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  1. Found it and snapped some pics for you Its not letting me upload the others you can pm me a email or phone number and I can send the others.
  2. I know a guy that's got one of those. It'll be Saturday before i can get you some pics. I can't remember the exact condition of it off hand.
  3. Well that seems like pocket change to one who can afford to own a Roadmaster.
  4. Id say from my eyes and taking a swag at it. That one looks to be real close
  5. I’ll add a picture to make this thread more fun.
  6. Speculation on my part is to protect them from the polishing compound used when they buffed the car or to keep from catching the buffing pad on the edges of those pieces.
  7. I have a 56 and believe me I love to drop it in L at a light and stomp one. Matt @wndsofchng06 can attest to that he would probably even use the term "abuse" as well. I have never ever babied my nailhead or dynaflow and never had any issues. I've run it three quarts low until it started knocking to tell me to check the fluid. I know the buick group the op is referring to and of course they are going to say it's a junk transmission. It's heavy and it's not designed to be a street racing transmission and most of the guys on there race their Buicks and most have big block Buicks anyways. They obviously can't be pure junk, Buick used it from 47-63 pretty long run for a junk transmission.
  8. I remember them being honey bees and I tried to include them as part of the package deal I was setting up for you.
  9. I'm in need of a set of hubcap clips for my 1956 Buick. I'd like to get a full set of 20 but I have 4 I can take off the spare if necessary. If if anyone has a good source for these that would be great too.
  10. No it’s not me I’m quite alive but thanks to my friends on here looking out for me. Also my car is the reverse color combo.
  11. I'm trying to find a set of clips for dog dish caps on my 56. tried Kanter they said not in their catalog. cars shows them on the website but to 1954 only. I have a 55 parts car with two wheels that have them but they are screwed/riveted in place. The cars picture shows them including screws. On my 56 they just pop into the slot on the wheel. Only my spare tire had the clips so I've only got 5. I need 20. Does anyone know where to get these or a suitable after market replacement? Yes i I know they are not originals they came from my great aunts Apollo. But they fit and I like poverty caps.
  12. I can almost guarantee there are no floors to be had with this car though. It's close and really tempting even knowing that. Guess I'll be registering with copart soon.
  13. It wont do well because it's a Buick, it's a wagon, and its out of my price range so I can't take one off the lot. Local dealer had two both were over 40k. Also, Matt, jalopnik can be compared to the national enquirer for its accuracy, crack journalism, and over use of hyperbole stolen from other car forums.
  14. Update: So today I spent some time more than 5 mins of checking the vacuum with a gauge and closing the hood. My manual pump is shot and pulls 0 vacuum. My intake holds 10-12 at idle. The 93 blazer with the 4.3 v6 was holding 12 at idle. The little vacuum pump held 15-16 when power was applied to it. Holding 16 on a wet windshield my wipers still struggled and were slow to move if at all. So I removed the wiper motor and turned the pump on. The motor worked and cycled just fine but when I grabbed the cam the motor stopped and had no torque. When the motor was stopped I could hear air bypassing the paddle. I could operate the wipers by turning the actuator on the firewall. So I've concluded that my pump is shot and the vac pump in theory would work if the motor was good. last time my wipers stopped it was because the dual action fuel pump vac side stopped pumping. I tested the motor on a good vacuum source. That was ten years ago and I didn't think to check my motor when I installed the vac pump before I made the above post.
  15. I bought this set up before reading this thread to make a electro-vacuum unit hybrid. Unfortunately it pulls the same amount of vacuum after routing the hoses as the car makes at idle. The wipers work the same as pulling directly off the intake even with the pump operating.