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  1. The knowledge and new friends, the opportunity to keep learning about all things automotive is invaluable. I thank all that participate. This is a fountain of knowledge and experience better than any automotive library and is a great outlet and another facet of being a true car guy. Thanks again to everyone that participates on the forums. A toast to you all. Cheers and good health, wonderful cars, and many more car adventures to come.
  2. I will miss going to Rhinebeck as it is only an hour or so away. Thankfully the AACA will so far be holding National Meets. I have already registered and gotten a room at the host hotel for Saratoga. Regretfully we will not do any tours because they all involve a bus for transportation. Will see at the Meet if they will allow us to use our own vehicle to go to the private Auto Collection tour they are doing? Will also sadly skip the Awards dinner, we or just I will go in after for the Awards ceremony. I have been fully Vaccinated, so far my wife has not. Why take the chance? We plan to arrive
  3. If needed to enter an event I am all set. Carrying my NYS vaccination card in my wallet.
  4. Recieved my copy yesterday. It is a substantial well crafted magazine. I have just started reading it late last night. So far so good. Seems like these will be keepers to add to my automotive library.
  5. P.S. This car won a Concours Gold at this event with 1000 out of 1000 points and a Platinum Award for "Best Buick" Judges Choice at the event also. This was the 2017 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. (MCACN) It is now a Senior Grand National Award winner (Gettysburg 2020) and has been twice nominated for a AACA National Award in 2018 and 2019.
  6. Lou always does a good job. I was Lou's first "My Car Story in 2013 at MCACN with my 1973 mostly all original Gran Sport Stage1 Sun Coupe! (Good story for another day!) He also redid and made a longer video of the Sun Coupe at MCACN in 2016 where it won its 2nd Concours Gold Award with 986 points. He did my Four Speed '73 at MCACN in 2017 when it won Concours Gold with 1000 out of 1000 points, and also won the Platinum Award for Best Buick. He also did my T code '73 at MCACN in 2019 which won a Day Two Concours Gold Award. Total of 4 videos so far. This 1970 GS is my friend Carl Rychlik's car
  7. Recieved notification a few days ago that my order had been shipped for my subscription starting at Numero uno. I believe the first time I saw/met you was at Chowder at Sardi's when you started with Hemmings. Always good to see and support another Brooklyn boy! I am really looking forward to getting this.
  8. Thanks. Now I know what that means. Now I just have to remember it! 😉
  9. Center High Mounted Stoplight. I think. My Gran Sport has SCO paint!
  10. Brad Conley That particular car is a pile of poo....even the former owner said so! Drives great but the rust issues are beyond belief. I just noticed this post and see it has been well discussed and even a mention was made about the thread on the V8 board. So I will just refresh everyones memory and tell the story to those who haven't read the thread on V8; That was my old car. I owned it for 17 years. (Bought in 2003) It was my first Gran Sport. I owned Six '73 Gran Sports at one point af
  11. I did not put this in my other post. This is my Factory Appearing (FAST, Super Car Races, BSA; Buick Stock Appearing) '73 GS455 T code. 1 of 99 built. Best ET so far is 12.45 @ 109.6 MPH on street tires.
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