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  1. My 1924 Cad was registered on its Ohio title as a '25. Washington DOL had no hesitation correcting that upon being presented with logical, irrefutable evidence. My '27 had been registered as a'26. Oregon DOL was just as cooperative in correcting the error. But you must have clear documentation. I hope you don't live in one of those states where a car built in October 2019 can not be registered as the 2020 it is. So are the other members happy that their '29s must be called'28s ? I would have been frosted if I were forced to call a blatantly obvious 1927 Cadillac, a '26. Shhhh.................. !!!!!!!!!!!! 🤫 Don't tell NO body 🤭 Save yourself the hassle of time and money spent trying to turn a '29 De Soto into a 1928 in California. 😉 (Sleepin' dogs, & California DMV, you know). By the way : Where in Cal do lucky you live, sir ? Aging and ailing in wet, dark, gloomy, depressing Washington, - Unlucky Cadillac Carl
  2. That being the case, there are NO 1928 DE Sotos. If you actually can turn your '29 into a '28, you will then have something truly UNIQUE ! Or am I the one who is missing something here ? - Carl
  3. Yes, black when I saw it at The Pete a few years back. - Carl
  4. Viv, please note, our friend in need is in New Zealand. Hopefully he has a wheelwright fairly near him. If it were me, I would respoke the wheels. I'm with Jimmy. Now those stout wood spoke wheels on his '32 really do look fabulous ! - Carl
  5. Doesn't amoral, (thanks, Rick 😉), contain silicone ? Makes things like dashboard covers shine and distractingly reflective ? Gets on things and doesn't ever come off ? Makes any surface totally resist applying ANYTHING else to it ? Wrecks leather ? Brings lots of business to automotive upholsterers ? I don't know, I don't use it. Bill, (how much we all miss him, r.i.p.), always had great stuff. I got a product called Surflex from him 30 years ago and treated the original top on my 1924 Cadillac with it. Still looks good ! So I used it on the '27 4 or 5 years or so ago. Just wash the top with soap, real soap like Ivory Snow, and then I do a wipe down with 99% pure industrial grade denatured ethyl alcohol. Surflex goes on real easy. Hirsch doesn't carry it any more, but you can find it thanks to the internet. Or call the Hirsch company and see what they carry now, as Frank recommends. Good luck, - Carl
  6. Well, since we are just having a lot of fun with the family, here is "Fatty's" 1919 Pierce Arrow. I am sure many of you guys have seen it. A much lesser known gem is a big 1914 Renault roadster, re-bodied by Harley Earl a very few years later. I saw it at "The Pete" a while ago. I think I spent more time looking at it than any other car that day. I had lots of pictures of it on a camera I can't find. But you can get an idea of it if you Google up The Harley J. Earl Story Part ll As with all cars, seeing them in all dimension from all angles with the gift of color vision is orders of magnitude superior to one B&W photo. Anyway, check it out. I suppose an entire topic could be devoted to "Fatty Arbuckle and Cars".or something like that. - CC
  7. Well, then again there was one Roscoe C. "Fatty" Arbuckle who appreciated the finest of the fine cars of his era. Ever seen one of his great cars ? I am sure I am not alone among us who would gladly give up an ear, (left OR right), in exchange for one of 'em. Oh, and while I am up : here is li'l' granddaughter in the STS. She figured she better study up in the owner's manual before she got in over her head. - CC
  8. Yes, that IS Bill's Minerva. Somebody got WAY too good a deal on it. - Carl
  9. Plugs were on my '24 Cad, no top rests were included. - Carl
  10. Maybe. But most likely just bitching about their aches and pains, and how they "Ain't gitten' no younger". - CC
  11. If Blockley is good enough for the jolly gentleman who drives this 1926 Speed Six hard and fast,..................
  12. Suspicions confirmed. If I can be allowed to paraphrase a famous line from the movie Forrest Gump : Michael-Restomod, "YOU'RE A G.D. GENIUS". I clicked on the Machinery Lubrication magazine, (have you been a regular subscriber ?), web page you referenced. Among the informative, easily understood, articles linked from the one you provided, was one titled "How to Choose the Right Oil Filter for Your Car". WOW!!!!!!!!! I have not totally finished it, but I will, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for honoring us with your presence here. Perhaps you know that we have just lost a particularly well-loved gentleman member, Dr. Graham Fairless, (Spinneyhill on forum), due to cancer. His passing leaves a "Black Hole" in the AACA universe. You joined us just as we lost our great friend. He, like you, was a thorough researcher. My eyes are not dry yet. LITERALLY; I had been communicating with him off- forum, and feel devastated. As I stated earlier, I am extremely impressed by your abilities to resurrect previously condemned vehicles. Though it is beyond our mortal powers to resurrect our beloved "Spinney", you indeed do bestow light and warmth upon us. And a warm welcome to you from one of your many new forum friends, - Cadillac Carl Oh ! And P.S. : Very cool that you listen to physics lectures while rolling on down the line in your rigs. Where do you source them ? As many have done, I attempted to read "A Brief History of Time", by the late Dr. Stephen Hawkins. As do most, I bogged down at one point. I got the talking book, and by hitting "rewind" numerous times, I was very pleased to break through to the end. I was driving through some of the remotest regions of California and Nevada deserts in the comfort of one of my Cadillacs while listening. The bare, exposed surface of our fragile planet, located somewhere between then, now, and eternity, seemed to enhance the educational experience. - CC
  13. Hi Charlie ! Being a purchaser of extremely high quality reproduction parts, I just can't imagine anyone not being pleased with having more such products on the market. Better than original, sure, they are not popcorn cheap. Not withstanding, in my experience they would be a bargain at twice the price. Do a realistic market analysis with your eyes wide open before you start prototype development. - Carl
  14. That is standard terminology in the realm of inexpensive objects such as this Packard, Zeke. Couple, three, four orders of magnitude upscale, and again flippant casuality peppers the prattle of the prosperous. Picture this guy : Among his many "beach houses", one of them sits on the Amalfi Coast. The 482 draws too much, so is secured by offshore bouys. No problem. As do such yachtsmen, he has a "tender", (Yes that is what the floating toy box is called which is fully crewed and simply shadows the big'un), to serve wherever duty as a lighter is needed for shallow draught situations. Not much more than 1/2 the LOA of the big gal, at around deuce-and-a-half, our guy picked it up for "a quarter" a couple or three tax breaks ago. He chuckles at the windfall the latest tax break has blown his way. Villa in the hills above the "beach house" set him back a "cool quarter". Yeah : " Cool Quarter". THAT is how "they" put it. I think this Amazon guy, Jeff, uh, Jeff who ? was headed towards another magnitude of quarters before splitting the portfolio with the ex-missus. Having to replace the sheets split gonna set him back in his aspirations towards becoming the world's first trillionaire. Shouldda been me !!! - CC
  15. Hi Ed. Do you have any pictures of that Cad ? Please post if so. - Thanks, CC