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  1. Need front bumper that can be replated. I have good bumper guards
  2. Does anyone have any information on 39 Special motor mount specs? Mine are badly deteriorated and hard to tell what they should be. Interested in thickness of rubber and durometer. My manual says the 39 was different and it looks like they were perhaps a design used for just that year. Thanks
  3. Thanks to 1939 Buick, Gary and Leif. Your attachments and photos helped me a great deal and kept me from ordering some wrong parts, despite what the catalogs say. I took a better look at the mount for the lower bumper and I can see that it is a "bugger" to replace. Might have to call the surgeon who just replaced my shoulder since my 39 is not too much older, but hopefully a bit rustier! Thanks again as I am new to this forum. I'm restoring the 39 Coupe that is just like my first car that I sold for $175. If only I had known............ Here's a pic of my bumpers. Looks like the lower one is different than the one Gary has - more cone shaped. But it is held to the LCA with the riveted clamp as you described, not a threaded stud like I had shown in my post. Now I'm wondering if the replacement like Gary has, which I believe is a LB370, is the same height as the conical shaped one on my car. Since it is still held in with rivets, I assume it is original and it looks like the one in the parts book that 1939 Buick gave me. Again thanks to all! Tom
  4. Rebuilding the suspension and steering on my 39 Coupe 40. A bit confused because Old Buick Parts and others list 2 different LCA bumpers. I can only identify one type on mine but wondering if I'm missing one as there was an upper bumper missing on one side. Bottom one (B) below looks like mine, but not sure where (A) goes if at all. Any help appreciated. (A) LB370 Control Arm Bumper 1937-40 Buick Lower $53.00 (B) LB396 Control Arm Bumper 1939-56 Buick Lower $16.50
  5. Looking for fenders for 39 Coupe with minimal rust
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