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  1. Welcome to the world of 1939 Buick's. Did see it on the auction site. In USA its a model 41 - Special Canadian built 1939 have a different numbering system for chassis and engine. Some small differences from USA models. Wheels will be 6 stud if Canadian (USA 5 stud). Interior is different Photo of the data plate in the cowl & engine serial number will help it more. As you probably know the paint scheme is not original. Side mount spare wheels and side lights are an uncommon option. 1939 series 40 Special & 60 Century Buick's have a lot of 1 year only parts. The drive line is 1 year only design I maintain a list of RHD 1939 Buick's. Link--->https://forums.aaca.org/topic/207201-39-buick-team-membership/ You could join the Buick Club of America-->https://www.buickclub.org/ Edit From other info I have on this car has a Canadian chassis number and a 342xxxx engine number (like other UK 1939's)
  2. Hard to read 434819?? https://www.teambuick.com/reference/ident_engine_til_52.php Year - series - start at 1938 4-3396937 1939 4-3572652 1940 4-3786214
  3. From the auction link baove is the 3rd body and a high mileage chassis https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/6585-1930-rolls-royce-20-25hp-shooting-brake/
  4. Like many Royces of this era has had several bodies https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/6585-1930-rolls-royce-20-25hp-shooting-brake/
  5. Key AK Retainer Key AR Shim Packing
  6. Yes (for S40 S60). A one year only design 🙁 Failure- excess wear is a common problem. A few people are trying to reproduce for S40 S60 But unsure the difference S40 S60 are to S80 S90 (do not have access to my parts books) Some links to these torque ball seal here (section 6). https://forums.aaca.org/topic/207201-39-buick-team-membership/?do=findComment&comment=1057715 A good thread https://forums.aaca.org/topic/276957-new-1939-special-torque-ball-set-up-need-a-little-help Edit Found a few pages of 1928-52 Parts book For torque ball 1939 S80 & S90 have some common parts with 1937 S80 S90, 1938 S80 S90. And some parts with later years - big series. Have not found an image of 1939 S80 torque ball assembly . Example key AN group 5.564 part 1301576 for 1936-37-38 S60 S80 S90 and 1939 S80 S90 1940 (below) may be a lot different
  7. Yep Same platform. Was sold as Holden, Chev & Pontiac with variations for the various markets The last utes were RHD, but if GMH wanted to could have made a LHD ute. But regulatory testing & engineering RHD-LHD come into play as well as possible sales. The engineering was a lot simpler in 1930-40-50's. . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_G8
  8. Looking at that green 57 again the pickup bed looks separate to the cab body shell. So not a coupe utility. but a pick up.
  9. GHM made utes from 1948 based on the Holden sedans. The Holden sedans were smaller than USA Chev's. Also in late 40'to early 50's had Chev based utes Link--> https://forums.aaca.org/topic/320822-1950-chevrolet-coupe-utility-aka-ute-sold/ Ford made utes that had a closer resemblance to USA Fords https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Mainline https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/news/2010/1956-ford-mainline-ute-for-sale Similar for Dodge Utes were very popular in Australia. Sadly local car production ended in Australia in 2017 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automotive_industry_in_Australia
  10. Did GMH make a 66 ute? 10's of 1000's of them over the years. Were based on the 4 door rear wheel drive sedans. Today worth more than the sedan equivalent. https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/readers-rides/1506/1966-hd-holden-ute-reader-ride https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_HD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_HR https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_Utility_(VG) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_Ute https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coupé_utility
  11. Transmission will have a 5 bolt top cover. Not hard to take off. Then have a look Floor change - no linkages. 1939 was when 3 on the tree came into common use
  12. The individual parts are worth more than the whole But takes time, tools, money & skill to separate. And then a pick up truck and to storage for sale.
  13. Another GMH 1939 Chev coupe utility (with half doors-fabric) http://gooderestorations.com.au/projects/1937-chev-ute/ When I first read the post thought the back windows & sheetmetal were 1936 Ford
  14. Am 99.99% sure that is not an AU body. Has barn doors at the rear. The back of the cab may have been a coupe and the rear window made. With those disk brakes will not be a full 1937 chassis-suspension-drive line Attached is a (modified( 1937 Chevy coupe utility (2018 photo). All mid 30's GM made coupe utilities had the same basic cab and "pickup" bed design. They did not not change much year to year. And 1938 Catalogue It may have been a USA panel van and/or coupe originally If AU production would have GMH tags on the firewall/cowl
  15. I have a friend with a '39 Buick who bought the door striker, casing etc parts from Chev's of 40. Fitted OK. His original Buick were chrome plated, but the Chev replacements were not
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