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  1. Well, didn’t this thread get a little out of control on the fabulous side? Thanks for the laughs folks! Well, @MrEarl, if you don’t think Buicks belong north of Mason-Dixon (let alone 49th), then you need to talk to She Who Must Be Obeyed about your dream of a Gull Gray 69...that is, of course, unless you’ve gone completely over to the PW side of the Buick house 😜
  2. At least in preparing for winter, you know what the next number of months will be like. I really dislike wanting to get out in the summer, but weather playing havoc with that. Those days you planned to get out, then the weather turned sour, or the weather prediction was just out to lunch are such a bummer. It may be even worse to want to get out, but unable because there are too many other things that need doing.
  3. Nice to have someone around that makes my 20 look amateurish.
  4. @JohnD1956 that ‘56 Special looks very much like ours, but more in one piece and on the road. Thanks for sharing the photos.
  5. I can’t provide direct help, but have you done a search for local appraisers? That may be the best route to go. Alternatively, there are online price guides, but overall, the older the vehicle and the lower the volume of sales, they tend to get less accurate. Good luck. It’s a pretty looking car. Six cylinder if I’ve got it right.
  6. If you ever get a chance to return to Kingston, see if it’s possible to take in the Sunset Ceremony (I think that’s what it’s called) at Fort Henry. We went a number of years ago and it was well worth it. On the same trip we saw the changing of the guard at Parliament Hill in Ottawa...the students in Kingston put our regular military to shame with precision.
  7. The first time I tried I had some grief but I booked a room in the last week or so. It’s a starting point. No idea yet who may be attending nor what we may bring.
  8. Lamar? At a tavern? What’s the world coming to? 🙄😜🤣🤣🤣
  9. It would have been impressive, although more awkward...people going to the airport have enough grief dropping people off or picking people up without thinking about old cars showing up...there’s a bunch of stuff hanging out in the back as well and the front seat is marginally attached as we need to deal with carpet after floor repairs. I don’t recall his specific comments, but it did stand out, making it easier for us to connect (not a huge airport). He agreed the car is very 70s. Our later drive required seating for five, so we took the Envision.
  10. I met a friend at the airport this afternoon. He was returning a rental car, so I figured that Grenouille would be more distinctive for him to find me, so I picked him up with the Skyhawk and brought him back to our house. About a 12 mile round trip or so of city driving. I was nice to get one out again as it’s been about two weeks since I’ve driven anything older, and that was a brief trip.
  11. That’s certainly not any French I learned.
  12. The Beemer looks small in comparison....
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