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  1. I believe the 1954-55 50-70 series are 7" long, both sides. (1941-53 are 7,5" and the small series 54-55 are 6"). Have you lowered the car/standing on it's wheels, after replacing parts? Tom
  2. Thanks. 1954 Roadmaster sedan is a one year only back window, Super sedan will be the same. And the Master Body catalog also lists a "4", so Cadillac will share the same, I guess 1954 series 62 sedan. Tom
  3. Thanks, would like to go there. Living in Norway, I'll have to wait. Tom
  4. I am looking for a tinted back window for the Roadmaster. NOS, new or very good used. Tom Pettersen BCA#8163
  5. I found this ad for Christmas 1949, here is the multi-purpose trouble light pictured. But no part number in the ad. Will it be a 1949 or 1950 option? Anyone with a asseccories list to confirm this?
  6. Interesting -, Yes, it comes with a long cord, but no red lens in the box. I do have this 8.890 #981303 Handy Spot. In the 1953 Master chassis book listed for 1953 50-70 (12V). Here is the 8.890 #980986 listed as a Handy Spot, so I think it is the same style but 6V. nothing about a multi-purpose lite. Tom Pettersen
  7. I am not able to find these part number in any catalog. Is it 6V or 12V?
  8. When did Buick offer this sealed beam unit as an option, what year? Tom
  9. Need help finding an antenna lead in cable for 1953 Skylark. What does it look like, length, ground strap?, straight or 90 degree end on radio side. Tom Pettersen Norway BCA#8163
  10. Do you have a picture of the tissue dispenser bracket? I believe 1955 is a one year only.
  11. Different part numbers for series 40, series 50/70 and Skylark. My guess is that door from 50/70 will fit, but need holes drilled for molding. will be easier to locate a door then. I have some used moldings extra. TomP
  12. Nice pictures. Did you not change the lower hood latch? I have considered changing to the longer bolt, but then I will have to drill a hole in the panel where the hood latch is mounted. Tom
  13. Trying to understand the Trico part numbers. My 1956 Buick parts catalog are listing the 10.159-4573900: Trico 86120-C (RH) to fit 1950 all, 1951-53 series 50/70 . According to the listing this part also fits 2-4 (Oldsmobile -Cadillac). In the 1956 Cadillac catalog, however, the 1950-53 the RH transmission is listed with part number 4617112: Trico 86120-1C. What are the difference between 86120-C and 86120-1C? Will they interchange? Tom BCA#8163
  14. My mystery rocker arms will take 3/8" bolts only, not 7/16" as Cadillac - if that helps sorting out.
  15. The box were marked 55 Cadillac, but no. Original 55 Cad used rocker arm to the left. Any idea what they will fit? it is a pair. Rocker arm bracket marked "4507" and rocker arm "68" Appreciate any help, Tom Pettersen
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