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  1. I’d chalk it up to an error and contact them to verify. Patching fabric in could be difficult to get a good match.
  2. Look at the signature of RivGS...just a slight bias. That said, I’d personally prefer the personal luxury of a first generation Riv over a later Camaro. With the 425, that’s a nice car. Question may be what do you think of it longer term, and what might Dad think / want / prefer? My bet would be on the Riviera, but as a Buick nut, I really don’t have a grasp of the rest of the market.
  3. How would I know? I mean, if they’re missing, I can’t see them right...that’s assuming you can rely on my memory and that’s about as good as MrEarl’s hearing 🙄😜
  4. I apologize that I completely forgot about this after getting home. I will see if I can access well enough for a decent photo. Anything that doesn’t move in our household eventually gets covered.
  5. Well done! That’s 30 more miles than I can put on for another month or two. We will be lucky to have dry roads by the end of March.
  6. I’ve never seen that logo / name anywhere on my 1966 Wildcat. It has A/C, but perhaps there were more than one option. Mine’s a Canadian car as well, which sometimes show some quirky differences.
  7. Single issue candidates aren’t necessarily good for the club. One has to attend the National Meet to benefit from such suggested policies. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ideas presented in the last few posts.
  8. We’ll go there by Boeing or Airbus most trip.
  9. I get to go to Dallas in late July....
  10. We get sun dogs far too regularly at this time of year...really pretty set this morning...but for them to form it tends to be clear and cold. I laughed when I checked the forecast late this afternoon as our “Extreme Cold Advisory” had ended - the overnight wind chill equivalent is predicted to be only -39C. - note that the page can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with a click by the current temperature. It’s a perverse pride in this hardiness...akin to folks in the Australian Outback, but on an opposite end of the temperature scale.
  11. The BCA used to have a lifetime membership...I know people who have it. I missed out on that.
  12. So someone gave you the full bird? 🙄😂
  13. Thanks Sean. I’ve passed your information along. Based on the time his investigation is taking and continuing, I think he will purchase the car.
  14. A friend is looking at a 1947 50 series and asked me if I could decode the data plate. I don’t have much for that era so would like to turn to the collective wisdom of the forum. If anyone can offer information it would be appreciated.
  15. Well, one of my wagons is 60 this year...would be neat to have it there, although I wouldn’t drive it in its present condition (let’s see if I can get the extras done). What to bring is always a question...well, that and how many. Theoretically we could drive a convoy of five down, but that would get expensive.