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  1. I’m partial to my Solstice Coupe—to me the most beautiful vehicle GM has produced in the past half century, and a car they quit making after 1266 copies because of the Pontiac situation. Supposedly they considered badging it as a Chevrolet after 2010, but they already had multiple Chevy 2 door rear wheel drive sports cars.
  2. I only remember a few from my early days (up to 1987 in suburban Lexington, KY when we moved out to the country and didn't have neighbors). My best friend's dad was a Mercedes guy and drove a brown early 80's Mercedes sedan forever. There was a 1980's Ford truck at one house that seemingly never moved. I also recall one friend's parents having a couple 1980ish Cadillacs. They were much older than the rest of the people on the street. Her mom and dad adopted her when they were in their late 60's. I was so consumed with my father's cool projects (1961 Vette, 1973 Vette, 1978 Vette) and big lifted Chevy trucks and Blazers that I didn't really pay attention to the daily drivers around the neighborhood.
  3. Collectors keep things organized and clean. They can collect old, rusty, and broken things, but they are still organized and clean. Collectors know what they have. Hoarders do the opposite. They often don’t even know what they have, and certainly don’t take the time to keep things clean and organized.
  4. They make me look presentable, that’s for sure!
  5. I just bought my Solstice Coupe last month. Very fun.
  6. Sure they will. My father started restoring his 1967 Nova in 1990. That would be like starting a restoration on a 2000 model in 2023. That said, there are infinitely less people with many fewer resources available to do such projects as there were even in 1990. Paint and chrome are becoming relatively unaffordable in many cases, and parts suppliers are slowly being shut down or consolidated. It’s at a point already where it doesn’t make a lot of sense, except for unique situations, to restore “normal” cars.
  7. There are random parts availability problems in all sorts of places right now. Restoration, aftermarket, insurance claims, everything. It seems a little random though as to what is delayed. I’m an auto insurance adjuster and restorer.
  8. Took my ladies for a ride today
  9. In my humble opinion, as a prewar 4 door Buick owner, any offer over $20,000 would be a great one. I think something in the $15,000 range might be more realistic.
  10. You will have to point out where he said the red was iconic. All I see is him saying black and gold eagle is, which is true for many people.
  11. My first thought is someone replaced their factory Toyota/Lexus badge with a version of an F-Sport badge.
  12. Hagerty has a category that allows you to drive it more than just to shows and in parades. Maybe your less than 6000 miles fits there?
  13. I’ve been to a few Indy speedway races, though not the Indy 500. Fun events l, that I prefer to NASCAR because you can actually carry on a conversation with those around you. They are relatively much quieter and, fewer in number. That said, as far as in-person motorsports, nothing beats NHRA Top Fuel. The feeling is indescribable, and the events are very spectator friendly. A ticket gets you basically anywhere you want to go.
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