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  1. Thank you. It was a great event. Very well done. Thanks again to all involved.
  2. Leaving in an hour or two. I am excited to get there. Really looking forward to this event. Good to be getting out again. It has been 3 months to the day I got out of the hospital. 🙂
  3. Took my '73 GS 455 to Lebanon Valley Dragway for a NE Buick race. Only did 3 runs. So I drove it 3/4 of a mile. It went very well. Car got its fastest ET and 60 ft. 12.475 ET and a 7.57 6o Ft. I lost in 1st round because I knew it was a good run and did not want to let off, so I broke out on a dial of 12.56 that ended up being the 12.475 run! Not bad with factory Buick intake, Carburetor, and exhaust manifolds. 😉
  4. X2! Leaving Thursday afternoon. My tow buddy has to work a half day Thursday. I am excited to get there already. 🙂
  5. Picture of the Sun Coupe in my driveway before going back in the garage after going to the shop for the new Inspection and Registration sticker today. 🙂
  6. Last weekend was a busy one. Saturday was Wheels on Wheels in New Milford Ct. organized by the son of a LHVBCA member. Good weather and over 250 cars. Took the Electra as I didn't trust the weather, turned out to be a beautiful warm day. Drove 84 miles roundtrip. Sunday was raining all day and took the Electra to Concours d Caffiene in Westport Ct and a tour in Fairfield County Ct, with a Cinco d Mayo lunch to end the tour in Redding Ct. 72 miles total for a total of 156 miles for the 2 days. I took the Yellow Suncoupe out today to the Auto Center in Chappaqua NY, run by the President of the NE GS/GN Club for an inspection and to put the new registration sticker on, plus a gas stop to fill it up. A total mileage of 50 miles. Glad the driving season is finally here. My 2 pictures are only 6.3 MB and the site won't let me add a 3rd.
  7. My last post was Dec 3 2018 with 23,291 on the Electra. Put 7 miles taking her to the pole barn the next day and ended the year with 23,298 miles on it. Pulled her out of the Pole barn today and drove it home with a gas and Pizza stop for a total of 15 miles. Odometer now reads 23,313. Of course as I was putting the battery in the car it started to rain. The 2019 season begins! Have a car show tomorrow and one on Sunday in Westport Ct. with a tour afterwards with lunch. The reason I am taking this car is the forecast is for 90% rain Sunday, so I will not be taking the '73 Sun Coupe as planned. Lets see what mileage I will put on her this year as I have an extra car besides the other Buick's to drive this car show/touring season. (2016 AMG GTS Edition1) Will post again Sunday with the mileage for the weekend. Sure felt good to drive it again. I am including a picture of the GTS from 2 weeks ago at Caffeine and Carburators in New Haven CT. just to show it off. The GTS is being detailed and protective wrapped and ceramic coated as I write this.) I believe she is an instant Classic/Collectable as only 370 were imported to the USA.
  8. Thank you, Matt. Recieved my boxes 2 days ago. Now to Make room and expand my Automobile Library. Time to donate some of my History and Biography books to my local library! Right side bookshelves are Automotive and the left side are the rest. I have about 60 more recently read automotive books on the floor to add also. Also time to store some of the old SCCA, AACA and other assorted trophies to make room. Yes, I am a pack rat! 🙂
  9. Took the '73 Sun Coupe to a Luncheon today in Westport Ct. with my wife. Madison Ave Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society had a special lunch at a members French restaurant and he showed off some of his Vintage Italian Race cars. My friend with his 66 GT 350 (Original owner) and me with my Gran Sport were the only American cars there. The FORD GT is American too, almost forgot that one. Had a great time watched some videos of the Vintage Eyetalion cars being raced and winning at Goodwood Races last year then a fantastic French lunch. The Sun Coupe ran great. It was its first time out and only needed a new battery to start the year. Drove around 70 miles roundtrip.
  10. See you at Hershey Frank! Always nice to see you and the family.
  11. Hi Mark, I am just seeing this post now as I have been out of commission for almost a month due to a recent lung operation. I still only have limited experience with Nationals and National tours, but here is my 2 cents worth. I would love to see another National done by the TRAACA as the one in 2015 was fantastic and the Aviation Museum is a must see and a grand venue for such an occasion. ( I know there is an even better one planned for your area in the future as per our discussions) The Grand National planned for the NB Center next year should be fantastic as well since the location and venue can't be beat. A National at the Henry Ford in the future would be super cool and a good way to take in all the sights as well. While we are at it it would also be a lovely place/area for a Founders Tour! My last thoughts are any National or Tour that can be combined with an existing Auto Museum would be a perfect pairing. (ie; Gilmore, Lane, etc.) Thanks for seeking out the members input. Looking forward to seeing you and Marion this year at the GN in Auburn, the NJ National, and of course Hershey. Hopefully my health allowing me do some more Meets/Tours if possible.
  12. Thank you to Adam Martin (Smartin) for letting me know about this article yesterday. I have not yet recieved my copy in the mail. Nice to be able to go online and see it there. Also a big Thank you to Pete Philips for the article. It was a pleasure to see you at Hershey. And the Biggest Thank You to John Csordas for all you continue to do and have done. What a great way to start the year!
  13. I met Austie Clark in 1982 at The Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society luncheons at Sardi's. I was invited to become a member in 1983 or 84? I was SCCA racing and a Board member of the NYRSCCA at the time. He was a wonderful man and his stories and cars were also wonderful. He is greatly missed, and as usual a toast to the original members including Austie was done at last weeks 61st Anniversary Chowder Xmas party. Great memories!
  14. I just finished totaling the mileage for the year of my '75 Electra, which has been documented in the "Raise your hand if you drove at least one Buick this weekend". In fact I just posted my last of the season there with the total. The car was great and is a great driver. She even won a 1st Award Jr. at the Gettysburg AACA Eastern Spring Meet. OK, get to the point! The number of miles driven was 3,057.
  15. Drove the Electra Friday to the pole Barn. My 1st post with the Electra this year was April 29th with 20,312 miles after a show and tour in Ct. the day before we got her out of the pole Barn with a dead battery with 20,234 miles. Friday I had to have her towed to the shop because it turned out the fusible link blew. So I started and ended the season fixing small problems. Otherwise she was a fun driver this year, and thankfully the only problems were the ones at the start and end of the season. She now has 23,291miles, for a total mileage of 3,057 for the year. Everything is now stored for the winter. Can't wait for the Spring!
  16. I did sign up for the mileage awards. I am now waiting to hit 5000 miles before I send the documents in. Almost all the mileage has been documented in the Buick Forum "Raise your hand if you drove an old Buick this weekend" Bought the car July 1 2017 with 18,500 miles and she is mostly all original. It now has 23,3XX miles. Might just have to wait till next year to send in the papers as I am putting her away next week for the winter. P.S. Drove her to the Gettysburg Meet and did all the tours and the show, she even surprised us and took a First Award Junior! The car has been a wonderful driver and garners quite a bit of attention. I think the Black and Red color scheme make the car pop.
  17. Drove the '75 Electra a bit today and took out my new to me '16 AMG GTS Edition1 for a ride also. The AMG is as close to a 300 SL as I am going to get and I love it! ? Pictures from in front of my house.
  18. Drove the Yellow '73 Sun Coupe a bit last week at the AACA Hershey Meet. It was great to see some BCA'ers and lots of Buick's. Took the Gold '73 4 speed out this weekend and drove it to the shop, (about 18 miles) cleaned it up and loaded it on the trailer today. We leave to Bowling Green, Kentucky Tuesday for the GSCA Nationals next weekend. ?
  20. I just posted over 200 photos on the AACA FaceBook page. It is difficult to post more than 2 or 3 photos anymore on this forum or in the photo album area. I hope you can get to the FB site.
  21. Thanks Lamar! It was great seeing you again also. Glad you had a good time and found that beautiful BUICK sign to add to your garage.
  22. We will be showing my car in class 36F. Going for my first Preservation Award with the car.
  23. Just got home from a 6 day trip to Atlantic City and then the NE Buick races at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland. The '75 Electra ran flawlessly. We did some touring, went back to the Strasburg Pa. area and more. The car won a trophy at the car show part of the event as icing on the cake for my wifes birthday. ? The trip was 651 miles all together. The car now has 23238 miles.