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  1. Peter, I like the new look on the Forum, good job! John V.
  2. If you have a brake bleeder vacuum pump and catch jar, connect to fuel line and see if you can pull fuel. If there is a fuel filter between the tank and the pump, check to be sure it isn't plugged. Also, may want to blow out fuel line between the tank and pump connection. Let us know what ends up being the problem so others can benefit from your findings. Good luck, JV
  3. If the wheels are in good condition and 16" diameter, I could be interested in 2 of them if not too expensive (since shipping would be pricey). If you click on my avatar, you can send me a private message.
  4. Looking at Bob's Automobilia, it appears the '39 Limiteds and Specials had different size hub caps. Doesn't give dimensions, so can't tell anything else.
  5. Ted, sounds like you need to learn how to "joy ride" - about twice a week works for me!
  6. Doing Bug Tussle Trek on the 29th, are you going to have your Leonard place open, or will you be in Bonham? Not sure if we will be in the Buick or modern car - depends on the temperature.
  7. Introduced the Buick to the garage we are purchasing for it to reside in. Should get to take possession later this month, we hope - everything is moving slower than planned due to the virus.
  8. Ed, you could change your "handle" to edinmask - just kidding!
  9. Kanter has many engine parts - www.kanter.com - haven't used them for much except brake parts.
  10. I went back to see what questions you posted recently, and on the lights, you can check www.bobsautomobilia.com and www.oldbuickparts.com to see their options. Good luck.
  11. Ran to the Post Office in the '39, and while out joy riding, stopped by the Walk of Honor in Farmers Branch for a couple of photos.
  12. Had the 39 Buick out to the Post Office and to get gas this morning. While I was out joy riding, stopped at the Carrollton downtown square to take a couple of photos. Logged about 30 miles.
  13. Earl, sure hope they got it fixed, know you have been more than ready to get it solved.
  14. send me your e-mail address by PM and I will send you the PDF of this that is larger and easier to see. John V.
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