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Found 3,246 results

  1. I am looking to buy a set of turbine wheel covers for my 1963 Riviera. I am looking for a high end set that needs very little or no work. I have explored the usual venues and have had no luck locating a set so far. I do not want to leave any stone unturned and am reaching out to the forum members. If you have such a set that you would like to sell or know of someone that would be willing to sell such a set please PM me. Thanks. Bill
  2. Hello, I am looking to install 4 25 inch Kelsey wood wheels on my Cadillac chassis and need all the parts. Can you help? thanks, Don in Ohio 740-816-4284
  3. Hello, Can anyone tell me what size drive chain was used on the Locomobile Vanderbuilt racers such as Locomobile Old 16 which is in the Henry Ford museum . Also would you know the number of teeth on the drive/driven sprockets, Did they use a standard Locomobile rear hub and would you have any information about the hubs. I am starting to build a Vanderbuilt era racer using as many period parts as I can find. Life is Good. Don Feeney in Ohio 740-816-4284
  4. I just ordered new bows for my 1923 Moon touring and now I need to get top material. Does anyone have about eleven yards of stayfast. Black outside with a tan inside. Thanks Jan
  6. marc1122

    Water pump

    Looking for a water pump, shaft in shaft out style. Make and model does not matter. Something decent in size and good or serviceable condition. thanks
  7. A friend is in need of the passenger door garnish molding. Anyone have one? Thanks Ben
  8. Hello everybody. I am new to this site and I know I'm probably going on a long shot here but we are in search of a 1915-1920 Dodge Brothers Touring Cabrio. We know they are hard to find but we are willing to pay for the vehicle plus shipping if need be and if anyone knows where we can find one we surely would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help
  9. Need the lens for my right side fender-mounted bulb indicator. Left side pictured for example.
  10. I am saving up parts to build a 1923 Dodge Bros. Screen Side. EBAY currently has, what is represented as, a back panel. The EBAY item number is: 173511853626. Would a few of you guys, that know screen side trucks, please take a look and see if that panel is correct for me to use on my 1923? Please post me a note or a PM. Secondly, I am interested in a few parts for that project, front fenders, cab back panel both upper and lower, and the quarter panels behind the doors. I have the proper Screen side chassis, tank, cowl, running engine, "C" parts of the cab and doors. Help me if you can. Thanks, Alan
  11. Hi! Need a NOS Delco Remy Voltage regulator Part number # 1119515 for my 1964 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon. To my understanding this ones where used on ALL GM BIG FIVE, possible with different parts-number but inter changeable. Correct date would be Oct/Nov 63 but other dated within 63 to 65 of high interest. And please don't use this thread to post smart answers or solutions, I am aware of most of theme. If that would be the case it would also be my question! Thanks for looking! J
  12. Hi All, looking for a good engine 1924/1925 4 cylinder dodge engine. Please email me with details, Kind Regards and Thanks Trevor
  13. Hi Guys, I'm looking high and low but can't seem to find replacement retractor housings for the lap belts in my '65. The retractor spring is aggressive enough (and the old plastic housing brittle enough) that both have cracked and chipped pretty badly when the belt is released and retracts. I've tried a few online places (OPGI, Summit, but no luck. Thoughts here? I'm open to solutions that are not period correct - but hopefully just look good and do the job without exploding. Thanks, David
  14. I need a bumper bolt that goes down through the three chrome bars on the front bumper for a 34 CU. It is the one with a teardrop shaped head. Greg at
  15. Looking to purchase NOS ignition parts from 1910 to 1960's. Points, distributor caps, rotors, condensers, odd brushes etc. Also interested in copper head gaskets and manifold gaskets for the same time period. Ignition parts do not need not be in boxes or glass jars and will consider small to very large quantites. Send me a PM at All leads very much appreciated.🙂
  16. Looking for a manifold for my 46. anyone know where I can find one? thanks for any help. Apparently it has a later model 263 in it, so looking for an intake for that. thanks for any help.
  17. Hello, I am looking for all the parts to install 4 25 " wood wheels on my 1914 Cadillac chassis. This is not the stock wheel. Can you help? thanks, Don in Ohio 740-816-4284
  18. Looking for original photos of the 1930 Dodge Marathon Car. Need for a research project I am working on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  19. So I'm beginning my search for replacement wheel cylinders for our new Baby (1931 Chrysler Imperial CG). I see the "Mopar Direct" and " Bernbaum" sites pop up at the head of the pack, but of course the casting numbers are not shown. Price is about $300.00 FOR 4, which seems a bit steep. I know these have a stepped bore, but GEEEZ $75.00 a whack, when my local CARQUEST has some "quite similar" for ten to twenty bucks each. So my question is, who really makes these and why can't we get them from somebody like Autozone, Rock Auto or NAPA ? Has anybody really researched up the manufacturing ladder to see where they really come from ? I'll wait for your collective knowledge to pour into this thread. Mike in Colorado
  20. I am looking for some wheels from a YOU Pick yard in San Antonio. There are 3 Buick Regals there so hopefully I can come up with 4 wheels. The yard is Roosevelt You Pick. The cars are in rows 65,74, and 83. I will be vacationing to San Antonio the end of March and can pick them up at that time. I can send a check or do PayPal. Please PM me or e mail me at' Thanks!
  21. What sites are there for finding Buick Skyhawks for sale?
  22. Hello, are there some classic car part scouts out there, helping to find rare parts on junkyards? This time Im Looking for an 1964 Buick 300 4bbl aluminum intake, but in future for different cars from 50´s to 70´s. I have a shipping address in California so it don´t have to be shipped Overseas.
  23. Folks, we need a battery hold down bracket and hardware for the '55 Special we just got. Does anyone have one for sale? Shipping would be to Canada, This is our Postal Code, N4B 2W5, if you want it estimate shipping. Thanks. Keith
  24. Hello! my name is armin, i am from austria - europe! I'm just restoring my 1929 chrysler series 65 business coupe. I need for the kingston vacuum gas pump exactly this fittings which is on the following pictures! would anybody have some for me? possibly with the complete kingston vacuum pump? thanks, armin
  25. Hi! Need a NOS Delco Remy Voltage regulator PN # 1119515. Correct date would be Oct/Nov 63 but other of high interest. Thanks for looking! J