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  1. There are plenty of high dollar items that can’t be driven that people purchase. I for one would rather have this in the foyer of my imaginary mansion than some piece of random art.
  2. Truly outstanding cars always sell. Is your car that?
  3. Neat! You might already know, but my 1939 just has a regular lever hidden on the bottom front. I like yours better.
  4. Does an additive like Sta-Bil lessen the evaporative quality of modern fuel by any measurable or meaningful amount?
  5. I use old cotton sheets. Keeps the dust and random insect debris off.
  6. All you have to do is fill out an incomplete title transfer form. I did this with a motorcycle that the person never registered. I am in KY also.
  7. Sounds like me with my dome light. Every time I did anything to the lights or under the dash, it quit working. I finally found the loose connection. I thought I had it fixed several times and was very frustrated. You are infinitely smarter than I when it comes to this stuff, so I have confidence you will get it done. p.s. My fresh water pump install is dripping. Let’s get together for a drink!
  8. It says “Harbor Freight will notify owners.” I wonder how they are planning to do that? Mine are over 15 years old and they have no idea I have them because they were a gift. I will have to check the part numbers, if they are even still on there. edit: I read on another page this only goes back to 2013, so maybe mine are good? I would say they are, based on using them for a long time. edit:well, guess what. Mine look exactly like those but says Sears on them. Must be a popular design that another manufacturer started using after Sears went away.
  9. Looks like I have a rear wheel cylinder leaking. That would explain the disappearance of the brake fluid. It left a spot this morning, and when I looked I could see something has been leaking on the tire, so slowly it never left a mark on the ground until now—just left run lines all around the inside of the tire. Also, does anyone have a copy of a chassis lubrication chart? My owners manual specifically says it’s in the back of the book, but it’s not.
  10. To help compensate for the gearing in the drivetrain.
  11. I did! Put the first few miles on the car in what has to be 40-50 years.
  12. Ha! Studying the gauges. Making sure everything was as expected.
  13. Thanks! Slow and steady wins the race. One car every 10 years is plenty for me to handle.