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  1. Yup. Got a new switch. For buick i cannot find the easy in europe. But these are the same as a willys jeep. And we have plenty of them here haha
  2. Somewhere in the past they cut an opening just above the vacuum wiper motor for easier access. Seen it before on other buicks. Hard to repair unfortunate
  3. @michealbernal sorry. Its a 1940 buick special. @Morgan Wright its was working properly for a long time. Only now after i made a shirtcircuit on it not anymore
  4. So i collected some courage and redid my whole wire harness. Now somehow I managed to rebuild all if it and did an install and the car worked. Even the dash electronics. So just wanted to take it out again to tape it all and noticed that only my brake lights didnt work. I found out the problem was that the big connector was not fully closed and was shorting on the dash. Now if i put a screwdriver on both contacts on the brake switch my brake lights work nicely again. But not by pressing the brake pedal. Did i damage the inside of the brake switxh with the shorting? thanks for you i
  5. To have my car more save for the future i made the decision to also check the whole wire harness. Today step one. Mark all connections and take out the whole loom
  6. I bought a spare regulator in america. But will take probably a week or 2 before ill have it here. I also ordered an electric one that fits in the original housing. I drive quite a lot and dont want issues when far away from home.
  7. @boois was the relay marked as field that we touched and the rapid moving of the needle stopped and the charge went up. I took it out again to have a look at the points. Ofcourse cables will be renewed also.
  8. Ok guys. Problem is located. Solution not yet but will continue tomorrow. The problem sits in the part of the regulator. We hooked a amp meter to the generator, when the engine was idle the ammeter in my gauge was shaking and the ampere on the generator was flucttuating between 8-12amps. But when we put a finger on the circled part and helped the point to contact the gauges was perfect and the amps on the generator was 19amps. So burned or damaged contacts. So will take it apart and let you guys know.
  9. Some pics of today with a different perspective
  10. Small video of a drive today. You can see the difference between first run of the day to work and then in the afternoon. So strange
  11. @Bloo thank you very much for that detailed description. With this i will take a nother look on all the wires. Especially the one from regulator to ammeter. I added an extra ground from the generator to the body of the regulator. When we tested it on the bench with my generator on a small engine all values were stable and nice. We noticed the output of the regulator was 8volts. So i brought it down to 7.4 orso. But from what i was told this is probably to low since the loss in the lenght of the wires the charge can be a bit too low now and i will put it back up to around 8volt again and then m
  12. And just wondering what this little device is
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