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  1. Dad never had a Cadillac. I made up for that. - CC.
  2. Hi Dave ! Was any decision made ? In general , if someone paid you $10,000 to take his/her 2004 E55 with 150,000+ miles on it, (off warranty for how long ?), it is still basically a “you lose” deal. This is a supercharged car, and maintenance is beyond most middle class folks means. And that doesn’t factor in “brake-by-wire” concerns for this era M-Bs. No 15 year old kid should have one of these for a toy. Here is a picture of a much more civilized high performance M-B the day I scored it out of auction. This was a U.S. Marshall service asset seizure deal. Always serviced under warranty, relat
  3. C Carl


    Hi Roger. Tom’s contacts : Phone three six O, nine one O, 4362. Email : dessertt@hotmail.com Tom made a great set of wheels for me, his brother makes hub bolts with the correct dome shape. I spoke with Tom recently, and he should have an opening in a month or two. Where are you located ? - Carl
  4. C Carl

    wood spoke wheels

    You are in luck, Roger. We in the NW are fortunate to have Tom Dessert in Battle Ground , WA, just a bit North of Vancouver. I spoke with him recently, and I believe he is only a month or two out for another appointment for work. Phone three six O, nine one O, 4362. Email dessertt@hotmail.com , and tell him Cadillac Carl recommend him. Where are you located ? - CC
  5. Instrument panel is dead center. See the positional relationship with windshield center division and wiper switch. Old leather and wood interior looks so good I can almost smell it from the pictures. - Carl
  6. Yes, and if you read Donna’s posting of October 16 therin, she says nothing about looking to sell the car. In fact, my reading of it seems quite clear regarding the grieving widow’s sentiments. I believe the 5th word is “gift” which explains Donna’s proposal unambiguously. I am sure some energetic kind person could do justice to Bill’s well started dream. Exposure is the key to finding that person. My heart goes out to Bill’s family. - Carl
  7. Being in love with this ol’ thing, I am thrilled to report that Michelle’s sister has made an astonishingly comprehensive proposal to me , which is an offer I can not refuse. Covers concerns and risk vulnerability on behalf of buyer and seller. I will report back here when I can, but am overloaded until at least the weekend. Further imposition on Michelle and her family regarding diagnostics will be limited to just a few more pictures, (high res of all 4 wheels, the top , -which has at least a rip in it-, and exhaust manifolds after being well cleaned off), and the hyper-simple timin
  8. Say here interior was in great shape when parked. Ran good , too ! Tires had air when parked. Been needing a little bit of glass on the front passenger side door. Question is : Was there glass in that door when parked ? Oh, I give up ‘cause I don’t know when parked ..................................
  9. Highly unusual wear pattern on the brake and clutch pedals. Overall does corroborate approx 80,000 shown on the odometer, though. Pretty hard to tell what the exhaust manifolds indicate. If they could be cleaned off and pics taken again, probably good evidence there. Next step is the super easy timing chain slack test. Just have to go for the low hanging fruit here. If one of these engines needs an overhaul on such a car, well, you know, that is basically a kiss of death. Too busy to write much now , but I think I will email Michelle the topic up in General regarding freeing stuck
  10. Refreshing and hoping someone who can help see this. Thank you, - Carl
  11. Hello Donna Lynn, Wondering how you are getting on, and hoping the new year brings you a solution, and peace. - Carl
  12. Good morning Michelle, I have been wondering how you found us ? - Carl
  13. Whew !!!! I am back after reaching some resolution regarding a new device on a new operating system. I could not access exactly the pictures I needed, but these will suffice for now. Michelle is fortunate in that she has a nephew who is near the car, (she is not), and can perform certain preliminary tests. Michelle does not want for this to drag on forever, becoming an imposition on her family. So I propose the following initial simple diagnostics. While the penetrants and lubricants are soaking , a certain degree of insight as to the all important engine condition can be ascertain
  14. Tied up at the moment, back in a bit. - Carl
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