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  1. Where to start.......... I have not been posting much since the car show and have much to deal with personally now. I don't wish this to be a pity party but have my 93 year old Mom in the rehab unit trying to get mobility back after falling and fracturing her left shoulder. Being her age and medical condition they would not do surgery so this is going to take a long time to heal. Timing wise I have been ordered to retire as of September 9th for medical reasons I'd rather not go into but suffice it to say while waiting for further testing and results to come doing what I can to get some things done with the cars. My boys are offering to help as much as possible which means a lot! Like my youngest who is willing to take the Nash to his place and change out the head gasket on her etc. Change is always in the wind but this one is going to be big...
  2. Sorry I don't know how to access the horn wire to replace it as mine were in good shape. The only thing I had to do was make an insulating gasket at the top of the wire as mine had melted some and would make contact blowing the horn some times. Doug
  3. Great idea sir. You have given me a thought as what to do with mine. I'm presuming those screw heads are not too tall giving you lot's of clearance? Come back and let us know how it turns out (no pun intended) once completely assembled please.
  4. I realise my thread is supposed to be about my 1958 Buick's and have drifted to other cars and things but this was so surprising to me that I just have to post it. As mentioned above I met Mark Schneider at the Car Show with Gary (cxgvd) and the discussion turned to other cars we owned. He felt he had known my 1920 Overland back in the late 50's and thought he had pictures. I sent him a few of what I have and he sent some of what he has and it sure looks to be the same car! Sure wish Dad was here to see this...
  5. As stated above much has been happening personally and decided to step back and attend our Clubs return to Fun on Wheels Car Show this Labour Day Weekend. My motivation was to go and see Gary (cxgvd) and his beautiful McLaughlin Touring. Boy is it something to see in person! He came with two other brass Model T's as a group and I was introduced and invited to sit and chat. Well... Doesn't Mark (the owner of the beautifully restored T you see) ask about what cars I have and when I mentioned the 1920 Overland doesn't he say that he knows the car! He thinks he knew an owner of her long before Dad bought it and actually remembers having rode in the back seat. Said he is quite sure he has pictures of her and we are going to connect to share those. What a small world! I didn't get around to see much of the cars dealing with a mobility issue but my friend and a committee member said there were officially 630 cars registered and know Club members that came but didn't bother to register so figuring it as a successful show on the whole. The last show was two years ago (due to covid) and apparently they only had less than two hundred cars come. With a whole new Board there are a few things that will need tweaking but that's part of the learning curve for them. A friend came all the way from Barrie Ontario in his 1995 Cougar capturing the long distance award. A very nice car reminding me of my Cougar I sold... All too soon the day whisked by and once the awards were given and the 50/50 was drawn (1400 each way) cars started to leave. That's Mark in his Motel T capturing the Oldest Car at the show award. She purred like a kitten. Not too far behind came Gary in the McLaughlin also purring along nicely. I actually picked a good spot to see and hear the action. It's really nice to see Antique Cars restored or otherwise in this day and age of modified big block stuff.... I mean, this is where it all began and should be preserved for history sake. On the way back to my truck I found this Pontiac woody wagon most interesting with it's flat head straight 8. I bet one could take an old nickle and place it on end where it would stay while idling so smoothly like it did. I've seen that done on a Packard once. Arrived home soon enough to capture a short nap and glad the day was rain free and attendance was great for the Club.
  6. Meant to answer your question before now but life is getting in the way some again... To my knowledge the Nash never over heated and know the gauge works showing it in the normal range after warming up. I've heard several opinions about my situation but clearly going to need gaskets, have the head checked, look carefully at the block and rebuild the carb so putting her away for the winter is the plan and get back at her next year.
  7. I agree with you old-tank that nothing gets done while in storage but my circumstances are such right now that issues are taking precedent over the fix so getting her in under cover is the best solution right now. It's not like I'm under any pressure to sell her so another winter with a fresh approach next spring should be better for me. Besides, it will give me time to gather the gaskets and such to not just slap her back together. Checking the head for any warpage should prove interesting...
  8. Looking forward to seeing you & Bev and the car next weekend even if it isn't with the Nash. I might hitch a ride with my buddy Joe who is involved with the new executive and this car show again hoping to bring it back to the level it was quite a few years ago. Keeping fingers crossed for a good weather day which will make the Buick show nicely! Till then, Doug
  9. Thanks Joe & Gary! My son seems to think he can help me but wants to pull the motor to work on it and inspect the main bearings and... That's the kind of thinking one gets from a master of engineering grad when he has all the tools and equipment at his disposal at work I guess. Love him for the thought but I'm going with Gary & Joe's idea to drag her out to storage for now after I drain the rad, change the oil and after blowing out the carb, take all the plugs out, will turn her over on the starter to ensure the new oil will coat those pistons and cylinder walls before putting in new plugs and parking her for the winter. Just might be able to get the Special out yet before the season ends....
  10. I managed to get the first two of this quote down so far..... Between the crazy heat (humidex over 100 degrees) and some issues with mom the Nash has been left sitting in the driveway till this weekend. Not particularly fun working on a black car under the hood with a tired back. Disappointedly I've diagnosed the problem to a likely blown head gasket which somewhat explains the puff of white smoke coming out the exhaust just before I pulled into the weekly cruise that evening. Of course it could be even worse with maybe a cracked head but only removal will tell on that. It's disappointing to be here as she was running so nicely till then. Trying to decide once again how to proceed as with no garage to work in and time right now being sparse the only other option is to take her out to storage (again) till things are more organised around here at home. It will definitely come off the market as no one is interested in a non running car...
  11. OK Lance here you go. Right off let me say I bought these many years ago and have had them in a wrapped box all this time. If they are using the same molds now the slight differences could likely still be there. The first thing you will notice is the thickness of the new one on the left. The other is that it likely was done to accommodate the screw stud which replaces the very thin post the twist nut goes onto of the original. Obviously the pot metal gets brittle over time anyway but the fact it is exposed to the inner fender with road dirt, snow and wet doesn't help with their survival and break usually when trying to take that twist plate off. The other thing is the ends have a slightly different curve than the original but... having said all that, it really is nit picking (IMHO) when these are like hens teeth to locate 30 original good ones. I feel with a set of new ones on most of the general public wouldn't know any difference. Of course, a true Limited guy would likely be able to tell... Let me know how many you need and I'll see what I can do for you. The one pictured here has one end stud broken off but suppose you could put it on using a good adhesive or silicone. The surface chrome on it is very presentable and will have to look in the trim drawer to see what else others might be in similar condition. (I never throw anything out....)
  12. Just how many are missing Lance? I might be able to help too as I have a few that might pass muster for you. I bought the complete set years ago for my Limited knowing they are not 100% correct due to being cast thicker than the originals but still going to use them anyway. Let me know and I'll shoot you some pictuers.
  13. Went to a weekly car show out on the east end last night with all the confidence in the world and just as I rounded onto the driveway doesn't the Nash give a cough, a puff of blue smoke and stall... Was able to coast into the parking area and decided to head to the patio to wait for my friend for supper and deal with the Nash after things cooled down. Dinner was a slow ordeal to say the least (not likely to order again) and we went out to attempt to figure what was the problem. With a small crowd of car guys looking on I suspected the float again and or dirt in the carb / jets as she just seemed to not be getting enough fuel. Rather than stress the new battery any more called Hagerty Roadside Service who managed to get there in about 15 minutes to bring her home so I can go through things at my leisure. Now is a good time to order plugs, carb kit, fuel filter, check wires and points carefully to see if I can get her running again over the weekend. Been very lucky so far with the old girl but knew it might not last.
  14. It's been a busy few days "playing" with the car. Wish it was with the Special but for now enjoying having the Nash driveable and showing her off after the long hiatus. Quick story, I needed to renew the license sticker so gathered the paperwork and when I got to the counter the girl asked if I wanted one year or the two year sticker? Told her just one as I had the car up for sale so one would be fine. I had to ask her what she had said regarding the cost because I thought I heard it wrong. Dad had put Historic plates on it as far back as 1982 and I read that the cost was only 18/year. She said I owed her $7.50 till my birthday which she explained, because it had not been licensed since 2013 I only had to pay from now till my birthday. Surprise! Win, Win. So this past Friday 13th was the City Cruise-In event and after washing up the half buried tires (due to the body design) my wife and I took off to the all day event meeting up with friends first to be able to go in and park together. Apparently there were 650 registered at no cost to control parking and the lot was opened at 1 pm till whenever everyone left for the night. It was a perfect day, not too hot, no rain in sight and the Nash is performing better every time she is out. We picked a good spot at the end of the row and set up the tent for some shade. Not our first time at car shows you know. All afternoon we had people around the car asking what kind it was and a few seemed interested in talking about what I was asking for her. One fun conversation was with a group of young fellows obviously from Central America, they were quite intrigued with the car asking very politely if it was a Government Limousine? They found it fascinating that it was really just a working man's everyday car for it's time being too young to have an idea of the era it was built in here in North America. We had brought lunch with us and had extra to share (knowing the group - haha) so sat watching the cars come and go out to have a cruise Downtown with most coming back to socialise for a bit. That made walking around to get a close view of different cars mandatory and keep the legs from getting stiffened up. The event was open to all makes and years and it was good to see Jim had brought his '28 Velie he restored over 20 years ago now. Naturally there were a few Buicks... Like this Wildcat in beautiful condition. That was the owner sitting at the rear. My friend has his Corvette almost completed and brought it in to show off the recent paint job. Told him I was at the New Car Show held at Cobo Hall in 1971 and sat in an identical coloured Vette like his falling in love with it immediately! Told me he might let me drive it when things were finished.... All in all a nice relaxing day and with the lot slowly clearing out, packed things up and decided to head on home dealing with the Downtown congested traffic and full sidewalk bars/cafes. Boy, driving a clutch has it's fun moments... The final capping on the day was getting a phone call from a man that had come to look at the Nash. Our conversation at the show was OK and he left saying he'd like to think about it more. Fine, no issues and then just before leaving he called to ask just how firm was I on the price? I won't go into details but Not having sold many vehicles in my life kinda had a gut feeling this would have been a low buy offer, play with it a bit and then flip her so said I was going to be firm on the price. He still offered something but... I'm not going to give her away. She is just to unique today if someone wants something different than the usual F##$ or C@@@ stuff. (no offence meant there gang)
  15. Grabbed one of the old wheel cylinders from the box and shot a couple of pictures as after calling around only one store saw a cross reference with a Chevy tuck but only for the rears. Not sure if this is a front or rear but was told to bring in what I have and see if they can match up something. I'd like to have them to at least say to a prospective buyer, "There you go, you can put them on yourself or have your mechanic do them". Simplifies any one that questions if parts are available.
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