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  1. Appears to have 12 volt battery - don't get to see if still on generator or if converted to alternator.
  2. Fastenal is way up there in price as well, maybe a local machine shop would chase the threads for you for a nominal fee.
  3. https://www.harborfreight.com/6-piece-pipe-taps-42432.html Oops, may want die rather than tap - I'll keep looking.
  4. Drove the '39 to our BCA chapter meeting yesterday in Arlington, about 60 miles round trip. The temp was in the 30's and sunny, so nice driving weather. Had a nice group in attendance and discussed the Denver National Meet and there were a number of folks planning to go.
  5. Remember the line from Crocodile Dundee - "doesn't know what day it is, doesn't care"? Could it be that's Pete when he is thinking about an old car graveyard? Just kidding Pete! John V.
  6. I am looking for a replacement Delco-Remy Distributor,( not generator) #1110801 for 1939 Buick Special (Series 40). Would appreciate getting a PM from you with price, photos and general description of condition if you have one available. If you don't have one but know of a source, please let me know. Thank You for any information, John Velde
  7. Thanks Tom, I got your PM - I didn't notice where this post was located since I did a Search and saw the topic.
  8. Tom, I have Delco-Remy Model 1110801 in my '39 Buick Special that I think needs to be rebuilt. I am interested in having a spare distributor, and if you have one that is working, what would it cost? If I send you mine to rebuild, what is the expected turn around time and is there any estimate of cost (range)? Mine is working now with Pertronix electronic ignition installed, but I would like to go back to points if rebuilt. Thanks, John V.
  9. Bob's has them - http://bobsautomobilia.com/hood-items/page-3/ , however, I didn't like that they slipped and let the hood fall, so I cut a two inch piece of heater hose and slip it over the prop end. Works good and if you are showing the car you can slip it off and put the bumper pad on.
  10. As I replied in post #3, 946! http://classiccardatabase.com/specs.php?series=4422&year=1938&model=2536
  11. Matt, those sound like some pretty lame excuses to go drive a Buick, unless you're talking to a Buick owner!
  12. Depends on the Series, but not too many 4 door convertible phaetons in any series. Series 40 had 946; Series 60 had 219; and Series 80 had 411. No idea on value, but sure you will get some estimates.
  13. 35* and cloudy here, but dry, so took the '39 out for some errands. Put about 18 miles on it and had it up to 50 mph a couple of times. First time I have run the heater since probably March (after turning the shut-off valve back on). Always nice to get out in this temperature and not have to worry about any possibility of overheating - ran at about 170-175* the entire trip.
  14. Here is a Christmas picture from a couple of years ago.
  15. Can we get some more front end photos...?
  16. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco
  17. Here is a link that will give you the info on your 1955 Model 48. http://classiccardatabase.com/specs.php?series=5140&year=1955&model=24155
  18. Yes, I did install the Rhode Island harness in June, 2014. However, the issue with the high beam was already there in 2010 when I purchased the car.
  19. Dave, I don't see anything in either the '38 or '39 Service Manuals about the fourth position light going out on high beam. It looks like to me, the right side should go to normal on high beam, which would indicate we have something wrong somewhere in the wiring or the dimmer switch. Mine has been this way since I purchased it in 2010, and I just select third position for high beam and don't worry with it. I tried correcting this issue when i installed a new wiring harness several years ago, and never found a solution. The inspection station I use lets me get by since I have high beam in both lamps in position three.
  20. Here are the pages on headlights from the '39 Service Manual - as you will note, it references the '38 Service Manual for items that did not change, and discusses what did change. Really convenient in trying to piece things together by bouncing between two manuals!
  21. Exactly as my '39 works - when in fourth position with high beam on the left bulb goes out. With high beam off, fourth position lights are on. High beam on at both lights in the third position. I assume manual wording "asymmetrical" is what this is called....?
  22. AACA - Texas Region meeting at a member's "car barn" in Decatur, TX today - about 60 miles from home. It was a beautiful clear and cool day, so the meeting was well attended and a number of members drove their club cars. Hope you enjoy the photos of some of the cars.
  23. On the '39 the left post of the fuel gauge feeds the ignition negative wire and the positive wire comes from the right post of the ammeter (battery).
  24. Interesting, my '39 is the opposite - up is off and down is on.