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  1. My Grandson got his first two magazines last Monday or Tuesday. (last months and the current issue) I did not recieve mine till Friday. Same house address. Very nice issue as usual. Congratulations to all the National Award winners, and to all the other members who had their cars in the magazine.
  2. I get the emails and FB stuff from the region and was thinking of joining. Too bad about the 70 cutoff. I miss it by 3 years. Also May 17 is out for me as the GSCA Buick Nationals in Bowling Green Ky. ends on the 16th. (My Birthday!) Oh well. 😞 P.S. I live 10 minutes from Ridgefield.
  3. i recieved the notice of acceptance back for 1 car so far. 😎 (My Yellow '73 Buick Sun Coupe) Hoping I get the other one soon as it is the car going for it's Senior Grand National Award. (My Gold '73 Buick 4 speed) Thanks Ms Buckley for the quick response.
  4. Two vehicle registrations sent. My friend Judy Stropus who picked up Karl Ludvigsen's National Award for his Reid Railton book tried to get me an extra registration form at the National Meeting. ( Couln't get there myself due to medical issues) She was unable to do so because the table for it was closed. She was told I should make a copy of the form which I did. Both registrations went out in seperate envelopes. My Hotel has been booked for quite a while. Looking forward to this and getting back to the NB Center for a third time. This is going to be a way cool event. As ex98th said if they don't for some reason get there, please let me know if possible. I watched my Mail man pick them up from the mail box about a half hour ago. Thanks!
  5. MY kids and me with my SSA Miata in 1993 at the SCCA National at New Hampshire International Speedway. My Grandson last year with Skip Barber and Skip's Fiat Abarth as an official Judge at the Lime Rock Sunday in the Park Concours.
  6. The car is a great driving and handling car. Very solid build quality. It drives like a Mercedes should when you are just cruising around town, then when asked for it is an animal and still drives comfortably. All depends on the driving modes. Lots of options to play with for track, highway and street. The sounds it makes are right out of hot rod heaven when you want. I am an ex SCCA racer and this car does it all.
  7. I bought this 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS Edition1 2 years ago this coming June with 1470 miles on it. Paid about 35% off list. Only 268 built for the USA. I think this might be a collectible in the future. I think it's an instant classic. Only my kids will know for sure. In the meantime I am driving and enjoying every mile and minute of doing so. I now have about 5400 miles on it and is put away for the winter. Has an unlimited mileage factory warranty through June 2022
  8. Photos are now posted on the AACA FaceBook page. Almost 300 pictures. A huge Thank you to Mr. Bulgari for inviting us. Another thank you to Marty Schorr for arranging this. You are a great friend and I highly value our relationship. Thank you also to my new friend Kieth Flickinger, your enthusiasm and knowledge, and you and your crews workmanship are second to none. The 50 Anniversary of the BCA at the facility was a wonderful experience. Yesterday was even better.
  9. First one in my '73 GS Stage1 Sun Coupe at Lime Rock this year getting its Best in Class trophy at this years Lime Rock Park Sunday in the Park Concours. Second one is from a photo shoot for an upcoming article scheduled for April 2020 in Muscle Car Review for my '73 GS Stage1 Four speed.
  10. I will be there with my Harvest Gold Stock appearing '73 Gran Sport 455 F.A.S.T./ SuperCar races car in a small group of A body GM cars. My other '73 Harvest Gold GS Stage1 4 speed AACA National Award nominated 2018 & 2019 '73 won a Concours Gold (1000 points out of 1000) and Pinnacle Award for Best Buick in 2017. My '73 1 of 4 SCO paint and 1 0f 45 built Stage1 SunCoupe won a Concours Gold (986 points) and a Pick Award from the Sloan Museum in 2016.
  11. Will be going to the NB Center in Allentown for a private tour Veterans day (Nov. 11) with Marty Schorr of Cars magazine, Motion cars and Buick PR fame. We will be getting a private tour and spending the day with Keith Flickinger. Mr Bulgari is heading back to Rome this Wednesday. Will post pictures when I return home. Looking forward to being there again and having the private tour and lunch on the premises.
  12. It isn't with a antique car, but it is a future collectible, my '16 AMG GTS Edition1. 1 of 350 made for the USA.
  13. Was a wonderful event. It is habit forming. I wont repeat what everyone else said, I agree with it all, and the event gets better every year. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everyone involved!
  14. Thanks, Lamar. It was great seeing you again. Hope you used or found someone for those Banquet tickets. Will be bringing the car to the BCA National in Ohio this year, God willing. Hotel reservations are made. I am looking forward to it and seeing you there.