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  1. Hudsy Wudsy

    L-37 Fender lights

    Gary, If you go to Google and type in "1937 Oldsmobile" and click on "Images" you'll see dozens of pictures of '37 Oldsmobiles. I saw these two sedans with fender lights. Maybe you'll find more:
  2. Hudsy Wudsy

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    As a Minnesotan, I thought that I knew rust, but his is just nightmarish!
  3. Hudsy Wudsy

    1947 Seven Passenger Dodge $9,900

    Jeff, I've seen quite a few long wheelbase DeSoto Suburbans over the years. I can remember one, back in the fifties, that was owned by a local house painter. It was something of a sight with it's several ladders strapped to the roof. I suppose that I may have seen a LWB Dodge before, but I can't recall for sure. That's why I posted this ad. That and it's in such nice shape. A lot of times I'll post an interesting car like this regardless of the price just to show it to the gang. James Sheehan MPLS
  4. Hudsy Wudsy

    1938 Plymouth Headlight Position Issue

    Yeah, it's about as pretty:
  5. Hudsy Wudsy

    1938 Plymouth Headlight Position Issue

    "Why", you ask? To give the likes of us nightmares.
  6. Hudsy Wudsy

    1938 Plymouth Headlight Position Issue

    I'm glad you guys agree with me. Although I've had three '38 Plys over the years, I never liked their broad rounded prow (grille) very much. But boy when you take the headlights away you're really left with an ugly beast.
  7. Hudsy Wudsy

    1938 Plymouth Headlight Position Issue

    Well, here's one man's take:
  8. Hudsy Wudsy

    Heated Running Boards

    I'd say it's a poor man's Cadillac. That eight cylinder Olds with only cosmetic changes was marketed as a Cadillac LaSalle:
  9. Hudsy Wudsy

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    Well, needless to say, there's a whopping big typo in that quote. Surely his '29 Cord was bought in the early thirties.
  10. Hudsy Wudsy

    1950 Nash Convertible

    Don't forget that in addition to Google, you can also go to "Google Images". There you'll see pics of this homely/cute little Nash in different colors and see lots of pics of Lois Lane and her Rambler from the "Superman" television series.
  11. Hudsy Wudsy

    Heated Running Boards

    With Chevrolet and Pontiac priced beneath it, and Buick and Cadillac priced above it, Oldsmobile was always the chronic middle child. When you think about this particular '35 Olds, do you see a rich man's Chevrolet, or a poor man's Cadillac?
  12. Hudsy Wudsy

    Heated Running Boards

    Maybe you could inquire on the "Parts Wanted" forum.
  13. Hudsy Wudsy

    Heated Running Boards

    Perhaps you could ask the person selling the car?
  14. Hudsy Wudsy

    Heated Running Boards

    Bill, I respectfully disagree with you about the source of the red color. That's red paint added to the edges of the chrome to give it a distinctive look. I think that '35 might have been the first year that GM added red paint highlights to it's chrome. You'll notice that it was also added to the hood vents on this Olds. They used it in different places like grilles, hood ornaments, bumpers and bumper guards. Others will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that this decorative motif continued through '38 on various GM makes.