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  1. Uh, oh. Well I already clicked clicked on it, but it is some news service in a foreign language, (Finnish ?). I could not see anything about cars, or pictures of them. I don't know much of anything about computers, so I hope nothing comes of this. 🤨 - Carl
  2. I just stumbled across this from a year and a half ago. Are you still listening ? How are you and the Buick doing ? - Carl
  3. Lubed the valves and set out to gas up and hunt color. Stopped for a bright yellow tree, and then didn't get too much farther than the REAL gas station. Sundays you will always run in to a car guy or two. Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. We all know how that goes. At least there was a little color at the gas station. Andrew with the mini was so fascinated with the '24 Cad, that I took him for a pretty good ride. I guess I might as well post these pictures to prove someone was out this weekend. - Carl
  4. Sorry, not familiar with most of the terms in the equation. Please define. Thanks, - CC
  5. .............. As the CUBE of the speed. ............... You need to gear for max HORSEPOWER.................... Horsepower is an expression of work. Work is a function of time, (e.g. miles per HOUR).Torque is an expression of moment, (e.g. ft/lbs). "Annie Had A Baby, (Can't Work No More)" - Hank Ballard, (And the Midnighters) . Cadillac Carl, all torqued out, (Can't hardly work no more). - Cadillac Carl
  6. Glad you posted, Bob. Is there anything interesting in the history of the car as to why it was driven so little in 30 years ? - Carl
  7. Could there have been some Canadian regulation which would have made the unique Pierce Arrow headlights unacceptable ? - CC
  8. H2O has a very different molecular structure depending on state. In a liquid state it is a macromolecule. The surface tension making it bead up and hang together is a manifestation of that. In a gaseous state, the molecule is extremely small. It is only 2(H2O). Some of you will be familiar with Gore-Tex (TM). It is that property of water which allows the material to be waterproof, while at the same time be water vapor permeable. - Carl
  9. As to the lowlife filth who stole the radiator cap, sometimes I think those Arabian folk have at least something right. Unanesthetized amputation of the intake hand. Ugh ! I did talk to the owner of a beautiful early '30s P.A. with conventional headlights several years back. It was originally a Canadian car. That was the reason given for its configuration. Interesting to see in real life. Variety, you know. - Carl
  10. Hi Bill ! Another GREAT toy ! Do you have a picture of the other side of the engine, please ? - Carl
  11. Brings back great memories. So happy to see how bright and sunny it is! Carl
  12. Last of the longer wheelbase big 500 cu. in. Cadillacs. I enjoyed mine very much. What is the mileage ? Do you know how to post pictures here ? - Carl
  13. Looks great, and superbly made. As it can be in "Town Car" mode, can it also be used in "Landaulet" mode by just using the front section ? 🤔 - Carl
  14. Sure. The first book is : "Marks' Mechanical Engineers Handbook, 2nd edition, 1924". The first book of my second posting is : "Marks', 3rd edition, 1930". All the rest come from a couple of the annual editions of : "Merck Index" from the late '50s, and the '60s. For you, Mathew, I would recommend "Matks', 3rd". Fascinating read to understand aspects of the sophistication of engineering of the period. I am sure you know how to shop far better than I. Please let me know what these are selling for now. A "Merck Index" should be relatively inexpensive. I used to pick them up from University of Washington surplus. Could run from 50 cents to a buck or so. Let me see if I can find a page from the period I have referenced, which may be very automotive. Please standby. - Cadillac Carl