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  1. Hudsy Wudsy

    New trimmer in the works

    I forgot to mention the huge change is was when Singer and others came out with DC servo motors for household machines. It was just amazing to stuff as much leather as possible under the presser feet and watch the needle pass through at any speed you desired. Most customers were astonished.
  2. Hudsy Wudsy

    New trimmer in the works

    I managed several Singer retail stores in the seventies and usually had almost no contact with industrial machines. On the few occasions that I did, I learned very quickly that there were capable of scaring the hell out of me. I honestly got my tie under the presser foot one my first try. Even for me who had been around top of the line retail machines for quite a while, there was a lot of new coordination to learn. I wouldn't make any changes to your machine just yet. Just keep playing with it -- stopping fast, starting again as slow as you can. After stopping, get used to leaving the needle in your scrap fabric so that you can pivot your work and start again. It's not like using your foot on a gas pedal, but you'll adjust to the nuance in short order. Many others have before you. Servo motors are wonderful because they provide such high torque at a crawl, but it's not something you have to do right away.
  3. Matt, as I look at that I honestly don't know if that's the stuff of dreams, or sleepless nights. Clearly an awesome responsibility, at any rate.
  4. I could go on and on making old guy jokes, but the truth of the matter is I've always found it heartwarming to listen seniors reminisce. You're doing a very nice service to your fellow man by being so welcoming.
  5. Geez, Matt, it looks like crochety old guys abound! If only you could figure out how to make "Meals on Wheels" part of your business model.
  6. Failure due to under capitalization isn't negative thinking as in "doom and gloom". It's the cold, hard reality that has sent many a good man into bankruptcy court.
  7. Hudsy Wudsy

    Gene Autry 1936 movie: masking identity of '36 Ford

    Yeah, compared to cars with inline sixes and eights, the V8 Fords definitely looked snub nosed. On the other hand, I always thought that they were particularly cute, despite the abbreviated nose.
  8. Hudsy Wudsy

    Gene Autry 1936 movie: masking identity of '36 Ford

    The hub caps on the green roadster were also a popular dress up item, but I don't remember much about them.
  9. Hudsy Wudsy

    Gene Autry 1936 movie: masking identity of '36 Ford

    They're not made of pine. I'm guessing that tomcarnut means that they were made by the Pines Company, more commonly know as manufactures of the "Pines Winter Front" which was an after market accessory device which controlled the heat of the engine coolant by blocking and/or diminishing the amount of fresh air passing through the radiator of a car. Here's a Google image of the winter front: Here's a Google Image of the '36 Ford accessory grille and hood trim:
  10. I've known countless guys over the years try to turn their beloved hobby into a business. The result is usually heartbreak and disillusionment. Under capitalization and market indifference are the two most common killers of dreams.
  11. Hudsy Wudsy

    wiring up the instrument cluster 1936 Plymouth

    In my experience I've found that the high beam switch contacts can become corroded over time. I've taken them apart and cleaned them on occasion, but in a pinch, just pressing the foot switch repeatedly can often be all that's needed to get headlights back on long enough to get home.
  12. This is on C/L in WI:
  13. That's an outstanding coral -- so much more intense than Ford or GMs offerings. Nobody did colors like Chrysler in the fifties.
  14. Hudsy Wudsy

    visit of " Cordes sur ciel " in France

    The moss covered lanes are exquisitely beautiful. Thank you for posting these photos. I have to wonder, though, if moss covered cobblestones on such slopes aren't particularly treacherous in the rain.
  15. Hudsy Wudsy

    1936 Chrysler Airstream

    It likely never came with fender skirts to begin with.