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  1. Great work! The reason they all rust there is because the metal is double walled and everything gets collected in there.
  2. I am a property insurance adjuster. Policies and coverages differ by state and carrier. Generally, fire is covered, regardless of how it started (unless it can be proven that you burned down your own house intentionally, and even then, the mortgage company usually still gets paid). Many policies have loss of use coverage. I have no idea about how this is covered in Oregon, but it should be similar to other states. State laws and statutes regulate personal insurance.
  3. The 1990 Corvette Festival Cars have a strange story. The actual pace car that year was the Chevrolet Beretta, but they wanted a convertible, which did not exist. GM tried to make a few Beretta convertibles in quick order that were quickly deemed unsafe at speed, so these Corvette Indy Festival cars were made in this color, and yellow.
  4. He’s up to 6,700 miles now headed back to NH. He repacked the wheel bearings in a hotel parking lot a few days ago. He also created a blowback tube with water bottles and duct tape so it wouldn’t get into the cab so easy. Sounds like typical 1930s travel to me.
  5. Terry, if you look at eBay sold items, lower graded versions of that card normally sell in the $100’s. Grading is everything. If you have one that you think can grade high, it pays in spades to have it done. The professional grading and authentication companies (PSA, JSA, and Beckett are the top 3) keep databases and know exactly how many are out there that have been graded. If this is the only 5.5 and none are higher, it could easily be worth $1000. If a 6.0 turns up, it goes back to $200 though.
  6. My work uses Truly Nolen pest control. I had no idea they had a history in our world of old cars. They advertise on the radio here constantly. They have a “custom” beetle here as their “mascot” car. https://www.trulynolen.com/franchise/location/kentucky/lexington-pest-control Here is their “about us” Yes, there really was a man named Truly! Truly Nolen was founded by Truly Wheatfield Nolen in Miami, Florida in 1938. His son, Truly David Nolen, joined forces with him after graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Entomology. Together, t
  7. The only person who would think it is rude is the seller who doesn’t have the receipt. They act like that in an attempt to make you think you did something wrong, deflecting from the fact they can’t support their claims.
  8. The very back window looks small like a 60, but the back door glass looks long like the green 90. Maybe because the brown car is not a straight side shot, it’s making the rear door glass look shorter on that car.
  9. Based on those photos it looks like a 90 to me. The rear door glass is as long/longer than the front door in the subject car. What bothers me is when someone is selling a nice vehicle yet doesn’t know what engine it has. There is no such thing as a “Vortex” 350. It’s a Vortec. If nothing else, a period correct steering wheel of sorts would help immensely.
  10. That’s how the local online auctions houses do it. I imagine a lot are like that. They probably use the same software.
  11. It’s very easy to find what you are looking for, if you know how to use the search tools.
  12. When my Grandpa came back from WWII he said he wanted a Packard. He said it was because his father always wanted a Packard. Neither ever had one. I want one because I can say it’s because they wanted one 😀.
  13. My wife has auto-immune problems and my daughter has heart and lung concerns. We stayed at motels and ate at restaurants. We purposely chose destinations with low rates of the virus. We had originally planned a trip to Arizona, but, due to their infection rate, changed to a secluded place in the Rocky Mountains instead. We wore masks as required and kept hand sanitizer nearby. We took extra cleaning supplies to use clean the rooms with before we unloaded and stayed anywhere. We all take risks everyday, and I feel this is a risk that can be well mitigated with proper precautions. We trav
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