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    Go easy on yourself, Bill. You brought up a good topic. There are sensible steps you can take for seasonal layup and subsequent startup. With fairly fresh oil in the crankcase, it can also be a good idea to lubricate the entire valve train with a heavy synthetic oil before you shut the engine off for the last time. If you have a down draft carb, you might want to very slowly pour the same heavy synthetic in at a fast idle until the engine starts to smoke. If you have an updraft, there may/or more likely may not be, some handy port on your intake you can use. But pulling the plugs on the hot engine (you do want to have a fully warmed up engine before putting it into hibernation), and introducing oil this way is the solution. Oh yeah : if properly done, you will not need to consider oiling the cylinders pre-startup. It will also result in a very smoky startup ! See if you can get an audience when you start it in the Spring 😂. O.K., so much for the front end preventative steps. On the startup side, there are simple "prelubers" some of us use. They are low pressure accumulators which prime the oil pump, and give lubrication a head start. The accumulator has a pressure guage and a shutoff valve. After opening the valve prior to start, you should wait maybe 5 minutes or so in order to fully drain, and then shut the valve. You will open the valve later, after the engine is slightly warm, to re-fill the accumulator (preluber), at sufficient RPM to develop full oil pressure against the bladder of the accumulator. These DO work. I had to get one for my 1924 Cadillac because the modified oil pump often needs a prime, in part due to the full flow filter I strung in before converting to synthetic multi grade oil. I use 20W/50. Difficult or impossible to prime with 5W/30. I don't think I will try that again. I suppose before finally winding this up, I should mention that different oils have greatly varying long term corrosion inhibiting properties. If you would be interested in maximizing the front end preventative measures, look into this. At some point in your research, you will find that marine lubricants, which by definition operate in high humidity environments, (I expect you are quite familiar with this being the sailor you are - what kind of sailboat?), must factor this into their formulation. Amsoil used their synthetic marine lubricants experience to include such protection in the engineering of their Z-Rod 10W/30 and 20W/50 products. Check out their website. If there is an even better oil for often unused engines, I would be very interested. I would use it in my next oil change. What car(s) are you concerned about ? How long a layup under what conditions ? And again, certainly no need to apologize for, or second guessing yourself regarding bringing up this subject. Any questions anyone can think of in the old car universe are appropriate here. - Carl
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    Demountable Rims

    Little by little, John, making sure to ELIMINATE RUNOUT as you progressively snug up the rim against the felloes. Use a well padded mallet if need be. Final torque will be FAR LESS than modern lugs. Maybe, say, something like the gentle force you use for spark plugs. This ancient hardware is very soft, and strips easily. - Carl
  3. C Carl

    oil change

    C Carl, a.k.a. Cadillac Carl here. Actually, Amsoil have a specific synthetic break in oil. Go to their website and study up. Most people regard the description of the break in process re: cylinder wall wear in, as accurate and informative. You will also see why Z-Rod is becoming the preferred oil for our engines, which sit unstarted for periods of time. As to oil leaks, Richard Widman in his definitive 33 pages, confirms that in some cases, decades ago, this may have been true. Not a problem now. I have been using synthetic lubricants for decades, and never had this problem in any of many varied engines. While you are reading Widman, pay attention to what he has to say about Amsoil. Neither he nor I have any financial interest or position in Amsoil. If anyone can prove a better oil exists I will switch to it at next oil change. - CC
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    Coker Tire - FYI

    Matt, have you dismissed these 7.00x20s which Derek Thille in Canada found ? If I had known about these tires, I would have had the running wheels I had built for the 1927 Cadillac in 20" rather than stock 21". Personally, I love the look and tread of these. A high pressure radial truck tire can't be beat. Nor even tied. Anyone who needs white sides could have 'Back apply as they like. Do you know when Lester ceased to be made by Lester ? - CC
  5. Honestly Steve, I was,extrapolating from the Delco Remy on my 1927 Cadillac, which has both bearing and bushing. But it is quite a different distributor. Here I go again making daring assumptions ! 100% sure someone will have the definitive answer soon. - Carl
  6. C Carl

    Havana Cruise-in

    Now THAT one, Mike, that one could have the "birdie" replaced with creative tropical colors, and ply the tourist trade more or less intact. Why, you could even leave the "sunroof" open, and simply carry a form fitted, quick snap down tarp for the tropical downpours ! Huh! For that Lincoln at my disposal, maybe I WOULD head down there and pay "maestro" to take care of me by the week! - CC
  7. C Carl

    Havana Cruise-in

    Yeah, I sure wish I could get away for the sun, cars, music and food. Too ragged and beat at this stage of life. SAY : speaking of ragged and beat, might Cuba be an appropriate destination for the "Twelve Dilapidated Lincolns"? These Cubanos could do something with them 😎 !! - Carl
  8. C Carl

    1932 Packard 900 "Shovelnose" grille

    Is there one of the chemical rust removers which could safely "deep clean" this grille? - Carl
  9. Hi Steve, Why not just replace with a sealed bearing, and keep the externals for period cosmetics. - Carl
  10. C Carl

    Mystery late teens touring car

    I hesitate to stick my neck out here not knowing much about Marmons, but aren't those brakes too small for a performer such as Marmon ? - Carl
  11. C Carl

    Another Beautiful Milestone

    Very happy to see this! Congratulations! Up/down Woodward come Springtime ? - Carl
  12. C Carl

    1914-26 Water Pump Shafts

    Hi Tony and all. Might it make sense to consider the difference in octane between 40 something in the mid '20s, and the 80 something we suffer today in our 4.X:1 compression ratio engines ? Critical to performance timing. Perhaps Meyers is on to something. I am eager to see what Dave will have to tell us after having a very interesting talk with his friend who makes the shafts. I am very curious regarding timing to compensate for the extreme octane change. - Carl
  13. C Carl

    Coker Tire - FYI

    I still say, and perhaps this is the time : They should make 2 lines of tires from the molds. One a "show tire" for the T.Q.s, which don't get driven, and also an expensive, very high quality "go tire" for the guys who put the miles on 'em. I would go "go". - Carl
  14. C Carl

    Heading to USA

    Welcome to The USA, Simon ! Is this your first time here ? - Carl
  15. C Carl

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Hi Earl ! I am quite relieved to see you have made a very wise choice in the face of temptation. I have been concerned, but bit my tongue, not wanting to interfere with another old man's late in life love affair. - From a beat-up mid 70s guy in the body of a 90 year old, Cadillac Carl (It is impossible to REALLY know what it is like to be old until you have actually done so. For most old folk, today is likely to be the healthiest day for the rest of their lives. Make the most you can of it. Any "long range" planning must realistically take in to account how you will actually feel about things in two years, or five years ...........................)
  16. C Carl

    1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan-Original- best buy here!

    But that picture is beautiful ! The Fall colors make me want to get in that gorgeous Lincoln and take to the country roads ! Real curious to see the interior and instruments I would be riding in and looking at. Good luck with the sale, friend. Sorry you have to part with it. - Carl
  17. Treat your car to fully synthetic oil. Do you have Amsoil in Norway ? - Carl
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    Bumperettes :
  19. C Carl

    1930 Cadillac $27,000

    I did indeed talk to Lori and her husband Darrell. I echo Neil G's positive impression of them. Really nice honest people. Sounds like the original interior is merely growing old gracefully. It smells right, NOT tattered, usable as-is, what work needed is minimal. For example, the drivers door panel was removed, and is included. Typical repair under way for window rattle (?). A typical tear on drivers seat. You know : just PATINA earned of a healthy almost 90 year-old. My doctors tell me I am about like a fairly healthy 90 year old, and there is nothing wrong with that. I just wish I looked as good as Lori's Cadillac. I have suggested that Lori make additional postings with engine and interior pictures. I would like to see a rear 1/4 view. Some of you may know I have a trunk fixation. I am not the only person here who really loves closed cars. I do particularly favor dual side mounted wood spoke wheels. An elegant feature on a large, high classic era sedan. I hope to see this car at a Cadillac&LaSalle Club Grand National some day. With more tatters than patina - Cadillac Carl
  20. C Carl

    1930 Cadillac $27,000

    Hi Lori, and welcome to AACA. Yes to everything Ed has said. Ed is one of the very most experienced us here, and, as so many do, gives generously of his time, and expertise. Yes, you MUST provide detailed pictures of the interior, and what it is that needs work. Often, an original interior can and should be preserved as-is with fabrics, particularly elegant high quality period tapestries on the seats (the structural integrity of tapestries lends itself to this purpose), and well-worn handmade oriental rugs. I do this with my 1927 Cadillac. I love driving it, and sharing the experience with others. This protects the beautiful original interior. Tapestries and throw rugs come out for show. Thank you very much for giving us a chance at this wonderful car. You absolutely MUST list this Cadillac on the Cadillac &LaSalle Club for sale forum. Better yet, place an ad in our magazine, The Self Starter. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......... : You know, I think I will give you a call, and also show you a picture of my '27. It is an original unrestored car, and drives wonderfully. Let me see if I can find a picture which has not already been seen by the group. (I think they are getting bored with the same old same old). And then, if I can remember where I set my cell phone, I will call you. Central Standard Time is still civilized. - Carl
  21. Hi Kainopong, and welcome to AACA forums ! This place can be a little like "Alice's Restaurant". "You can get anything you want............". If you enter Blomquist in the search box, you will see what a father (sadly now prematurely deceased), and son business dealt with regarding Trippe lights. You will see contacts for the son, Cord, who can direct you to the current source. This would be a good way to go, in that your lights are brand spankin' new. What car(s) do you have which these lights will be used on ? Glad you have joined us ! - Carl
  22. C Carl

    Ring Gear RIvets

    Occasionally I mention the 1939 Cadillac owned by the father (who also had a '49 Cadillac), of a friend of mine. My friend's older brother was also like an older brother to me. He taught me to shift a manual transmission on that Cad, which being the older family car, began to serve increasing duty as the boy's conveyance. Now my "older brother " (his name also was Carl - R.I.P. my esteemed brother), had very little restraint, and no mercy whatsoever on that well maintained '39. It often attempted the triple digit barrier, and might have actually kissed 100 under favorable conditions. Clutch and driveline were not spared either, and Carl's jackass starts eventually sheared the ring gear rivets. Towed into Sparling Cadillac, the rivets were replaced with bolts. Those guys really knew what they were doing. A number of them had many decades of experience, the oldest of them at that time (ca. 1959 or '60), had matured with the automobile, and conceivably could have worked on new Model 30 Cadillacs ! A dozen or so years later, I was amused to learn that they still had a couple of mechanics who had professionally serviced the V16s. Oh, them there good old days. Born on one of 'em - CC
  23. C Carl

    Need id

    Value is going to be there for someone who wants to spell something with what you have. List the letters, and if 2 of the same, list that also, etc. Got enough to spell CADILLAC ? Or maybe even - CADILLAC CARL !!!!
  24. C Carl

    Replating reflectors

    Hi Phil. What would it take to electroplate silver ? Could it also be a two step process, or would it require 3 ? I imagine clearcoat over silver would be durable, and maintain the highest reflectivity over a very long period of time. There is another technique to precipitate a silvered surface. I don't know if it can be done on a metallic surface, as I only know of its application to a glass substrate. It is a chemical deposition requiring care in at least one byproduct. That is fulminate of mercury, a percussion explosive. Amateur astronomer telescope builders were quite familiar with this decades ago. Also used by commercial glass companies to coat the mirrors everyone uses. Thank you for your detailed explanation. I myself am too feeble and absent minded to try it, (not quite at the point I would take a beaker of poison for my diet Coke, but I do some AWFULLY stupid things these days), but I'm sure there are sound minded folk here who can't miss using your instructions. - half spent, and getting shorter every day, - C Carl