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  1. Message received MrEarl - going to an AACA meeting today - will take photos if anyone but me brings their old car. We are supposed to have a storm late today, so old cars may be scarce.
  2. Larry & Molly, I am interested in the right side wing window glass if it is in good shape. I don't need the mechanism if you can sell it on its own. Is it possible for you to send me a photo and a price? Thanks, John Velde
  3. BCA meeting on Saturday at a Mexican food restaurant - temperature was in mid 80's. Had a new prospect member there in the '54 Skylark that his father restored 30 odd years ago. Meeting was about 25 miles away, so the Buick got some exercise as did the A/C on the way home.
  4. Installed the running board trim a few weeks ago that I gave myself for Christmas. I also used PlastiDip to freshen up the running board mats. Sometime in the next year or so I want to replace the mats, just haven't gotten comfortable with how to remove the old ones.
  5. Welcome Joshmarkkus you will get great information from the people here. Look forward to any pictures you can post of your '55
  6. Always good to have another '39 on the Forum, look forward to following your progress. There are lots of people here who will help you work through any problems you run into.
  7. See page 70, Operation No. 2 in the Fisher Body Service Manual. 1939 & 1940 Fisher Body Service & Construction.mht
  8. Yep, took the '39 to our BCA meeting on Saturday - weather was cold, but dry. Today was our AACA meeting, and it was warmer, but wet and misty, so took a modern car instead.
  9. ALL RIGHT Terry - hope all is well with you!
  10. Another who is missing since elected to the Board is Terry Wiegand. I miss his ALL CAPS rants - guess he is now ranting directly to them!
  11. There are three Silver pin stripes on the '39 wheels. Each about 1/8" wide on my '39 Special.
  12. Rather warm weather here the past few days so have been driving the Buick for most errands.
  13. Well, have looked under the hood and see the lever. However, the part number is facing the firewall and I cannot see the number well enough to tell what it is, even with a mirror. It does not look like the Master Parts List number 1310744 shown for a '39 Special, but could be the same as your Part #1308732, or it might be 1308782. Without taking it off, I can't be sure what it is. Sorry I have not been much help.
  14. Pete, I agree that it looks like the lower shift shaft lever described above, but I can't find that part number in my book for 1928-1941. I will try to get under my car tomorrow morning to see if I can spot the number. John V.
  15. I am a Happy Camper (Merry Christmas) who just got NOS running board trim for the '39 Special Coupe. Seller said it was '38, but profile and width is same as '39 belt line trim, and length is 70 inches. A couple of small dents, but sure look great to me - been looking since 2010.
  16. As Pete mentioned above, there are unique parts for the torque tube and also the transmission (first year for column shift). I suspect the lights on either side of the grill are later addition turn signals, as '39 was the first year for rear turn signals but had nothing in the front. I know many have converted the front optional fender lights into turn signals, which I have contemplated adding, but haven't done yet. Thanks for the photos, and look forward to following your progress. Let me know if you need any photos for comparison purposes, I'll be happy to assist. John V.
  17. Congratulations, great to have another '39 on the Forum, and i agree with Las Vegas Dave, post some photos!
  18. Having great weather here the last couple of days, so today we took the '39 to the Plano Nature Preserve hiking and bicycle park. Drove about 20 miles and walked about 2 miles. Home for some lunch, then might drive down to the Farmers Branch Historical Park for another walk - that is about 5 miles from home. Will see how strongly a nap calls me after lunch.
  19. Great looking car - I notice it has '39 Texas plate on the rear. Are you in Texas, and where, or was the car purchased in Texas? Would love to see it in person.
  20. My guess is that that knob is/was a hand throttle - that is what it is on my '39.
  21. Thanks for the suggestions, I will check out the Mopar resistor. When time for a new coil I will check out those with resistor included. John V.