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  1. On Saturday, May 4, I took out my '63 Electra 225 and pretty much repeated the drive I took with my '57 Roadmaster a few weeks earlier in April. (The Roadmaster photos were posted in this thread a few weeks ago.) The day started out pretty cold, so I drove up to Wisconsin with the top up. By mid-day with the sun shining, it was warm enough to put the top down. Ike The photos below were taken near the boat launch in Williams Bay, WI, on Lake Geneva.
  2. Photo taken on Saturday, April 13. (That's Williams Bay, WI, on Lake Geneva. It's about 54 miles away from my home, as the crow flies. Fortunately, the drive is longer and very pleasant.)
  3. I got my '57 Roadmaster out of storage a couple weekends ago and drove it only a little at the time. I took it out for a long drive this past Saturday, knowing that we were going to be hit by an April snowstorm on Sunday. I drove from my home in north suburban Chicago north to Pleasant Prairie, WI, and after getting gas at Costco, I drove west to Lake Geneva, WI, Williams Bay, WI, and Fontana-on-Geneva-Lake, WI, before driving back home. It was a 146 mile drive. The weather on Saturday was a beautiful, and the car drove beautifully, too. I'll be getting the '63 Electra 225 out of storage next
  4. A tailgate party should be a lot of fun! I'm planning to be there, and I hope to have my dad with me again this year -- if he's up for it. Ike
  5. So... not only can I not afford to own an actual full-size 1954 Buick Skylark, I can't afford to buy a 1/6-scale model of one! <sigh>
  6. The weather in Chicagoland has been extraordinarily mild so far this autumn. I took advantage of that to drive my 1957 Roadmaster to work today. It always gets a lot if attention, but more so lately with the Cubs magnets on the doors! Ike
  7. Thanks for arranging the 2016 Forum Breakfast/Happy Hour, John! I plan to be there with my father. Ike
  8. From June 2013, my 1957 Roadmaster Riviera on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.
  9. Sorry. You're right. The article says "Jim Williams". I don't know where I got "Dan".
  10. I stumbled across this interesting article online today. This 'Buick guy' has a GS California model that few people knew existed (photos) Lots of photos -- not just of the GS. From the article: "[Dan] Williams, of Baldwinsville, N.Y., definitely is the Buick guy. He's owned a 1967 Buick GS that he restored and realized he had turned it into a trailer queen. In other words, it was too good to drive. That car won a bunch of important awards and when it could go no further he sold it. Now he has an unusual 1967 Buick GS California, a low production tw
  11. I really appreciate all the comments and discussion my post generated. I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. I must say that I'm not that upset about my photo being used (perhaps I should be); rather, I was slightly annoyed by it because it seemed dishonest. I guess I was misinterpreting the posted name of the item: "Details about 1963 Buick all-model factory cost/dealer sticker pricing for base + options $$" This initially suggested to me that the seller was trying to pass off the cover sheet as part of a factory options/pricing catalog. Clearly, he/she just creat
  12. Imagine my surprise while browsing ebay listings when I came across an item using a photo I took of my 1963 Electra in July 2012. This is the link to the ebay item: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1963-Buick-all-model-factory-cost-dealer-sticker-pricing-for-base-options-/381152853997?fits=Year%3A1963|Make%3ABuick|Model%3AElectra|Submodel%3ABase|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A6.6L&hash=item58be7affed:g:it0AAOSwpDdU2lFg&vxp=mtr This is the photo of the item for sale on ebay: Now here is the photo I took of my car in July 2012: I took this photo on S
  13. Hi Pete, I sent you a PM. I'm looking for a control knob for the driver side AC vent on my 1957 Roadmaster. Ike
  14. Lance, Congratulations! What a great find! Ike
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