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  1. This Oriental intrusion happens fairly frequently here. But I don’t know what implications may be. I sure don’t know what they want. - Carl
  2. Has your windshield been replaced with safety glass ? - Carl
  3. Kurt has ordered 7:00x21 Lesters. Blockley could not deliver in time. I bought my Lesters for the ‘24 30 years ago. They still seem just fine to me. 40 psi front, 36 rear. The Lesters were on the ‘27 when I bought it, and I figure they are at least 20 years old. Any comments regarding the quality of current production vs. decades past ? And tube concerns ? - Carl
  4. Hi Ben, yeah, the owner told me the old machine just loafs along at 90 turning 1800 rpm. But I didn’t get a ride. - Carl I just added this picture. Good insight into big mid-1920s high performance cars.
  5. Kurt’s car is equipped with later, (‘26-‘27) Cadillac wheels and 7:00x21 tires. He would like to drive his car extensively, and tire quality is important. Blockley tires are of the very highest quality available. They look more period correct than the modern looking tread on my ancient Lesters. Available in 7:00x21, the Blockleys on this 1926 Speed Six Bentley frequently see 100+ mph, and in the eyes of this beholder, look period compatible. Check flap and tube availability. Total price may come in under the bill for inferior bubble gum made in who-knows-where. - Carl.
  6. YES ! Collateral benefit is protection from destructive UV sunlight, and rain. - CC NOW I HAVE THE UPSIDE DOWN CURSE. I HAVE EVEN COPIED THE PICTURE INVERTED IT, AND ADDED BOTH VERSIONS. Both came out insisting to provoke me. I’ll mess with it later, but now Sandy and I are going to my brothers house.
  7. .............. this morning on my way to the local Mc joint : a ‘53 Mark Vll pulled up and parked. So many middle class car guys of my generation got to play Jag. Few can play that game these days, but so it is with cool cars bought at the bottom of the price curve. Generation before us got to similarlyplay the Antique and Classic game. And on it goes................ Vll got so much so right ! - Carl
  8. Somewhat embellished indeed, Dave !, But the guys and gals of our American Luckiest Generation actually lived in a bit of an “American Graffiti “ period. Right ? I don’t think kids today live that semi innocent , carefree, mythical “Ozzie and Harriet” embellished existence we did. I ran a mean still down in the chem lab after school, cookin’ up a bit of white lightnin’. I was in A.P. chemistry and served as a kind of T.A. to the regular chem class, so my distillation technique was extremely precise. I’ve sipped a bit of high quality ‘shine over the years since. In retrospect, mine seen after the passage of so many decades compares well. But I am quite sure I have embellished the quality in my mind. To keep an antique car connection here, I drove a dark green ‘49 Cad model 62 sedan back then. Would have been a cool rum runner in some circles back when it rolled off the line. For the times, they were a very fast reliable vehicle which handled quite well. 1950 Cads placing 10th and 11th at Le Mans goes to prove that !! Oh those high school hi jinx early ‘60s days ! Never to be repeated ! - Carl
  9. Hi Lump, I really enjoyed reading about your Grandpa and your fun with his ‘57 Chevy wagon. Well, I am older than your Grandpa was at the time, but that anecdote is objective proof that not only was he once a young high school lad, but could still remember being one ! 🙂😊❤️ - Carl
  10. Thank you Glenn ! No , here is the only solution I could use. This incident is only a peep at what is going on on my old age, (77 in 2 months), as I move my house and two loaded 2 car garages to my last stand. But the overall situation is good. Tick season out here. After crawling over, and lying on , the ground I have only found one tick on me, not yet dug in. The very best news is that I have worked long and hard for 4 tough days without incident. I did not think I had that in me. Gives me unexpected optimism that I could yet have enjoyable active life into my eighties. This realization is precious to me, and means I may be able to spend long periods of time for days touring the old Cadillacs. What a magnificent retirement dream to share with all my friends in AACA, hopefully even in person ! Here to share is the present status. Three huge empty crates will have to be pulled off the trailer and stacked. I enjoy the challenge of the seemingly impossible. In the previous picture you see some of the huge blocks I have which will be fundamental to the effort. I hope my rigger self can do the job with two helpers. The picture over the roof of the suburban shows the glorious morning today. The wind has died down, and I wish I could stay. But : back to work. Thanks again everyone ! It is a remarkable privilege to be among us all here. Grateful Alive, - Carl
  11. Sitting down, ready to eat, should have mentioned the status update on the ‘22 Cadillac sedan Patrick and his son bought from the forum here. The one that the long time owner totally dismantled to the collective dismay among us all. Remember that green one for sale at a pretty attractive price ? Anyway, it was dismantled right where the parts were piled and never moved, thus everything is still there. Right down to the complete tool roll, and original bill of sale. Includes a tool that even has Patrick scratching his head in wonder ! Patrick had hoped the mileage was low, but he found the speedometer with about 80 thou’ on it. Good thing all engine work has an “in house” solution. They planned on getting a lot done this last Virus Winter, but with the problems upon problems upon misfortune, couldn’t get to it. Best wishes to Patrick Reeve and family. - Carl
  12. Free at last, free at last ! Yessir. And more where this’n came from. Thank you, Fossil. Almost finished unloading the suburban. Best wait for a dawn departure. Don’t like night driving at all, mountains or flatland.
  13. Thank you guys. Thank you VERY much. Yes, it has been sitting for at least 1/2 year. I PB blasted it, and tried every possible combination of effort. Time to pull the pin and drive off with an open receiver. Gotta pic up another trailer tomorrow morning, but I have many more balls mounted up. Just as I had slathered the PB into it, Patrick Reeve called, and I told him he was the only person in the world I would take a yap break with. He has been having an extremely tough year, he and his son hurt their backs pretty bad, and worst of all, his mom had a stroke. But we had some fun talking and laughing, and I got more engine knowledge necessary to make a go/no go decision on the ‘24 Cad I recently bought on the forum. Better hit it. Driving into the sun, and then over the mountains at night is not my idea of a fun drive. So when I get back tomorrow, will I have an easier time of it with the ball totally unloaded ? Thanks for taking Sunday night to help me. Out I go to chock the tires, and “pull the plug”. - Carl
  14. Thank you very much ! I will go back out right now and report back. - CC
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