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  1. THANKS ALL FOR THE INFO GENTLEMEN! Looks like I will have options while there. Much appreciate the reply's. Just have to see if our hosts are into a few events.
  2. dei

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    Here is a shot of those blind/blank splines of which you speak. I had to dig this one out of my spares when I took a transmission to Jim Hughes for a total rebuild for my '58 Special. I bought a transmission from Lance very reasonably that came from a '57 Buick to have rebuilt. They are the same transmissions except for the universal joint. I left the installation for a shop here and they said the same thing about the units lining up, and they do them all the time.
  3. Colder than you know what yesterday so took care of some business matters instead of freezing my fingers. Today was better and spotty sunshine so spent most of the day outside. I didn't do any dismantling of the parts car but... with finally getting a forecast for snow by Friday afternoon (have been lucky there) figured I'd better secure that back section to avoid it buckling under the weight of any snow. I left the full 14 feet in tact for this section and will have to build an extension on the garage to actually close it in but I plan on using it for the parts off the Limited I feel worth saving and not worried about it being lockable for now... Once I had things in order decided to grab a can of metal / rust primer and cover the front section to keep headquarters happy. This will be good for now till I get the paint when it is warmer. Went out back to sort things as to saving and junk metal I had cut off and put them inside. I didn't measure them but those rear quarters just fit along the wall of the existing garage... They are not in that great a condition but I have a somewhat crazy plan for them (down the road..). I have to clean / remove all the stones, landscaping along with the car to allow access for the contractor to dig out the retaining wall and rebuild it to put up a new fence. It was that fence and shed that gave me the privacy to keep the Limited here all these years but it is time. Lost daylight by 5 pm but cleaned up and will continue tomorrow hopefully taking out the rear quarter window and motor. Meantime the Special has been neglected having the new water pump and hoses waiting to be put on yet...
  4. dei

    june 1983

    September 1985 for me Bill. Still have the car so trying to "think I'm still young". 😅
  5. On with the Limited... I managed to secure the front portion of the shed today and decided to start and clear the stuff (parts for the good Limited) sitting on the frame and around her. These are but a few so right now will be keeping the good parts in this section. There will be more as time goes on but separating things as to this car will help moving forward and give me the needed room to work. To be cont'd...
  6. Minor point here Gary but for the record I was 16 in 1971 when I got the Limited. Really too long ago to be of any significance. 😁 As to the Whippet, Dad bought it from a fellow HVSO member Ken Hunter as you see in this picture. That is Number 3 Hwy beyond the Model A in the middle of the Village of Cottam, Ontario. The story goes that it changed hands a few times between members before coming to Dad's attention. With each preceding owner work was done and parts gathered to get it at this point in the picture. Not sure who had started the restoration / resurrection but it was passed down that the car was found sitting in the sand abandoned during WW2 on the North Shore of Lake Erie. It had been there so long that half the wheels wood was gone, body wood was all but gone beyond good for even patterns, upholstery was gone, instruments smashed and the motor was rusted / seized. I knew that one of the Club members supplied the motor that is in it today and a serial number check shows it to be from 1927. Willys used this same block for a few years so outwardly you can't tell any difference. Dad didn't actually hear it running when he bought it but took Ken's word that it would run and once he put a better carb on it he indeed got her to run. The time span was 28 years for Dad to actually get behind the wheel on the road and was one of his greatest accomplishments car wise! Of interest to you Gary would be those wheels. He stripped them all using some broken glass to get rid of the paint taking each wheel apart, sanding each spoke and I talked him into finishing them natural. When he found some green paint on the inside of the hood after he cleaned it up I also convinced him to go with the green body and get rid of the red fellows and hubs. He always said he didn't like green but... when it started to come together he was very happy with the results. There are parts on her from the East Coast, West Coast (both US and Canada) and as far south as Florida. That purchase was an NOS gas tank in the original Willys Overland Whippet shipping box! I know this thread is about Buick's but the car is such a part of my life and well, you asked... THANKS! 😂
  7. Just came across pictures my brother-in-law scanned from my parents slides and while not a good shot, shows my now parts car limited behind Dad's '28 Whippet project right after he bought it in 1968. When I put the time frame together Dad was driving the Limited back and forth to work 60 miles each way then. It was two years after this shot when the universal broke that he purchased a 1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight to replace her and offered to give me the Limited if I helped him take the torque tube assembly out putting in a new u joint and put it back together resulting in my first car. At 16 having that somewhat know it all attitude sure helped bring us closer together and gained his like (disease?) of old cars! His then carport was tight with two big cars in it but by June of that year I was fully licensed and 120 dollars poorer for one ball joint, alignment and muffler and tail pipe (one side only of the dual exhaust system) But... had my freedom! (at least till the gas tank was near empty... LOL) I guess you can see why the other Limited needs to get on the road again!
  8. dei

    Replacing seat springs 1928 Whippet

    Thanks Bill. I can't take credit for the work as it was all Dad. I do know that he was able to get reproduction scale blue prints from the WOKR showing the rumble seat construction as his (ours) was rusted along the drip rails and the wood had been replaced but was not quite right. I think it showed the back window and might have been an early production type as it was wood so he made it that way. Yes it unsnaps (no zipper) and due to the glass folds inward and snaps up on the wood bows (somewhat out of the way). I'm 6'4" and sit rather tall in the seat (let alone doubled up at the knees - LOL) so take that into consideration when I say somewhat out of the way... If I may make a suggestion to you, when it comes time for your top, make sure the installer allows another snap (further back) at the body behind the door. Ours did not do that and when putting the top down stresses the material (hence needing to move the snap further back). I need to get that done one day as I think driving with the top down would be nicer for me. Here is what Dad started with back in 1968. Sorry I can't help with another engine but these 4 cylinders were popular so you should be able to find one somewhere. So far I have knowledge and seen four other 1928 Cabriolets still in existence and yours would make five. Care to post pictures of yours?
  9. Another great day today even if it was cold. Having asked for help yesterday I returned the favour for Deryl who owns two Riviera's. He wants to pull the motor and transmission in his Gold one to reseal them and check the motor over while it is out. I posted it earlier last fall when he came by for a visit but after helping him remove the hood (a two man job) I just had to shoot a picture of the factory stock two four barrel carb setup. He has both cars side by side in his garage but will be moving this one into his new 12 X 20 portable garage temporarily to do the work with more room around the gold car. The hood pulling didn't take too long putting it inside his basement for protection and after showing me some of his NOS parts, headed home to work on securing my shed in it's place. With the sun out today it looked nice but seriously cold working without cloves holding screws... More to do yet but it's going to work as I expected it would.
  10. dei

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    One really can't describe the sound of destruction a u joint makes when it lets go inside that torque tube while driving 40 MPH! I was there as a passenger... This it what resulted on my now Limited when Dad was bringing my grandmother home for Christmas 1970. Fortunately the drive shaft was saved but that is some kinda force to break the metal like that. Dad's luck ran out for him knowing it was making noise before this event. Glad you are doing yours now!
  11. dei

    Replacing seat springs 1928 Whippet

    Hope you have good luck with your source. Short of that, have you tried to contact the Willys Overland Knight Registry (WOKR)? You didn't mention what model you have but might get lucky someone has (while used) one that you are looking for that can be reupholstered. Let us know how you make out. EDITED: p.s. Should have looked closer at your bio, I see that it is Cabriolet. NICE! I have my Dad's and they are small but gather many compliments.
  12. dei

    Find the Buick

    Definitely '58 and with that handle on the trunk could be a Special.
  13. Christmas came again for me! 😁 I received all the new parts to be able to put the Special back together again. Then..... Two of my car buddies came over this afternoon as requested (dressed for this COLD) to help move the shed halves I wanted to put beside the garage. I had spent most of this week clearing out stuff to make room and with the rear quarter cut off the Limited figured there to be enough room without anyone getting hurt. With three of us things went fairly well and they are now in place end to end. They will require some securing at the wall and along the floor and "YES DEAR", they will be painted up come warmer weather... 😍 Each section is 14 feet long and 5' 5" wide which will work nicely for the saved Limited parts and assist with cleaning out the garage too making it easier to get on with the good Limited. My neighbour is good with this and in fact had told me before building the new house that he is planning to take down this existing fence and build a higher privacy one with 6X6 posts. He is German and believes in building things STRONG to outlive him. 🙂 Heading out to dinner with these guys to celebrate tonight and will continue securing them tomorrow, 25 degrees or NOT! 🤗
  14. Thanks for the pictures Gary. We have not been there but friends have and say the cars are amazing! They know my Buick well and while touring around thought I was there with mine!