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  1. The '39 Manual refers you to the '38 Manual Battery description (12-40), which says the "ground location has been changed from the frame to the engine located on mounting bolt of ignition coil". It is on the forward coil mounting bolt on my '39 Special.
  2. Between the Buick Club meeting Saturday and the AACA meeting today, about 180 miles on the '39 Buick. Mr. Earl will enjoy that I took photos today and scold me for not taking any on Saturday! Okay, crane your neck since I can't get the orientation right.
  3. Buick Club meeting in Bonham, Texas yesterday at Pete Phillips' shop. Took the '39 the 65 miles each way and it did fine in the very windy conditions. There are several places where road work had the route narrowed down, and between the wind and the lane reroutes with uneven pavement, it was a struggle to keep the bias plys in the correct lane. Good to have Ben Bruce AKA First Born come down and visit and check out what Pete has in the shop.
  4. Here is something I hope will help you - good luck. Straight 8 Tune Up.pdf
  5. I had a listing in Buy/Sell looking for a carb and got a solicitation from Peter, but when I looked on Forum he had already been blocked. Yesterday I got another alert through AACA from him, so l reported him. Thanks for staying on top of these guys! JV
  6. Here is a photo of the right side brace.
  7. OPGI now has Rivieras parts, I'd check them first https://www.opgi.com/. Hope they can fix you up, John V.
  8. Welcome, good to have you on the Forum - we love pictures, so post some when you can!
  9. Had the same issue with my '39 Special that ended up being the selector lever clip and spring tension on the outside of the transmission. If the '41 has the same sort of clips and springs - there are two on the '39, might try adjusting the bend in the clip to tighten the tension of the one that holds the lever in third gear. Figure 7.10 or 7.11 shows the best view of these clips & springs.
  10. Bob, I have sent you a private message. Thanks, John V.
  11. Hi Bob, I would consider a core if all the parts are there. I have a 419S, but it has some parts that need to be replaced and I have been unable to locate replacements. If you find you have one and can send me photos, I would sure consider it. Thanks, John V.
  12. Need Carter 2BBL complete Carburetor WDO 419S or 440S in good condition for '39 Buick Special Business Coupe. Please PM me with cost if you have either for sale. Thanks, John V.
  13. Had an AACA Meeting today in Euless - about 22 miles from home. There are storms in the area so not many drove their old cars today. We got sprinkled on driving home, but nothing heavy has arrived yet. I took photos of some of the cars that were there. Trying to keep MrEarl happy! Mine was the only Buick. Hate it when the photos won't load the way you want....Sorry!
  14. Message received MrEarl - going to an AACA meeting today - will take photos if anyone but me brings their old car. We are supposed to have a storm late today, so old cars may be scarce.
  15. Larry & Molly, I am interested in the right side wing window glass if it is in good shape. I don't need the mechanism if you can sell it on its own. Is it possible for you to send me a photo and a price? Thanks, John Velde
  16. BCA meeting on Saturday at a Mexican food restaurant - temperature was in mid 80's. Had a new prospect member there in the '54 Skylark that his father restored 30 odd years ago. Meeting was about 25 miles away, so the Buick got some exercise as did the A/C on the way home.
  17. Installed the running board trim a few weeks ago that I gave myself for Christmas. I also used PlastiDip to freshen up the running board mats. Sometime in the next year or so I want to replace the mats, just haven't gotten comfortable with how to remove the old ones.
  18. Welcome Joshmarkkus you will get great information from the people here. Look forward to any pictures you can post of your '55
  19. Always good to have another '39 on the Forum, look forward to following your progress. There are lots of people here who will help you work through any problems you run into.
  20. See page 70, Operation No. 2 in the Fisher Body Service Manual. 1939 & 1940 Fisher Body Service & Construction.mht
  21. Yep, took the '39 to our BCA meeting on Saturday - weather was cold, but dry. Today was our AACA meeting, and it was warmer, but wet and misty, so took a modern car instead.
  22. ALL RIGHT Terry - hope all is well with you!
  23. Another who is missing since elected to the Board is Terry Wiegand. I miss his ALL CAPS rants - guess he is now ranting directly to them!