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  1. Hey, if I had that much money that corvette would be in my garage right now! I'll be sure to update you if there are any new updates on finding the 55. Thanks For All The Help, TR
  2. I appreciate the suggestion but unfortunately I have already posted the information on the corvette forum. They were super helpful and provided me with a lot of new information but not enough to locate the cars whereabouts today. Thanks, TR
  3. I'll have to look into the 55's in Hemmings, never know I could get lucky. Thanks for all the help, looks like the search continues. Thanks Again, TR
  4. Hoping someone on this forum would have some ore information on a 1955 Corvette VIN number VE55S001195. This car was owned by my grandfather in the early 1960s and was his pride and joy. The car is pictured when my grandfather owned it. Unfortunately it was involved in a rear end accident and was sold by him. It has remained his favorite car that he has ever owned and would really enjoy seeing the car again. I posted on the corvette forum asking for information on this car and did receive some more information on its whereabouts. It was for sale on ebay in 2010 and the listing is pictured below. It was also owned by a Roger Kuske out of San Diego for a while. When I contacted him he said that he buys and sells corvettes and could not remember who he sold the car to. He said that he may have sold it to a private collection in Thailand or traded it for a 53 corvette in Tennessee. So can anyone help us bring this car to light again? Thanks For The Help, TR
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