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  1. On the '39 Buick the master cylinder is mounted down under the steering column on a brace. The master cylinder has a square cap - I have a white zip tie resting on the cap.
  2. Beautiful car Dave, where have you been, have missed seeing your great photo posts!
  3. Don't know how old this one is - older friend gave it to me a number of years ago. Works fine and really helps when tuning up the '39 Buick. The owners manual was falling apart, so I copied what was left by piecing the parts together - only a few gaps in places that don't matter.
  4. what gear sets do they have - know 390's are pretty popular for drivers that want to get out on the freeway.
  5. Mike, did you end up wrapping your manifold, and if so, did it do any good? I have been thinking of doing this on my '39 - they seem to be prone to overheating. Surprised your post generated NO responses. Thanks, John V.
  6. Right rear # should be 2103-A, Left rear 2103-B. Any chance that is what #'s are? Might be interested if shipped via Fastenal, if you have one nearby. Let me know by PM if interested.
  7. Not sure about the engine number, are you sure "1" is the first digit? It has to be 4,6,8 or 9 - no 1! 1. Engine serial number: Series Series Digit Seq Num Start Seq Num End 40 4 3572652 3786213 60 6 3572652 3755912 80 8 3572
  8. Am I missing something here, on my '39, reverse is up and toward the steering wheel, not away. Up and away goes into 2nd for me!
  9. In 2010 I was successful in registering a single 1939 Texas plate in Dallas. Might have been a fluke, but worth checking. A couple of years later I found a good pair that I now have on the car. John V.
  10. Peter, I like the new look on the Forum, good job! John V.
  11. If you have a brake bleeder vacuum pump and catch jar, connect to fuel line and see if you can pull fuel. If there is a fuel filter between the tank and the pump, check to be sure it isn't plugged. Also, may want to blow out fuel line between the tank and pump connection. Let us know what ends up being the problem so others can benefit from your findings. Good luck, JV
  12. If the wheels are in good condition and 16" diameter, I could be interested in 2 of them if not too expensive (since shipping would be pricey). If you click on my avatar, you can send me a private message.
  13. Looking at Bob's Automobilia, it appears the '39 Limiteds and Specials had different size hub caps. Doesn't give dimensions, so can't tell anything else.
  14. Ted, sounds like you need to learn how to "joy ride" - about twice a week works for me!
  15. Doing Bug Tussle Trek on the 29th, are you going to have your Leonard place open, or will you be in Bonham? Not sure if we will be in the Buick or modern car - depends on the temperature.
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