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Found 4,236 results

  1. Hi wondering if anyone here knows of any pierce arrow parts trucks or parts off i have a 1926 XA 2 ton truck that im needing some parts for the 2 3 or 5 ton models from 1923 to 28 that had solid rubber wheels im told were the same diametre 20” wheels, im looking for a set of front solid steel spoked wheels and any sheetmetal plus a few other smaller parts if anyone can help, please let me know thanks mike cameron
  2. I need the left front brake cable for a 27 dodge brothers victory6 sedan.. will be willing to purchase pairs if ya don’t wanna split up sets..
  3. Few Parts and tires- shopping for best buys
  4. I am in the need for a pair of telescoping deck lid supports. I do have the elbow arm type but would prefer the telescoping style. Thanks, Jakes.
  5. Searching for front & rear bumpers (not repops) for a 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Would prefer better than "driver quality".
  6. I have been putting my Stearns-Knight J-8-90, which was partly disassembled, back together over the last few months. I have been trying to inventory all of the parts in the boxes that came with the car. I have almost everything (I think) but have found that I am missing the headlight internal parts including the connectors, reflectors, retaining springs, and lenses (in addition to the slide arm bracket listed elsewhere). If anyone has these parts or a pair of headlights, I would certainly like to hear from you. What I believe are the correct lenses are marked "Tiltray Headlamp Guide, The Guide Motor Lamp Mfg. Co., Cleve, O, Pat Applied For, I.G.C., GL-142, 10 1/8 Dia., Designed For Mazda Lamp 1110". These have diameters of 10 1/8" and prism diameters of 8 31/32" and are Tiltray part no. 234911. There are "notches" at 90, 180, and 270 degrees. I don't know the part number for the reflectors. These headlights appear to have been used on: M.P. MOLLER (1928) PEERLESS (1929-30: Model 69) STEARNS-KNIGHT (1928-1929: Models H8-90 and J8-90) ( internal parts may be the same as other Stearns-Knight 1926-1928) Thank you. Steve
  7. Help! I need a working passenger side real caliper.
  8. Hi everybody, having a tough time finding inner trim rings for my 1937 dodge d-5 sedan. Does anyone still make them. Coker tire said they did not have them. Dodge part book calls them Wheel discs 680018. contact me if you have a lead. thanks Bob z Picture below⬇️
  9. Looking for 2 dome light housings without lens'. Just need the mount housing with bulb socket. Condition can be fair. Surface rust ok. Solid steel and socket preferred.
  10. Well, it finally happened, the cracked horn ring on Melanie's 1956 Windsor wagon finally gave up and broke. We found that someone had glued a nail in one of the rings to hold it together, but it was inevitable. Looking on eBay, these are apparently quite rare, although 1956 Desoto rings seem fairly common. Does anyone know if they interchange? I'd be willing to run a Desoto horn ring until we find a correct one. The broken stubs look awful and it's breaking Melanie's heart--she's blaming herself even though the horn ring was on borrowed time anyway. So does anyone have a decent one they'd be willing to part with? Please let me know. Thank you! Here's what it looks like:
  11. Hope you can help me. I am looking for two fender spare tire covers. I do have the surround sections, the inside covers (4), and the top trims. All that I am looking for is the outer covers. I do realize that a person made not want to sell the parts individually but, there maybe other that just have the outer covers. If the price is right, I could go either way. Thanks, Jakes
  12. Need the spring, insulators, and the screw in clamp for the center cap.
  13. WTB Rudge 72 mm driving hubs, not wheels. Thanks.
  14. I could use a better door than the one on the car. 40 series hardtop coupe or convertible door will fit.
  15. In search of a running 248 or 263. Hopefully reasonably priced and close to Knoxville,TN.
  16. Wanted mid 1950's or older 3 or 5 window school bus to make a street rod that my dad can go with me . He has to use an electronic scooter to get around . I have found they are scarce here in Kentucky any information is more than appreciated 👍
  17. Wanted Rear fenders for a Dodge or Ply truck. Big or small. Thank you
  18. Wanted Rear fenders for a 1933 to 1947 truck. Small or big truck. Thank you
  19. I am looking to buy a nice studebaker coupe express...anyone know of one for sale?!
  20. This is not a big item but I am looking for a retainer for the trunk upholstery for my newly-acquired 90 convertible. I just put in a rebuilt power antenna (thanks to Barney) and when putting the upholstery back in place I discovered one of the retainers is missing. It's gray, about an inch long, about 1 1/4 across the top, and screws in. Can anyone recommend a source or have a couple to sell? Thanks Alan Oldfield BCA 15140 Rdiv 2251
  21. Greetings all. Looking for the long brace that runs across the frame and ties into the short braces on the bottom of the sidemount wheel wells. It is probably about 5 feet long, made out of (I believe) C-channel with a plate welded across the bottom. It mounts with one bolt into the bottom of the frame rails. Basically straight with a slight 'kick' on either end to line up with the short brackets on the fender wheel wells. This description is based upon a photo of one I saw on ebay a couple of years ago and, stupid me, not only did I get outbid, I failed to save a picture of it. Any leads appreciated and, if nothing else, a photo or two from another PE dual side owner so I can fabricate the thing. Thanks and remember our fallen heroes this Memorial Day.
  22. I'm looking for a set (or singles) of 1924 and 1925 Dodge Brothers trunk support arms. These are riveted to the trunk and body and keep the trunk up when opened. Anyone with some lying around or attached to that rusted out trunk I'd be interested. Thanks Jay
  23. Trying to locate these original parts. I realize I can make these or have someone make them, but I'd like to locate originals for this restoration. If anyone has these parts please PM me so we can discuss price. Thanks for any leads/help. Dave 1.) Bumper Medallion 2.) License bracket 3.) Side mirror and bracket
  24. I am doing some research on the 1930 Dodge 8 Marathon car and am wanting to buy original pictures of the car. I have found and purchased several originals and would like to find others to help me with my project. If you have any for sale, or you know of anyone that might have some, please contact me so I try to find others that I do not have. Either reply to this ad or contact me through the forums. Thanks for any and all help. Bob
  25. Need a 1938 or 1939 or 1940 series 75 convertible sedan top frame and the bows or rack I could use any part of the setup in restore-able condition. Thanks for any help you can give me. Please PM me Mike