I am indebted to you for the wonderful late afternoon - early evening yesterday. Thanks for the heads-up. The only reason the pictures turned out at all, was that I had to brace my mini iPad on something solid to damp camera motion. The fluorescent lighting was dim, and I had to rig the only drop light on hand (which you can see in a few pics). Fairly long exposure time. Gary and I went equipped to pull the plugs and the rocker cover (I should have done the same with the spare engine), and do a preliminary initial lube, and determine the best next step. That cover had not been removed for many years. Broke one ear off the center wing nut, and finally a good whack with the heel of my somewhat functional right hand, and was pleased to see the total lack of condensation corrosion. Closer inspection revealed existing valve train damage. We all know what that means. Now, Gordon was going to try to put a battery in the thing and see if it would fire. I had convinced him on the phone not to try this without well informed S.O.P. He immediately understood the implications of what he saw. He knows that there will need to be partial dismantling before even verifying whether the engine is free. Does this engine still have the fiber timing gear? Gordon is totally realistic, but doesn't have the time to do the procedures necessary. He understands quite well,that in situations like this, a purchaser MUST assume the worst. But there is the spare engine, complete with transmission. Also a rear end, steering wheel w/column, and hood as seen. The engine hand crank is present. Although there is no substitute for meeting a car personally, we all have been around a sufficient number of old cars for a great many years. Therefore, I feel that these pictures give a fairly accurate peep through the keyhole. They probably convey the "feel" of this old car. And, due to over reliance on our "cyber homing pigeon", we lost precious time. I could, and possibly will go back. If any of you may be interested in this car, let me know if I can be of some help. I like the car, and it is the kind of thing I would love to have methodically put back on the road. I would just deep clean and polish the old Bu' (simply quite filthy in and out -my degraded sense of smell could not detect pest piss), and be fairly confident that what you see is what you get. There are no holes through the seats, and I did not sit on them. I should have. There has not been periodic water events, so it is possible that the structural integrity of the seats/springs is good. Gary and I thought the indicated mileage could be accurate. Again, the doors are solid, and close absolutely perfectly. I am open to a debriefing interrogation, (206-790-6912), and requests for further information from a follow up. For example, I should have checked steering play.As I said, with a thorough clean up, once running well, I myself would be proud to cruise this '34. Ancient rather thread bare cars have a certain charm. You can get away with it quite well on a totally original car which is essentially "all there". (I see what appears to be the original cigar lighter). Oh : and that dent at the vulnerable area of the R.H. headlight, has a little brother on the other side. Let me "mail" this off. I might remember something later, but I hope this gives a realistic dimension to what may be a lovable old sedan. The interior could be habitable, particularly due to the instruments, steering wheel condition, and good glass all around. Many of you know how elegant these old sedans can be with well worn old oriental rug remnants cut to fit and hemmed. The handmade ones have a certain character more compatible with the old cars, but there are many QUALITY machine made rugs like Karastan, or Bigelow out of the '20s that will do nicely. There are fantastic old silk tapestries to use as seat covers (they have sufficient "tensile strength" since they are woven to hang) - I will try to find a picture good enough to show what I use to preserve my beautiful front seat in the '27 Cad. Not easy to find though, it might be easier to find NOS period seat covers. Isn't there still some source for these? I wish I could get this car, you could call me : "Bubba Buick" VERY close friends and my Brothers do use an affectionate "Bubba" frequently. Goes back almost 50 years to my Cadillac Cowboy days. Chasing the fast . girls from bar to bar with a smuggled Cuban . " rope" dangling from my mouth, and a cold 6 pak couched comfortably on the car seat. Oh the delights of a short-term hedonist's . misspent youth! Then, as now, they all used to call me : - Cadillac Carl O.K. I have found a picture of the the tough silk tapestry and how I folded it and brought it around the robe rail. I was actually given this by the high end carpet cleaners I have been using since the early '70s. The previous owner had stained it very slightly. Could not get it out, and abandoned it to my benefit. Cleaners often have damaged goods at fair prices. Especially if you are a customer.
  13. C Carl

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    That is what struck me too, initially. But if you read the signage on the rear of the car, and under the windshield, it says "Our first training car". So this was used as a promotional prop, or "getter" in more modern times. I do kinda like the idea that there could be current driver training available using T-model Fords ! ­čśĆ. - CC
  14. C Carl

    34 Buick

    O.K. These are the last of them. I will have to write up my impressions later. Do understand that this is a very solid car. Doors close perfectly. Clutch has exactly the right amount of free play. Right front vent window too tight for me to risk. Also left rear vent window. The left rear door window will not go all the way down. It does not smell of mold. The original paint is dark blue. We got a bit lost, so time and daylight got munched. Turns out that Gary had been there before and met Gordon's father. Gordon is down the his last 4 or 5 cars. Has already sold about 20, including Cadillacs and a Bentley. - Carl. 206-790-6912
  15. C Carl

    34 Buick