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  1. 39BuickEight

    1939 Buick Special in Alaska

    It even has the running board trim, nice! That's the most difficult part to find on these.
  2. 39BuickEight

    Shipping/Postage costs

    I had a German buyer respond saying if I ship a part to a Florence, KY address, he would take care of the rest. There is a giant UPS hub in Florence, so I figured that was what he was using. No idea, but it all worked well. I sent there, and he ended up getting it.
  3. 39BuickEight

    Shipping/Postage costs

    I shipped an entire 1939 bumper from KY to Vegas recently for $42 FedEx ground. Granted it did not weigh 30 lbs, but it was long and awkward.
  4. 39BuickEight

    '39 plate decode

    Yeah I’ve seen that. I’ll do what I usually do, keep watching sites like this and eBay until I find a better price. It’s worked on everything else so far.
  5. 39BuickEight

    '39 plate decode

    I’m in the market for one of those standard bumper guards myself. For now I’m just not putting them on. One by itself obviously looks completely silly.
  6. 39BuickEight

    1939 Buick Special in Alaska

    Thanks for posting from AK! That’s one of the 7 states I haven’t been to yet. Check out Gary’s restoration too. The techniques and ideas he describes and documents are very applicable to ‘39’s as well, plus he is a much better craftsman than I. My car is back at the painter for a few final touch ups and for the wheels to be painted red. I bought material at Michaels to finish up the interior. That is my next, and final, big project.
  7. 39BuickEight

    Rust Valley Restorers , a new low ?

    These car shows are often not meant for auto enthusiasts. We are not the target market. They are meant for people who find this sort of thing entertaining. If you don’t like a show, it’s because it’s not a show that was made for you to like. It was made for someone else. Turn the channel.
  8. 39BuickEight

    1939Buick Sport Coupe Emergency brake cable

    The short chassis wouldn't affect the brake cable as the axles are still in the same spot. The only thing attached to the extended part of the frame are the bumper and 2 bolts for the very rear of the body.
  9. Personally, “disgusting” is not a term I have ever used when referring to enjoying vehicles and their history. I would replace it with a term such as “curious,” then read this thread and learn something about cars that I may not have known before. Mission accomplished.
  10. 39BuickEight

    1939 lasalle

    Are they different than the Buick headliner and seat cover?
  11. 39BuickEight

    Buick Eight Special Model 41 1939 War History

    The fender welt on 1939’s goes all the way around the rear fender and only on the bottom end of the rear of the front fender. Aka, It goes only where the fenders attach to the car body itself.
  12. 39BuickEight

    Buick Eight Special Model 41 1939 War History

    I noticed the welt too Earl. I thought maybe its just the way the old photo looks and its not actually there, but then it wouldn't match the newer photo.
  13. 39BuickEight

    How would you fix this car?

    How would I fix this car? I would find a parts car and sell the xtras, coming out even or ahead. That would not be easy or quick, but that's how I operate, slow and steady.
  14. 39BuickEight

    What car is in this photo ?

    Not the Hudson mentioned-door handle in the wrong place and the front fenders are more square in the initial photo.
  15. 39BuickEight

    Torque ball leather

    I used some canvas type material from Michaels for my shift boot on the side of the transmission.