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  1. I just removed a perfectly running 262 from my 1949 Super Six and would like to sell it complete with the 3 spd trans and overdrive.Engine was running absolutely perfectly right up until it was removed, clutch is good, overdrive works fine, does not use oil or smoke. Engine removed for transplant. I can send a video of it starting and running if you leave me your email.
  2. Anybody? Surely someone out there has one...even in rough condition?? Thank you
  3. I need an original air cleaner for my 1936 Buick Roadmaster. Here is a pic of what it should look like. Any condition will be considered and if it helps, I could pick it up at Hershey next month. Thank you
  4. Yes, I did. Persistence paid off and I finally found the man that had the parts I needed. Thank you Old Car Parts!
  5. 40 series is too short, 90 series is too long. Haven't heard from OldCarParts. The search goes on!
  6. I keep getting notices that I have activity on this post. I am awaiting a response from Old Car Parts in regard to the 75 5/8" piece he said he found and would pm me about. I am getting no response either posted here or in regards to my pm I have sent him. Am I missing something?
  7. Old Car Parts, haven't heard from you, what happened?
  8. Thanks MrEarl, I am determined. if the job on the running boards wasn't so perfect I would be doubly frustrated but they look great even without the trim, I would just like to make them look correct. these last posts by OldCarParts got me excited and I hope there is still a chance he has some 75" pieces, I am attaching a pic of the end of the one piece I have already. Keep in mind that I could accept another design if it is two great 75" matching pieces. Thanks everyone
  9. Thanks Bill, you trim piece looks exactly like mine as far as pattern, but surprisingly it looks exactly like the tip of the piece I was going to have "fixed" by a friend who ruined while attempting to weld/fill the screw hole. That is why I need only one. The 75" length is the biggest aspect to overcome in my search, so if someone comes up with a 75" piece the pattern is secondary, you can see from previous posts that my car is completely done except for this trim.