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  1. Yes, the 1937-39 Cadillac and LaSalle cars used a pressure radiator cap. They were 4#, 5# and 7# caps depending on year and model. My 1939 LaSalle uses a 7# cap. Scott
  2. For my 1939 LaSalle, 6 volt, positive ground. Currently using a 2330 bulb. There is plenty of discussion around LED bulbs but I just haven't found a post discussing success with prefocus lamps. Has anyone had success using LED bulbs in a prefocus headlight design. I'm looking at just switching to a halogen prefocused bulb but wondered about how well and LED would work. It seems that the exact position of the filament is critical and I'm doubting an LED could be used to have both low and hi beam usage. If you've had good experience, would you have a suggestion on a supplier?
  3. When I was deciding on whether to put whitewalls or blackwalls on my Studebaker, I took a photo of it with the black walls it had, then just did a little work in Powerpoint to add whitewalls and make a decision. I even posted the two photos in the forum for some feedback. It wasn't hard to decide to stay with blackwalls. Maybe try that. Scott
  4. Put Diamondback Auburn Radials on my 1939 LaSalle replacing a set of BF Goodrich Silvertowns this year. Rides so much better and got rid of wandering at higher speeds (usually cruise 55-65). I also got rid of the tubes but kept that bias-ply pie crust edge and beauty bar. To be fair I only have a bout 1000 miles of experience so far but am really happy with the purchase (thanks again Matt!). Scott
  5. That’s a really nice looking car. Will look forward to seeing next year. Scott
  6. See reply in your post in the Studebaker section
  7. Needs some nickel in this thread. Just a touch..... not too much.
  8. Just like instructions say....When you fold the top you pull the material from between the bows then roll it up and lay it between the front and rear bows then slip on the boot. Works great. Leaving it folded between bows will damage the material as to bows rub it. Scott
  9. If you don't get any replies, you could try in the General or Technical section of the forum as there is more activity there and many of the issues with this vintage car are common to various makes so you don't necessarily need to be a 1916 Studebaker expert to help mechanically. This is the right spot though for verbal help specific to your car. Scott
  10. More than likely you'll need to make the carburetor inlet tube. They are usually rusted away. Scott
  11. That serial number identifies it as a 1913 Model 25 SA 4 cylinder, 25 hp, 102" wheelbase car. Range for that model/year is: 301,501 - 315,611
  12. Not sure if this helps but this is the side lamp p/n listing for Studebaker Models 20 & 30 and 1913-15 Scott
  13. The Studebaker is a Light Six 5 Passenger Touring Car Updated: I missed seeing that in the original post
  14. Just over a month away .... one of the few pre-war driving tours and shows of 2020. Still time to register.
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