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  1. Had the '39 out several times in the past week, and a couple of photos are attached. The Buick at Farmers Branch Historical Park parking lot, their sign, and the mileage on the speedo (not the swim suit) when i got home.
  2. Might try a small squirt of WD40 to see if it will unglue it.
  3. Sent you a Private Message concerning our AACA group. John V.
  4. Our local AACA group had our Spring Tune-Up Tour Sunday, 19 cars and 43 people. Met at Texas Motor Speedway and then toured back roads toward Decatur, where we stopped at the NRS (National Ropers Supply) for lunch and a brief business meeting. Logged about 130 miles on the '39 Buick.
  5. Took the Coupe to the AACA meeting last Sunday. Meeting was at The Pump House at White Rock Lake - old Dallas Water Department pump house.
  6. Welcome, great to have another '39 on the Forum - we like to help if any is needed. Also, we require photos! John V.
  7. Some info for you about trunk lid supports: https://www.fillingstation.com/detail/6013/Chevrolet_193740_COUPEZINC_DECKLID_SUPPORTS.html Appears the supports are out of stock but they will notify you when available, Part GR-158 $165.00 per pair. Hope this helps. John V.
  8. Google Fisher Body Manual for 1939-1940 - page 60 & 61 have some info on the trunk lid mechanism. The Old Car Manual Project has many of these manuals on-line.
  9. Didn't see a complete front inner wheel bearing part number, but here is what is listed in Master Parts List 1928-1941: 1932 Series 60 Front Wheel Bearing Inner Cone - Group # 6.314 Part # 909526 1932 Series 60 Front Wheel Bearing Inner Cup - Group # 6.316 Part # 909626 1932 Series 60 Front Wheel Bearing Inner Balls And Separator - Group # 6.318 Part # 909726 John V. Edit - in the Hollander Interchange Manual it appears the front inner wheel bearing is Part # 909026. Hope this helps!
  10. Bob's says they have them in limited supply for Model 40: https://bobsautomobilia.com/engine/flywheel-ring-gear-1939-52-s.40-50-.-frg-393/ JV
  11. Bussa, can you post some current photos and any updates on condition. Thanks.
  12. Available from Bob’s Automobilia - www.bobsautomobilia.com part number HB-48, $2.50 per bumper.
  13. On my '39 Special I took the differential cover off and could see the markings showing the gear ratio (see photo).
  14. Wheels in ‘38 & ‘39 on Specials (series 40) were 16” and tire size was 6.50X16.