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  1. ideally looking for a 1947 Cadillac Series 62 coupe but will consider a convertible needing a bit or work. anyone? pics for reference.
  2. Curious to know if anyone here bought this car? it was local to me and I reached out a bunch of times but never got a response.
  3. ALSO, I would love to hear any facts, tidbits or tips for these cars if anyone would like to share. this is my first Pontiac, and my first flathead so if there's anything I should be aware of id love to know. thanks again everyone for the kind words. I am very excited .
  4. here are some quick videos I took of the car when I was down there. Will be uploading more photos soon when she gets delivered and gets a proper detailing. I almost didn’t make the trip but I got a good vibe about the car and I’ve missed out on more than a few good deals like we all have and didn’t want to miss out on this one. I was looking for a Cadillac and ended up with a Pontiac go figure lol. But I was able to get it for a very fair price and the fact that it’s been in the same family since new blows me away. It was clearly a good enough car for them to see fit hanging onto for the past 72 years. https://youtube.com/shorts/FmX-7eo01bI?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/JOTWDG3xvTM?feature=share
  5. I am the proud new owner of this car. She’s in great original condition. Only 24,500 miles since new. Same family owned since new. Original paint. All the gauges work. Even the horn and radio work great . With a nice detail she should clean up nice with a good detail.
  6. The engine in my 51 is looking like a dud and I am wondering if anyone is selling a strong running or preferably rebuilt motor . thanks! Bryan
  7. Just missed out on a really nice 46 sedanette for not a lot of money. I see them here and there but the roadmasters seem to not be for sale too often. There’s a guy that has a 47 super sedanette 2 tone that’s sitting outside right near me. Really want to rescue it before it gets in bad shape but he doesn’t seem to want to do anything with it . It’s a shame
  8. casually looking around and I am noticing that the majority of 46-48 Buick coupes out there are supers and not roadmasters. are the roadmaster sedanettes of this period really that difficult to find or am I just not looking hard enough? don't get me wrong- love the supers, just wondering about the roadmaster coupes is all. Bryan
  9. I realize it’s a long shot but I am searching for rear power window regulators for my 1954 olds 98 convertible and I was told that the regulators from a 54 century or special convertible would be the same. Any out there?
  10. I need rocker panel moldings for a 1954 oldsmobile star fire 98 convertible. same as 98 coupe. can you help out?
  11. Hey John. I think it’s an awesome car and looks much better in person. Someone will get a great ride !
  12. Buyer fell through so it’s being relisted again. Also, for those wondering, the color is burnished cinnamon. Beautiful car! My uncle asked me to list his car for sale. It's a 1971 buick centurion convertible with the 455 engine and turbo 400 transmission. All power and I believe it's a factory air car. Lots of recent work done to it including brand new tires, tuneup. Brakes, hoses, belts, water pump, fluids etc.. a good running and driving car that is clean and presentable. Very beautiful car. Paint is called burnished cinnamon . Asking $11500 OBO. . The car is physically located in Danielson, CT
  13. I bought it. If it doesn’t fit he said I can return it. Why would it not be right in your opinion? Is the regulator for an 88 and 98 different?
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