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  1. 1930 lincoln shown in 1935 in front of Crumwold hall in Hyde Park NY, Again in 1952 after serving as a fleet vehicle on a ranch in Dubois, wyoming and being retired and again today.
  2. If there was a bid for 70K it is not there now. Its at 50,100 this morning And! the buy it now price is up to 135K which is higher than before. Im not sure whats going on. The parts that come with the collection are a significant part of its potential value, but nothing is shown or described and the condition is very important as well. L
  3. I think that is #59680 which is a type 169A two window town sedan. I dont think lincoln officially named any of their cars close coupled though they may have used it in the descriptions - i think thats more of an industry nomenclature for a shorter bodied four or five passenger closed car vs a longer bodied seven passenger.
  4. John, Here is his list of model L cars from the auction: 1925 31381. Sedan-7 passenger Murray 1928. 48674. Sedan-7 passenger Murray 1929. 54844. Sedan-5 passenger. Lincoln 1929. 56675. Coupe-2 passenger. Judkin 1929. 59680. Town sedan-5 pass. Lincoln 1929. 61206. Sedan-5 passenger. Lincoln 1930. 62756. Sedan-7 passenger. Lincoln I have been provided with the body type numbers for all of these cars except for #54844, which is the first picture you posted. So, all of the other cars are confirmed to be sedans. (#59680 is called a town sedan and that is a type 169B - and lincoln called it a town sedan. ) Back to 54844 - The seller wrote to the henry ford and got the build sheet for each of these cars. I have copies of that sheet in each case except for in this case. I would assume he got that document for this car because he does call out a body builder (lincoln) which he would likely not have known unless he had the build sheet. He also calls it a 5 passenger sedan which indicates that he has some information on it. Lincoln did not build a factory bodied open town car type body (they were all custom bodied) in 1929 so if he is correct in calling it a lincoln body, it cant be a town car configuration. That being said, I do see what seems to be snaps along the top of the windshield frame. I guess we need to investigate this a little more. L
  5. I have been following along with this thread and haven't been able to figure out what I wanted to say until now. First, I am the west coast VP for the LOC and I worked very closely with the passey family when jacks lincolns were sold. I have seen alot of early lincoln parts sell and I am still buying and selling lincoln parts at swap meets when possible. I also maintain the registry of model L cars for the club. While I do now have all of these cars listed, none of them were known to the club or the enthusiasts in this area until now. I have no idea what their history is or where they are coming from. The most exotic car in this collection is probably the Judkins coupe - the car that looks like a town car is in fact just a really really rotten sedan. I worked from his starting price of 36,000 and tried to add up all the parts value. You could make 5-10k unbolting and unscrewing easy pieces. After that, you have to start working really really hard selling big pieces of iron slowly and for not very much money. You would have an absolute hell of a time making that 36K back by parting them all out. There are some bumpers and tail lights, steering box, buffalo wire wheels and things that have some value but those pieces would disappear quickly and you would be facing a ton of work to make very little money plus you have to move all of it and store it somewhere. Most or all of the body panels, doors, engine crank cases, frames etc are scrap. This is just a massive undertaking and even for a person such as me who uses lincoln parts to make extra money, this could not be worth my trouble unless it was all free. It would take YEARS of hauling piles of that stuff to swap meets and shipping bits of it to various people to make back the rest of your money let alone make a profit. In my opinion, these are all certainly parts cars. A very good model L sedan can be found for as little as 25K - which is what I got for my good original 27 that I put new bearings in AND it had 21" buffalo wire wheels. A stunning beautiful 29 sold here locally for 40K, All new plating, new paint and fully rebuilt engine...... A professional rebuild on the engine of any one of these cars alone will cost more than the value of all of them together. For me, I am stunned that this mess of cars was even bid up to 50K. Those sellers should have taken that money right to the bank and never looked back. I think their best bet at this point is either to reach out to the high bidder or to hold on to it and plan a giant lincoln yard sale and hire someone who knows these cars to run it for them. Do it next year wen the LOC is having their west coast meet. Once the collection has been picked over - scrap or give away what is left.
  6. I would say that it fits the design parameters of a Deluxe Touring - it looks very like a brunn type 112 deluxe phaeton but has a longer rear body. L
  7. Type 147B: 1005 were built in 1927 Model Run - 1925-1928 total production - 3108 I have at least ten listed survivors, but likely there are more as I dont have body type numbers for all the cars I have listed. L
  8. i thought you had decided you didnt want a model L? L
  9. auction in the netherlands - lincolns start around catalog # 240 - just for fun
  10. Sorry guys, The car is sold - to a member here on the forum. Perhaps we will get an update from him sometime.
  11. That judkins coupe is missing some hard to find parts and its in poor shape. I would not consider that car. Buy the blue 169B in hemmings.
  12. i will add that the hemmings car seller claims it is one of 1513 made in 1929 - which incidentally is the exact number of type 169B factory bodies that were made in that year.... where as the willoughby bodied cars were: Type 160 - 155 Type 174 - 228 So, I think we have our answer....
  13. this is a photo of the willoughby "limousine" from my catalog. I cant figure out what the difference is between the type 174 and 160- both were offered in 1929 and are called willoughby 7 passenger limousine. Either way, they are super rare and I cant imagine that those cars you are considering are willoughby bodied. ill be quiet now.