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  1. My '71 Eldo' convertible got around 12-13 at steady highway speed, +/- 80 mph. '71 was the only year Cadillac used a long duration camshaft in this first year of the low compression 472s and 500s. Great freeway flyers. I would think the coupes could get a little better gas mileage. - Carl P.S. After boring it .050 over, (514 cu in), decompressing it to 7.0 : 1, a little port work and a R.V. grind on the bumps, it got over 10 mpg at 100 mph on the then "free" Mexican 70-something octane gasoline. This with 12 degrees advance at sea level with temperature at 90+. That was the
  2. Turk Murphy had an old Rolls-Royce. Maybe 1930 or so. It has been at least 60 years since I saw it, but I think it was two tones of blue. Somehow or other, Bob Clark's, (Bob who owned a gorgeous white 3 1/2 liter SS100), son ended up with it in Seattle for a while. Some scandalous event took place, and Turk got his Rolls-Royce back. Back then, as we know, a middle class worker could have a fairly exotic "collector" or Classic car or two. I got in on the tail end of those late lamented times. 120 and 140 Jags, a Maserati 3500. Daily drivers. I had no "practical" car at all. I figure
  3. Yessir. O.K. But you will have to take my word for it after I present my credentials. But first I must reiterate at the outset here, Morgan my highly esteemed forum friend, that in my book, you walk on water here as far as I am concerned. As long as I live, I will be indebted to you for posting the ancient movie revealing the operation of hub capstans being used to warp a Buick through low traction conditions about 100 years ago. Something I had wondered about for decades, now made perfectly clear by those tough young guys moving the Buick through that mountain pass in California's Sierra. Tha
  4. Ah HA !!!! Now I know what I will spend my next tax break on ! Thank you so much for the great tip, Dr. Bob ! 😏😉😎. - CC
  5. Chuck, have you contacted Dave through his direct email, tmkldwwj@yahoo.com ? - Carl
  6. Pirates ? Talk like 'em day ? I venture we would hardly understand the language of a classical 17th or 18th century pirate. It would be full of totally unrecognizable vile language. One only has to read John Barth's masterpiece "The Sot-Weed Factor" to get a sense of how unintelligible, almost cryptic such vulgarity rings in the ear of our early 21st century audience. Decades after hearing a couple anachronistic dead terms which I had thought might have even been home-brewed, I got them second sourced ! What a surprise ! Made me think how wonderful it would be to use a nonsensical word in pl
  7. Say you hitched up a half dozen of the finest high endurance steeds, how far could 4 passengers and a teamster or two travel in a days time. Assuming the total distance over the very best level roads of the day ? Thank you for any insight any of you can give. - Carl
  8. RHD ? I'm gonna place my bet: my money says it hails from The Argentine Republic. - Carl
  9. Good luck, Rich. I hope you do land this one. - Carl
  10. You caught me looking on that one too, Padgett ! VERY good one ! 😂. Absolutely love it. Well, let's make today Padgett admiration day, recognizing among other things your 20,000+ contributions here. Let me also take this opportunity to recognize your obvious respect for your own safety and health along with same for others during the known and unknown dangers from the crown virus. Also, I am happy to see that you are among my fellow cat lovers here. I always eagerly read your postings, and find it keeps me on my toes at times trying to decipher the sometimes somewhat cryptic content.
  11. Sunny B', for this bargain to have hung out unsold on this forum, does not bode well for the energy remaining in this hobby. That is just my opinion, but I'm sticking with it. I hope you are advertising elsewhere, and I wish you the best in all of your talented endeavors. - C' C'
  12. For me, who am an old dog, I am just learning new tricks. Getting more acquainted with the new format, figure it will be second nature by and by. I really trust that all of our moderators and engineers who maintain AACA forums are working for the well considered benefit of all. Thank you, guys ! Sure, things have changed, but I do think once we have become used to it, it will become as comfortable as a well aged pair of shoes. - Carl
  13. Don't know about H.C., but some form of Coker should be profitable if they are the only game in town for so many old tire sizes. As far as dating the decal, it can't be older than the use of zip codes. - CC
  14. I am bringing this back to our attention in the hope that someone can help Donna Lynn. I sincerely wish there was something I could do to help. - Carl
  15. Bringing this back to our attention for the benefit of Bill Harmatuck 's widow, Donna. I wish I could do more to help. - Carl
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