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  1. What is clutch chatter? I feel like she is shifting pretty good but want to learn as much as I can. Thank you
  2. What do you guys think is going to happen to the classic/ antique car market? Some older cars seem to be selling for really good deals. Will they go up in value? or will easier to drive and care for cars go up in value more? I would love to know what you guys think. Buying an old car as an investment or just buy them to enjoy and not worry about it? I would like to do both drive enjoy and hope they go up a little in value. Thank you for your time.
  3. you were correct it was the rear left axel by the hub it had been welded before but broke.
  4. We discovered that the washer part thing that usually connects into the locking nut was put on backwards and that's what made the wheel bearing go bad.
  5. What is the name of the place in Sacramento CA? Is it an expensive process ? can I get both axels made for under a grand ? Just trying to think of the budget.
  6. Yes it was the back axel that broke. any help on finding more specific who makes new ones on the east coast or closer top Michigan? Do they have right and left or are they interchangeable ? Its driving season I want to drive my new baby so bad. I think I found one on eBay. Is there anyone or company that caters for Cadillacs from the 1920S? Thank you all for being so helpful as I venture Into this world of older antique Cadillacs.
  7. It was diagnosed by my local friend who has rebuilt and restored many Packards from the 20s and 30s. But he could be wrong. I need to get it on a lift and work on it. Unfortunately that's my next purchase is a garage with a lift. What can I say I like driving them more then working on them, but I am learning the fun in that also. SO could it be in the rear wheel housing or rear axel gears that I hurt? I was reaving the engine to get her to go and I heard a metal snap. then we just pushed her into the garage.
  8. It shifts into gear but doesn't go anyway I have the parking break off, it shifts like its suppose to but will not engage or move when its in gear and I let the clutch out. What would be your diagnosis clutch or gears? I will have to trailer it to the repair shop.
  9. Help my awesome friends, I need a new universal joint for my 1925 Cadillac. Where do I go to get something like that? Loving my new old girl she is a trooper. Kurt Z
  10. I have learned that the car was low on oil it takes 2 gallons of oil and that is part of the "cooling system" for the car. she has been doing well around town but I just broke the universal joint anybody know where to get one of those?
  11. I have since learned that it was low on oil so that was part of why it was getting warm. now know it takes 2 gallons of oil and she is very happy. The oil is suppose to help with the cooling also.
  12. Help my 1925 Cadillac needs a wheel bearing. Where do you go to get them ? I need a tymkin ( sp?) 316 thanks gotta get her ready for 4th July parade.... her public awaits
  13. I put new tires on and replaced all fluids and tune up. So I felt pretty good. When the tires were replaced brakes where checked. I feel like i did enough prep for the trip. Sometimes things happen even with new cars I figured we did great no regrets
  14. The over heating happened when I was pushing her a little hard going up and down big hills. It wasn’t bad during normal drives most days. I am so close to home I thought I could get her there to start Tim keeping more on it and. Check it out. I remember Carl saying these cars run cool so I was surprised when we would get hot. it was upper 70s when it happened on some big hills around Empire.
  15. It is we got so many smiles, waves, honks it was great spreading happiness.
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