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    79 years old and quite active, lifelong automotive and mechanical things interests, serious do-it-yourselfer, recently built a new home. Couldn't find an old collector Buick at the price I wanted so I bought three 1939s; a sedan, a coupe, and a convertible coupe, all specials.

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  1. Rich: FYI, I have a ton of 1939 Special sedan parts including an intact parts sedan that still has a lot left. New never installed wheel cylinders, master cylinder and the three flexible brake lines for $200 plus freight. Also have new, most of the glass and nearly all the rubber weatherstripping and window seals. Have a new uninstalled RI Wire rear harness. I am not a parts vendor but a serious restorer winding down a high end restoration of a 1939 Special convertible. Have a lot of new and used parts left over plus duplicates. Free advice provided at no charge. Good luck with the project and keep posting. Bob H, Rainier, Oregon 97048
  2. I have a 1939 Special radiator that has been pressure tested, flow checked and given a clean bill of health by a reputable local shop. $275 plus freight that is probably prohibitively expensive, zip code 97048. Bob H
  3. Billy: I am not an authority on the trunk interior finish but have gathered up a couple of bits of information that may help you on to the next step. First, I have attached a sedan trunk photo from an unknown source that shows a lot of detail. It looks authentic but may at least generate some comment. And, I have a number of photos of a parts convertible that I have in my possesion, it looks a lot like the sedan photo only in worse shape. The convertible side panels were not upholstered. There was a carpet panel, which I have, over the spare tire cover board. Bob H
  4. Gary: Not sure at all what you need but have attached a couple of pictures showing the headlight mounting set up, one from underneath and the other from the top. The headlight back-up plate is held to the support arm by a large diameter, short carriage bolt. The plate is attached to the sheet metal with 1/4" bolts evident in the top photo. The wiring goes through the big hole and the headlight mounting studs through the other three holes. Bob H
  5. I am in the final assembly phase on a nut and bolt restoration of a 1939 Special convertible coupe and have a ton of surplus 1939 parts including a Special sedan. And still need a few items. Live in Rainier, Oregon but we will be in Sacramento visiting family starting Friday the 14th. Perhaps we could meet and discuss what both of us have and what we need. Thanks, Bob H
  6. Northwest Transmission (Parts?), they have it all and are willing to help. Worked with them on my 1939 transmission. Bob H
  7. Bob H


    Oops! Shows you what I know about 1951 windshields, I assumed flat. Might not hurt to check with that local supplier anyhow, their specialty is glass for old cars. Bob H
  8. Greetings: Thought I would add my name to the great list of people offering support with 1939 Buick cars. Acquired my 1939 Special convertible coupe in 2013 and am currently in the final assembly stage of a meticulous frame-off nut and bolt restoration. Glad to help with any question that you may have. Also, I have acquired a ton of extra 1939 parts including a Special 4 door sedan parts car. Have most new sedan glass and new Steele weatherstripping for sedan. Rebuilt my transmission plus one for a friend and have a modest stock of transmission parts along with current experience. Too other many parts to list here, just ask if you need anything. FYI we are in Northwestern Oregon state about 3 hours down the interstate from Seattle. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood! Bob H
  9. Bob H


    Peninsula Glass in Vancouver, WA, actually another name but in the same building, made the glass for my 1939 convertible. Fantastic job right down to the 1939 manufacturer's logo and black edge on the vent window glass. Bob H
  10. Billy: If you can't save your tail light sockets I should have a couple of extra used ones in decent shape. Soak the whole assembly in Evaporust, the stuff performs miracles. FYI, and it's probably too late , but I have a new RI Wire rear harness for your car - $250 + shipping. Keep plugging, at my last estimate there are only about a million details to deal with while restoring one of these regal old queens. Bob H
  11. I think that the jaws of the puller are the problem rather than the device. Have to look but I ground a carriage bolt head to a shape that would go into the odd shaped holes in the steering wheel hub. I can dig them out, take a picture, and send it to you but you will probably have solved the dilemma by then. An old wrecking yard trick we used to use when no puller was available: remove the nut, crank the wheel hard over and hold it firmly against the stop, and try to hammer the wheel off with your fist. Doesn't always work but often enough that it is worth trying. I see that we are almost neighbors. I am in Rainier, Oregon but have family in Sacramento we visit fairly often. I mention this because I am deep into the restoration of a 1939 Special convertible and have accumulated a lot of parts that would be available to you without paying freight. Bob H
  12. FYI, the car sold for $5500 plus fees. The reserve was met at $5000 so it indeed did sell. The only hint to the buyer's identity was that Missouri is home. That could be a broker's base of operations. Hope it doesn't become a flood car! Bob H
  13. Found a nice 1990 parts convertible at a COPART auction in Sikeston, Missouri but it is just too far for me to go from Rainier, Oregon. Select 60 with only 12K miles. Blown airbag but it is probably repairable. Opportunity for someone closer. Bob H
  14. Running board supports could easily be modified to become stream board brackets. The mounting base and profiles are the same for both. Stream board supports are narrower across the flanges but that might not matter. At worst a little grinding would would be in order. The stream board brackets are shorter overall but again an easy fix. Slots for the carriage bolt hold downs are different but they could be cut in the proper place. Attached some photos FYI. The black powder-coated stream board brackets are for my project convertible. The running board brackets are available with a revision in the condition report. They all four have some damage. Tried to show the worst one in the photo with two only. The are all really solid and could easily be restored. Bob H
  15. 2carb40: Everyone trying to help has confused me but that's not hard to do. Do you need running board or stream board brackets? The set I offered fits running boards. Stream board brackets may simply be stream board brackets shortened and I can verify that since I have both. No stream board brackets for sale but I do have a complete set of restoreable stream boards including the brackets, spendy. Bob H