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  1. I do have a folding bathtub. But I would consider another. I found mine on eBay for about 100 dollars. l
  2. the car that dibarlaw posted is in california. I went and looked at it to get familiar with them, but its not for sale.
  3. the car is still in CT as far as I know. I drove there with a car trailer to buy it and I found that it was, in my opinion, not as advertised and I could not justify the cost. It was at the maximum of my budget and needed significantly more work that I could take on at the time. It a wonderful car none the less and I feel that I will regret not buying it for the rest of my life. Id still like to find one.
  4. I paid 19 for my 21 big six. It’s a very good original car. I don’t know what that ones worth.
  5. or if that is what we call the bearing race, they are part of the bearing part number?
  6. Thanks George. I don’t think I need the flange just the hub with bearing cups ( I assume that means races and I assume I can just put new races in if the hub doesn’t have good ones in it)
  7. I don’t have a parts book unfortunately. I’ll see if I can find a part number somehow. l
  8. I took the wheel to George so he could start getting ready to respoke it when I find a hub. I don’t have a picture but I do have a video. I don’t think I can post it here. I did post the video in the Northern California Antique studebaker Facebook group. It cracked radially all the way around at the back just at the face of the inner bearing race.
  9. My recently acquired big six that “needed the spokes tightened” has a front hub that’s cracked in half. I’m looking for a replacement. the threads on the outside are 2-5/8-16 and I’ve posted a few pics with a tape below. Does anyone have one? thanks.
  10. hi dale, i dont personally know any other studebaker people. There is a pretty good facebook group called nor cal antique studebaker and there are a good number of active people there. There is also rick down in southern california who has been very helpful to me. He makes the chevy distributor conversion and SS water pump shafts. I keep learning about more people here, so I think there are more than I would have guessed which is good. L
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