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  1. Gary, When I put new wiring harness on my '39 I had the same problem, so I put the (+) feed coming from the alternator in the left side port and the (-) feed from the fuel gauge in the right side port. I really don't know that it makes a difference other than the ignition lever may be up for power on rather than power off. I have looked again at the instructions I got from Rhode Island Wiring and both the '38 and '39 Service Manuals, and there is no direction in any of them. Good luck, John V.
  2. North Texas Region AACA had our Fall Tour this past weekend attended by some 15 or so cars. Met at a members' car barn in Waxahachie and via back roads and a few stops for food and car related venues, ended the day in Hillsboro for the evening. Cars and Coffee in Hillsboro on Sunday morning followed by a stop at location of the auction of the McPherson Collection held Saturday where many of the cars were still located awaiting to be picked up by buyers. From there, on to Palmer for lunch and the monthly club meeting.
  3. Attach the + cable first then the - cable to avoid sparking.
  4. Ben, this is for you - '39 when the visor was on it!
  5. Gary, might be something in the Fisher Body Service Manual - here is a link: http://chevy.oldcarmanualproject.com/fisher/1937_38/index.html There is a little in the '39-'40 manual. John V. P.S. I am really enjoying following along with all the others!
  6. Here is a link to Team Buick's reference pages showing the engine numbers by year. https://www.teambuick.com/reference/ident_engine_til_52.php
  7. The ending digit 5 indicates Super, which in '46/'47 was a 248 ci engine.
  8. If the last digit is a 5 rather than an S, it would fall into the 1946-1947 number range.
  9. Welcome to the Forums. War and Finance Dept. will not be happy if that is her parking place...just saying from experience! By the way, a garage that clean may be the sign of a sick mind. Congrats, good looking car.
  10. Had the '39 out on the 49th Annual Bug Tussle Tour our Texas Region of AACA hosts each year. There were 53 registered cars and 99 people, although there were unregistered cars and people cruising along with us. Started Saturday at 8:30 in Farmersville, where the town always welcomes us with coffee and snacks and a goody bag, then on to Leonard to tour the town square and visit Pete Phillips' collection of Buicks and a few other vintage cars, the Leonard Historic Museum, the Leonard Pharmacy complete with a soda fountain where they were playing old tunes on a sound system on the sidewalk, several other shops and their farmers market. We purchased about 2 pounds of great looking okra (we fried some and had it for dinner last night with country fried steak). Then on to Bonham to their town square and Visitors Center with many shops and also Pete Phillips' garage and shop with some of his cars and others that his crew is working on. He also has a bunch of shelving loaded with NOS Buick parts that he is in the process of cataloging and selling. One of the cars on the tour had a leaking fuel line, and Pete was able to supply tubing to get the car ready to go in short order. Next stop was Bug Tussle - nothing there except the old deserted store, but the tradition is to stop and have some cheers led by our club's "classically trained cheerleaders", (and outfitted) too. Honey Grove where we were welcomed by the town into their Civic Center to eat our brought from home sack lunches and ice tea and water provided by the Honey Grove Chamber. We also each donated canned goods to their food bank as well as a donation. There were several shops open that trekkers could stop and shop in following lunch. Then on to Paris - Texas that is - where trekkers stayed at a couple of local motels with a hospitality room set up at the main hotel. Dinner was catered in a banquet room at their Heritage Hall and Train Museum. Awards were given to the oldest female and male drivers, the youngest driver, the one who traveled the furthest to attend, and the one who had attended the most Bug Tussle Tours - one of our female members has attended all of the 50 tours. Since this was the 49th Annual tour and the second one was labeled the first annual, this was actually the 50th. The hospitality room then provided a place to snack, drink, tell stories and visit till 10:30. Sunday morning following breakfast the the hotel. we lined up for departure at 9:00 to return to Farmersville for a catered lunch at their Civic Center. Along the way to Farmersville, we stopped in Celeste for a chance to stretch our aging legs, get fuel and/or lose some coffee if needed. From Farmersville we all departed toward home, having had the best weather anyone could remember for this tour that always falls toward the end of August. Not unusual for it to be 100+ degrees, and this year it never made it out of the 80's. Had a few short rain showers that were spun off from Hurricane Harvey, but not enough rain to create any problems. A Great Tour - many thanks to those who attended and our club members Charlie and Nichole and their infant son who planned and led the tour, and Mrs.G, who hosted the hospitality room (and has attended every Bug Tussle Tour).
  11. Check out bobsautomobilia.com for Buick parts or oldbuickparts.com . Either one should have carb kits, but you will need to know which Carter carb you have.
  12. Get on the Coker Tire web site and check the dimensions of the 6.50/16 bias ply against these radial sizes - all the info is there if you look!
  13. AC - 46 was what it came with originally, but no longer is made. The AC - R45 is what many think is the best alternative. Sometimes you can find original plugs at swap meets or on the internet.
  14. The top item is the oil filter canister if it looks similar to the one in this photo.
  15. Perhaps we could see a photo of your engine - maybe there is no oil filter canister on this car.
  16. Billy, Can't say if my '39 mounting hardware is original, but there are not any rubber pads under them. Here are a couple of photos of the underside and one from the top that I just took. I had the boards off several months ago to clean them up and mount new stainless trim. No wood under mine, but prior owner installed radio with antenna on the fender - said there was no radio in the car from new.
  17. Look down inside the air horn - may be another fastener. Might have to hold the butterfly open to get to it.
  18. '39 Buick was 71 when I purchased it in 2010 - I was 63.
  19. 2,527 lbs http://classiccardatabase.com/specs.php?series=8441&year=1964&model=247
  20. 1938 Specials had 16" diameter wheels, so may want to verify what you have!
  21. I had tube tires mounted recently at Discount Tire - they placed the back bead of the tire over the rim, slid the tube in and had a stick that screwed on the valve stem through the valve stem hole in the rim. Once they had the tube in place they then seated the front bead. Hope this helps.
  22. Didn't see you in Nocona, but think you were checking out a Buick in a couple of these - familiar hat!
  23. The knob has a small spring clip on the bottom that releases it from the shaft. On the back of the switch under the dash is a clip that you pull back to allow the shaft to be pushed back into the dash. Then an allen wrench fits into the hole where the shaft came through the front to unscrew the chrome face plate and release the entire switch. If you get the Shop Manual it shows this photo on page 12-15.
  24. Not sure, but think the deck handle was the same to '47 on the outside anyway. Might check e-bay listings and see if you can get specific details on any that look like what you need. Checked the usual Buick parts places, Bob's and CARS and neither had anything that looked right. Also checked my '28 - '42 Master Parts List and didn't find the deck handle listed. Maybe someone with a Master Parts book that goes further into the 40's can find a listing. Any chance there is a part number anywhere on the handle?
  25. Here are a couple of photos to get you started: On the left side of the steering column the oval hole is where the dash lights, the map lights and clock and lighter wires attach. It is a three position slide switch. The manual picture shows the wiring sequence. The dash photo shows from left to right the following knobs: Head Light; radio on/off/volume; radio channel select; lighter. I don't know where the heater or defrost controls go, but look forward to someone posting more so I can find that out too. The other switch in the first photo is for something not original, so don't let that confuse you.