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  1. Nice photo! The Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge (Lake Washington Floating Bridge) in Seattle, is in the background (1940). Lacey was Edward R. Murrow's oldest brother. Edward was the CBS News correspondent in London during WWII. At the same time, Lacey was the director of the Washington Department of Highways.
  2. It all depends. My 1949 Super 51 dates from the spring of 1949 (window glass month/year etchings and connecting rod insert bearing month/year stamps show Feb. 1949). It has a manual transmission and hydraulic lifters. I'm the second owner. Had it for 43 years.
  3. Please send us a photo of the number stamped on the engine when you send more photos of the car.
  4. I believe that Pete's description is the same for my 1949 Super 51. However, the car is currently stored at another location and I can't verify it for you.
  5. I had some grief with the Washington State Department of Licensing when I registered my 1949 Super there many years ago. My frame number is 15I88I58. (Notice the two capital "I"s in the number.) It did not exactly match my out-of-state title that said 15188158. For some reason, Buick used a mix of fonts in its frame numbers in those days. The "I"s are actually "1"s. The inspector finally relented after we talked a bit.
  6. Oregon is fine with restored YOM plates. The set of restored yellow and black 1939 plates look great on my black 1939 Roadmaster. Fortunately, by 1946, Oregon went to unpainted aluminum plates with painted numbers. (Much easier to restore because of no steel to rust.) I have an unrestored set of plates on my 1949 Super. (Black numbers on unpainted aluminum.) The restored 1939 plates cost me about $200 several years ago from a local plate restoration vendor.
  7. Group 3EH. Group 2E was OEM on my 1949 Super. It is still available, but is expensive and only has 620 CCA. Group 3EH is slightly larger, but still fits the battery tray. It is less expensive than the Group 2E and has 875 CCA.
  8. I replaced the manifold valve body on my 1949 Super 51 many years ago because of a frozen flapper. It had froze most of the way closed, but enough hot exhaust gas passed through to rot out the intake manifold and ultimately cracked it. The replacement newly cast manifold valve body unit has no flapper, just a rod, and the weight and coil thermostat for looks. Having your weight over to the right is where it should be. Mine froze just partially open and that caused my problems. Earlier, my manifold valve body developed a hole, probably because of the partial opening. I had a welder braze the
  9. The front mount for 1938-40 may be interchangeable. See photo below for the front plate on my 39.
  10. Check with Dave Tacheny in Minnesota or Doug Seybold in Cleveland, Ohio, about obtaining the part.
  11. The bracket in the ad looks like mine on my 1939 Roadmaster, but the photo shows it upside down. The bottom piece, shown on the top in the photo, fits into the top of the trunk handle assembly. The top hook, shown on the bottom in the photo, goes over the top of the plate.
  12. Yes. Carlsbad Black. I believe that the yellow-and-black YOM plate looks especially good with the black background.
  13. I'd say a Special or Century. The clutch and brake pedal pads are small. The large series cars had bigger pedals. Separately, that spark plug cover looks like it is for a later engine, 1940s.
  14. The jack on the right looks similar to the one that came with my 1949 Super. It has the yellow decals showing a 1949 model.
  15. Mark, I had a similar problem with my 49 when I attempted to title it in Washington over 35 years ago. The out-of-state title read 15188158. The frame number read 15I88I58. It took some talking with the WSP inspector who finally agreed to approve my application. Bob
  16. I like the 41 sedan in the background--the one with the fender spears.
  17. Got the 39 Roadmaster out yesterday and today for some rides around town. Nice and clear and 50 degrees. However snow may be in the longer-term forecast. Two inches will absolutely paralyze Portland! Having intermittent charging issues--sometimes charging, sometimes not. Need to check it out. Loose belt or failing generator. Hmm.
  18. What a nice afternoon in Portland, Oregon, for a drive in the 1939 Roadmaster. Tomorrow should also be dry. (Another drive is in the works!) Marty, it is great to see Fiorello. Someone here recently owned Jimmy Walker's 1929 Packard 640 Phaeton. Nice to see parade cars from back-to-back New York mayors.
  19. The car needs an interior somewhat like this. I know that in 1940 the interiors were less elaborate than they were in my 1939 model 81, but still, a repro like this one really makes the car shine.
  20. Do you have the domed nut and domed washer where the shift arm connects to the shaft? My 1939 Roadmaster does, now. When I got the car, it had a flat washer and a hex nut. The shifter seemed very sloppy, so I tighten the hex nut. Then I couldn't shift into 1st or reverse. I got the correct hardware on there from Dave Tacheny and everything worked fine, now. However, the shift pattern is very sloppy compared to the one in my 1949 Super.
  21. 700R16s. I wonder about the front end alignment. Toe-in.
  22. Under hard braking, my 39 Roadmaster sometimes pulls to the left, sometimes pulls to the right. Puzzling. Any thoughts?
  23. I just downloaded the owner's manual (385 page PDF). There is a "Vehicle Personalization" section about how to disable features that owners don't want to use on their new TourX. It is a really nice looking car! Please talk to the dealer and get these issues resolved.
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