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  1. Hello, does anyone have any 39 radio push button knobs they would be willing to part with? Thanks Frank
  2. Can you suggest a test to see if it actually is the torque ball?
  3. Looks like the torque ball mounts with the rubber under the large hex nut are solid and tight. They look fairly new. These are the parts that is held in place with 4 bolts- correct?
  4. I haven't been out to the car yet, but I saw a pictures in the blue Motor Manual and 39 shop manual. looks like I would take the inside nut off and maybe the rest would slide out?
  5. Thanks for your help, is there a way of testing it? Would it move by hand? It sounds like the noise is coming from that area. Just to be clear, the bushings are located where the yellow arrows point? I'll get under the car tomorrow and check it out.😀
  6. I have a thud when starting out from a stop. Not every time, but enough that it concerns me. Sounds like it is coming from the center of car but not sure. Can seem to find any thing loose. Suggestions? Thanks
  7. It's to bad about the cut off switch, because when we are working on the engine and it is much easier to twist the cut off wheel, then disconnecting the cable.
  8. I had a battery cut off with the green wheel for on and off. I've had it on the car and no problem. Took it off the car today and problem solved. Not sure why it became a problem all of a sudden. Also, super bonus, I've had a low end miss just above idle for about 6 months that has been driving me crazy. I tried everything to try and solve that problem. Miss is now gone. WTF. Another lesson on looking for easiest solution. I've always had a problem with the rule "Don't fix it if it is not broke". Thanks everyone for all our help. Frank
  9. I've been experimenting and the problem occurs more when the engine is hot. I've checked the cables and grounds and they appear to be correct.
  10. 1939 Buick coupe special 46S
  11. Car runs great except for one problem😀 Car doesn't start until the starter disengages, then starts. Starter turns over fine but car doesn't start until I stop the starter. Is timing to retarded? Help.
  12. I have heard that Autolite 306 and autolite 308 work also. Any comments?
  13. I guess they don't make AC 46 anymore. Recommendations?
  14. What is the latest info on SM and SN oils? What oil is best for my 39 Buick? Heard so many stories.
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