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  1. I think disposable is the operative word. It was about that time that the general attitude regarding cars (and all consumer goods) was really starting to change from maintenance and repair to replacement.
  2. Glad you were able to get the job done. The ‘39 Buick team is just an informal group of that have or had ‘39’s and put that in under our name on this forum. Nothing required other than that. It’s just a name and something that identifies you as an owner of these mostly one year only cars.
  3. Sounds familiar. Our daily is a 2002 with no intent to swap it out. We grocery shop with a meal list on payday every 2 weeks and spend right at $250 every 2 weeks to feed the entire family. We don’t ever eat out either unless we are on vacation. We do take 2 weeks worth of great vacations and several camping trips per year. That’s all budgeted. We don’t go to movies when they are soon $1.49 at Red Box. I tell the kids we can eat McDonalds and Five Guys every week and go see new movies or we can go to Disney. They get it. My collector car spending/restoration budget and practices are well documented on here. I fully restored my car, paint, interior, and all, for less than $15,000 and I still have a few thousand in extra parts to sell. I have a rule, I don’t buy anything I don’t truly need unless I can resell for the same or more. I bought our old pop up camper for $2500 4 years ago that I am selling for $4000. The new used one I bought Friday books for $13,300 and I paid $8700. I can use it for 5 years and still come out even/ahead. The are ways to participate in this great hobby of a person puts it as a priority. If not, that’s ok, but don’t choose to spend on other things and then say the hobby it too expensive. It’s always a choice. We all make different ones.
  4. Taxes are really low here. The reason there aren’t as many cars is because of the population and general content among many to live paycheck to paycheck. When you are the opposite of that, it works well for stretching a dollar.
  5. But your property is amazing, at least what you have shown us in your shop thread. It makes more sense to have an amazing property than, say, a depreciating truck. I see that backwards situation all the time. We all do. Someone with higher car payments than their house. That’s a quick way to get nowhere.
  6. Which is why people shouldn’t live in places like that if they aren’t making enough. It’s all a choice and where they put their priorities. I chose a decent career in a place where my dollar goes farther.
  7. I support my family of 5 for less than $69,000 a year. I can tell you where every penny I make goes. It can be done if you budget and live in an area with a low cost of living. I just paid cash for a barely used camper yesterday. Debt free other than the mortgage.
  8. If the interest is high enough, the cars are affordable.
  9. Looks fantastic! The house and the shop. As a property insurance adjuster, I can confirm the stated life expectancy of any particular shingle is 99% meaningless. They are only as good as person handling and installing them.
  10. The first step is contacting you local DMV/ Clerk’s office to ask them what you need to do. Every locale is different.
  11. Such a grand car! I bet she’s smiling the whole way just like you are.
  12. The “fad” around here is to leave your headlights off in the dark and rain, while having ridiculously bright and completely illegal led off road lights on during the day. Nobody understands the responsibility that comes with driving a vehicle on a public road.
  13. Crank assemblies? Do they crank in the Roadmasters vs. slide? Is this what you are looking for https://www.ebay.com/itm/1939-1940-Buick-NEW-Rear-1-4-window-tracks-BR6/113762293174?epid=1153072187&hash=item1a7cc2d5b6:g:VKoAAOSwb7RcmUtd I have my old spares out of my original car (Special-not sure if they are the same), but they are very rusted and rough-especially compared to those.
  14. It goes way beyond the manufacturers themselves. It’s all the suppliers, truck drivers, aftermarket accessory companies, dealerships, the list goes on and on. They would all lose jobs.