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  1. Many years ago when my dad used my '49 Ford pickup in his auto repair business he installed a additional 12 volt system to do two things, jump start customers cars and to use to add extra umph to the starter on cold Wisconsin mornings when the truck didn't want to start on the 6 volt system. I tore the 12 volt system out when I restored the truck 25 years ago. He had a 12 volt generator mounted on a piece of steel plate bolted to the top of the flat six engine and used a 12 volt starter solenoid to send 12 volts to the starter using a push button on the steering column to activate it.
  2. I didn't mean to chase anyone off this discussion. I just made a comment and an observation. I'm sure there are many who are interested in the process. The best way to promote it would be on this board.
  3. Whenever I see someone doing this kind of major modification to a car I have to wonder what would happen if this failed and caused an accident. How would the government and the insurance companies handle this? I'm also kind of surprised by the reaction of the members of this board. When I first came on 10 years ago after buying my beater '37 Special I was attacked because I wasn't keeping my car totally stock. I even got some really nasty private messages from member telling me I shouldn't have gotten the car if I wasn't going to keep it stock. This is a major modification. Ma
  4. Anyone need a crankshaft from a '37 248? Its free or going to the scrap yard. It's free if you can pick it or arrange for all packaging and shipping. I can make a wood crate and deliver it to anyplace within 25 miles of my location for $50 Located north of Milwaukee, WI
  5. I am usually on the Pre-war Buick board. I have a '37 and three Bonus Built Ford trucks but I've always had an interest in IH trucks since I was a kid and my dad bought a use '64 IH Travelall ex-police ambulance. Anyways, a person posted pictures of this truck on Facebook and I am really interested if anyone here would have any information on it. The posted only posted the following: "The first Connecticut State Police armored vehicle, in its current condition. So overweight, they ran dual wheels up front to distribute it. "
  6. I was very curious to see if the museum truck could be the same truck, how many 1922 Buick truck would have been made? I got a very nice reply back from the museum:
  7. In 50 years a lot could have been changed on the truck. Maybe the truck wasn't very original in 1970 and I'd bet no matter where it is now it probably doesn't look now like what it did back then. I'm not saying the trucks are the same truck but I would think within the last 50 years it most likely was torn down and redone. If it's still around I'd bet it doesn't look much like it did 50 years ago especially if it was bought by a person or place, like a museum, who would want to get it back to as close to factory specs as possible. I would suggest calling the museum and asking wh
  8. Ted, have you checked out the 1922 Buick truck at the The Sapulpa Historical Society in Sapulpa, OK? Looks pretty close to your dad's truck. A lot can change in 50 years. http://www.sapulpahistoricalsociety.com/volunteers.shtml Check out the bracing at the back end of the truck.
  9. Keep an eye on Craigslist. I use Google and tend to find some decent looking cars on there. Most are street rods or overpriced projects but every so often a gem will show up. You will probably have to travel to get one unless you're lucky enough to find one in your back yard.
  10. I was told ‘38 Limiteds had the windshield trim. Maybe not all of large models had it. I’ve found pictures of ‘38s but no 37s.
  11. I found an ad for stainless windshield trim listed for a 1937 Buick. I've never seen a '37 with stainless windshield trim. I was told '38 Limiteds had them. I've found pictures on the net of '38s iwith the trim. Specials share windshield rubber with '37 Lasalles and I've seen a few on the net with the trim. I was wondering if possibly people used the Lasalle trim to dress up their Buicks.
  12. Is the U joint the same for all models? An article in the Torque Tube stated you can use a Model A U joint for the 40 model. They're fairly easy to get.
  13. I know of a person who had a new tank made, I don't know if he's member here or not. http://www.rockvalleyantiqueautoparts.com/ndex.htm Chevs from the '40s has Chevy gas tanks that look like they might fit, https://www.chevsofthe40s.com/detail/16121/Chevrolet_Gas_Tank_Steel_Original_Style_Except_3Passenger.html. This one is for a '37, it's about 3" wider than the stock Buick tank. I was lucky enough to find an NOS tank on eBay a few years back for $100. I just did a search for "gas tank" Here's a drawing of the origin
  14. A person wrote in an old issue of the Torque Tube that he used a rebuild kit for a Model A that was an exact fit. A Model A part is a lot easier to find than a Buick part, and a lot cheaper. Mac's Auto has a rebuilt kit listed Part #: 28-24277-1 for $45.30. I would assume you would have a Model A supplier over on your side of the big pond http://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_model_a/model-a-ford-universal-joint-rebuild-kit-9-pieces.html
  15. I can see phasing out the trunk back because ot the poor cast hinges of the trunk back. They deteriorate badly and break easily. Just think the truck back makes the cars looks classier, maybe because it makes the car look longer.
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