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  1. Amen to that Bill and exactly why I reached out to my son and bought parts to do it ourselves! Look, I've been in a small service industry soon to be 46 years and understand about business costs. I don't have much overhead other than a truck and equipment to complete that service but... those costs here in Ontario through over regulation and importing costs (equipment/supplies not manufactured here) drives things to almost discouragement at times. The business is window cleaning not rocket science. As an example, The required Insurance costs are inevitable for everyone's
  2. Thanks John for the info. Interesting that you mention what might not be known to everyone. My son (Masters graduate in Mechanical Engineering) looked up info on line for torque specs and read that we had to drain some fluid from the calipers before compressing them to avoid a dash light if not done as it would effect the sensor (ABS?) yet the brakes would function OK. He had not heard of that before so did as instructed and voila, no dash light. I'm never too old to learn something new. The time spent yesterday was what I call quality time, cold fingers or no
  3. That's one way to look at it EmTee. I saved 300 dollars doing it ours selves this time and happy my son was quick to offer help. I know saying a loaf of bread used to be a .05 but 1,100 dollars for a front and back brake job seems... ? What we did took only 2.25 hrs with the parts costing 240.00 and everything works as it should now (without the complaints - hahaha). I recall doing a complete brake job on the Special including wheel cylinders (as I didn't have a lot of money to pay a shop while in High School) and it was about 55 dollars but again I digress
  4. Had to stop transporting things with my trailer today as the front brakes on my truck were complaining loudly!! I shopped around knowing what my Shop was going to charge me and after the 2 nd call hearing what premium parts were going for as it was Black Friday, purchased what I needed and called my son this morning. With no hesitation in his voice he said, Sure bring it over. With the ladder rack and his low door height we got it in his garage as far as we could to get out of the wind and went to work. The fright front was feeling the wors
  5. After picking up and delivering my son's new metal band saw and unpacking it spent time looking it over with him. I now have a place to cut any metal I need cutting for?? He is slowly setting himself up to do some fabricating on the side which he did a lot while at University in the Mechanical Engineering Program. Going to take him up on making that ramp for me. Went back at the cabinets levelling up the metal cabinet and secured it to the wall. Then fastened the wall cabinet with longer screws ensuring it won't come down. I will have to do a bit of wood
  6. After painting up cabinet and wall shelf unit I wanted it out of the garage mounting it on the back wall. Unfortunately it was a rainy damp day so hung a temporary tarp to divert water which gave me a decent work sheltered work area. With a bit more work will see how it holds up to our winter snow.... Meantime the cabinets are dry now.
  7. Having spent two days at Mom's fixing up landscaping around her new sidewalk the morning was wet and cold today so no more progress with that work. I need to continue with the pea stone to provide some drainage of water off the new sidewalk and she wants the excess dirt removed to plant grass. Guess who is going to be cutting that next year? Did a few errands in the rain and wanted to get at things around the garage at home. Decided to move the metal cabinet and wall unit outside thinking I would continue getting the space ready for the Limited to be pushed
  8. Taking a cue from you MrEarl and your painted tool box awhile ago I made the effort to paint one of my metal cabinets Buick green. I cranked the heat up in the garage and brush painted it after a bit of thinner. I'm happy with it for now.
  9. Fired up my propane heater tonight and got it warmed up enough to paint a metal cabinet with my left over can of Buick green engine paint. I moved a few things around while waiting for it to dry and put a rag to my 52 Ford flathead that's waiting to someday go in my truck. No it's not an original colour but with the truck being white like how it's going to look. (at least it's not a 350 chevy...)
  10. After spending most of the day at Mom's fixing up her garden & landscaping I brought my propane heater home to warm things up in the garage as I wanted to paint that metal cabinet. I felt it was a bit cool to use the engine paint and get a decent finish. With it set to medium it didn't take too long to feel the heat so went in for supper and came out afterwards to find it perfect. With a little paint thinner and some good mixing it went on very nicely. After cleaning up and making sure the paint can lid was sealed we
  11. And... it was carried over to the '55 model as you can see on my freind's car. Speaking of fins, just saw this Cadillac on the road yesterday.
  12. First accumulating snow fall for winter 2020/2021. Time to get her inside and give the wife her parking spot back.
  13. Que the song, "What A Difference A Day Makes". Had to borrow my sons lawn mower yesterday to cut two customers yards that had grown with this last two heat waves we've had as mine crapped out and after dropping it off saw this at a light on the way home. Went to bed last night hoping the forecast was wrong but.... (The wife is looking for her parking spot back.) sigh...
  14. Not really thinking too much about keeping her Lance as right now there is no choice. The few that showed a bit of interest around here (car guys for sure, not tire kickers) basically expressed what has been said here on the Forums that "Projects" are a hard sell. I get that so prettying her up till I get the drive train fixed up will help but not counting on a sale this winter. Fortunately I have an agreement with the soon to be new owner of the property to be able to use the garage till the middle of April but I have a LOT to do to get her inside beside the Special! I'm sure n
  15. With you being even further north than me I believe you. In fact my wife went to college in Winnona and has shown me pictures where the snow banks were so high that the rule was to paint plastic golf balls with fluorescent paint and put them on the top of the antenna (when cars had those) to be detected when coming to an intersection.
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