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  1. I was thinking that I didn't like the red wheels, but I bet that the problem is that those 15" wheels, added a some later time.
  2. That's a fascinating photo of a very early helicopter. I hate to think of what eventually precipitated the decision to shield (enclose) the pilot from the blade. Ouch!
  3. No, this one is not from a Dodge. It's definitely off of a '36 Plymouth. This headlight mounts to the fender, alongside the grille. Dodge headlights mount to the sides of the grille shell. Also, the mounts for this headlight have the three horizontal raised stripes, a chevron, of sorts, on the front. That little embellishment marks it as having come originally on a '36 Plymouth model P2. '36 Plymouth: '36 Dodge:
  4. Here's a link to a '37 Plymouth coupe for sale near Chicago. It's not cheap, but I post it because it's in nice original condition. It's refreshing to see a car that hasn't been messed with once in a while:
  5. I think that you have a handle on it all. I suppose that for real clarity, a Canadian, such as yourself, might do best to think of these great Chrysler products in terms of model designations -- D2, D3 and D4, especially if you're dealing with a seller who is at a distance.
  6. I've mentioned this before elsewhere on these forums, but that gap between the rear of the engine and the firewall on Dodges is simply the result of the Dodges having a three inch longer wheelbase than the Plymouths. Because they both share identical basic bodies and the same length 23 1/2" blocks, the basic frames were nearly identical from the firewall back. So, the Dodge frames had to be three inches longer somewhere, right? That point is immediately in front of the firewall. That's why Dodge front fenders are three inches longer than Plymouths, not that it keeps guys from trying desperately to interchange them. Likewise the Dodge hood is three inches longer than the Plymouths.
  7. Had John Dillinger lived a few months longer, he certainly would have "acquired" a speedy little '35 coupe like this one.
  8. We Minnesotans miss Daytons, but Target is a great corporate citizen that we take pride in.
  9. I recall the T.H.E club, though it's been decades. It was short-lived. Born out of disagreements and frustration with the management of the H.E.T. (Hudson, Essex, Terraplane Club).
  10. They added an extra three inches to the Plymouth frame just ahead of the firewall to make the longer wheelbase used on the Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler models.
  11. I should have addressed Plymouth fenders, but forgot. Plymouths fenders look similar, but are three inches shorter because the Plymouth wheelbase is three inches shorter. I've seen lots of cases of people trying to interchange them. It simply doesn't work.
  12. There are other fenders that will fit the '36 Dodge correctly, but they must be used with the original Dodge "catwalks". They are '36 Dodge pickups, '36 DeSoto and '36 Chrysler Airstreams. The problem with the pickup fender is that the right one comes with a fender well that you may not want. The Chrysler fender, and maybe the DeSoto, comes with a hole along the bottom edge where a longer running board molding was once mounted. It's a simple matter to weld that up. "37 fenders are a different shape and not a bolt on. '35 fenders may or may not bolt on, but they lack the distinctive looking fender bead.
  13. I don't know how relevant this is, but I know from my years in the apparel industry guys just wont wear green. Maybe they wont drive green either.
  14. No, Rusty, you were right. Geez, we're talking Nashes-no high dollar investment involved. Sell it and buy the one he wants.