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  1. At $400, this cover probably has some ability to breathe, while also being somewhat waterproof. In this case there will be very specific cleaning needs. Failure to follow these will destroy the delicate balance, and make the fabric much less waterproof. Unless someone here is 100% familiar with the exact cleaning procedure for this fabric, you MUST contact the company. - Carl
  2. Hi Matt. Did you see Howard's 1913 Reo roadster in Cars for Sale ? Good tour car, price reduced to $20,000. Give him a call at 206-919-1949 if you are interested, and see if it is still available. He really knows his brass. Good luck ! Must be a fun hunt ! - Carl
  3. I once wasted time and logistics in a similar situation. Not a car deal, but I finally had too much and walked. This was about 30 years ago, and the guy seemed about as old as I am now. He was a nice enough old fella, and was just having a hard time making an inevitable change. Funny, I think about him fairly often, feel sorry for him. Now, in my declineing mid-70s, I have some difficult imperatives myself. We really don't know what other people are going through. Lahti35, I remember you going through that aggravating incident. I felt great sympathy for you. In light of the fact that March is "History of True Confessions Month", perhaps it would be beneficial at this point for John down in Archie Bell's home town to explain himself. This by way of apology. John, if you read this, don't take this as anything other than an invitation from a very empathetic AACA member who occasionally takes advantage of an opportunity to spread a little oil on storm tossed waters. As you have been here for a substantial period of time, you well realize what a fine group of people you are a part of. Now that this particular "bell" has been " rung", nothing but good could come from a response to my very civil, understanding invitation. As I said, we really don't know what other people are going through. Peace be upon you, my brother ! - Cadillac Carl
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Would like to add : Better yet, pics from both sides. Good looking engines I'm my opinion. - Carl
  5. What I saw certainly came from this study. I don't recall as long a document. But my recall these days is poor. Time was limited, and since I have Amsoil sensitivity, my not picking this up is indicative of distraction and very cursory review while at O'Reillys.There was considerable interest in my old car pictures, and explanations were owed to all in turn. I only looked at the comparative ranking, and the supporting graphs. And even at that, did not have time for the attention that data deserves. Thank you, Spinney'. Having now spent more time reading this, I feel it is extremely valuable. I had best read up before making the calls regarding worm lubrication. - Carl
  6. The smart young guys at O'Reillys found the analysis for me. I should have had them link me up. It was extremely compmprehensive. Some oils had good qualities in some areas, for example Lucas, and were lacking in others. It was quite revealing. Yes, I think this is so important that I should go back soon and get this. I am impressed with the way the guys there found info for me. I think these days one does not have to embody vast knowledge, but must know how to quickly access most anything. I think I will call Amsoil and Mobil myself in the next couple days if I can. As I mentioned, I do recall these two companies did well. - Carl
  7. Now THAT is a perfect example of the difference between myself, and someone who really IS a knowledgeable world class expert ! 🙂 As always, thank you, Ed, for taking the time to help us all so much. TRP', Ed is one of the guys I was thinking of who recommends leaving the sorting of these Rube Goldberg carbs to those who know them well. They have the parts and facilities to do it right the first time. Ed if you are still with us here, is there another shop of the quality of C&E ? Not that I would ever change, but rather to highlight the expertise of C&E. It is also quite a pleasure to be treated in the friendly way of Bruce. He almost makes a scruffian such as myself feel like one of his billionaire clients !!!!!! Thanks again ! - Carl
  8. Yes, Terry, as usual, is correct. These Cadillac-Johnson carbs have a rather complex float linkage. Wear anywhere is amplified by the leverage factor of the multi links. Wear everywhere is further compounded. This is what causes the well-known binding. I, along with the guys who, unlike myself, actually ARE really knowledgeable world class experts, do not hesitate to emphatically advise Johnson carb owners to treat their carbs to a refresh by knowledgeable world class experts. I had my '24 carb gone through by now defunct Mark Buber in Arizona about 30 years ago. My '27 was done by Classic and Exotic Services in Troy, MI about 4-5 years ago. Unlike the Arizona shop, C&E features an astonishingly fast turnaround time. Every time I use C&E, I consider the money spent there to be about the best money spent on anything. In this, I am far from alone. Warm welcome to the wonderful world of AACA forums, TRP Hawaii !! Please post pics of your car(s) when convenient. By the way, are you a member of CLC ? - Carl
  9. O.P., Lynn Park, probably not - last here 8 years ago. The owner himself, Blackie 1, almost certainly. - CC
  10. Oh, that reminds me Spinney'. Speaking of reporting back. I was to have looked in to gear oils on a parts run to O'Reillys a few weeks ago. The only product they stocked which ostensibly would work was the Royal. Pricey, though. However in checking analysis by independent labs, Royal purple was the only gear oil to totally fail, and thus be unacceptable ! Failed ! Amsoil, Mobil, and another I can't remember, all were at or near the top in all categories. Be careful, my friends. The good old standards have the most experience, and the greatest product lines for an extremely wide spectrum of applications. You have their number, give them a call. - Carl
  11. EP protection for worm gears depends on load. A number of factors determine load. The speed, torque, and ratio for automotive worm gears makes for relatively high load. PARTICULARLY when the gears are backdriven. Nature of the beast. Also, to point out again, there is another variant of spiral bevel gears. That is SKEW spiral bevel gears. These are cut to operate in applications where the axis of the input shaft, and that of the driven shaft (s), do not intersect. Still not hypoid, no sliding component. Hypoid allows extreme offset by a quantum leap in the annals of gear hobbing. Hint : The "Hyp" in "Hypoid" refers to "Hyperbolic". I believe this was done in 1923 by a real genius of a mathematician/engineer at Gleason. I am so unsophisticated that I find it astonishing that this could have been figured out before computers and CNC. You can do more with hypoid than just extreme offset. Perhaps a real engineer, or real crackerjack old machinist could join in and shed more insight on this subject. My amazement is that of a very ill educated tinkerer. This has been a build up to an intentional segue. Just as there are sophisticated specialists in all realms of everything, you can safely bet your ears and/or arse that highly educated lubrication specialists exist who can give a definitive answer for this subject. Why not give tech support at, say Mobil 1, or Amsoil a call.? The phenomenal range of specialized synthetic lubricants from these companies (and others) should include a most suitable product. Please report back. Gearloose old - Cadillac Carl
  12. I am terribly sorry to see that you are suffering health problems to the extent that car(s) have to go, John. A tough bargain in that the pleasures of old age inevitably come at a steep price. I have enjoyed your wit here, and hope to do so for quite some time to come. Yet another one of your sick, old forum friends, Dilapidated Cadillac, - Carl
  13. That is not the point. I can see this could be taken that way, although I do indeed understand what you are looking for.The point is, that if you had to find a small fraction, a small subset of a limited range of ANY make of car ASAP, you might have to be creative if you want to have success. You might have to make an unrefusable offer to an owner who needed financial encouragement to pry such a vehicle out other their hands. A vehicle which was not for sale. I looked long and wide for my old Cadillacs, I love them, I don't ever want to sell them while I am still able to drive them. But there is a saying that EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE, YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND A PRICE. See what I mean ? Let me know what you think about this, and : To be continued......................... Your not so humble servant, - Cadillac Carl
  14. Well, in that case, please allow me to wish you a belated : HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ED !!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I think your last sentence really sums it up perfectly. I also have a recent, (late in life for me, 1/2 again as old as you), developing love for the "T"s. This one will always be in my "if only" file right next to that original, unrestored '29 Pierce Arrow sedan you and John thoroughly sorted. I don't know if Doug is still on the fence. One timer ? Anyway, I seldom plug cars here, but when I fall in love, it is hard to imagine that others do not feel the same way. Again, ED, I hope you had the happiest of all birthdays. I know you will enjoy the rest of the "cool" tropical driving season. I used to spend a couple of Winter months every year all over South Florida. Base rock for me there was the Martin County end of Hutchinson Island, near the Elliot Museum. I know you resist gluttony, so I won't recommend the best hamburger in the known universe if you find yourself just South of 'Lauderdale". I dunno, maybe for the "Double Nickel" birthday ? O.K. For every carnivore who reads this, the name of the place is "Le Tub". It is in Hollywood FL on the intercoastal side of A1A. My advice is to play the menu like this : Do NOT order any other fodder than the hamburger. Hold the cheese, it's all about the meat. I like to just put a slice of tomato on it, and just VERY light mustard. Seriously. Real light on the condiments, if at all. Oh, and the reason not to order any other edibles, is that these burgers are large. Since I found this place maybe 20 years or more ago, (and did make the "newbies" mistake of ordering fries), it has been "discovered". Oprah became a disciple, and I think the hamburgers have actually grown as has the clientele. Say you go in with a friend or two or more. You are as blown away as everyone else, (by the way, if you have ever had a better one than these, after eating one, please let me know - kinda like Frank Pepe 's pizza). So you eat up, you can't handle another one of 'em, but if you haven't thrown filler down the hatch, you all will be glad that you might just be able to stuff in another 1/4 (or whatever depending on how many co-munchers you are sitting with). Reminds me : just about dinner time. Sandy is a great cook, and I think Ying-yang beef (or whatever it is called), is on her menu tonight. Doug, are you still with us friendly guys and gals here ? - CC