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  1. I said Oregon beacuse it has Oregon plates.
  2. There's also a pretty '47 on ebay. What do you guys know about this one from Oregon?|1000|2500
  3. Here's a link to a C/L ad for '46 Hudson Big Boy pick up truck that's for sale in near Nampa, ID. Ad copy: Rust free, extra grill pieces and all molding Not running but inline 6. Firm at this price.
  4. If it came out of a coupe, it's likely a 3:90 ratio.
  5. I wrote a too long post about hypocrisy and irony regarding what "Al Capone" wrote earlier in this thread. When I realized that was no longer with us, either in spirit or reality, I deleted it all. I thought, why continue to torture this distasteful subject?
  6. I'm sorry. I really meant to put a question mark at the end of my sentence.
  7. '49 or so Olds hood ornament with the center insert missing.
  8. To complement the '39 New Yorker that I started this thread with, here's a sharp '39 DeSoto opera coupe for sale on C/L in WI. It's a shame that at $16,500 it comes with wooden running boards and purple paint. Note the chevron tail lights a year before Ford had them:
  9. Curti, would you Would you be as cavalier if instead of the car being a mere '39 Chrysler it was a '35 Auburn Phaeton on an S10 frame? We're all just custodians of our treasures no matter how humble they may be.
  10. I feel terrible about leaving a smiley face. I honestly thought you were kidding.
  11. I'm sure that you're right about that, Peter, and I wouldn't have had any better idea even if some Chrysler designer had asked me. (time travel involved there.) Still, I like the grille lots more than I'm bothered by the bumper.
  12. It seems to me that there is just one too many elements up front on these Chryslers. I think that the two horizontal bars in the center of the bumper detract from or conflicts with the neat waterfall grille. Here simpler might have been better:
  13. I should add that I know that the model name is printed toward the front of the hood vent insert that I'm talking about, but it never shows well in photographs
  14. Yes there are always plenty of '37 and '38 Buicks for sale. And they are always for sale by guys who aren't sure of the model. I wanted to have a way to tell the difference by simply looking. I asked on these Buick forums, but no one had an answer, except that you can tell a Roadmaster 4dr from a Century or Special 4dr body by the forward slant of the "C" pillar above the beltline.There just isn't enough distinction in the length of the front fenders or hood to make a clear call. Also, the cars are often photographed at a three quarter view or in sheds or garages, which skews the perspective. Given the fact that the senior models had longer wheelbases, I figured that there simply must be some sort of "tell" somewhere. That's when I pulled up a couple of side view pictures from Google Images -- one a Special 4dr and one a Century 4dr. I placed them on the same screen, one above the other and studied them. The difference in space on either side of the hood vent insert wasn't obvious at first, but in time it showed. The trouble is that if the car has side mounts you're out of luck. '38 Buick Special: 1938 Buick Century: 1938 Buick Roadmaster: