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  1. You may be able to disassemble your rotary vacuum switch and repair it. I recently bought a '67 Cadillac which has a very complex automatic climate control system. I spent a ton of time trying to get it to work correctly and what really did the trick was taking apart the rotary vacuum valve and resurfacing it to reduce leakage. I'm not sure if the '63 Riviera valve is similar to the Cadillac version but here is a link to a write-up on how to repair the valves: https://eldorado-seville.com/files/67acfix.php Scroll down a ways and you'll find the valve repair instructions. Hope this helps.
  2. I need to get a set of tires balanced that are mounted on wire wheels. The mounting instructions from the manufacturer (Truespoke) are explicit in stating that the wheels must be balanced using an adapter that mounts through the lug holes, NOT the hub center hole. I have called many tire stores in my area (York, PA) and everyone says they used to have equipment with that capability but their current balancing machines do not. Does anyone know of a tire shop that is familiar with wire wheel balancing in the York, PA area? I should note that I recently purchased the car that these wheels are mounted on and noticed it seemed "jittery" when driving . I took off the wheels and found that they had NEVER been balanced when the wheels and tires were installed by the previous owner, probably because he couldn't find a shop to do it. I'm almost at the point where I want to have the tires switched over to the original rims but I hate to give up on a beautiful set of $2000 wire wheels just because no one knows how to balance them.
  3. Check out this 1967, it looks really nice: https://www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/50181980 I just bought this one myself: https://www.classicautomall.com/vehicles/636/1967-cadillac-deville-convertible There are some very good original cars out there, good luck with your search.
  4. Not a bad car but over priced for sure. It has been for sale for a LONG time. I'd like to find one near PA.
  5. That car was interesting but it is on the wrong coast, I'm in PA. I'm also looking for a higher trim level with more equipment. Thanks for letting me know about it however.
  6. Don't worry Bill, I still have it. I sold the '60 T-Bird so now I have room in the garage for another Buick.
  7. No, sorry, I'm not a facebook participant.
  8. Serious buyer looking for a very nice 1959-1960 Electra 225 or Invicta convertible. Any leads appreciated.
  9. Serious buyer looking for a very nice 1959-1960 Buick Electra 225 or Invicta convertible. Any leads appreciated.
  10. That is one gorgeous car. I love that color combination. Hope it finds a good home.
  11. Still have the car. Couldn't bring myself to sell it.
  12. This Lincoln is one NICE car! Someone is certainly going to enjoy owning it.
  13. Car Is SOLD FOR SALE: 1960 THUNDERBIRDMileage: 21,000Price:$23,000Location: Jacobus, PAOutstanding, low mileage original car. This car was stored from 1967 through 2001 when I purchased it with only 17,000 miles on it. It now has just Over 21,000 and is in unbelievably nice condition. The body is totally rust free and the chrome looks like it is NOS. This T-Bird runs and drives like a new car.Body is absolutely rust free and exactly as Ford built it. The interior including the door panels, headliner, carpet and all the chrome and anodized aluminum trim is beautiful and appears as new.When removed from storage, the car was made operational by replacing the fuel tank, recoring the radiator, installing new wheel cylinders and master cylinder. The original carburetor and fuel pump were both rebuilt as well. All fluids were changed and Goodrich Silvertown tires matching the original spare were installed. The original exhaust system was just replaced three years ago with a correct style system in aluminized steel.This car still wears its 1967 PA inspection sticker and original oil change stickers from the 60's. I also have the original window sticker, build sheets and mint shop manual purchased by the original owner.The lower portion of the car was repainted, the roof, door jambs, trunk and engine compartment are still original. New seat covers were installed as the originals were split from age. The dashboard cover has also been replaced with a correct reproduction part.The only changes made to the car are the addition of period-style front seat belts and Sun Ray wheel cover ornaments.You can see pictures and read more about the car here:http://squarebirds.org/vbulletin/sho...urvivor&page=2I'll be glad to supply more pictures and answer any questions you may have.Mike LawsonBuick8guy@yahoo.com
  14. I bought this exact same windshield (# DW00629) directly from Pilkington Glass back in 2016. The cost then was $250 and the thickness matched the original windshield. If the current product being offered has the same quality and fit of the one I purchased it would be a fantastic bargain.