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    Something old found in the desert...

    Buick did make trucks. Could be an early car As a very big guess 1914 to 1920s or ????. Ask in https://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/
  2. 1939_Buick

    Function of this 1932 part on 344cid ???

    You will need to find some instructions on how they are supposed to work. But better if disabled even if it looks as built Try here http://www.buickheritagealliance.org/index.php/archives/browse/1932 http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com/ http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Buick/1932 Buick/1932 Buick Reference Book/image1.html
  3. 1939_Buick

    Function of this 1932 part on 344cid ???

    Wizard control? Read more: https://autoweek.com/article/car-news/1932-buick-model-56-business-coupe-more-wizardry-less-cost#ixzz5cVxhsyto https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-1932-Buick-Eight-Wizard-control-transmission-advertising-booklet-/262353826385 http://www.2040-parts.com/1932-1933-buick-80-90-series-engine-vacuum-control-valve-wizard-ride-control--i2097972/ Disabled on many cars now
  4. 1939_Buick

    Is this a Buick parking light lens? Or another make?

    Yes. Claimed as PM's. Will pick up in OK City at the BCA meet
  5. 1939_Buick

    1966 VIP. What's it worth? Selling!

    1966 VIP. What's it worth? Selling! Are you the buyer or seller? With a title, runs & stops would be worth more $. The Falcon - Ranchero also interesting
  6. 1939_Buick

    1950 Chevrolet Coupe Utility (AKA "Ute")

    Looks good 😊 US$24,900 = Au$34,600. Would sell for that in Australia. Are very popular. More than a car of the same model-condition The US vs Au $ rate of exchange has varied a lot. This effects the flow of cars between the 2 countries. The NT plates are an interesting add on Edit A real working ute. They are not meant to be clean & shiny (from my collection of ute photo's)
  7. 1939_Buick

    1939 Spec/Cent running Brd brackets

    Streamboard (short) vs running board (long) Can take more photo's & dimensions. Streamboard are on a car. Running board brackets in a box (for my other car)
  8. 1939_Buick

    1939 Spec/Cent running Brd brackets

    The brackets for running boards are different to streamboards
  9. 1939_Buick

    Is this a Buick parking light lens? Or another make?

    Agreed. And if you don't want them are interested. My plastic reproduction are 2" overall 1¾" dia 1937 & 1938 lens are different Edit Bob's sell repro 1937 & 1939 part PL378. Have a very pointed shape https://bobsautomobilia.com/fender-lamps-pads-and-items/page-3/
  10. 1939_Buick

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    Try here (but not shop manuals) http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com/ http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Dodge/1954_Dodge/1954_Dodge_Owners_Manual/dirindex.html http://oldcarmanualproject.com/searchresults.html?cx=partner-pub-1753017650679806%3Au585dq67tc4&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=1954+dodge&sa=Search&siteurl=www.oldcarmanualproject.com%2F&ref=&ss=4595j3287553j10&siteurl=www.oldcarmanualproject.com%2F&ref=&ss=4595j3285233j10
  11. 1939_Buick

    1948 Buick Super Convertible

    You seem to have a knack of finding late 40's standard shift Buick's in desirable body styles in good condition. Looks good. 😊🤠
  12. 1939_Buick

    1948 Buick Super Convertible

    The hourly rate is only part of it. How long they will take to do a task in unknown Do they or others have knowledge of post war GM cars? Or 1940's straight 8 Buick's. Do you just want it assembled? With a few crates of left over parts. Some parts will be missing/damaged. Running & stopping? Agreeing the exact scope of work, what you expect and what they understand the work to be, is the hard part. Time & money can soon run away. But as posts above, the documentation must be 100% sorted out first. If the car is an another state that may be harder.
  13. CD = diplomatic corps ( French: corps diplomatique) Could be Europe or (French) Africa
  14. 1939_Buick

    1936 320 intake manifold.

    Castings number do not always match part numbers. Some do, but most do not. A photo would help identify.
  15. Yes. Right hand drive. I took that photo about January 1997 in NSW, Australia. Got some small parts off it. It had the engine & transmission but no manifolds. A GM Holden 1939 body, with a 2 piece rear window as with GMH Australia built bodies
  16. 1939_Buick

    1948 Buick Super Convertible

    That is may likely to cost more than it could be sold for. And that is ignoring the money it all ready. If you can do work yourself that's different. But if you want to keep it because it was your fathers car that's very good. Photographing all the small bits will help. Likely some bits will be missing or damaged so will be money to spend for those. Sadly in the state that is in now would have more appeal to a hot rodder than a restorer. A Hot rodder would be interested in the title, frame & body shell. They would sell the drive line for a few hundred $. They would/may not be that interested in things like instruments, correct interior, correct ss trim & correct door handles and 1001 other bits that a restorer needs.
  17. 1939_Buick

    1948 Buick Super Convertible

    Condolences on your loss Do you have the title? Do you have the grille, chrome strips, lights, instruments and the like? These small parts make a big difference when selling "as is". Have the interior & seats? A photo of the data plate would help. Sadly it is likely to cost more than is worth to pay someone to restore-reassemble, even before the $20K purchase price. But a great car when restored.Ro Edit The photo of the transmission shows a 5 bolt cover, so a 40/50 series (248ci) and not the 70 series Roadmaster (320ci) 6 bolt cover [But I may be incorrect]
  18. 1939_Buick

    Early motor identity

    As above a lot of small stationary engines were made https://www.smokstak.com/forum/ https://www.smokstak.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=98
  19. 1939_Buick

    Valuation of antique cars

    Where are you/cars located? Bonnor County Idaho as post above? Location can effect how easy to sell. Or do you just want a valuation? The car without a title makes its harder https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velie http://p10.hostingprod.com/@veliepartsboard.com/veliereg/velieregister.html http://veliepartsboard.com.p10.hostingprod.com/veliereg/1927page-3.html
  20. 1939_Buick

    Starter engaging while engine is on

    Download the 1942 Buick shop manual. All of it section by section. The pdf link does not work. http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com/manuals/Buick/1942/Shop Manual/ It is very comprehensive and has information that can be used with all straight 8’s. It has more information than was included in older “Shop Manuals” before 1942-41 There is information on that common fault in the 1942 shop manual. Does the car start by flooring the accelerator? The carb should have a starting solenoid vacuum switch that goes to the starter. Unless it has been replaced by a manual switch (not uncommon).
  21. 1939_Buick

    Buick 1941 mod:56S

    The chassis serial number does not tell you the model. That number may be on the title. 1 = made in Flint. 4044613 a 1941 model (3611856 to 4257441?) [Sean1997 will be along to give better info] VIN's were not started until mid 1950's and not standardised until 1980's You need a photo of the body data plate for more details
  22. 1939_Buick

    1934 series 40 gearbox

    You could try placing a "parts wanted" add in each of the Aust state Buick clubs monthly magazine & the QLD prewar newsletter
  23. 1939_Buick

    1940 Buick Super window crank mech.

    Try www.rockauto.com for literature http://forums.aaca.org/topic/218241-found-cheap-master-parts-books-on-cd/
  24. 1939_Buick

    1939 Buick Special in Alaska

    Carter 419S & Carter 440S were used by Buick. The carb does not look to have the vacuum switch for starting so may be off something else, which is OK. Buick's had a feature where you stamped on the accelerator and the car started. But is often bypassed with a manual switch. The grilles look to be unmatched. Grilles have 2 version with different number of vertical cars (45 & 39). Later grilles has fewer bars and 3 horizontal. Early grilles have more vertical bars and 1 horizontal. Your car the desirable rareish option of side parking fender lights. They sell for good money. My understanding is you can get a 2 filament bulb holder and then use for indicator & park. 1939 was the first year of flashing indicator, but only at the back (centre red lens) Do you have the air filter assembly? 2 versions of air filter. 1 is a heavy duty oil bath. The more common is an oil soaked copper mesh Download the 1942 Buick shop manual. All of it section by section. The pdf link does not work. http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com/manuals/Buick/1942/Shop Manual/ It is very comprehensive and has information that can be used with all straight 8’s. It has more information than was included in older “Shop Manuals” before 1942-41 The best source of pre war Buick parts is Dave Tacheny in Champlin, MN. He specializes in 1936-1941 Buick parts. He is old school:- no email. The best way to contact him is to call him between 4 and 7 pm Central at 763-427 3460. You can also write him a letter. His address is 11949 Oregon Ave N., Champlin, MN 55316.  http://forums.aaca.org/topic/206688-dave-tachney/
  25. 1939_Buick

    Air cleaner size

    What is bore x stroke x cylinders(6?) ? I assume it will be a slow reving engine & poor volumetric efficiency. Say half rev's of what today's engine do : 525/2 = 262. And you are unlikely to be running it fast. Guess you want some thing period looking like or others in that style https://forums.aaca.org/topic/319764-for-sale-1937-pontiac-and-other-years-air-filter-cleaner/?tab=comments#comment-1819569