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  1. These are Chrysler Airflow skirts. The DeSoto emblems were sort of spider web-like in that you could see the body color through part of the emblem.
  2. Wow! You are right about the fantastic graphics.
  3. It appears to me that the blue sedan has Plymouth running boards (fully covered with rubber) whereas the cream sedan has the regular Dodge style running boards. Also, the blue one doesn't have body belt-line moldings, while the cream one does.
  4. I don't follow Town and Country values because I've never been able to afford one. I'm only listing this one because I almost think that it's too reasonably priced. What do you guys think?
  5. Well, Peter, that's where reality sets in...we're all too old!
  6. John, I presumed that might be the case. It's been fun to see so much interest. It always gives me hope to think that cars like this might not end up with crate engines in them.
  7. A lot of people will agree that the '36 Dodge is one of the most handsome production cars of the thirties. I also think that '36 Plymouths are particularly nice looking with their clean, simple lines. I believe the one you pictured here, John, is a P1 model, which has a painted, though still very attractive grille. I actually prefer the P1 grille for it's simplicity.
  8. I agree. I guess that I was struck by how something so familiar could look so different.
  9. If I came across one of those hood ornaments with a Chrysler Co part number on it, I'd probably never figure out what it went to.
  10. Most all of you are familiar with what a '36 Dodge grille looks like. I thought that maybe a couple of you might find the Fargo version a bit interesting. Here's a link to a Kijiji ad in which the person is searching for a '36 Fargo. He includes a number of Fargo pics:
  11. Absolutely wonderful Art Deco style dashboard. Looks like a great car for the money.
  12. Well, actually, it is listed here. That's why I go through the effort to list links to neat local cars from time to time, hoping that someone in the broader audience will take an interest.
  13. Here's a couple of pics from Google of 1930 6-14 six wheel coupes. I'm not surprised that the radiator should be plated rather than painted. I love the hood vents, they remind me a lttle of Chrysler's vents. Classy little coupe: