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  1. John, I'll take one, too, for my 39 Roadmaster. I'll pm you. Thanks, Bob
  2. Got the 1949 Super 51 out for a spin last Saturday and today. Nice to get out, and not just for groceries. Didn't stray too far away from the house. What I hear around here is that if you break down, the auto club will come fetch your car, but you can't ride with the tow truck driver because of COVID-19. You're on your own for transport home.
  3. Do the Sedanettes have a strip of gray leatherette on the top of the back seat in front of the package shelf? My 1949 Super sedan does.
  4. I run 32 psi in the American Classic 7.60 R 15s on my 1949 Super 51. I believe the old original 7.60x15 US Royal "Air Ride" bias ply tire that I have in the garage was supposed to have 24 psi. The maximum tire pressure for those radials is 35.
  5. I had the same problem with my 39 Roadmaster. I removed the after market quick disconnect hardware between the negative battery post and the ground cable. (The one with the green dial.) No more slow turnover when the engine was warmed up.
  6. From over 40 years experience with whitewall tires on my 1949 Super 51, I swear by brand new SOS pads. They will also smooth out abrasions on the whitewalls that you get when you misjudge your distance from curbs and scrape them up. Ouch!
  7. It is a poor design. I also saw evidence of dents from the underside of the hood from the square prop end. The round bumper helps when you extend the rod to its fullest length. The rubber might provide some friction to prevent it from slipping. I don't have the car at the house right now, so I can't take a look at it.
  8. I had similar problems with the hood prop on my 1939 Roadmaster. Bob's has a button-style rubber bumper for 1948 models for hood to radiator that is supposed to work for hood props for 1939. HB-48 at $2.50 each. I ordered two. One worked fine, the tail pulled through the hole and it anchored. On the other one, someone must have enlarge the hole slightly and the edge of the tail won't anchor. Maybe a thin washer of a slightly smaller diameter would help.
  9. Here's a close-up of the U.S. Royal, 7.60 x 15.
  10. Here is a photo of the tires on my 1949 Super 51. I've had the car since 1978. The black tire is a U.S. Royal that came with the car, probably from the factory. It is a 7.60 x 15. The distance from the wheel to the inside edge of the rib is 3-1/4 inches. I installed American Classic radials on it a few years ago, 760R15. The whitewall measures 3-1/4 inches, the same as on the old U.S. Royal blackwall. The tire height is also about the same as on the old one. Whether you go with bias ply or radial, for your 1950 Super, I would suggest purchasing tires with the 3-1/4 inch whitewall.
  11. John, seek out an old-time lock shop in a neighboring town and ask to borrow their ring of Briggs & Stratton lock keys. I had a similar situation with the trunk lock on my 1939 Roadmaster 81. Shortly after I purchased the car, I locked the trunk at a local BCA All Buick Show. Later, the key would not open the trunk lock. I panicked a bit until I dropped by a small local lock shop. The owners pulled out their ring of B&S keys (about eighty keys). Part way through the ring, they found a key that opened the lock. I had several copies made of the successful key. It cost me about forty bucks! Good luck! Bob
  12. This is a wonderful discussion! Here is a promo photo, probably from the Oregon State Highway Department's tourism bureau, of a 1941 Buick Super or Roadmaster sedan on Laurel Hill east of Portland, Oregon. (Mt. Hood is in the background and is the reason for the photo.) The car does not have rear fender skirts or the chrome piece under the gravel shields. The license plate is from 1941, so I would assume that the car is original. (FYI, I've shown this photo on previous threads.) Photo source: Oregon State Archives.
  13. Have you considered brewing a "Straight Eight" (8% ABV)?
  14. There appears to be a crest painted on the back doors.
  15. When I purchased my 1949 Super 51 from the original owner in 1978, it came with an unused spare key wired to the title. The key was also attached to the original "break-in tag." (See photo.) The key is interesting because it is aluminum. The other original key is also aluminum, but worn from use. (My copy keys are on Briggs & Stratton base metal blanks from the local lock shop.) Does anyone have info on the GM use of aluminum keys during the 1940s?