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  1. Check eBay too. Used ones come up occasionally.
  2. Do you have a Service Manual? Currently out of stock at Faxon but hopefully they will print some more. http://www.faxonautoliterature.com/1918-1924-Studebaker-Big-Six-Special-6-Repair-Shop-Manual-Reprint-P9551.aspx
  3. What David Coco said.... Kris did the running boards on my 1939 LaSalle and the results were perfection. Scott
  4. Same weekend as the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village....OCF wins for me. Scott
  5. Very nice. What are those front bumper protrusions officially referred to as? I always wondered if that was ever commented on in their marketing or advertising. I have to think that Cadillac had a male dominated design staff at the time.
  6. After replacing the front lever action shocks on my 1939 LaSalle, I thought it would be fun to take it to my local Cadillac dealer for an alignment and see their reaction....so I did. It's really easy to adjust for caster, camber and toe and I brought the service manual/specs with me. They had the technician that was going to align it come out in the vehicle entrance and I walked him through the procedure. Two issues: 1) Since they couldn't plug into my ALDL port, they had a heck of a time trying to enter my 7 digit VIN into their computer system - had to call their IT guy to come up w
  7. They look a lot like the 1970s Per Lux fog lights I added to my 1969 GMC truck back in the day - sans the louvers that would direct the lights downward. Definitely an aftermarket light though. Scott
  8. Steve, I'm going to agree with Ed on the scaler and recommend sand blasting. Need a higher pressure unit with some pretty agressive media though. Do you have plans on a new coating? I'll share the experience on my 1939 LaSalle....went with one of the two most recommended porcelain coating companies (not cheap) and it failed miserably after the few drives. They offered to try again but I'll be taking my losses and removing the manifolds this winter and have them ceramic coated instead. I'm going to try Jet Hot Cermaic Coatings. It won't look near as nice as brand new ceramic, as it doe
  9. Agree with Matt Harwood, Marty Roth and Matt Hinson. This is a very common problem with the Cadillac 346 flathead. My 1939 LaSalle had the same issue and the fixes mentioned solved that problem. I kept a 6 volt system, used heavy cables, rebuilt starter, ensured a good ground path, carb insulating block and it has an electric fuel pump along the frame rail towards the rear of the car. Even after a hot soak, it starts every time. Up to a 5 second crank occasionally but always fires off. I really don't think the insulation on the fuel line to the carb does anything. That little bit of insula
  10. I like using Permatex Copper Spray a Gasket sealant on the head gasket. I might use a very thin layer of Permatex Ultra Black on the paper gasket. I would normally use Permatex Right Stuff on that paper gasket but it cures pretty quickly so you need to assemble it quickly if you use it. If you can get it together and bolted down in under 10 minutes, I would go the Right Stuff route. I hate having gasket leaks on a freshly assembled engine and these products have not let me down. Scott
  11. I use Boeshield T-9 to protect parts, tools, etc. - designed by Boeing to protect parts in remote areas of an aircraft. Dries to a slight waxy film, not oily. But you'll need to clean off the friction face with some solvent before assembly.
  12. Owners' Manual. They can be found on eBay frequently. The reprint of the maintenance manual is produced by Faxon (also often listed on eBay). Scott
  13. Actually, black pipe is recommended for air lines. Galvanizing is a sacrificial coating to slow the corrosion process but can flake off as it corrodes and ages getting into your tools. While black pipe will rust over time, the particles are usually very fine. L copper is nice but rather expensive.
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