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  1. I have heard that Autolite 306 and autolite 308 work also. Any comments?
  2. I guess they don't make AC 46 anymore. Recommendations?
  3. What is the latest info on SM and SN oils? What oil is best for my 39 Buick? Heard so many stories.
  4. Thanks, looks like it may work. I'll check it out.
  5. Hello, can anyone help me with finding a steering wheel puller for a 39 Special. I've tried O'Reillys, etc. and the pullers they have do not fit. Thanks, Frank
  6. HI George, I video taped the gauge with my phone during the test. If you want to share your phone number I can text it to you. MY number is 209-768-4345. Frank
  7. Stabilized at 20 at idle, bounced 20 to 15 at higher rpm when miss occurs randomly then back to 20 at idle. Only stabilizes at idle. Will test again tomorrow. I never let it idle for 2 minutes, is that what you are suggesting. I held the higher rpm for 2 minutes and it never stabilized. Maybe I'm not understanding.
  8. I remembered, Classic exhaust systems was the one I used before. Maybe just replace the muffler. If this solves the problem, I'll give everyone a full report.😀
  9. According to the manual that came with the vacuum gauge, it means a restricted exhaust. Time for a new muffler anyway. How do I describe to the shop what kind of muffler I need. There was a place that sold pre bent exhaust systems but I for got the name. I've bought a few in the past. Getting old is not good for the memory.☹️
  10. Oh yea, the misses do not happen evenly. They jump around and are not synchronized..
  11. At idle, it stays around 20. When I run at higher rpm, it jumps from around 20 to 15. When I hold at higher rpm it jumps from 20 to 15. With each miss it drops to 15. The car has been nicely restored but they forgot about the muffler, it looks rusty and bad on the outside.
  12. Where is a good place to attach the vacuum gauge, on the wiper outlet on the intake manifold?
  13. Vacuum advance is working. plate moves. UGH, please keep suggestions coming. The heat control thermostat is working and in the correct position. Frank
  14. I have 39 shop manual and blue MOTOR manual. Car misses in garage when held at higher (rpm) speed no load after warm up. Have to check for light show tomorrow night, plugs still out from compression test.😀