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  1. Where to start... The good things: Finally there is a window of three days with NO RAIN! Went to a clean up dump run for a customer and slipped home for lunch to find "the crew" out back doing something on the retainer wall/fence project. They were securing the footing forms in anticipation for the cement truck to come that afternoon. Just then the phone rings... It was Mom in obvious distress and she said she had fallen and thought she broke her ankle! Fortunately I'm not far away and when I walked in found her on the phone on the floor talking to 911. While waiting for the ambulance found out she was out in the front yard pulling out weeds and stumbled, falling over on her right side telling me she heard something pop. The neighbourhood only has 12 houses on it and is quiet so naturally no one was out to see this happen. She crawled across the lawn on her knees, up the three concrete steps, opened the door and on into the back family room of her ranch style home using an old wooden yard stick to get the cordless phone. Fortunately the ankle did not swell up which usually happens immediately when something breaks but the ambulance attendants said that an ex-ray was needed to confirm. The incredulous thing is my Mom is 91, lives at home by herself and still drives! One tough bird!~! After putting a neat looking plastic splint contraption on her foot/leg we hear one of the attendants asking on the radio which hospital they were to go to. As stated in my earlier post, Windsor has only 200,000 city residents and the surrounding area has possibly 100,000 or so more but... there are only two emergency rooms in the city and one other some 45 miles away in Leamington. Guess which one they were sent to? Off they went and I grabbed the keys of mom's van out of her purse as she has a handy cap parking sign to head on down after talking to my wife. The good thing, no broken bones, just a severe sprain so she is wrapped up and told not to put pressure on it for a week and then only if it feels OK to attempt to walk on it. This all took from 12:30 till finally getting home at 8 pm. Life.., one just never knows... Meanwhile, with all this going on and texting progress to my wife, she tells me there is a huge cement truck in our back yard! This is just for the footing. I knew there was clay underneath the three feet of top soil but wasn't sure the bank would hold with the kind of weight one of those units would carry. Hopefully by Friday the wall will be poured and sometime next week the back filling will take place... To be cont'd...
  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE AWARDS JOE! 😎 And thank you so much for adding me to you support group. Not sure I played too much a part with the Caballero but as you know I'm "all in" with anything '58 Buick! Having seen it up close and personal with you at times has been a great inspiration and motivation to get at my Limited as did following your thread detailing various steps that go with a nut and bolt restoration! May you and yours continue to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work! It's been a pleasure to get to know you (and the gang).
  3. Went for dinner at the weekly Monday night Cruise-In held at Brews & Cues. Will do the wings again! It was a warm night but left the top up (for the wife). Drove along the River to Downtown after the 505/50 draw and headed home before dark. Camera battery went dead so no picture but noticed the trip odometer reads 699.0 miles. To be continued...
  4. With a light work day Monday quit at 4:30, grabbed the Special, picked up my wife and went to the Monday night Cruise-in at Brews & Cues for the first time this season. We went in for dinner (wings were great!) and stayed until door prizes and 50/50 were drawn then looked around at the cars. I saw this nice 1967 Mustang which the owner said he had restored. I used to have a '67 coupe also but sold it to get a '70 Buick LeSabre. This is not that car as it has a numbers matching 289 automatic and mine was a 6 three speed on the floor with no console. They are fun cars to drive and would love to have another if I weren't so deep in Buick's??? We decided to drive along the River to downtown and the phone rings. Seeing it was Tony who owns a '58 Limited four door we pulled into one of the public parking areas along the river. Seems he had a question about the brake pressure switch on his car. It had the original single mater cylinder replaced with a dual but was having issues with the brake lights working then not working. All the time the brakes themselves worked properly so wondering if the switch itself would be defective. He is a bit frustrated after changing out a third one only to have the same situation after awhile. Best I could offer was to make a call to the company that supplied the dual master and see if they have experienced calls on this issue. Meantime we talked about next weekend getting together in Chatham, Ontario for what will be RM Restorations 40th Anniversary Celebration along with Chatham's annual Car Show. He is coming so hope to connect then and see his Limited again. Thankfully the parking lot was busy and the boats on the river were out keeping my wife occupied during another "car conversation"... Unfortunately my camera battery decided to go flat so no pictures but the drive through downtown on a Monday night was discouraging! Windsor has decided to move the Public Library on the main street to another location and is giving it to a homeless organisation... Word must be out as every corner has pan handlers of all ages hanging around and just... Sad. We are NOT a large city with only 200,000 officially but would think we are going through another recession by appearance. So be it, there are other places to be and enjoy. Put the Special away after dropping of my wife and took notice of the trip odometer. It reads 699.0 miles. The Chatham trip next Saturday will be another 120 miles or so round trip. Pleased things are going smoothly with her.
  5. Thanks for that offer Lance! Sure wish I lived closer to you man. I will look around here to see who other guys do their work and if I'm happy that this can be done properly OK, otherwise a small road trip to Blenheim, Ontario will be in order to see if Stan Uher of Classic Coach Works would be able to take this on. Stan restored and drives a Grey Dort Touring and has a few more stored last time I heard. Anyway, I'm whole with our trade/business and much appreciate doing it!
  6. On tour with my car clubs 40th Anniversary celebration. This was in 1994. Notice the double decker bus coming over the bridge? Still a member and still have the car.
  7. That thought had crossed my mind before getting the Limited interior to you (for down the road...) but luckily for you didn't move on it. I'll search around now that I have both seat backs and see what can be done. There is a fellow that used to work at RM Restorations in the early days and started his own business restoring cars that would be my first choice for this. It is mostly a one man operation consequently slow but work is excellent and after all, I'm not restoring the car just now so... Hopefully the seat material is in good enough condition to survive a transfer but will see. At the very least it would be a nice road trip out to his place in the Special!
  8. Also with you John! (it would be even greater if it stops raining,...)
  9. Small trip to the Historic town of Amherstburg last night to go for ice cream. It was coolish being on the water and only 65 degrees so left the top up and the heat on during the trip home. The hot fudge treat special was great!
  10. Finally a day with NO RAIN! That however meant trying to catch up on the work pushed back and was a long day... Called my wife and said we were going for drive and get ice cream. Took our time driving along the Detroit River to the small historic town of Amherstburg, Ontario (Canada). As posted earlier the water levels are at their highest and drove in to check out one of the public boat launches. It's hard to see but the man standing behind the boat on the trailer is standing on the dock and it is almost to his knees! The air was about 63 degrees but being around water always feels cooler so left the top up and continued till finding a parking spot in the quaint area downtown. Amherstburg has developed a beautiful waterfront park called King's Navy Yard Park. Being that it is at the mouth of the Detroit River it played an important part in the War of 1812 aiding to establish the border of Canada. Naturally a stroll was in order to walk off that chocolate hot fudge treat! This is the view looking south at Lake Erie in that gap. This building was built in 1915 which housed the newspaper Amherstburg Echo established in 1874. It published articles until December 2012 when Sun Media (the last owners) closed it down... It was finally sold to an investor that is operating it as a restaurant/bistro. Not sure where the historical collecting of newspapers have gone? Getting cooler with the setting sun it was time to head back. With the Special performing well it was a satisfying end to a long day.
  11. Took 29 minutes yesterday to check out the seat back I got from Lance. Amazingly it appears to be the same size as the Roadmaster seat which surprises me. I will need to find someone who is good with a welder to fix the lost bracket but should be good now. THANKS AGAIN LANCE!
  12. With rain in the forecast again today and the down pouring it did during the night I'm almost glad the riding lawnmower is in the shop... This actually freed up my time to re-strap the Limited on the trailer and take her to the scrap yard. I moved it over to the garage where the straps were. Looking at this shot realised they are both my first and second cars. They will never be together like this again... Mom's house is only a few blocks away so drove here to get a shot and show her what is happening. This is the same place where the picture was taken back in 1971 just before I got my drivers license that spring. Funny ending, I weighed out naturally and went into the office to get what was coming to me. The girl handed me the slip and said you have $45.20 coming to you, sign here. I realised that I got this car free from Dad and 48 years later I was paid 45.20 to get ride of her. Not a bad return for use of a car over 48 years was it! 😀
  13. With those kind of numbers you guys will have NO problem meeting the 2,019 mile challenge this year! Have fun gang and post lots of picture for us stuck at home!
  14. Sorry if this sounds like a Facebook kind of posting but came home tonight from a meeting/get together of people I have been associated with in a Drum Corps some 46 years ago who actually remembered me driving the Special back then!! 😲 I showed them a few pictures on my camera of recent shots and were really surprised it still was in my possession! There are plans to get together again later this year and hope to drive it there...