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Found 3,918 results

  1. Looking for information on correct color, style (yellow cloth vs orange cloth )of spark plug wires and what plug end would be correct ( straight or 90 deg) seen all different combinations out here looking to keep as correct as I can any documentation would help too.
  2. Looking for original photos of the 1930 Dodge Marathon Car. Need for a research project I am working on. Any help is appreciated
  3. Wanted rebuildable Carter 6A1 or 6B1 Carburetor
  4. Wanted rebuildable Carter 6-A1 or 6-B1 carburetor.
  5. I need two, right and left, door window regulators for my 1942 ford Ambulance. This started out as a '42 Panel delivery. I have attached a pix of the door opening. Found one from a '46 Ford, but was different. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. im looking for a hand cranked siren for my 1924 fire truck. contact
  7. I am getting a quick education on mid-1950s Buick outer door handles. Not only are the Special/Century ones completely different from the Super/Roadmaster ones, but the 4-dr. Supers and Roadmasters have different handles and different body contours from the 2-door handles. Am in need of left and right outer door handles for a '56 Super convertible. I"m going to assume they are the same as the 2-dr. hardtop Super & Roadmaster ones. Have plenty of wrong ones to trade! Have NOS 4-dr. front and rear door handles; have NOS 2-dr. Special/Century door handles, but no 2-dr. Super door handles. Can anyone help or want to trade? Will buy outright if need be. These have the keyhole in the plunger, not down separately below. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  8. Hello, I've reached a critical stage in my restoration where I'm missing a few key parts. So I'm simply going to list a bunch of parts I'm looking for which you can also see in the attached images for clarification (bonus image of the car itself). Any help appreciated and the car is in Sweden (I live in London, UK) so would need the parts shipped to Europe. Thanks! /Alex Under the hood, the bar towards the front which holds the insulation in place - x1 Sunvisors - left and right Fuel door - in excellent condition, no pitting! Windshield Camomatic wiper arm base - no pitting / NOS Accessory button for dash with something holding it in place - don’t need the actual button Windshield trim clips Trim that goes across roof on the inside - x2 Headline trim pieces that sits along and above the window - 2 each side - passenger and driver Glove compartment contact/jamb for the light Driver side door lock mechanism - mainly the rods that connect to the door handle Rear middle window - clear glass - Century/Special only Washer jar pump - I have the lid 2 Door handles - 2dr HT 2 front seat trim - black or white - manual seats 1 Cigarette lighter - complete The top plastic ‘lid’ for the horn ring. I have the plastic that has the text, need the dome over it. 1 screw for inner tail light bezel. There are usually 3 in total on each side but I’m missing 1. 1 centre ventilation bracket, the one that sits below the dash and holds it up the on the passenger side. 2 Window channel - front door. 2 chromed door side window frames - bottom section Washer jar holder bracket
  9. I need the rear carb (3925S) for 1965GS. If not the whole carb just the body will do as it's been damaged in the idle circuit. I know this will not be easy to find as they are normally sold in pairs. Cheers Tom Kunek
  10. Hi all- Looking for contact info for the folks at -- website and phone are no longer active and I hear they still have brake accumulators for sale. Thank you!
  11. Looking for a horn button assembly to suit a 23-4-35 Buick , parts from a 22-4-35 also suitable. Any condition... Thanks Norm
  12. Looking for Chrysler product Car.. Dodge ,Plymouth ,Desoto, Chrysler car 1932 to 1940 or what have car OK..... 760-938-2250......
  13. I'm restoring a 1916 Elco Express Launch ...They were known as Autoboats, and am looking for a set of Remy switches as illustrated in the upper center of the attached photo. Thanks, Bill
  14. I need two window regulators, right and left, for my 1942 ford ambulance. This started out as a '42 panel delivery. found a pair from a '46 but didn't fit. I have attached a pix of the opening for the regulator. Any help is greatly appreciated.. Dan
  15. Longtime 1968 Buick Wildcat enthusiast and collector looking for a 1968 Buick Wildcat 2 door hardtop-standard or custom model. I'm looking for the best example I can find. Either an original survivor or one correctly restored back to factory specs. Must have a minimum of factory A/C. Not interested in project cars, 20 footers or "all it needs is a paint job." Already posted this request on the BCA website. Thought I would try to cast a wider net! Any leads are appreciated.
  16. Looking for seat for my 39 dodge coupe..I think two door is the same ? Calif desert country..also may be interest in buying 30's mopar dodge desoto plymouth chrysler car 760-938-2250
  17. Michigan license plate collector seeking pre-1930 Michigan license plates, especially porcelain plates from 1910-1914, pre-state issued leather license plates, and oddball plates. I am also seeking law enforcement related (police, sheriff, state police, highway patrol, conservation department/fish & game, etc.) license plates but especially those from the Michigan State Police. I am also am interested in acquiring Washington DC inaugural license plates, pre-1965 but figure it's an even greater long shot. Thank you very much, happy hunting! Bob. ALPCA 11718, MLPCA 908
  18. Looking for a 1948 to 1953 Ford flat head engine complete and running. Preferably would like a stock engine but would accept a slightly modified running engine. Please let me know of any leads. Would prefer to find one in VA near me but open to PA, MD, OH. Shipping is a possibility as well if the owner is open to it.
  19. Title says it. Also would like to find bearing cups 1305264. Also, does anybody have the dimensions on this spring? Would like to compare to spring 1310219 which fits 1939/1940. Cheers, Dave
  20. The gasket from the exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipe. 2 hole flange gasket. 1 1/2 inch ID with a bolt spread of 3 inches. I can't find one on any search. Anyone know of a source ?
  21. Trying to locate these original parts. I realize I can make these or have someone make them, but I'd like to locate originals for this restoration. If anyone has these parts please PM me so we can discuss price. Thanks for any leads/help. Dave 1.) Bumper Medallion 2.) License bracket 3.) Side mirror and bracket
  22. We're in the process of putting a 1925 motor back together, but it may not actually be put into a vehicle for some time. I'd like to make up a run-in stand to keep it in and run it periodically and I'm thinking that the easiest and most convenient thing would be to adapt the front half of a frame, I'm also looking for a full frame, preferably 1925, for a project that I have coming up. I'm located in the south-central PA area (think Carlisle/Hershey) so the closer the better buy I don't mind a drive either for what I need. Thanks everyone.
  23. Wanted: 1970 Oldsmobile 98 Fender Skirt Chrome Drivers Side E-Mail
  24. We are looking for a straight set of 1938 Buick Model 41 running board moldings. Thank you.