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  1. Hi guys: After 7 years of restoration my 39 drives on the road, but jumps out of gear on coast 2&3. Rebuilt trans with new gears and bearings? Help Thanks Ron
  2. Hi Guys" Thanks for your ideas..I found my old 1946 Motor manual and it had the same specs as Bob H mentioned.. So I rechecked my 39 and found that the left side within specs and right side so close it suits me. Reset toe and I am done! Heading to have a top put on next week.. Thanks All!.
  3. Hi: I have done alignments on 50s--90s cars.. but am not able to get enough adjustment on the old upper pin adjustment system.. Car is complete and has been on the road.. Toe in is easy adjustment..Need some positive caster for best steering.. Thanks BUSHOCKER
  4. Hi Guys: My 39 Special is almost on the road,but I cannot get enough positive caster.. ..Any ideas! Thanks BUSHOCKER
  5. Hi Fellows: Having no luck finding the 49 Buick window bracket that I need, I spent today fabricating one.. So do not need one now.. Thanks for looking Bushocker
  6. Hi Fellows: I am looking to buy a left quarter window front mounting bracket Group 11.052 Part # 4556008.for 1949 Buick Riviera,RM conv,,Super Conv.and some Olds,Caddy similar cars...It is iron and is the front pivot mount for the quarter window frame. I need this part to complete my window project. Thanks for any help..pic of right side included. BUSHOCKER
  7. Hi Fellows: I am looking to buy a LEFT rear quarter window front iron mounting bracket that fits 1949 Riviera and possibly the RM convertible.. This part locates the front of glass frame and is the front pivot point. Please check your old 49 parts. Needed to finish up window project. Pic is right side Thanks BUSHOCKER
  8. Hi Bob H: Yes, the fellows that did my bows are still in business.. Oak Bows- Chambersburg,Pa/ Not cheap, but PROs.. I do have another question for you. My wooden bow had a metal strip attached, because the holes in the wood matched the metal that came along with all the parts. How about your car? Pics included. Windshield moulding problem solved. Thanks Ron
  9. Hi Bob: Yes,thanks to you my problem has been solved! Your 39 looks great! Thanks Ron
  10. Hi Bob H Here is a pic of my extra top bow and irons.. I don't know what they fit? Info would help me and some other fellow in need. I don't thik it will work on your 39. Thanks Ron B
  11. Hi Bob H To be clear. Are there three top bows plus the header? I have four bows that came with the car.( Basket case) And had two new oak bows made and 4 irons chromed. Too many bows? The extra set did not appear to fit anyplace?Many thanks for the pic. Ron
  12. Hi fellow 39 members: After too many years of work my 39 46C is stalled until I can figure how to assemble the last three conv top bows in proper order to the main attachment point, Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Ron
  13. Wanted to buy one or more 1939 Buick opera seat hinges in usable condition. Thanks Ron Email itsshocking@gmail.com
  14. Wanted to buy 1939 Buick opera seat hinge in usable condition, Thanks Ron Email itsshocking@gmail.com

    1939 Buick 46C Project

    Pics of restoration of rough 39 46C Buick
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