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  1. A pig compared to what? I have a company car Traverse and with 300 HP and nearly 300 Lb/ft (much like your Enclave had) it moves along nicely with the 3.6. I also get over 30mpg on the highway in it. Not bad for an 8 passenger "suv." Most every new vehicle produced scoots along better than most anything from the past.
  2. That tailgate is a part of a package bundle that is $4000–a big time cost. Get this, many people can’t even use it because it hits the hitch insert when you try to put it down, damaging the paint and finish on the tailgate. Big time error when designing it. You can’t use the step tailgate with a hitch in the receiver, and you don’t know it until you damage your tailgate. They put a sticker on the side to tell people. What a joke. https://www.google.com/amp/gmauthority.com/blog/2019/06/gmc-sierra-multipro-tailgate-hits-hitch-when-fully-extended-video/amp/
  3. It’s not necessary to look at a button or knob. You just reach and feel it. You never need to take your eyes off the road. You push or turn it and it does what it’s supposed to do the same way every time. With a touch screen the “buttons” all look and feel the same.
  4. I will just say that I despise touch screens in cars. You have to look at them to operate them, unlike buttons that you can feel. Very unsafe. The only saving grace for me is that the cars that have them are merely company cars for me. I have to deal with them, but at least I'm not paying for them. Give me a radio and an antenna please. I also don't want my radio interrupted by a telephone call. Our daily driver is a 2002 model. That is all.
  5. My next car will be a C4 ZR1 in anything but red, black, or white.
  6. Of course. But they can be moved (or not) a little with a jack to determine if there is any slop.
  7. My only other idea would be the torque ball.
  8. It won’t slide, but yes the nut is what holds it on. Might have to bang it out.
  9. Hopefully that is what it is. The torque ball bushing is a lot more work to change because you have to pull the rear end back to separate it all in there. That part is also available from Bob’s.
  10. Yes, they are a huge hex shaped bolt with rubber vulcanized around it. You might be able to move it by hand. You could also put a jack under the trailing arms and see if they move there. One of my cars had garden hose fragments shoved in there to sure it up.
  11. Just a stab at it, but a common problem exists when the torque tube bushings wear out. The bolt that goes through them will bang on the frame and/or trailing arms (yellow arrows, not a difficult job). Also it cause cause the universal joint in the torque to bang and rub the inside of the tube since there is slip (circled in red). If this is the problem, replacing them would/should fix it. Just a couple of ideas. The bushings are sold by Bob’s Automobilia, if that is the problem.
  12. I cut mine out of one of these. You can get used ones for free from any heavy truck repair or body shop. They are similar in thickness and composition to what was on my car.
  13. The contour of the attachment point sure looks like a 1939 Buick bumper contour.
  14. Does it have the front frame spots like the Buick’s do? They are perfect.