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  1. Although the gauge might read 0-30 psi by the way it is calibrated I would suggest it is designed to show the range 0-10 psi very accurately and would be used on equipment ( engine supercharger?) to measure pressure in this range.
  2. Yes the decayed timber is certainly a problem. Have you considered something like a soft top ute? The chassis shouldn't need shortening for this and I'm sure you could fabricate the wooden back and brackets without too much trouble.
  3. Well that certainly explains its current condition Oldcar with only 42,500 genuine miles. It was a dirt track racer for most of those miles.
  4. In circa 1917 right hand drive Studebakers that hole is for the throttle shaft to cross over from driver's side to the carburetor on the passenger side. Not sure how the 1925 Studebaker Special Six engine linkages are set up but I would suggest that is what it is for. The hole would not be used on left hand drive vehicles.
  5. A 1917 Velie and some interesting background of the company. https://journal.classiccars.com/2017/02/15/deere-car-not-farm-implement/
  6. I don't believe these are Studebaker. From memory the mounting stubs for Studebaker were threaded and had a nut.
  7. From what I can see the type of fuel he is getting will be the least of his problems (and probably others). A 1,000 litre pod filled with fuel on a very light trailer secured with one tie down and sloping to the back is a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion. I have no doubt he will fill it to the very top.
  8. Looks like a circa 1910 EMF 30 to me. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/hf19/hershey/lots/r0050-1910-e-m-f-model-30-five-passenger-touring/759576 Edit: Too many hub bolts and different bonnet louvres so not an EMF.
  9. I agree that it is a spreader rather than a compressor. The only possible use I can see for it is being inserted between the cam follower and valve tip to lift the valve to its maximum on side valve engines. With the head removed this would enable de-carbonising of the valve and port without removing the valve. Probably just as easy to remove the valve and that is why these tools are not that common. Just my thought on what it was used for.
  10. Have you checked your universal joints recently? On many vehicles these receive little or no attention until it is too late causing all sorts of problems. I did see in another thread that you changed to modern joints some time ago.
  11. Does your vehicle have a "Hill Holder" ? If it does could it be malfunctioning and holding the brakes on? Just a thought.
  12. Does your Studebaker have vacuum wipers? If it does you could try disconnecting and plugging the vacuum line to them and see how it drives? The wiper motor/system may have a vacuum leak and need an overhaul.
  13. 1955 Chrysler New Yorker. https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-chrysler-dashboard-vintage-car-new-yorker-convertible-image43544794
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