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  1. Having to deal with this stuff when you could be working on a car is a nuisance. I had my experience the last few years with woodpeckers pecking through my siding and nesting. After replacing numerous pieces of siding and putting up a gadget to scare them off, I think I've finally convinced them to find another house!
  2. I don't have a set, but I have one that is a very old takeoff and is near mint, including center cap
  3. I wonder if that mileage is accurate, and if any portions of it still look like a 42k mile car?
  4. I've seen this for sale in various places over the last few months. Looks like a really decent deal, even with the poorly-matching seat upholstery.
  5. Finally got a day to paint underneath. It still needs a few touch-ups and even then won't be perfect, but it is worlds better than where it started and is looking fairly presentable so far. I hope to remount the body in a couple weeks!
  6. lancemb

    1957 76C

    Steve, that's great to confirm that your car was affected in the exact same spot on the frame! After further consideration, I think it makes sense to blaat the outer firewall as it's pretty flaky. I do want to keep the dash intact for now, though. Thanks for the encouragement
  7. lancemb

    1957 76C

    The trunk lid has been repaired (that thing was ugly) but not finished yet. After its sandblasted it will be finished off. Since it is specific to 1957 Roadmaster and Super convertible only, I was not about to count on finding another!
  8. lancemb

    1957 76C

    The body is on a rotisserie now, and most of it will be sandblasted soon, especially underneath since that will be painted before going back on the frame. I am going to leave dash and most of firewall intact for now. .
  9. lancemb

    1957 76C

    They noticed these marks, same on both sides, where it looks like frame had been modified and then repaired. Right above this in trunk the sheetmetal was separated. We speculate this was where the frame for the gates for the harness racing were mounted originally. Kind of cool, and the repair is good, so I might just leave the marks for history.
  10. lancemb

    1957 76C

    Some more progress: Major repairs have been completed to the frame, and it's been stripped and sandblasted. This uncovered a couple small areas up front that will need a patch welded in. Overall, looking much nicer though!
  11. Geez, at first I thought they wanted $80k for all. I was getting ready to move some shells around and drive to Minneapolis!
  12. Update: I have ordered the cables custom made from RI Wire. I sent them the attached sketch to clarify everything and that seemed to help. So, if anybody wants a set, you can get them using this sketch (sorry it's not more professional, but it works). I will report back how they come out. I am sending them the rubber boots (which are available at CARS and possibly elsewhere) for them to put on. Interesting that Delco-Packard lists the positive as a 7" and the negative as a 22", but the actual sizing is not consistent. This may just be manufacturing inconsistencies, though. I am ordering mine with 1" added to each, because I won't be using the exact original battery in all cars, and in any case the extra inch won't hurt.
  13. Looking great! If you like blues, here is what Biscay Blue over Arctic Blue looks like on a car.
  14. I don't mind helping others in the hobby; in fact I'd planned to share the result of whatever I came up with so others could have the same. However, in actuality the pictures I sent really shouldn't be required for much of anything, except confirming the look of the covering on the cable. I'm pretty good at using rudimentary measuring devices, and as long as they made the cables to my specifications, any error on my end would be my problem. But, if they want to reproduce them, I can understand that they may not want to rely on my measurements. There is not a single needed measurement I didn't provide, and the pictures clearly show the orientation of the lugs and style of cable. I guess in my mind, if somebody wants to profit off reproducing the parts, they should at least be honest about it and maybe offer to ship and insure it. If my NOS cable got lost in the mail, will I ever find another one? When? Personally, I'm leaning toward just making them myself if they will only make them with part in hand. If I wind up making them myself, I'll share what I learn so others can do the same. Heck, I might even wind up with an extra set.
  15. Thanks for the offer. I think I will either just order the covering, or order the components from RI Wire and make them myself if they don't want to make them to my specifications without a sample. The cables are 22" and 7" (but I want to make it 8"), and I want several of them.
  16. Heard back from RI Wire this morning. After sending every single measurement they asked for, and several pictures showing features of both cables, they now want me to send the cables in for a quote. I suspect they just want to be able to fully document them in person so that they feel comfortable offering them for sale to others, as there is absolutely nothing that I can't provide or haven't already provided to build these cables. I might consider that if they at least offered to cover shipping, but I don't want to risk them getting lost in the mail on top of shipping charges. So, I said I don't want to ship them and asked what else they needed; we'll see. I may just wind up ordering some of the stuff Adam referenced if they refuse.
  17. That would look much better than rubber or plastic for sure. It's a little different pattern than mine, but I don't even know if I'll be able to match the woven pattern exactly. I spoke with RI Wire about my cables, and sent them pictures and measurements. I hope to hear back tomorrow.
  18. UPDATE: I just called Rhode Island Wiring, and learned that it's as I suspected. Somebody hacked their web page and added a phony email address at some point. It's not there now; that is why they added the precautionary statement that they will never ask for a wire transfer for payment! I am going to remit my specifications and get a quote, and will follow up here.
  19. Yes, the picture is of an NOS one; I also have both originals from my coupe and they are both cloth covered. If I wind up ordering these, I'll let you know how it turns out.
  20. Thanks; I am going to call them and see what their explanation is; maybe their website got hacked and a phony email contact was slipped in.
  21. It's this place, not a welding shop. Others on the forum have used them and recommended them, but my experience has been strange. They never said anything about wire transfer until I got an invoice (which they also said would have to be paid first). Needless to say, this all seems very suspicious, and that is not the only thing, without going into detail. Here is a picture of an NOS cable with the type of cable that is needed. I wanted to have them make up a couple sets out of this stuff.
  22. I am looking to have some authentic cloth-insulated battery cables made for my 57s, and have been communicating with Rhode Island Wiring. The whole communication experience has been weird, and now as I am ready to order they tell me they don't currently accept checks or credit cards, and that a wire transfer must be made. I'm not okay with this. Can anyone else chime in on their experience with RIW? Can anybody else recommend an alternative source?
  23. The 57 I had had the original boot and it was white like the seats, despite having a black dash and upper door trim.