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  1. I check the forum for updates often, I haven't had much response after 2 months so thought I would renew some interest. My situation is still the same.
  2. Looks like mine? Is there another piece I need? The cylinder is also larger than a non locking handle?
  3. Not familiar with Jerry Kurtz, do you have his number? Thanks for the info.
  4. I have a 35 Studebaker Dictator and my second gear is noisy and pops out of gear when going uphill. I'm assuming I need new synchronizers or thro out bearing. Where would be a good source for transmission parts. Anybody have a nice used one for sale? Any other ideas as to the problem? Third gear is very quiet. Thanks Doug
  5. Thanks, I just like taking it out for a drive, probably a few shows.
  6. Getting back to my 35 Studebaker Funeral Coach restoration. Just put my first leatherette insert on the roof, came out pretty good I think. Mounted some Spartan horns. Doing some last minute tweaks before upholstery. A lot of the 35 Studebaker adds are mine looking to improve my car. Here are some updated pictures.
  7. Found a locking door handle for my 35 Studebaker. Looks like my handle but doesn't seem compatible. Was the door design different for a locking door handle, I thought I could just swap one out for the other?
  8. Looking for a locking door handle with key. Right side mount fender and parts for side mount tire. 35 Studebaker Dictator. Thanks
  9. Not sure but the fourth one down looks like it might be it?
  10. Still looking for a clock and radio for my 35 Studebaker? Sidemount Dictator right fender and hardware?
  11. Looks like its a 4.27 axle ratio. Gear 185136 Pinion 185137 19teeth.
  12. Does anyone sell the gear in the transmission that operates the speedometer cable?
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