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  1. Yes, quite cute. The car for sale has side mounts like this one:
  2. What I remember about Le Cars is how Minnesota winters made quick work of them.
  3. Has Renault Le Car been mentioned yet? From Hemmings: And, as it turned out in the longer-term, it was crap. Rust made a meal of the bodywork unless you lived in the desert, while the engine took to eating its own head gaskets and washing it down with a tasty oil/antifreeze milkshake chaser. Scant stateside parts distribution, even when sold through 1,300-odd AMC stores, didn't help; things didn't improve when the Regie sold AMC to Chrysler. Combine this with legendarily approximate French build quality, and suddenly, the Le Car becomes Le Throwaway Car; you can't
  4. The ad says it's a "Regal". People shouldn't trust their memories -- I'm sure that it's a St Regis Brougham:
  5. Yeah, me too, Greg. Those are pretty greens. There's a lifting strap on top of the engine. I wonder if the engine was swapped out (rebuilt) at some time.
  6. I see that the last photo shows that the car had those clear vinyl seat covers. It appears that they didn't hold up well at all, although I've always thought they were pretty tough. I wonder if they were inferior material or if the Colorado sun light did them in?
  7. With help from Essex sales, Hudson made it to third place in '29.
  8. I had one, along with many, many others of this design. I can't recall at this point what GM body designation they had anymore. I bought and sold a lot of them in the eighties. I thought that they were nice enough at the time. I think that a lot of Detroit's output in the '70s was what we might consider "disposable". I also owned, and sold, a lot of Dusters, Aspens and Volares. Looking back, I think I liked them the best. Later, a lot of the crappy Citations (were they called "X" bodies?) and their cousins passed through my hands. I avoided Pintos, but had a couple of Mavericks.
  9. No, that's factory Hudson. The triangle was their symbol from the very beginning and I'm sure that they thought it was enough alone at the time this hub cap was made. I remarked recently that '52 was the last year that they had the larger triangle on the front of their grille because people were saying that Hudsons came with their own built in tow bar. Whether there's any truth in that, I couldn't say.
  10. I may as well mention that this full disc one which guys sometimes like to use on earlier models came out in '54:
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