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  1. The clutch will be stuck due no usage for decades. This is not unusual. Will take work to get free, but in most cases not impossible. A car sitting for 60 years (~1960) cannot be expected to go without some significant work
  2. Could be bent push rods. Are photos on this site of straight 8 with bent push rods. Look here --->
  3. Better to ask in the Buick Prewar subforum----> https://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/
  4. Download ND_1939_OCR.pdf. Look at pages 92-95 and on. Has dimensions. Is the April 1939 (13th edition) of the New Departure Handbook. New Departure was a GM subsidiary- GM brand. Take those dimensions to an industrial bearing supplier (not a car parts shop). The complete assembly part number 909003 may or may not be available or have an equivalent; Timken etc (I currently do not access to all my bearing -interchange books) Untitled - Vintage Machinery Wiki wiki.vintagemachinery.org › GetFile › ND_1939_OCR Untitled - Vintage Machinery Wiki
  5. Other bearing threads---> Not your part number-- https://www.abf.store/s/en/bearings/909702-NEW-DEPARTURE/362602 Do you have the dimensions? Then take it to an industrial bearing supplier. Do not say its a car part: its just a bearing Not applicable to 1920-1930's https://www.ahrinternational.com/HYATT-BALL-BEARINGS_nomenclature.shtml
  6. Most links in post 5 have been updated for the software change of a while ago. Not many links to new threads of the last few years. That will come. Some of the existing links may get deleted if they have little interesting content Post 3 of links to '39 Buick team members still to be done.
  7. This has been discussed before A travel forum I post on gives you 2 minutes to correct typos, etc. After that a footnote saying the post has been edited, but no visible record of the prior post. Moderators can probably see previous text before the edit.
  8. Also ask here (Buick post war ) https://forums.aaca.org/forum/57-buick-post-war/
  9. A similar thread https://forums.aaca.org/topic/349857-aiming-headlamps-for-best-performance-‘38-buick/
  10. Bob's Automobillia list them. They will buy some where https://bobsautomobilia.com/oiling-system/oil-filter-canister-1931-35-s.60-70-80-of-3159/ Maybe also http://oldbuickparts.com/
  11. Removing the seat nothing to do with the upholstery. Just take if off the runners (back & forward slide) and take it out Billy used a new repro '39 Chev tank, that he modified a little https://forums.aaca.org/topic/314273-39-buick-special-gas-tank/ https://forums.aaca.org/topic/252488-1939-filler-neckfender-info/
  12. Removing the front seats is not hard:-4 bolts each side to the floor. The seat is heavy: 2 people. With the seat & carpet out you can remove a floor cover plate. Then take the cover off the transmission (6 bolts) to inspect - change the oil Image in here--> https://forums.aaca.org/topic/349351-40-century-wont-shift-when-warm/ Removing the rear seat is not that hard. Cars of this era are built simply A common rust spot is the bottom of the rear door pillars. Water from sliding quarter window drain channel runs inside and rusts out on the floor. Originally t
  13. Do you know when the car was last driven? Agree with above by Matt. Removing the front clip also removes the radiator.
  14. 100's of short chassis 1939's running OK. You are not going to put a tow ball on it or put a lot of weight in the trunk. Buick had fix that was done by dealers at the time. Torque ball wears. And the other rubber mounts/engine mounts wear old - perish. Things move and put stress on other parts. Is a 1 year only design. In 1940 Buick went back the the 1938 design. Look at the facebook group https://forums.aaca.org/topic/339722-used-1939-buick-torque-balls-series-40-60-that-are-worn-and-no-longer-usable/ https://forums.aaca.org/topic/337629-1939-buick-torque-ball-lining-r
  15. Welcome to the world of '39s ☺️ From the small wiper transmission and fine grille you probably have the short chassis version. Chassis was made full length during production With the 320 cracked exhaust manifolds are a common problem 1939 transmissions can be weak 1939 torque ball can/will be an issue 1939's have a lot of 1 year only parts There is facebook group for 1939 Buick's . The front clip sheetmetal can be taken of in one piece. Not that hard but better with 2 people https://forums.aaca.org/topic/208899-1939-buick-front-p
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