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  1. Motivation ? I’ve owned “antique”cars from the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘90s, and fairly high end modern 21st century stuff. If I were 1/2 my age to go through it again, the only car I would drive would be that ‘27 Cad. If not for the lack or model release, I would show you pictures of various shes who draped herselves over that car as it has been parked in various times and places. And you know what ? Just operating a 100 year old car is its own reward, regardless of who, if anyone else , bears witness. - Carl
  2. Nope. 100% impossible. You can’t cruise 70 with the style and lines you and I like for THAT kind of money. And you can’t modify one you and I can afford to do that safely either. Money’s gotta come WAY up, or hopes and expectations gotta come back to earth for a landing. Should we elaborate ? Or should we continue the Model A discussion ? Buy the way, Nicodaemos, a warm and hearty welcome to you ! You definitely have a very compatible old car soul with most of the rest of us here. Our AACA Champion of the daily driver car of the period you and I love so much, goes by the handle of “T
  3. Hi Greg, Thanks for the call. Let’s see if your ‘26 Cadillac chassis parts, and ‘26 or ‘27 spare engine and trans can find a use, while getting more space and juice money for you. Might as well show a few pics right here. If the engine has a forward mounted distributor, it will be a late ‘27. If not, a picture of the oil pump will tell us what you have. I could buy some of it when you come visiting post crown virus. - Carl
  4. Although I have a tendency to love them as they are, those red fenders and headlights would be black very soon if I were to purchase this car. Great driving cars with enough performance for the interstate if you need the speed. Yeah, they go, they have huge brakes, and the suspension is very well engineered for the time. And yes, that is the legendary’37 LaSalle trans still in place. One of the most attractive instrument panels, too. As mentioned earlier, the valuable work already done for this one makes it a lot of car for the money . Any rust in the bottoms of the doors ? Go for it if you a
  5. Well, I know this is not exactly applicable, but for a little fun : Back in the late ‘50s - early ‘60s, “my”, (remember the story ?). Yeah “my” , ha ha ha, “my” 1930 Mercedes-Benz SS38/250 Sindelfingen body tourer lived up on blocks in a garage above Pasadena, CA. It was simply covered with sheets of newspaper. The sump was open to drain and dribble the last charge of oil into a container for later disposal. Twice a year the newspaper would be removed, and it would be given fresh oil, and taken for a very good drive. A slightly famous car, I understand it is in Europe now, but I have no idea w
  6. John, I think we are all just marking time waiting for the pictures. - Carl
  7. Yes, sir. You probably won’t even have to put on your reading spec’s for this. - Carl
  8. Well, I plopped. Same ol’ news. And then came a rather nasty amazing coincidence. Some days you just ................ :
  9. What an amazing coincidence, Dave ! It is not quite 5:30 way out here, so I will check it out !! About to plop in front of the tube for the news anyway. Is Aaron Rogers still at the helm ? I am a closet Packer fan out here in “‘ Hawk” territory. Guess my allegiance is smeared all over the place, as I am originally from Chicago ! Little like that verse form “Rocky Raccoon “. “Her name was McGill, but she called herself Lill, but everyone knew her as Nancy”. 🥴😛, - C Carl, a.k.a. Cadillac Carl, a.k.a. (Just plain) Carl
  10. Man ! You sure got that right, Flivv’ ! Good one ! As a somewhat, or perhaps totally unique vehicular example : By chance I was at a “Landing Party” in Pasadena, CA for some Lockheed junk which was supposed to gently descend at a polar location on Mars. Not a run of the mill Mars probe, polar landings involve an extra set of celestial mechanical difficulties. Great anticipation in the hall. Bill Nye, (The Science Guy), was M.C. Quite a gathering ; I was sitting two seats over from Carl Sagan’s widow, Ann. Timely touchdown contact confirmation was not made, however signal acquisition can be
  11. I have a number of ‘92 and ‘93 “antique “ FWD Cadillac parts cars. Those are superbly well designed cars, and only need extremely high tech, high performance front tires to become astonishing road cars. Sadly, I have just converted my beautiful ‘93 60 Special into a low mileage parts car. Bit of a long somewhat strange and unpleasant story. Luckily I have 50 rather arid acres at my place, so my junkyard is large. Serves as a field mouse apartment complex. As some of you know, I have just purchased another 1924 Cadillac from the granddaughter of the original owner. Bought sight uns
  12. EXTREMELY important question : How well did the cars run when last used ? Did they have any problems or issues which laid them up ? Yes, getting them running is the best return on investment in most cases. Deep cleaning and true detailing is a must. Posting several pictures inside and out here will also be of great help in order for us to best advise you. Welcome to our friendly group. Very glad you found us. I have been the happy owner of several ‘75 and ‘76 Eldorado Convertibles. - Carl
  13. WOW !! That is a fantastic peep through the keyhole of a time machine, ‘27. Thanks for that ! For you as a Victorian : Back late ‘50s I would take the Princess from Seattle to Victoria and play with the 73” telescope at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory there. The observatory held public nights, the kind and friendly astronomers thrilled me by allowing me to hunt objects while controlling the motions of the ‘scope myself. I had hobby level knowledge. About 40 years earlier , that telescope had briefly been the worlds largest. It saw “first light “ a year before the 100” telescope at Mt.
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