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  1. We could use many more like you, John. You're always so generous with your time and knowledge. You know, if you ever reach 50K sainthood is automatic!
  2. Good catch, Bloo. I missed that. If I recall right, these are the years that Olds six cylinder engines were also installed in GMC trucks, correct? To my eye, I've always felt that '36 was something of a perfect year, but I've always found some small fault with GM coupe design. I feel that the hind quarters, or deck area, of late thirties GM coupes is a little too low, or otherwise smallish compared to Fords and Mopars. I think that the Mopar decks are very attractive and help to balance the profile of the cars well. '36 Dodge: '36 Olds Coupe:
  3. Perhaps it's inverted? That sort of visible crud often accumulates on the bottom of things.
  4. A very pretty sort of soft Sage green. I wonder how much polishing that old paint could stand?
  5. I'm a little surprised that they called a "Brougham" sedan rather than a "Landau" sedan. 1928 seemed to be the year for landau bars.
  6. As much as I endorse originality, I have to agree! I'm pretty sure that the matching small right side tail light, while standard on the DeLuxe, was probably available as an option for this standard model. It wouldn't help much, but it might help.
  7. I must have been sleeping to have missed that it said rebuilt. Just ignore me!
  8. It's nearing 90K miles on a Ford flathead. I wonder how badly it smokes?
  9. Someone earlier referred to the color as tan. It took me until now to figure out that it could be better characterized as "Butterscotch and Cream".
  10. If you're talking about a Dodge half ton, you probably can get by with the stock emergency brake. They truly are an "emergency" brake and not a "parking" brake.
  11. That's what I assumed, but then someone whined.
  12. Not much info with this one for sale in Iowa: Marketplace - 1930 Plymouth ????? | Facebook
  13. Would you rather that I hadn't listed it because of not having a price?
  14. Here's a link to a Facebook listing offering an engine for a Cartercar in Boswell, IN: Marketplace - car engine | Facebook
  15. Yeah, but I think that all too often guys are just too zoned-out to get simple things right. I can't begin to say how many times I've seen someone type "truck" when they meant to type "trunk". There's countless other examples. Maybe you're right about spell-check, but I bet it's often the fault of the distracted author.
  16. Here's someone offering a Hydrating transmission for a Hudson on FB: Marketplace - Hudson hydrating transmission | Facebook This is probably good for your complexion, as well.
  17. Are these Canadian? They don't look like the usual '36 Dodge wheels.
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