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  1. Well, I do not know why it isn't showing discharge...! Just looked in the Bob's Catalog, and the Horn Button Separator is Part # HS-370 and is listed as $4.25. If you are not familiar with them, they have all sorts of Buick parts.
  2. The horn will only honk when grounded, so I suspect whatever caused it to come on is still grounding the circuit and draining the battery. I would take the horn ring off and see if there is something that has allowed the circuit to complete that needs to be fixed. There is a foam rubber separator between the horn ring and the horn contact plate that may have broken down. Bob's Automobilia (www.bobsautomobilia.com) has the parts if this is what you need. Photos in the 1938 Buick Shop Manual are on pages 264-266 (Electrical System Section 12-36 through 12-38).
  3. Here is a photo of the equalizer on my '39 Buick. Taken when the adjusting stud pulled loose from the front brake cable, Pretty simple to make one if you wanted to.
  4. Hi Dave - took a couple of photos under my '39 just now - hope they help. The piece is right at 2 3/4" long. Couldn't hold the light, camera and tape measure all at the same time.
  5. Oil in distributor issue, I think, has been resolved thanks to member "edinmass". His suggestion to remove and clean all vents into and out of the block to reduce any pressure buildup in the block causing the oil to be pushed up into the distributor. His opinion that even a 1-lb difference in pressure could cause the problem proved to be correct. I removed the vent on the left side of the block, the oil filler breather cap and the breather tube on the right side and cleaned everything with parts cleaner and reinstalled after running the engine in the garage for 15-20 minutes with no oil being pushed up. Have driven 35-40 miles since, and the problem has not reappeared. So, Thanks Ed, I really appreciate your assistance and knowledge to help me solve this issue! John V.
  6. Just bought one a couple of weeks ago from Bob's Automobilia - www.bobsautomobilia.com, if you don't have luck elsewhere.
  7. Our Texas Region AACA hosted the 65th Annual Texas Tour this past week in Nacogdoches, Texas. The host hotel was The Fredonia Hotel, which had a 17 million dollar remodel in 2017. It was built in the mid 50's, and was restored in mid 50's modern style. We had over 80 cars and probably 180 or so people. We drove the Buick down on Wednesday and assisted with registration, parking lot marking, tour routes, and tour leading. The Buick logged 590 miles and performed well, considering the water pump had dribbled some before we left. I got a replacement pump from Bob's that arrived Monday before we left. I took the new pump with us, and installed it this week when we got back. Photos are on my wife's' phone, so nothing to share yet.
  8. out running around in the '39 yesterday and stopped by the Farmers Branch Rose Garden and Park. Took a few photos of the garden and the Buick while I was there.
  9. Thanks Terry, that makes perfect sense, just never entered my mind.
  10. Here is where this has been discussed before - hope this helps....http://forums.aaca.org/topic/293224-1939-dashboard-photos/?tab=comments#comment-1604812
  11. The map light is located to the left of the radio, as you have pictured. I have always assumed the other hole is for accessory heater/defroster controls, but don't know that for certain. On my car the prior owner had installed another map light. When I replaced the wiring with Rhode Island kit, there was only provision for the one map light.
  12. I found some acrylic jewels at Michael's (I think). They had foil backing that I scraped off - just fit. Here is photo of it installed and also the package.
  13. 6,500,000 Thai Baht equals 208,325.00 US Dollars
  14. We live in a suburb on the North side of Dallas, Texas. We tour with our AACA Chapter group 4-5 times a year, drive it to our monthly AACA and BCA meetings, and usually take it out 2 or 3 times a week for 15-20 mile runs. Have had the car since August 2010, and have logged just about 20,000 miles, mostly in good weather, but it is not allergic to rain.
  15. Hi Roger, I sent you a PM about our AACA Chapter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  16. '39 vacuum tubing is steel, suspect '38 is as well.
  17. Yep, took the Buick for a drive and stopped by the State Inspection Station I use to get it inspected. Third time there this year, modern cars were due in January and February. All three passed with no issues, so good to go for another year - yea!
  18. Buick "Y" Job - even before I saw Jay Leno's Garage segment!
  19. Yesterday was a beautiful day in North Texas, so we took the Buick shopping to the Texas Pecan Factory. About 20 miles round trip, and we are scheduled for rain today and Wednesday, so may be a couple of days till we get it out again.
  20. I have 650-16 Firestones on my '39 Buick that Discount Tire mounted and balanced, and never have had an issue. Have had the car up to 65+ mph for short periods when passing or entering the freeway with no shimmy or shake.
  21. Weatherman was not wrong, has rained every day since Saturday - think we are at about 8 inches and still counting. Supposed to be sunny Sunday and Monday, so may get to enjoy the Buick then.
  22. Check here for your answer: https://www.teambuick.com/reference/ident_engine_til_52.php You may have to register, but it is free!
  23. Following the rain this morning, I went out to the Farmers Branch Historical Park this afternoon and took a couple of photos in the sunshine. May be a couple of days till the Buick can go out to play again, since rain is in the forecast for several days. AACA meeting tomorrow, so maybe if the weather man is wrong, the Buick can get out sooner.