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Found 3,456 results

  1. Looking for liftgate glass and rear seat for 1957 1958 Buick wagon. Caballero, Estate wagon etc. Thanks, Don
  2. I'm looking for four interior door handles. I'm not sure the winders I have are correct but they're better than the chrome ones. Thanks, Mars
  3. My understanding is that 1939-1952 will fit the 1953 Special. The number on the manifold is 1313674-6
  4. Seeking Warner T64 Gearbox but especially new or used 2nd Speed Gear J-1A & Main Shafts D-3. Will gladly purchase a gearbox in usable condition if the gears can be dismantled & forwarded to my California trans shipper...... Thanks in anticipation.. Anthony
  5. Hi I relise American automobile forum ,and looking for British part , but quite a few of you guys have or have had an Austin Healey 3000 or 100/6 so as I’ve just bought a nice good condition horn push , desperately seeking the remainder of the trafficator assembly . Willing to pay good price plus all shipping charges. Please pm me cheers pilgrim
  6. I am looking for a Sears, Holsman or other similar tiller. Tiller is needed for a side tiller orientation NOT a center tiller like a Curved Dash Olds would have. If you have one or know of one, drop a note. Thanks, Al
  7. Hi Everyone, Looking for a starter pedal foot rest ( See Pic ) for my 1930 Marquette 2 door sedan. Mounts on the floorboard. Thank you for any reply email or 813-300-0437 Peter
  8. Looking for a medallion to suit a 1955 new yorker 2 door hardtop. It appears that the front and rear unit are the same! I'm just after the insert only, not the chrome surround. I'm not after a concourse piece just a good daily drive one! Hope someone might have one in their shed that they are willing to part with.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm in Australia. I'm looking for a set of trim rings (I think they are sometimes called Glamour rings in the USA) to fit my 35 Dodge standard rims. They are 17 inch rims. If anyone has a set they want to part with I would love to hear from you. If not if anyone knows where I can purchase a set in the USA. I would like 5 if I can get them.
  10. All of the discussion about AC control wires has reminded me that I need to find a replacement cable/wire for my Riv. I need the red tabbed control wire for the temperature control wheel on my HVAC controls. GM part number is 1385086. I believe the cable is 33" long but I can't swear to that without removing mine from the car. The red plastic hold down tab on my cable/wire is broken resulting in the wire not having enough tension to rotate the heat control switch on top of the heater core box. I have to turn the heat control wheel where I want it then get out of the car and manually rotate the box switch to the desired position. The control wheel switch will close the box switch though. Taking the HVAC controls out of the dash is such a PITA on a 68 that I only want to perform this operation once more then I want to be DONE with it! If any one has a source for replacement cables/wires or has a serviceable one on hand that I can purchase, please let me know. I know this has been discussed before but I could not find the thread with the recommended vendor(s).
  11. I need a handbrake lever spring for a Series 6-30B Pontiac. '29, '30 and '31 are the same as are '28-'30 Oakland.. The original part number from Group 4.065 is 552998. A spring or any lead would be appreciated. Thanks for looking. Thanks to 32Pontiac6 for the photos.
  12. Looking for a rumble / deck lid tee handle for a 31/32 Chevrolet Cabriolet or Coupe. The originals had a round sliding lid that covered the lock. Best picture I could find; Thanks, Dave
  13. Hello again boys, Im looking for a water pump for a 28 Std Six or Victory Six in any condition. Im helping a fellow old timer reassemble a engine that was long ago torn down and the water pump is nowhere to be found, he can't remember where it went or if he sent it somewhere.🤷‍♂️ Thanks, Ken
  14. Looking for a nice and reliable 1930-32 Franklin. Leads appreciated.
  15. I need a handbrake lever spring for a Series 6-30B Pontiac. '29, '30 and '31 are the same as are '28-'30 Oakland.. The original part number from Group 4.065 is 552998. It looks a lot like Chevrolet and GMC of that vintage but it is different. A spring or any lead would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  16. I need a handbrake lever spring for a Series 6-30B Pontiac. '29, '30 and '31 are the same as are '28-'30 Oakland.. The original part number from Group 4.065 is 552998. It looks a lot like Chevrolet and GMC of that vintage but it is different. A spring or any lead would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  17. Good day fine Packard folks, I am seeking one straight and true steel wheel and driveshaft. Application is for a 1941 110 club coupe (1485 model). Seeking a shorter driveshaft for the future installation of factory overdrive. Wheel size is 15" (diameter) x 5" (width) - 5 holes on a 4 1/2" bolt circle diameter. Thank you, Tom
  18. Wanted: original top irons for a '33-'34 Ford roadster; also need sheet metal sight shields at lower rear corner of door opening. Thanks!
  19. Seeking an Autronic Eye for a '59 Buick. Should be marked "B-59" on the underside, has long, curved bracket (see insert drawing). Unsure if '60 is the same, most likely not. Thanks in advance.
  20. My son is looking to buy his 1st classic. He has 25k to spend. I will be his eyes since I have bought and flipped over a hundred muscle cars over the past 50 plus years. He does not know a straight screwdriver- from a Philips+. LOL!! So it must be in good mechanics and body. Air a must since he lives in the Nashville TN heat. I tried to talk him into buying this Lincoln for 7100. He said it will not fit in his apartment parking spot. LOL
  21. Need a side view mirror for 1954 Roadmaster. Must be original and in good condition.
  22. Before I turn to eBay, does anyone have a working temp gauge for a 1954 large series? My sender is stuck in the block and while trying to unstick it the tube broke off.
  23. Looking for a 46 to 48 C projectontinental
  24. Specifically looking for a matching pair of 1947 New Jersey License Plates with the prefix of LV-LZ (Ocean County). Would settle for one, but really am looking for a set. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Can be reached by phone at 732-987-4490. Thanks so much!