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  1. Man, that is so disappointing I'm sure. Probably not going to help with this but wouldn't it be cheaper to grab a new 6 volt battery and drive her home vs the transport? How ironic would it be that your battery is the cuplrit here? I feel your pain with the bad luck Matt. Hopefully the stars will align and things will be good again. Hang in there.
  2. I looked into Dad's garage/shop the other day as I went to the back door... See, my mother still lives in the house, drives herself around and is going to be 92 this December. I'm able to stop in often and get to her "I've been thinking" lists. As previously stated by some, there is that familiar smell that draws up a flood of memories when going inside the shop... I swear I caught a glimpse of him standing at his bench in his old work clothes or shop overhauls. Two moments came to mind that day as I had the foresight to take pictures and hope you don't mind my posting them. His 1928 Whippet was what most describe now as a basket case but he loved old cars (having grown up with them) and did a 28 year restoration in his shop. I actually had to give him a hand to get out of that rumble seat and had a good laugh together while doing so. The more we laughed the harder it was to get him out! He also restored a 1966 Corvair in his shop and while diagnosed with bladder cancer, asked my son to help him repaint the car as his work wasn't quite what he had expected. Mark helped him most of that fall / winter while going to University and know he also gets what we have been talking about when he goes in to use some of Grandad's tools. I hope you don't mind my sharing what has been my experiences in my way to say, you are not alone VL (and others). Dad passed two years ago last March... But I see him almost every day. 😉
  3. Thanks all for your feed back on the car. 👍 I'm going to mull things over before talking to her this weekend. I might be dealing with "pie in the sky" here and want to carefully present what I know now. She approached me so...
  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the post cars (sedans) vs the hardtop values. I know they were the least costly when purchasing new so unless that is what someone desires, obviously the hardtops would sell first for more today. I also think the red upholstery is not correct as maybe the pattern is different from the few pictures I found too. The door panels appear to be correct with factory trim though. Yes that quarter window has some foxing but being flat glass (and the few hundreds you mention) is fixable. All this confirms to me that while a solid looking car, one that would be a work in progress much like my Buick Special is. I like cleaning a car up also and have toyed with offering to get at the paint and chrome to help her out but... the consequence of that would be my project cars would be that much farther behind. Will see...
  5. One big difference here in Canada vs the States is that cars are registered with Ownership's not Titles. Without an Ownership you can't buy new license plates every year and it shows either proof of Insurance (with Policy #) or states "Unfit". The later verifies the owner actually owns it but it has not passed a Safety Check (required when transferring Ownership) therefore not allowed to be driven on the road and licensed. In the case of this Ford all that is in proper order so no worries there. Thanks your input.
  6. Thanks John for that information. As stated I'm not at all familiar with 58 Ford's, hence my reaching out to those in the know to provide an honest idea of what it might be worth for a sale. I've already cautioned the lady that Insured value does not mean an asking price .
  7. Thanks guys for the feed back. I should have stated this car is in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the short drive across the Bridge from Detroit, Mi if that might make any consideration regarding the price. I know you are suggesting USD's, which would make her feel better when figuring the exchange, but with not having sold many of my own cars for years, don't always rely on the Haggerty values when it comes to sale prices. It is ALWAYS the right buy and seller getting together right? I will get a shot or two of the underside and post them.
  8. Requesting help putting a value on a friends 1958 Ford Fairlane club sedan. It was her Dad's car, has been sitting for four years and she would like to see it go to a person with interests in this make of car. The photo's were taken today at the service garage who has gone over it to get it running and make sure the brakes are in working order. The car will require some detailing like polishing out the slightly faded red paint and cleaning the chrome under the hood but without having looked underneath, appears to be in good overall condition. I'm not sure the V8 is a period correct Ford engine (not familiar with Ford products of this era) and not sure if the floor shift transmission is a three or four speed. Things like the custom grill, dummy spot lights and the seat upholstery suggest his ideas of "customising" but generally the car has that stock look and could be restored to stock if one so wanted. Putting it out there to help her get an idea from a group of car people and not the "good deal hunters" she has encountered so far. Any and all thoughts appreciated. (I have too many cars in my stable to take this one on but looks like a fun ride)
  9. Didn't get to Hershey so putting it on the"wish list" for next year! - Managed to reduce my fleet by two vehicles this year and planning sell one more by next summer. (along the lines of Ken's post) - Concentrating on tidying up a few things on the Special for the 2020 Buick National. - Getting the motor rebuilt on the Limited to get her back together. - Finish the seat repair on the Roadmaster for "down the road"...
  10. Remember seeing it posted before but not quite so many pictures. I wonder where it went and will we every see it at a National meet in the "Modified Division?"
  11. I remember using the distributor test machine for an exercise in shop class while in High School and yes it had the rolling chart for specs too. Sadly, went back to the schools 50th reunion and that very shop class room was transformed to a Wellness / Exercise class room today... 😣 Glad you (and others) are saving this machine in your Buick Gardens Shop! 😎
  12. As of 8:30PM last night I watched the Cougar head for it's new home. Saying I was good with the sale, still had mixed feelings knowing it's not mine anymore. I inherited it from a customer turned friend who had purchased it new in '89. That was 2007. She also left me her '78 Dodge Magnum which she used as her "winter beater" to save the Cougar. That car I donated to our Car Club for them to auction off raising a bit of much needed money. The body was BAD but the 360 ran like a trouper and know the guy who bought it wanted it only for the motor. When I got the Cougar it had 69,823 kms showing on the digital dash and yesterday it showed 74,312 kms. Enjoyed every one of those 4,489 kms (short of the power windows giving up) but the air worked great and kept the wife comfortable. Might see it around occasionally and hope the new owner has many good experiences too. Now, Being our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, time to get more organised on the Limited... (In the back of my mind contemplating selling the Nash next year.)
  13. Not in full change just yet but it's a comin'.
  14. That's good to hear but isn't it even more special to know it has history in the family? My issue is sort of the opposite, two sons and three cars... All the best for getting her on the road again.
  15. That's quite a set of headlights... Hmmm, Halogen's?