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  1. Earl, sure hope they got it fixed, know you have been more than ready to get it solved.
  2. send me your e-mail address by PM and I will send you the PDF of this that is larger and easier to see. John V.
  3. Copied From Team Buick Reference tab: On 1935-1955 Canadian built Buicks, a single data tag on the firewall or cowl will contain all of the required information, but on U.S. built Buicks, in general these numbers are found in the following locations: Frame serial number - for 1935-1940 it is on a plate riveted to the right side (passenger side in U.S./Canada) of the frame near the battery or starter. For 1941-1948 it is on the firewall near the trim tag. Car serial and VIN - on a plate attached to the left side door jamb (driver side in U.S./Canada) or on the left side of the dash near the windshield. Stamped engine serial number and production code - various places on the engine depending on the engine type, see appendices 2-4. Trim tag - a plate attached to the cowl or firewall under the hood.
  4. running board trim on e-bay - may not be long enough .... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1939-BUICK-ROADMASTER-RUNNING-BOARD-MOULDINGS-1-PAIR-NOS/193401661100?hash=item2d07a326ac%3Ag%3ApGYAAOSwFG1egOBF&fbclid=IwAR1XiPnaNtzJXX1AEf2G6iPsP7h8pEODGl_Zn90iM3hImdLcodgqILHvhLE
  5. Cut a 1 inch piece of heater hose and slip on the end of the prop - has worked for me for almost 10 years without slipping. There is a change in the profile of the hood making a small indention that is the best place to position the prop to assist in keeping the hood up.
  6. Might find what you need in this on-line Fisher Body Manual. http://chevy.oldcarmanualproject.com/fisher/1939_40/index.htm
  7. Only photo visible is the one in the first post - might try adding photos again.
  8. Closing in on 47 years of marriage, and she helps in the garage just as I do in the kitchen - when asked for a hand with something!
  9. Say dude, didn't mean to get your jockey shorts in a twist, just providing the original poster a supplier name who sells what he was asking about. Been using some of their products for eight or nine years, never had any issues - don't know you from Adam's house cat, whoever you are....!
  10. Bob's Automobilia has suspension parts: www.bobsautomobilia.com King Pin Set 1934-56 Most Models (See List) KB-343 $84.50 CODE:KB-343 Availability:In stock Quantity: +− ADD TO CART Add to wish list
  11. There are supposed to be dust caps on the top - on my '39, they are 1 inch diameter. Might measure the top opening to be sure that is the same on your '35 special. I think I found them at NAPA. Might be called Freeze Plugs or Expansion Plugs - domed shape that you insert and center punch to expand and seal the top opening.
  12. It isn't '38, they had either Stromberg or Marvels, and '39 used Carter WDO 419-S (which the pictured carb is not) or Stromberg AAV-26. So, either earlier than '38 or '40 or later. Maybe Carbking can chime in.
  13. It is thick, I used a thin wooden strip to “spoon” it in. Took some time, but I have no more leaks from using thinner material.