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  1. Shiver !!!! That is literally the reaction I had upon first seeing your posting, Hudsy'. If I am not mistaken, North Dakota and Minnesota are the coldest places in the U.S. But I could be mistaken, maybe Montana is. Too cold for me in any case. Some people, even real live folk who study such things, people who actually know such trivia, experts, make the astonishing claim that back then about 100 years ago, things were colder yet. I might think that is a dubious claim, but for the approximately 65 years of experience I have had remembering being aware of Winters conditions. Where I cruise, Winters ain't what they used to be. Shiver !!!!!!! I shoulda bought a piecea California when I coulda. Then again, those same experts are saying parts of that state might be getting TOO HOT for comfort. Cool contribution, Hudsy'. REAL cool !!!!!!!! - CC
  2. Well, new style hose clamps do a better job clamping hose than the old style does. That is why distance driven ancient cars often use the newer ones. My '20s Cadillacs are driven, but if they were trophy hunters, I would go old style. - Carl
  3. Yeah. My memory is nothing like it was, but no different from most others in their mid-70s. That being said, unless I am suffering from deja vu, or some kind of a hullabilusion, I clearly remember this car. But I am pretty sure that the posting referenced, and provided a link to CL. Just like we see here. Cool car ! Wonder if it is still in possession by the same owner as before ? - Carl
  4. I sure can't go back anywhere that far, ply'. Best I can do from where I am sitting now, is this pic of a photo a friend took of me just after I brought the '24 Cad back from Eastern Ohio 30 years ago. - Carl
  5. After reading the full text in your offering, I infer that this car has had significant recent mechanical attention and upgrades/improvements. I would think this is a superior "A", and a better deal than the recent BAT auction. As I said, "I would if I could ..................................." - Carl
  6. Dr. Bob, as your respectful forum friend, I recommend you do so. I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't. - Carl P.S. Appropriate, it is, indeed, a "DOCTOR'S Coupe". 😎, - CC
  7. Hi Kyle ! As you know, I was worried about you too. Very nice to have you back among us ! - Carl
  8. Yes, it is one of these. That spring-loaded pawl is rather delicate. Probably a good idea to keep it lightly greased over its travel. - Carl
  9. 🙂😊😄😎🙂😊😄😎!!!!!!!!!!! - CC
  10. Hi Robert. If you go back to the first page of this topic, scroll down until you come to a response from George Cole. He has posted a link to the Orlando Craigslist ad for this car. There are many pictures there, and contact to the owner. - Carl
  11. Yes, I agree that it likely just would need the inlay restored. First they start to separate, then you should pull the damaged inlay out, or cover the mess. Peeling inlay is not comfortable to drive with. Is the replacement a fairly routine fix ? - Carl
  12. I do see a couple phone numbers posted about six hours ago. I doubt this Cad will linger on CL. Inviting call or text : Edward, 408-990-5992, or Joe, 408-449-2979 27 thou' miles might be right. Pedal wear commensurate. Too bad that steering wheel took a baking in the California sun. Should have been covered when parked, no exceptions. Can those steering wheels be restored ? Thanks for the heads-up. - Carl
  13. Just spoke with grandfather again. Turns out that actually the last time the engine was turned was perhaps 25 years ago. That was with the starter but the engine was not started at that time. So we don't know if the engine is free, nor the condition of the bores. Much less the 100 year old bearings. It is 100% certain that there are stuck valves here. Unknown whether water was drained, and the 2 waterpumps with their integrated thermostats will need attention. Unknown whether gasoline was drained, nor whether the system will hold pressure. Obviously the carburetor will need rebuilding. I have asked for more information regarding low-hanging fruit here. But this engine will need careful resurrection, if indeed that is possible short of complete overhaul. Maybe Mark up the line in Galt, or George in Oakland, or Jim Willette down in Lodi know someone very close to Modesto who could be bribed to go kick the tires for me. A bit far from home for Mark or George, Jim himself is not all that far, and would be supremely qualified. But poor Jim does not hear very well anymore, and I think it would be a rude imposition to consider his direct assistance. But, as I say, he might know someone who could use a paying job these days. Might not be the safest thing to do with one's time though considering the virus monster. If not for the pandemic, I would just drive on down. I am old and have a number of dangerous compromising health issues, so I must do as much as I can by remote control. Yes, I would like to have this ol' thing at a fair price. I will do everything I can to avoid getting hosed on this car. I have never bought a car I couldn't drive, run through the gears, and bring to a controlled stop. Project poke pigs absolutely must have realistic prices. I want to thank you all for your help so far. I will be getting more information in the near future. But bore and bearing condition will be critical. By the way, I do know the green 1924 phaeton which is the last picture in the CL ad. It was also in Hemmings for sale in Rhode Island at the same time as my '24 touring out of Eastern Ohio. So I went back over Thanksgiving and checked them both out. It is in original paint, so it might or might not "out point" mine in head to head HPOF. Remember, mine did take "Past Presidents Best Original - Early " at the 1994 CLC GN. This is no longer judged, as splitting into just two huge categories, "Early" and "Late" had to use an age based rolling handicap. This resulted in hurt feelings, as some degree of subjectivity had to be employed in judging. So now, many sub groups alleviate bruised egoes. Mine too, as I think my '27 sedan would have had incredibly tough competition at the 'Vegas GN in 2016. A '38 16 and I were relieved to have been in separate classes. Whew ! Anyway, the green phaeton on Westinghouse air, could start, but scared me off due to decades of stagnation. I wanted a driver, and my decision was easy when I drove the Ohio touring. It was a turn-key car with unbroken maintenance. ZERO sludge, great bearings. It cost me $18,000 1989 dollars. Phaeton was asking $16,000. I ran into the phaeton again at the 2002 CLC Centennial GN in Detroit. Then out of Arizona, the owner confirmed that I had made the right choice. His was EXTREMELY sludged up. Said it was an absolute nightmare. Involved a fair amount of dismantling, and it was still not at tour car level. For him, showing in preservation classes was more important. Oh, what more can I say ? Hmmmm, maybe for now, just to thank you again, and say "to be continued". - Carl P.S. A reliable source who is in the area and knows these cars well , told me that the blue '20 above was for sale just a few years back. Price devolved to 18 and did not sell. My source who is EXTREMELY connected and well-known in Northeast circles, thinks it eventually sold for 15.
  14. Oh come on, Ed : it would be worth more than that as a parts car. But I certainly do understand where you are coming from to a certain degree. Present uneasy times, projects having taken quite a beating recently, etc. But I really do appreciate the input from all of you. I would like to buy it for a fair price. In the case of this car, I am concerned about the condition of the bearings. Years, (perhaps decades ?), since fresh oil was circulated, and the potential problems with galvanic erosion, obviously makes this a bit of the proverbial pig, (in a poke). The multiple plate clutch pak is another problem which could need attention if it is/will become fused with use. Of course this would not be the problem an engine overhaul would be in the case of re-babbitting necessities. Rings and valves at this mileage would be a routine procedure. Just getting this car thoroughly roadworthy would be an involved process, even assuming no real fundamental issues. But that type of work is something I enjoy very much. Problem for me, is that I am so busted-up that I would have to hire out most of the work in this late stage of the game for me. Please do keep the comments coming. I am serious about this car, but can't afford to overpay for things anymore. I don't want to beat the owners up on this either. Just need a fair and reasonable price. Thanks again for any help. - Carl
  15. Thank you for this lead, Oregon'. I would be interested in this car at a reasonable price. It is certainly an overwhelming project to "restore", but it would be cool to get running well and use as is. However a price in the $20s range is unrealistic, as is the 80-100 valuation for a restored '24 Cad these days. I did call grandfather who is only 6 years younger than I am. Cad has not been started for over 15 years, so would have to drop the pan, clean out, and inspect the bearings before attempting to start. What do you guys think a reasonable price for this would be ? Thanks for any input, - Carl P.S. The touring you see is a 1918 Chandler, and will be up for sale also.
  16. 😀 is probably exactly the intended reaction. We all know Bernie, and appreciate his sense of humor ! - CC
  17. Ellensburg, smack dab in the middle of Washington, on Friday. Note the ethanol free at the Co-op :
  18. Never seen that type of propulsion system before. That would be rather low on the list of vehicles I would prefer to be run over by while out playing in the snow. - Carl
  19. Hi Bill. Friday evening at the Arco station at the Lake Forrest Park shopping center regular E-10 was $2.27.9. Premium was $2.75.9. I would like to be surprised to see it go lower. But I'm sure not holding my breath. - Carl
  20. Two questions for each of you : 1) What tire pressures are you running, F&R ? 2) What is the specified tire pressure at max load bearing ? - Carl
  21. Paid less for more ! But of course that was a long time ago. Early '70s when big was "out" due to gasoline consumption, and the fin was no longer "in". Just a ten-year-old unpopular used car. $250, low miles, great shape, and well equipped including A/C. You didn't have to hunt too hard for deals like that. There they were with a For Sale sign on them by the side of the road as you were driving along in another one you found the same way !!! And that is how I earned my handle : - Cadillac Carl
  22. Matt is in 'Jersey. I am sure someone here is in touch with him. - Carl
  23. I do believe you are right. All his posts are gone. Looks like he has pulled up stakes, struck the tent, and departed this camp. Too bad ; he was a great guy to talk to on the phone. He had set himself an unrealistic very labor intensive task. In the end would've proved to be so inefficient as to have left a great deal of loot on the table. Max return would have been to move all the hulks as QUICKLY as possible to hobby guys at WHATEVER sale price. Keep a few (almost) turn key cars for himself, and sell the property. Matt would not be the first guy blinded to the forrest for the trees in front of his eyes. - Carl