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  1. I am an auto insurance adjuster (not in FL) and I have dealings with auctioned cars every day. Auction houses make mistakes. They deal with hundreds of titles. They lose them sometimes. They confuse lot numbers and transfer them incorrectly. It happens. I can easily see a car going through an auction and not getting transferred correctly. It definitely happens. In my state it usually gets caught within a year as the owner will get a tax bill and then I quite as to why, as the vehicle was sold long ago and is no longer theirs. There are various incomplete title transfer forms and proces
  2. This. Sadly for the planet, but great for the seller, there are enough people who either a.) don’t possess the ability to read between the lines, ever, or b.) just enjoy moving their money a way from their own shoebox for any random circumstance.
  3. There are links to the specific cars in his first post. The Chevelle is a 454 and the Camaro is a 350. Neither are stock engines, so it’s still a guess really.
  4. On the face, using factory numbers, of the Camaro should be faster and handle better. More HP and a lighter car with less front end weight. The engines are modified so there is really no way to know for certain.
  5. Pessimistic outlooks on EV’s are almost always framed by applying current electric infrastructure and economics to their arguments. As if overnight we will all be doomed because millions of EV’s will suddenly appear. Over time, money will move where it needs to move to make them work. If they don’t work and can’t be charged usefully, people won’t buy them. If you think we are going to be forced into them before it’s reasonable to use them, then you have other problems that EV’s just seem to trigger. Problems will ultimately exist just as they do in any industry. Those
  6. Anybody can sue for you anything (your insurance would pay defense costs), but unless you were somehow proven to be negligent in causing the loss (like if you accidentally-or intentionally-started a fire), you would not be held responsible. The Mother Nature stuff you mentioned would not trigger any causation on your part. (I do this for a living.) Generally, temporary conditions do not affect coverages. Questions would arise to determine if he paid you for the storage, and if somehow this was a business for you. If it was, another set of liability standards would ap
  7. I just use old cotton sheets sewn together.
  8. There is a lot of info about Dan around the internet. It’s all very interesting and makes you like the guy. By all accounts, he acted like another person in the show, because they wanted him to, and the main reason it ended was because he felt people were really getting a bad impression of him. He wasn’t upset that the show ended. This is one example of his words: https://www.renewcanceltv.com/fantomworks-cancelled-after-9th-season-by-motortrend-velocity/
  9. This would be a very odd sign to reproduce. I think it’s original just because of that.
  10. Back to the Future Part 2. Everything from 1940’s to various actual concept cars. https://www.imcdb.org/m96874.html
  11. I removed all of my for sale items when they changed this. I’m not giving eBay access to my bank account, and I’m not setting up another just for them. I hate it for sellers like Auburnseeker that have to deal with all of this
  12. Memories of course. But I like to travel to make them, and that requires some cash. 😆 My family has been to 44 states. Will be 48 after this summer. Just need Hawaii and Alaska.
  13. This will sound crazy, and it's even strange for me to imagine, but as of today, I sold a part that makes my entire project run into the green. That's right, my 1939 Buick is now a zero dollar investment. I was able to buy one car to restore locally, buy another parts car from across the country, spend priceless time with my dad working on the car, and then sell enough duplicate parts to pay for absolutely everything. The only "expense," if you want to call it that, was time and energy. Of course restoration is rarely even something that makes sense anymore, especially on a car
  14. I shipped a non-running parts car that didn’t even roll from California to Kentucky. They drug it with the winch and come along onto the trailer. When it got to my place, we used a flat bed and winch and pulled it right onto the flatbed from the carrier trailer. The flat bed then put it right where we wanted it. It can be done and has been done. That was about 8 years ago and cost me $1450. It took about a month from the time I made my first call. I can’t recall who did it. It was a company that normally hauls pop up camper trailers from Louisville to California. They had a spot for it
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