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  1. I'll tell ya, Doctor Bob : singing for a 389 sure beats singing for your supper. First, a couple years down the road is not a long term storage issue. Particularly in your location. BUT, you can preserve it with fogging oil. This is designed to use through the carb of a running engine. However, just pull the plugs and fog each cylinder while opened up. Now rotate the crankshaft 180 degrees and fog again. Then give a full rotation or two. Replace plugs and don't worry. You can go to much more involved heroics if you plan to lay up an engine for decades. Remember that 1948 Cadillac engine we talked about a few years ago ? The time we discussed the little-known Duesenberg V16 Aero engines ? That Cad was laid up with Premalube Red for 30 years. Periodically re-sprayed, and given 2 1/2 turns. It will be moving a '42 smartly and smoothly down the line soon. Please introduce us to your great old cars with a picture if you get a chance some time. I am particularly interested in your Garford, and the '23 Cadillac. - Carl
  2. Same with me, Wayne. Using iPad. - Carl
  3. Hi mike6024 πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ!! We sure have fun here, don't we ? Rocket Man spams us, and a little Yankee ingenuity spoofs the spam man ! I think I would rather be born in Iraq than in North Korea ! All that food sure looks great to me. I made slimp chow mein tonight. I have leftovers. I think I will put it over rice for the encore and call it chop suey. By the way, in looking up the goofball faces, I learned that they are spelled Emojii, or something like that. Also did come across the one finger salute among the collection of cryptic hand signs. I am always extremely impressed with your research skills. How did you figure out that was Korean, and then translate it ? - CC
  4. Well, I guess I can understand why you would post in a topic about Chinese and Korean food. But ain't that Yamaha just 2 wheeled sushi ? In Japan, 300-400 people die every year from puffer fish sashimi. 🐑 It is called Fugu. - CC
  5. Can anyone here actually read that crap ? Take THIS ya unwelcome spammers : πŸˆΊπŸˆ²πŸˆΆπŸˆ΄πŸˆΈγŠ™οΈπŸˆ‚οΈπŸˆšοΈγŠ—οΈπŸˆ³ !!!! (Is there a middle finger imogee ?). - CC
  6. Please compare with Frank Wilkie's "1928 Buick Mater Town Brm. $18k" in Cars For Sale below. - CC
  7. I would like to refresh this posting for Frank. Was reminded of this fine deal on a very fine example of a totally sorted, original, unrestored late '20s sedan by the "sighting" of the 1927 sedan up in General. As the owner of a very similar '27 Cadillac sedan, I can say from my point of view, that this appears to be about the best bang for the buck of a Roaring '20s vehicle on the market today. If I still lived in Chicago, I would drive down to visit Frank and his Buick. If I were young and strong, I would buy it. I am afraid that at this stage of life, I would be grateful just for a visit, and just to take the "smell test". Most of you know how addictive the aroma of a "no rot" ancient sedan is. Yes, Brooklyn', if you weren't holding out for a Franklin, I would have recommended this car quite some time ago. Frank, I hope you are feeling better after the last time we talked. - Carl
  8. Hi Dale, welcome to the wonderful world of AACA forums ! Indeed I have been known to carry a spare optima along in my '20s cars. They are clean, drip proof, and can be plugged-in to substitute for the optimas already on-line. Or, use my high quality jumper cables. It is a good idea to charge optimas with a charger having an AGM setting. AACA, and your fellow forum friends, have a particular fondness for original ancient iron. Here is one of mine. Original down to the paint (fenders and aprons were repainted), and interior. The wheels are an extra set to preserve the strong originals. The ones I put in storage are in original paint and pinstriping, paint is becoming just a little bit delicate. To save them I had this spare set re-spoked. Here you see the relic carrying "off-shore" gear. This was taken in Santa Barbara about 1/2 way through a 2700 mile drive. There was a spare optima on board. Never needed it. Oh : I have been asked about the tow rope you see. Implications being that I might need rescue. "Naw, I am just a thoughtful period motorist. I want to be prepared to tow someone else in need !" πŸ˜‹ O.K. Now that I have introduced you to this thing, could you please tell us more about your original '49 Chevy ? Can you post pictures ? Glad you joined us ! - Carl
  9. Truly gut wrenching for me, and I am thousands of miles away. I cannot imagine your disappointment. I know you will make the most of the situation. Create happy memories ! Carry on, Bernie and Helen !!! - Carl
  10. What Matt giveth................ Yes, I too am sorry this highly informational topic was taken away. BUT : From my reading on forum, PM and past phone calls with Matt, I am quite sure this is a VERY sore subject. I suggest we don't bring this up with him. The healing process will, "Be made easier............... to erase from his memory............. each day, more and more". (Fairly accurate translation from "Se Me Hizo Facil" by Los Panchos, one of the greatest of the great Mexican romantic trios, primarily from the period of the 1940s - '50s. Of course, Cadillac had a dealership in Mexico City, and as compression ratios rose during this time, export compression was at around 7:1. A good choice :even until as recently as maybe 25 years or so ago, Mexican gasoline was still in the 70s of octane. My '71 Eldo, even with a relatively low c.r. of 8.5:1, and a unique to that year long duration camshaft, couldn't handle that 70 something octane stuff at low elevations. Great for the high altitude areas, but down at the hot, humid beaches, forget it ! I bored it .050 over, to 514 cubes, and dropped down to 7:1 with forged pistons. Easily took full throttle at beach level with 12 degrees of advance. Still capable of holding steady 100+ mph cruise hour after hour through the Northern Mexican deserts. - Oh, the wonderful things we oldsters were capable of when we were youngsters. See you in the cantina !..................... Sigh !) See ? Just for a moment, we forgot this sad episode. Poor Matt needs more of that. - Cadillac Carl
  11. Yes, and I will add another voice to the above. ASAP ? Well, we might be able to help you with that too. Say you are talking about a 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K, that distributor probably will have to be rebuilt. If you are talking about a fairly common car, there could even be some degree of interchangability from other 8 cylinder cars over several years and makes. Straight 8 or V8. What car ? - Carl
  12. I take it the car is local to you ? In the real world of car hunting, that is significant value added. EXTREMELY attractive car. Hear : I look at a car I want. Avoid any hint of buyers remorse thusly : If I buy today, could I get out from under it a year or two later for $5000 less than I paid for it in a "quick sale". If answer is yes, will I have had $5000 worth of fun with it for the duration ? If answer is yes, start peeling the cabbage. This is a VERY LOVEABLE car. A car to have and to hold 'till death do you part. A family and friends compatible 4 door sedan. It may not have an extra couple cylinders, but then again it does have TWO blocks. That will be another crowd pleaser at some gatherings. Get to the bank Monday morn, tote a roll to your friend and start counting 'em out. Or offer ? Don't make it insulting. Anyone makes me an insulting offer on anything, I tell 'em "FULL PRICE to YOU now, hoss, or about FACE". If that Graham was done right, that is a whole lot of classic era elegance for the money. Wire wheels ? Sidemounts ? Hey now.!!! Count me with the folk who think the colors suit the car perfectly. No brainer : If you feel the love, go for it. You know my 1927 Cadillac 4 door sedan, right ? - Carl
  13. Thank you !!!!!! That means more than anyone can imagine to me right now. I am sure all of us are hoping to see pictures of your T among the autumn foliage this Fall. PM sent. - Carl
  14. "I've got you.....", sang Ol' Blue Eyes, "........ under my skin". Don't let this 'Frisco stuff get to you. I believe we are just having fun, as I have seen you jivin' around with other friendly cats and chicks here. It was said back in the day when the day was the DAY, that those who were newcomers to S.F. were put off to hear their newly found domicile so abruptly and vulgarly abrieveated. The REAL Barbary Coasters enjoyed any terms of endearment lavished on their beloved turf. But I am just an interloper. So if you are not just funnin' with me, and I am beginning to actually bug you, please continue to admonish me by P.M. and I will cease and desist. After all you have been through in your remarkable life, I don't picture you as wearing thin skin, and that very little gets under it. I can't imagine that an affectionate nickname would bother a native San Franciscan. But................. : Ain't youse a East Bay Boy ? - CC πŸ˜‰
  15. Occasionally I recognize that I have an opportunity to spread a little oil on storm tossed waters. Matt Harwood is an exceptionally fine human being ; I am privileged to have him as a true forum friend. He has some wounds to lick, please don't rip the forming scabs from his psyche. For example, Matt removed a vexing topic. Included in it was a state-of-the-art metal removing technique. I think the process was abbreviated with a 2 or 3 letter name starting with E. Anyone know or remember what that is ? I don't want to bug Matt at all by bringing up a sore topic. O.K. ? Our highly esteemed new friend,TTR, has posed a valuable, fun topic. He has asked to re-boot to that. Therefore, the very best contribution I can make at this moment is to supply two key words to be used independently in the search box. This is for TTR and anyone else who does not know of my road trip of three years ago. Mentone. Jockos. Each of these will lead you to one or the other of my topics. "PORTLAND -'FRISCO-L.A.-'VEGAS -SEATTLE IN A 1927 CADILLAC ", and "CADILLAC CARL'S 1927 (MISS ?)-ADVENTURES", or something very close to that. With apologies for my sloppy first efforts, I do hope that you find something worthwhile therin. As an exculpatory offering, I refer you to a piece of professional grade photojournalism. Enter "Crater" in the 'box. (Finding one unusual word for search sometimes helps immensely). That will bring up a Route 66 trip in a 1949 Buick. I suggest you struggle with my puny postings first. You will have little patience for my prattle after the delights of the product of the master's hand and eye. Again, spreading a little oil is preferable to fanning the flames in this magnificent camp. Heartily welcoming you, TTR !!!! You can be justifiably proud of having thoroughly become one of US ! ENJOY !!!! Your forum friend, - Cadillac Carl