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    79 years old and quite active, lifelong automotive and mechanical things interests, serious do-it-yourselfer, recently built a new home. Couldn't find an old collector Buick at the price I wanted so I bought three 1939s; a sedan, a coupe, and a convertible coupe, all specials.

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  1. Bob H

    1939 Spec/Cent running Brd brackets

    Running board supports could easily be modified to become stream board brackets. The mounting base and profiles are the same for both. Stream board supports are narrower across the flanges but that might not matter. At worst a little grinding would would be in order. The stream board brackets are shorter overall but again an easy fix. Slots for the carriage bolt hold downs are different but they could be cut in the proper place. Attached some photos FYI. The black powder-coated stream board brackets are for my project convertible. The running board brackets are available with a revision in the condition report. They all four have some damage. Tried to show the worst one in the photo with two only. The are all really solid and could easily be restored. Bob H
  2. Bob H

    1939 Spec/Cent running Brd brackets

    2carb40: Everyone trying to help has confused me but that's not hard to do. Do you need running board or stream board brackets? The set I offered fits running boards. Stream board brackets may simply be stream board brackets shortened and I can verify that since I have both. No stream board brackets for sale but I do have a complete set of restoreable stream boards including the brackets, spendy. Bob H
  3. Bob H

    1939 Spec/Cent running Brd brackets

    I have a set but two of them are damaged. They are solid and good candidates for restoration. $60 plus shipping. I can take a photo or two if you want. Bob H
  4. Bob H

    1940 differential tool J 1365 needed

    When I needed a side bearing adjustment tool I made one out of material laying around. Not high tech but I used it and loaned to another Buick enthusiast. I'll most likely never use it again and I would gladly loan it out you pay the postage. Bob H
  5. Bob H

    Fixing a cracked manifold ?

    Is brazing a lost art? Cast iron brazes without much problem but must be clean to bare metal. Fit isn't critical as brass will fill large gaps. I was never able to make a brass bead pretty like a weld but it is easily ground to a decent looking job. There are high temperature epoxies but I don't think JB Weld is one of them. Bob H
  6. Bob H

    39 Buick linkage problem

    Don't need to go inside transmission! Looking at the bottom photo in Billy's post, that prominent hex near the center is actually part of the inner cable and threads into the shift selector shaft. Just screw it out to remove the cable but first loosen the retaining clip for the outer cable housing, just below the hex in the picture mentioned previously. With the cable frozen the entire assembly will have to turn when unscrewing the cable retainer hex. Be sure the other end of the cable is detached from the shift lever end, both inner and outer. And good luck, the inner cable will probably break. Bob H
  7. Who sells the tarpaper-like body panel insulation with the "waffle" pattern used on 1939 Special? Thanks, Bob H
  8. Bob H

    1939 headlight switch

    Sent a couple of 1939 light switch photos that might help you understand how it is put together. The terminal at the end of the wire has the contact built into it - the little round button off the side of the terminal near its end. The housing that the terminal snaps into has spring built into it that maintains pressure on the contact strip that moves when you pull the switch handle. The construction of the switch resembles a cheap post WW II tin toy and it may be coming apart. Bob H
  9. Just for the sake of curiosity I put the pictured 1939 panel light switch in an Evaporust bath overnight. The switch was frozen solid . The second picture may not look all that dramatic but the switch is now working. It cleaned up nicely with absolutely no damage. Another note on Evaporust: the manufacturer claims that a dip and then letting the part dry effectively blocks further rust, rinse it off with water when you want to refinish the part. Bought a 5 gallon bucket of the stuff at the start of my project and enthusiastically recommend it. Bob H
  10. MCHinson: Without chasing casting numbers, which can be unreliable, the pictured transmission is indeed for a 1939 Buick Special. Guaranteed! Don't believe it interchanges with anything else. BobH
  11. The quick ID trick for 1939 Special transmission would be the shift lever, it only has one. The selector operates via a cable to the end of the lever's shaft which travels in and out engage the shift forks. Most other column shift transmissions have two levers. I can take photos tomorrow if needed. Bob H
  12. Bob H

    39 Buick Special Gas Tank

    Is your convertible a running driving car or a project? I have a tank with a flaw that I had restored for my 1939 Special convertible coupe project. A place in Sacramento, California cleaned, straightened, and repaired the tank including coatings on the inside and outside and a lifetime warranty. Problem, when they soldered the filler neck back on they got the angle wrong and it touched the frame when we put it in. A simple fix would involve making a dent in the frame or the filler neck but my frame is powder coated and I am just too fussy for that solution. I had acquired a parts car that had a better tank than even the repaired one so I used that. That is the long way around to telling you that the tank is for sale, $300 as is, it looks brand new. We live in Rainier, Oregon 97048. Can take some pictures if you have any further interest. Also have a lot of 1939 Special parts including a parts convertible as well as a parts sedan. Feel free to inquire about any parts you may need, I am not a parts reseller but a hobbyist with surplus parts that I would like to see back in use. Rush orders are not part of my operation. Thanks, Bob H
  13. Bob H

    WTB 1939 Buick front bumper

    Pictures of 1939 Special front bumper and brackets, better shape than I remembered. The center guard is optional and included for $150 + freight. Anchor bolt is bad on the center guard. Our area code is 97048 if you want to try to calculate freight yourself. Bumper length is 67 inches. Bob H
  14. Bob H

    WTB 1939 Buick front bumper

    Greetings: I'll need to look but think I have what you need for 1939 Special. We are in Rainier, Oregon so freight will be spendy. I'll get a picture for you. Also have many other 1939 Special parts. Bob H
  15. My old MOTORS manual says caster on 1939 series 40 and 60 should be negative 7/8 of a degree, camber positive 3/8 of a degree, and 1/32 of an inch toe in. Bob H