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  1. Say dude, didn't mean to get your jockey shorts in a twist, just providing the original poster a supplier name who sells what he was asking about. Been using some of their products for eight or nine years, never had any issues - don't know you from Adam's house cat, whoever you are....!
  2. Bob's Automobilia has suspension parts: www.bobsautomobilia.com King Pin Set 1934-56 Most Models (See List) KB-343 $84.50 CODE:KB-343 Availability:In stock Quantity: +− ADD TO CART Add to wish list
  3. There are supposed to be dust caps on the top - on my '39, they are 1 inch diameter. Might measure the top opening to be sure that is the same on your '35 special. I think I found them at NAPA. Might be called Freeze Plugs or Expansion Plugs - domed shape that you insert and center punch to expand and seal the top opening.
  4. It isn't '38, they had either Stromberg or Marvels, and '39 used Carter WDO 419-S (which the pictured carb is not) or Stromberg AAV-26. So, either earlier than '38 or '40 or later. Maybe Carbking can chime in.
  5. It is thick, I used a thin wooden strip to “spoon” it in. Took some time, but I have no more leaks from using thinner material.
  6. Here is photo of what I use. Comes from Restoration Supply in Escondido, CA.
  7. Great time at the BCA National Meet - here is the view from our hotel window! Only a part of the show field, trees were blocking the remainder.
  8. Are you trailering or driving this beauty to the meet? And, when are you going up, we are driving the ‘39 up on Tuesday....?
  9. We drove the entire planned Route - 66 tour on Friday, and everything was fine. All the roads were clear, no flooding was apparent, and other than seeing a couple of trees down, we saw no signs of damage. Should be a great tour!
  10. Had the '39 out several times in the past week, and a couple of photos are attached. The Buick at Farmers Branch Historical Park parking lot, their sign, and the mileage on the speedo (not the swim suit) when i got home.
  11. Might try a small squirt of WD40 to see if it will unglue it.
  12. Sent you a Private Message concerning our AACA group. John V.
  13. Our local AACA group had our Spring Tune-Up Tour Sunday, 19 cars and 43 people. Met at Texas Motor Speedway and then toured back roads toward Decatur, where we stopped at the NRS (National Ropers Supply) for lunch and a brief business meeting. Logged about 130 miles on the '39 Buick.
  14. Took the Coupe to the AACA meeting last Sunday. Meeting was at The Pump House at White Rock Lake - old Dallas Water Department pump house.
  15. Welcome, great to have another '39 on the Forum - we like to help if any is needed. Also, we require photos! John V.
  16. Some info for you about trunk lid supports: https://www.fillingstation.com/detail/6013/Chevrolet_193740_COUPEZINC_DECKLID_SUPPORTS.html Appears the supports are out of stock but they will notify you when available, Part GR-158 $165.00 per pair. Hope this helps. John V.
  17. Google Fisher Body Manual for 1939-1940 - page 60 & 61 have some info on the trunk lid mechanism. The Old Car Manual Project has many of these manuals on-line.
  18. Didn't see a complete front inner wheel bearing part number, but here is what is listed in Master Parts List 1928-1941: 1932 Series 60 Front Wheel Bearing Inner Cone - Group # 6.314 Part # 909526 1932 Series 60 Front Wheel Bearing Inner Cup - Group # 6.316 Part # 909626 1932 Series 60 Front Wheel Bearing Inner Balls And Separator - Group # 6.318 Part # 909726 John V. Edit - in the Hollander Interchange Manual it appears the front inner wheel bearing is Part # 909026. Hope this helps!
  19. Bob's says they have them in limited supply for Model 40: https://bobsautomobilia.com/engine/flywheel-ring-gear-1939-52-s.40-50-.-frg-393/ JV
  20. Bussa, can you post some current photos and any updates on condition. Thanks.
  21. Available from Bob’s Automobilia - www.bobsautomobilia.com part number HB-48, $2.50 per bumper.
  22. On my '39 Special I took the differential cover off and could see the markings showing the gear ratio (see photo).
  23. Wheels in ‘38 & ‘39 on Specials (series 40) were 16” and tire size was 6.50X16.
  24. Weekend before last we had the 50th Annual Bug Tussle Trek through East Texas. We had 73 registered cars and a few tag-a-longs for the departure from Farmersville. First stop was Leonard, followed by Bonham and then a stop where Bug Tussle used to be for some cheers and general foolery with photo evidence to embarrass the participants. Next stop was Honey Grove for sack lunches we each bought with us. Honey Grove provided their Community Center (with A/C) at the cost of two cans of food per person for their food pantry. From Honey Grove we proceeded to Paris for our banquet in a building at the fair grounds. Hospitality room at the hotel following the banquet was well attended and lasted into the evening. You can view a video of some of the cars here: http://bugtussletrek.com/ A couple of photos of our car I took after we got home from the tour - about 275 miles.