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  1. Booked our rooms also. Looking forward to being at Hershey this year!!
  2. I think that color is GM code 60. Called Harvest Gold by Buick. I forget the name the other divisions that used it called it. I have two 1973 Gran Sport Stage1's that color. Had 3 at one time though the 3rd was repainted black when I got it.
  3. A lot of this collection was purchased from Briggs Cunningham's collection. It was his wish for it to go to the Collier family museum as he was good friends with Miles Colliers Father and Uncle when they started Road Racing together pre war and continued with Brigg's Watkins Glen and Le Mans efforts etc. He knew the Colliers had the funding to keep most of the collection intact as this was also one of his wishes. In one picture above is Le Monstre the Cadillac whose body was modified for aerodynamic purposes to run LeMans, the underpinning to the car is all stock Cadillac. The other car a totally stock Caddy finished ahaead of Le Monster. Great History in this museum and Mr Collier is a wonderful person and caretaker of this wonderful collection and the many cars he added to it. .
  4. Hard to believe I have been a member and on this board since Dec 2008. (Yes, a relative newbie to this part of the automotive world) I wouldn't know what I would have done or accomplished with my cars in the AACA without this invaluable forum and the advice, info and friends met through this wonderful group of people. Thank you Peter for all you do to keep this going and make it the well behaved and orderly forum that it is. I know this as an important tool and daily place to go for many many members including me. Thanks again. A toast to many many more years to follow.
  5. Thanks everyone for the great photos. Looks like a great time for all and some beautiful places to visit. Sorry we missed this one. Maybe next year.
  6. Leave the car alone. Take it from a person who has modified Buicks currently (I race it) and has had modified cars since being a teen. For street driving leave your all original car original. Are you street racing anyone? Get a faster car. Are you just going to enjoy the car on cruises and at shows then leave it alone. You will regret messing with it. Put on a set of Buick Rally wheels if you want as said in the other posts and give it a good tune. Just my opinion. Take it as you will.
  7. Thank you. This has been an elightening and fun thread to follow. Older cars like this are not my forte, but I love them as I love all cars. My last time with old cars like these were with Austie Clark in the 1980's Glad to see you out and about and really enjoying the car as it was meant to be driven. I eagerly await more posts and am learning something new everyday. Again, Thank you!
  8. Have been there multiple times. Even took my grandson once when we took him to Philadelphia. Told my wife we could not miss the experience of him being there. Have done a few of the drive days with the Madison Ave Chowder Society also. Great times and Dr Simeone is a wonderful friendly person and extremely Knowledgeable to say the least. If ever in the Philadelphia area and you are into ultra rare beautifully preserved original race cars this Museum is well worth the time to visit.
  9. What a great Museum and a working one at that. Was lucky enough to do a AACA Gettysburg Region National Founders Tour a few years ago that included Rough and Tumble. LOVED IT! I look forward to going back one day.
  10. The knowledge and new friends, the opportunity to keep learning about all things automotive is invaluable. I thank all that participate. This is a fountain of knowledge and experience better than any automotive library and is a great outlet and another facet of being a true car guy. Thanks again to everyone that participates on the forums. A toast to you all. Cheers and good health, wonderful cars, and many more car adventures to come.
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