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  1. Not sure if I should wish everyone a Merry Xmas again or not?
  2. Happy to say as of today 2/3 of the garage is now cleared of items that needed to be packed up and moved out. I needed to make a trip out to the sea can but... by 3 pm it started with snow flurries and shortly after was building up on the grass making sure things would be wet before I got unloaded so went home to cover up the lawn mowers and hope the weatherman is wrong this time. Expecting 2 - 4 inches and freezing temps. Not what we were looking forward to with May just around the corner.
  3. Decided this morning to start the week with something special. No not my Buick Special as the forecast for Tuesday night into Wednesday is for somewhere between 2-4 inches of SNOW!!! Climate change indeed.... Anyway, if you have been following along, back a bit Buicknutty came and picked up the other motor I said he could have, helping me make more space in the garage here at home. After cleaning up and taking a break he says that he has something for me. Seems he has many trees on his property and makes home made maple syrup and handed me a nice bottle of his work to sample.
  4. This weekend I managed to find my 1" wrench to take out the speedometer gear in the transmission. Naturally it took a bit of a tap like everything else on this block. I cleaned it up on my wire wheel and came up with this information. Not sure if that helps further identify the year or not? It cleaned up nicely and rotates fine.
  5. Appreciate the suggestion but no I can't unbolt the transmission since with the motor being seized, will not allow me to rotate the crank to access the bolts on the flywheel, so it would be one big tub and allot of fluid to be pumping into the block. The other fact that it is an earlier nail head than what I have just isn't going to be worth my time to save it. Storage space and dollars involved to rebuild if it did free up well, is also a challenge being in the 4th quarter of my life.
  6. Not sure just what someone was thinking where they stored this motor???
  7. With nearing the end of cleaning out the old garage, one of the things I have to deal with is a Buick motor & transmission that was seized when I got it and hence the trany is still attached. It is not useful for my 1958 Buick motors and it's condition is none to promising for a rebuild given all the rust. Decided to take off as much as possible (not sure why...) and then dispose of the block if I can't get it to turn. It's pretty nasty looking outside. And NOT much better looking inside. I have not been this dir
  8. As stated above, continuing to dismantle what I can and today I managed to removed the starter but man, was that inside lower bolt a bear!! Had a heck of a time getting a wrench on it properly and to apply enough force to loosen it's grip. Finally found a wrench that would go on and lying on my back managed to hit it with a hammer till it let go. Then I decided to remove the motor mount and bracket. Another awkward rusty bolt but persistence paid off. Then went at the bracket, the mount had to be removed first for access to the three bolts in the block and... s
  9. I see just now you posted after I left today. I don't have anything in the way of reference material to help out with this. Maybe if you reach out to Buicknutty he might be able to advise as it was he who suggested this motor was a 1956 322. I'm going to try and take off the speedometer gear anyway along with as much as possible but not clear why yet... Let me know what you discover please.
  10. John, I found these in PM's sent to Buicknutty just now. Is this stamped number what you are looking for? Block casting number.
  11. John, as to the model it came from I have no idea. It had been removed long before I was offered it. I can say that there is only one pulley on the damper so maybe that might suggest being from a lower series as I'm sure Roadmaster's would have power steering correct? Naturally I can't find the pictures I took showing the numbers you need but will let you know tonight as I'm going there later today. Would the transmission #'s help you at all too?
  12. Took another hour to plug away with the motor today. Managed to clean off the valley cover more before taking out the bolts in order to lessen the crap going down into the block. Not sure why just not liking the thoughts of seeing that I guess. Once opened up I decided to take off the rocker arm assembly and then removed the distributor. After liberally spraying everything down with PB Blaster I was able with a gentle tapping on the casting and use of a screw driver to move the lifters and then remove them by hand. It's not looking too good as a candida
  13. This motor sure isn't looking pretty and will be curious to see what I can inside. Surprisingly all the water pump bolts came loose rather easily. I figured at least two would have snapped off from past experiences. The water pump shaft is stuck and could not get it to turn even after removing the unit. Will be nothing more than a core exchange for someone. Pulling out that lower left hand bolt allowed some fluid to drip out. It sure isn't the green looking coolant I'm used to seeing. Pulled the rocker arm covers off and no won
  14. As promised, this is to report the effort to extract the stubborn bolt on the intake. Simply put, John your idea was SPOT ON! I grabbed my loose sockets and found a 13 ml which was a bit under size to the bolt head so also grabbed my double sided hammer, an extension and whaled away till confident it was firmly in place. I then carefully put a long pipe on the ratchet handle. My tool box was a perfect height to help support the bar till I positioned myself to keep downward pressure on the socket and extension before leaning on the pipe with some
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