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  1. If you were at the Hydeout Cafe, there was another Buick, my 1939 Business Coupe!
  2. No oil change, just catching the occasional drip. 😁
  3. Open house at Garages Of Texas today, so drove the Buick out and backed it in for easier viewing.
  4. Purchased a left rear shock from someone on the Forum, which arrived yesterday. Installed today and drove about 10 miles to check it out and stopped for gas while out. No photo of today, but here is one of it in the garage.
  5. Jerry, we’re you able to get in touch with Joe? If not, let me know and I will give him your name and number. Thanks, John
  6. Hi Jerry, it was a good day at the TMS, but windy and cold starting out. Great that you are interested in the '31, his comments to me lead me to think he will sell this car for $1,000 or less, including spare parts and the original engine. Give him a call and see what you can work out that benefits you both. Best of luck, John V.
  7. I understand, saw it early in the week and thought Steve had purchased it, but then saw your later post and thought it was still available. Will keep looking. John V.
  8. John, SOLD! If you will add it to the amount on the fuel gauge, let me know the total. Zip is 75006. John Velde
  9. John, SOLD! Let me know how you want to be paid - my zip code is 75006. Thanks, John Velde
  10. Here is the translation: Good morning: If you change your mind and sell it by parts, I am interested in buying the entire steering wheel with what it carries inside to the bottom even plus all the clocks on the dashboard. I have a 1931 Buick X8-95 phaeton, convertible, right hand drive, seven seater (seats). It is completely restored but the center part (it seems to me that it is a light switch, horn and advance, it is not yours). I replied to Mr. Perez that the seller is interested in someone buying the entire lot with plans to restore the car to original, not chop it or make a rat rod or hot rod. Don't know if that is realistic, but it is what he has told me. Thanks, John V.
  11. Have not had the Buick out much due to the weather and working on our remote garage. Decided it needed some exercise and also gas, so since the weather is really nice, took it for a 25 mile cruise around the area. Having our AACA meeting in Waxahachie in a couple of weeks and need to drive more to shake the cobwebs out in preparation. Here are a couple of shots of the garage, still getting everything organized. John
  12. On the '39 Buick the master cylinder is mounted down under the steering column on a brace. The master cylinder has a square cap - I have a white zip tie resting on the cap.
  13. Beautiful car Dave, where have you been, have missed seeing your great photo posts!
  14. Don't know how old this one is - older friend gave it to me a number of years ago. Works fine and really helps when tuning up the '39 Buick. The owners manual was falling apart, so I copied what was left by piecing the parts together - only a few gaps in places that don't matter.
  15. what gear sets do they have - know 390's are pretty popular for drivers that want to get out on the freeway.
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