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  1. Thriller

    1947 Data Decode Request

    Thanks Sean. I’ve passed your information along. Based on the time his investigation is taking and continuing, I think he will purchase the car.
  2. Thriller

    1947 Data Decode Request

    A friend is looking at a 1947 50 series and asked me if I could decode the data plate. I don’t have much for that era so would like to turn to the collective wisdom of the forum. If anyone can offer information it would be appreciated.
  3. Well, one of my wagons is 60 this year...would be neat to have it there, although I wouldn’t drive it in its present condition (let’s see if I can get the extras done). What to bring is always a question...well, that and how many. Theoretically we could drive a convoy of five down, but that would get expensive.
  4. Thriller

    BOD Candidates

    Brian - the youngest turns 19 next month...I’ll try to remember to let you know if / when any of them leave 🙄😳😂. Listening to She Who Must Be Obeyed is of prime importance. There’s only one I recall, possibly two, who suggested I run for the board...if there was a second, they both had the same first name starting with B and ending with n. That may not quite be true...over there years there have probably been a few others who did some urging...likely some former BOD members from MN. I still have an interest, but still have some additional ducks to get in a row. My National Meet attendance the last few years hasn’t been what I was hoping. Perhaps if I didn’t keep hoarding Buicks I might have more time...too much time deciding which to make a priority in a given year...sigh. Good luck to the candidates. I do like the earlier comment about does seem to be on the decrease somewhat in our North American society. On another note, with the earlier discussion about meetings and such, it occurred to me that a web conferencing tool (such as Zoom for one that I’m more familiar with, but there are others) could be used and members could potentially listen / watch the proceedings (organizer of the conference can decide who is muted and non-BOD members should probably not have their cameras going.
  5. Thriller

    2019 - 2,019 Mile Challenge

    So, will the Texans be through the challenge before some of us are able to hit the road at all? 😉 I get to visit Texas for the first time in a month having a convention in San Antonio the first weekend of February...I believe that will be state #28 for me, although I’d have to check. Then I’ll be back to Dallas in July...fifty years of never being in Texas then twice in 6 months. Things that make you go hmmm.
  6. Thriller

    2019 - 2,019 Mile Challenge

    With the loss of rules, I’m going to work toward this...I have some thinking to do about how to do it and what to drive, but I do have some time to get that thinking done. The most direct route to Midwest City is over one thousand miles, so if we are able to drive a car to that, we will meet the challenge. At any rate, I will do some thinking and post back what the plan is. I definitely won’t be counting the modern Buicks. If I replace the engine in the Rainier, I probably won’t count that either as it is likely to be just the get around vehicle for the children.
  7. How did the steering column adjust? Just a length, or did it tilt in some fashion?
  8. Thriller

    Lead - 1960 Electra 225 convertible FS

    I also have possession of an engine and transmission which may be appropriate to this car.
  9. Not mine, but located a little ways north of me. It’s a shame it’s sat outside...if the photos were more recent, you’d see snow in them. My barns are full and I have more projects than I can shake a stick at already. If someone wanted me to take a look, I could but I’m away January 4-7. PM would be the best way to get my attention as I don’t typically tempt myself by coming to the buy/sell forum much any more.
  10. So I’m caught up now...a thread on lifts brought me to this forum so I decided to catch up on the BS&SG. I started a few pages back in June. No posts for over two months though? You OK buddy? Lots of laughs...I was tempted to reply a few times, but didn’t want to bring up stuff that was too old.
  11. Thriller

    1933 Buick-Pontiac Accessory Pamphlet

    You may want to check the Buick Heritage Alliance. If they have it, they will sell a copy. Good luck finding one. It’s a shame we lose things.
  12. Thriller

    2001 California Regal ?

    We had a Regal of that era. My understanding is that there was only the LS and GS packages from Buick, so if that is correct, a California Regal as a package would have to be a regional or dealer item.
  13. Thriller

    Merry Christmas 2018

    I love the wall art...simple yet a lovely decor.
  14. Thriller

    Spam 🥧?

    More so if those were award winning goats rather than hogs I’d say 😉
  15. Thriller

    Spam 🥧?

    It isn’t right to have a portion of the song with lyrics and not the entire skit which sets the stage for the the song. Some people need to be in the mood for Python.