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  1. Then i have to make time and motivation to take the fuel tank out. Thanks all
  2. It is indeed not going further up then 1/4. To replace the fuel sender does the fueltank have to be removed? thanks for the tips
  3. Goodmorning, my fuel gauge is working only for the last quarter. That the most important part luckily. But how can i get the full range again. thanks for the tips
  4. I have the shock absorber removed. At least the 2 bolts. The shock link is still connected. But doesnt matter for now. I can turn the shock up side down and empty it. I noticed that the top bolt is not completly tight. And could turn the shock link while the bolt didnt. So maybe i will remove that bolt so the shock link will come down. See if i can make it more tight and with that eliminate the rattle that i had before
  5. Thanks 🙏🏻 about the overfill i first did till it came out the filler cap. But ive now also read in the shop manual some air need to be present. Do you look trough the small filler hole to guess the level or is it easy to see?
  6. Can anyone confirm this? i dont want to remove the shock for the refill. Or maybe someone know how much is inside?So when i used a vacuum line i can check if i remove most of it. edit: i found below picture. I am wondering how i can get all the oil out, can i remove the static valve stem? Looks like the lowest point. Thanks
  7. As an addition to my above question on refilling. I marked the 2 bolts. red is for refilling. But the green one at the bottom, can i used it for draining? thanks
  8. Thanks for the links. I used the oil in the picture below. So best to try is a thicker oil. I hope they have ISO with a higher number lets say between 75 and 100. I did notice a large bolt at the bottom of the shock absorber, is that for draining ? I also read about suck the fluids out from the top. Dont want the remove the bottom bolt and some parts will fall out 🙈 how does one know if your shocks are weak or the springs are weak. When i hit a speed bump with 20mph the rear feels like the body hits the ground and feels soft and does a few extra bounced after. I know my shocks links are
  9. Hi all. looks like i have 2 issues on my heavy rear of my sedan. I think that the springs lost a bit of their strenght and the shocks also dont look like they do what they supposed to do. The spring i have new ones from the factory and will arrive next week from america. The shocks i did refill but maybe with the lower grade oil? I could add quite some oil and see no leaks. But still to weak. Can i use thicker oil?
  10. Hey all. More and more i am fixing little flaws on my buick. A thing that is bugging me is the aftermarket temp gauges mounted underneath my dash. Can i get a replacement? Keep in mind to ship it to someone in the states to fix is hard for my since i live in the Netherlands thanks
  11. @Thomas J. Bianculli that steering wheel looks really classy. Looks like your plastic is fresher than mine. Mine is more yellowed
  12. I just the color hay. It is was a color i had the let them mix. Further is it a high closs inside paint. They dry up quite hard. After 2 days i could already take her for a spin again. First i just a white primer and applied it with a roller. Then the laquer. First did also with a roller. But wasn’t satisfied because the layer is too thin to smooth out so used a paint brush and applied quite a thick layer
  13. Somewhere in the past the previous owner of the car tried to make the broken and worn steeringwheel better with white paint. It had drips everywhere and it just didnt look right. So 20$ in paint, primer and sand paper this is my result. Went for a bit more yellow color than before.
  14. Thanks all. First i just did the valve adjustment with running easier. My first time and how cool was that. I dont have the tool so get the screwdriver on the jumping rocker is a fun challenge but the result is instant. I did it after driving from work to home. Engine sounds much better at idle. This weekend i will go for a drive again to see how much difference there is. I have the stock tyres indeed. Just curious, since i still have pretty much original car as for interior etc. All my windows are dated 40-1 so i would say January 1940 and two or so are 39-12. Is this rare that i still have a
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