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  1. While I remarked that white pre war cars make me laugh (the white paint always devalues cars so much), I didn't mean to criticize white cars that came that way from the factory.
  2. White pre war sedans make me laugh. I'm always sure that the owners daughter recently got married.
  3. I don't know how relevant this is, but I know from my years in the apparel industry guys just wont wear green. Maybe they wont drive green either.
  4. No, Rusty, you were right. Geez, we're talking Nashes-no high dollar investment involved. Sell it and buy the one he wants.
  5. Matt, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the 40 series Buicks. I think that some of the Specials, like this one, are particularly handsome. I've endured, however, the sound of engines cranking at higher RPM than I'd like so often before, that just wouldn't own another vintage car that wasn't capable of freeway speed with ease. I'm sure that many folks don't have to travel at that speed as frequently as I do. I live in the Twin Cities and while they are far from being large, they have more than their share of freeways in, around, through and between them. In short, it's difficult to get anywhere without spending time on a freeway. Speaking of Melanie, did you ever get her station wagon sorted out to your satisfaction? What was it again -- a '56 Chrysler?
  6. Gentlemen, please forgive my question asked out of ignorance -- Isn't the issue that makes 40 series Buicks truly less valuable is their limited freeway speed?
  7. I just came across a reference to Fieros on a current thread. I had already forgotten about the marque until now. I never saw a lot of Fieros, even when new, but I recall vividly seeing two that were broken in two behind the driver's seat. I'm curious to know, not that it's very important, if this was a well known flaw and ,thus, why they disappeared. Anyone have any thoughts?
  8. Bleakness prevails. It seems to me that the German recession would hit you folks hard whether you are Brex-in or Brex-out.
  9. Yeah, I found one right away on Google Images.
  10. Its fascinating to me how installing big orange fog lamps in place of the iconic Cadillac below-headlight emblems just makes this car look so very different.
  11. Here's a link to vanderbrink auctions:
  12. Thank you both. I'm sure that seller will be grateful.
  13. I came across a C/L ad for a hood and ornament for sale. The seller speculated that it might be off of a '32 Studebaker. I knew that it was newer than '32, so I posted it on the Studebaker forum just to help it find a home. Someone there said that they didn't think that it was for a Studebaker at all. So, here's a link to the ad. If you have an idea as to what it's off of, please say so and I'll let the seller know: