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  1. While at the garage today grabbed the upper rad hose and the thermostat housing to separate them and inspect what was going on with the hose. UGLY! Was planning on new hoses anyway but after wheeling the housing guess that has to be new also. The slippery slope starts as now that everything is out, might better take the rad out and have it serviced too. No telling what it looks like inside... I think flushing the block would be a good thing now also. Any advice on that gang?
  2. dei

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    That made me laugh Ken as I imagined you meant but I also like what you did!
  3. Interesting, my engine runs quite well / quiet and even with the heat we have had around here the two past summers, my gauge never ran above the half way point and that was only once in city traffic after coming in from the highway. I usually burn the regular test fuel and currently doesn't ping under heavy acceleration. Highway mileage is around 15 mpg which I don't feel is bad so would putting a 180 in effect it that much? The engine has high mileage (like 140,000) and doesn't smoke. Dad changed the oil and filter himself at not more than 1,500 miles and think it made the difference keeping her quiet. Appreciate the feed back guys.
  4. Thanks Ben, not sure if the pump was leaking at the weep hole or possibly the lower rad hose at that broken section but either way, need to get things in good running order (as you know well). I vaguely remember changing a water pump once before in my ownership but pretty sure I would not have put one on with a broken off section... I'm not a licensed auto mechanic but did get my High School diploma in auto, machine shop, electrical and drafting so process isn't strange to me, it's just not my everyday trade. What is of some thinking is just what is going on with the upper rad hose? Both hoses are pliable and with little effort came off their connections but they appear to have bulged out at the clamp. It almost suggests too much pressure (if that's possible without blowing seams in the rad?) and or heat deforming the rubber? I was running a 160 degree thermostat and will test it to make sure it was opening properly or... just buy a new one since it is off. Will try adding a ground to the tank like I have seen someone post on the Forums and see. I recall Dad having to do that on the Limited after he bought it back in 1968. He was driving it 100 miles a day to work so knowing how much gas in the tank was crucial out on the highway at midnight (or anytime). The sun is out again today and need to clean out Mom's eavestroughs first then will continue with some cleaning / prepping before putting together an order tonight.
  5. Today was not quite as warm as yesterday but not down in the 20's either. I was going to back the Special out to drain the cooling system and avoid making a mess of my clean floor but once outside noticed the gas gauge was showing 1/4 tank and headed off to the gas station. The Shell I went to has 6 islands and was almost full when I pulled up but found the high test pump and pulled in. The Special drew a lot of attention and more than a few people came over to chat while I was filling up. Not sure what is with the gauge but knowing it was full it shows only 3/4. Hope it is just a ground after having had the tank off and painted / cleaned out... I headed back and parked just outside the door to begin the tear down. Must mention again that it is so nice to turn off the car knowing it will start back up without having to pull out the spare battery and boost her. I had a clean pan inside to drain the fluid in and inspect the condition. Then the fun started... I loosened all the hose clamps, pulled the hoses off, loosened the power steering pump and generator to take off the belts, then took off the thermostat housing to check its condition. It is always fun leaning over the rad with a 1/2 inch ratchet trying to get those four bolts out of the fan... Smartened up after feeling a bit of pain in my chest and grabbed a blanket for some padding. With the belt pulley and fan block taken off access was now better so I sprayed more PB Blaster on the water pump bolts and carefully tried to loosen them. After cracking them open some I sprayed on more Blaster and ran them back in a bit but by now the sun was dropping and the hands were starting to feel the cold so fired her up and pulled inside out of the bit of wind that had started up to finish the water pump removal. Surprisingly all the 1/2 inch bolts came out with little problem and most of the 7/16 loosened without breaking (not my usual luck...) so carefully pried with a putty knife to get the pump loose from the guide pins. There was ever so little movement in the bearing I felt with the fan on but was surprised to see this. Whether the bearing is shot or not, this casting needs to be replaced, so a new pump is a must along with new rad hoses, heater hoses and a little painting after some major cleaning. Let's see, Dear Santa....
  6. dei

    1958 Buick Registry

    Beautiful looking car with the matching colour interior? I wonder why he put the trunk handles on that are found on the Specials? The lower chrome strip has the handle moulded into it (above the fuel door).
  7. dei

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Squeezed in another few miles today due to a new battery and wanting to feel the rebuilt transmission. The end of the year isn't over just yet you know...😁
  8. I jumped the weekend by a day but it was so nice to be in the mid 40's Friday and after putting in a new battery, just had to go for a ride. So excited forgot to take pictures while out...
  9. After having been delayed dealing with an issue with Mom I finally got to the Special today. I first needed to take the old battery out to use for the core charge. Guess it was time to do as I found the hold down bracket was getting some corrosion. First place I went to which has had this battery on the on the shelf in the past said this particular style had to be ordered now so thanked them for their time and moved on down the road. Went to a local Battery builder / supplier (which by the way was where I bought the last one) and once paid for and secured in my truck headed on back to the garage. I grabbed a can of black enamel spray and after sanding down the build up on the hold down frame gave it two light coats to dry in the sun. The temperature was up to 45 degrees so it didn't take too long to dry. While waiting for paint to dry I occupied myself with cleaning up the white cell caps I saved from the old battery as I didn't particularly like the flat black ones on the new battery thinking they gave it the more traditional Delco battery look. What a nice change to hear her turn over with energy till the carb got enough fuel to fire up and be on high idle! After warming up some I decided to back her out and clean up the floor as I had placed various pieces of card board and plastic to catch the transmission fluid and antifreeze that had been leaking. With now having a parking pawl that worked I instinctively reached to release the parking brake which was my practice for some 40 years... Once outside I placed her in Park and felt the gentle slight roll now locking the drive train. Man this is a different car! OK, it was just too tempting to not go for a drive and after putting it into D instead of low which I used to do to avoid any slippage, took off down the road with confidence. I went by our friends house to find him just getting out of his car and suggested I come in to see their two year old granddaughter so put the car in park, shut her off and went inside. I don't have any grand kids yet and two years olds are busy people so, kept the visit short and said it was time to go. Bob walked me to the car and I held my breath as I turned on the key and pressed down the gas pedal to engage the starter... No, not what you think I was going to say... with not too much effort from the starter, she fired right up like it should! WOW! Who's car is this anyway??? I headed back to the garage and pulled inside to spray some PB Blaster on the bolts of the water pump and the fan to take off tomorrow as dinner plans had come up and was informed I needed to cleanup! It has been quite a roller coaster ride this past year and a half dealing with getting back on the road again after a 13 year slumber but every mile right now means more every day!!
  10. It's Friday, having my second cup of coffee and the forecast is while light rain going to hit 45 degrees for the next three days. YEA! Will be heading over to the Special for the day and see what I can accomplish... Meantime, I received a call from Tony this week who has the only other '58 Buck in town. It seems he is smitten with my convertible and wondered if by chance I knew of another one somewhere for sale as he would love to have one. He knows there is no way I'd sell mine hence asking if I knew of one. Told him the Internet was his best bet but would keep an eye out for him. I asked what he would do with his Special and told me he would sell his hoping to get what he has in it if he could. It is a very nice car, road ready with a few minor issues that can be addressed as you enjoy driving it. It is the basic Special with the stainless trim around the door windows, dual exhaust, has it's original upholstery, standard steering and brakes, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt carb, chrome is in excellent shape and nice paint. He would be looking at something around 19 - 20 thousand US. I would love to add it to my collection but... That kind of money for me would go a long way to upgrade my current collection. I'm not really selling this for him but thought if any of you out there might know of another Special Convertible out there (or have one for sale) I can give you his contact information. Now, Time to dawn those coveralls and get to work on mine. 😉
  11. I'm sure it must have a bad cell as it would not have more than enough energy to roll the engine slowly for a bit and then die even after having been totally warmed up or coming from a run. Plus I tried the spare battery I have used for jumping her and it showed better voltage before the load test and then showed it was weak on the load test (just in the upper weak yellow markings). That one has not been on a charger since September sitting in the trunk so my thinking is it needs to be charged up and I will try the test again. Will borrow my son's volt meter after I get a new battery and check the charging circuit next. The ammeter seems to show it charging while running but... with a bad battery... More to check and be ready for next years season.
  12. Well I could not wait to try my new toy and was curious to see what it would tell me regarding the condition of the battery in the Special. I connected it to the battery without connecting the disconnect and saw this. It has been sitting disconnected since I drove her home from the transmission swap out. Next I tried the Load Test and it showed this. Just to be sure I tried the battery on my every day truck to have faith in what I saw and well... guess I will be making a trip to the Battery Store tomorrow. One thing crossed off the list, water pump next.
  13. It would be great if you could make it sometime Ken as with anyone else coming this way. It's located about 30 miles once you cross the Bridge into Canada and the terrain is as flat as the prairies so not hard on the old car if you are driving it.
  14. Thanks everyone for the thoughts, suggestions and what I will take as motivation to get my ... in gear. Looks like there is a break in temperatures starting tomorrow in the right direction and managed to have my wife get me an early Xmas gift so planning on some tool time.