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  1. Hi Lamar. I will be in class 36F again this year. I will be bringing my '73 Gran Sport Stage1 4 Speed. It was nominated last year for a AACA National Award. (2018) I can't wait to show it at Hershey again where she won her First Place Award Jr. in 2017, that was the first show for it since its restoration. We look forward to seeing you again and showing you the car.
  2. We will be there. Hope to look you up again Friday at your spot in the car corral. Will have my '73 Harvest Gold Buick Gran Sport Stage1 4 Speed in Group 36F for the show.
  3. I say go for it. It was nice to read last year's blog. I enjoyed it very much. With the addition of the railroad museums and pictures it should be an added bonus to the trip. See you at Hershey.
  4. I also took the '73 GS stage1 4 speed to the Radnor Hunt Concours. The featured class was Buick, The designs of Bill Mitchell. I have and probably will never again see so many Buicks at a Concours. It was an honor to be invited, had a great time with lots of friends from the BCA and local clubs. Marty Schorr wrote a nice article on the Buicks at Radnor Hunt. He used my car as the feature photo! 🙂 Here is the piece written about my car. and a photo with Alan Oldfields '75 all original Pace car next to it. His car only has a little more than 3000 miles on it.
  5. I have been busy and haven't posted in a while. Two weeks ago was the NE Buick races and show at Cecil County Dragway. Drove the '75 Electra to Atlantic City to hang with Buick friends and then to the show. Over 450 miles all together. Had a great time, toured to the Herr's potato chip factory and won a trophy in the show. The ride back was a blast. Was in a bit of a rush Saturday afternoon on the way home due to another car engagement. The car drove like a top, 75-80 MPH the whole way. 🙂 Mileage is now 24,772. Started at 18,500 two years ago.
  6. My Grandson has two sets of Grandparent car guys. His Mom (my daughter) is a car person since she was born, following me to SCCA races all across the Atlantic coast. His father is also a car guy. My grandson David (almost 12) has been going to events since he was born. He made me purchase him a AACA Jr. membership for 2020 and I did that last week. He was in the AACA Kids magazine a few months ago when I sent his picture when asked on this forum for kids into AACA, etc. Last month we were at the Lime Rock Concours "Sunday in the Park" at the Fall Vintage Festival showing my '73 Buick Sun Coupe where he joined some of my friends judging cars to learn and listen, he was made an official Judge by the head Judge Murray Smith. He even judged Lime Rock owner Skip Barber's car. He just joined us last Sunday at the Turtle Invitational Concours in Bedford NY where he once again joined the Judges and became an official Judge by Melanie Pray. (The late collector Malcom Pray's daughter) We even met our illustrious leader Steve Moskowitz's cousin this past Sunday at the event. (he was judging) We all agree with the premise of starting them young! He is well on his way to a life of playing with classic cars and judging them too. I am lucky to have the opportunity to see him grow up and appreciate/love the hobby as much as I do. 😎
  7. This is my '75 Buick Electra Limited 2 door Coupe. Bought it with 18,500 miles, 2 year later it now has 24,700 miles. (All documented on the AACA Buick Forums) I need to send in my log to AACA for it, I am signed up for the mileage Awards. It won it's First Place Jr. Award at The AACA Meet in Gettysburg last year, even with incorrect tires which are not being reproduced at this time. The car is a dream and a great highway cruiser. Just took it to a Buick event in Ceil County, Maryland. Drove it back and forth from the NY suburbs. The return trip of a little over 200 miles was driven between 75 and 80 MPH the whole way! Love this car. P.S. It has also won numerous other Awards at local shows. '75 and '76 were the longest full size cars built by GM.
  8. Indeed! Dinner rolls are meant to be thrown at boring speakers.
  9. Yes, you are correct. Bruce and Genia Wennerstrom owned and founded the Greenwich Concours which was passed down to his heirs. Leif Wennerstrom and his wife Mary took it over. Mary has been the driving force behind them both ever since. Mary W. has been hired by Hagerty, who bought both the Concours and Chowder to be the Executive Chairman/Officer of the event. The Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society (MASCDACS) has also been sold to Hagerty. Mary was also the person running the club, not without some strife after taking over and some members leaving the club. The announcement was made at yesterdays meeting. I have been a Chowder member since 1982 (37 years! WOW) when I was racing in SCCA, and a Member of the Board of Directors of the New York Region of the SCCA. (Sports Car Club of America) It is a new chapter for both. Hoping for the best. Henry Austin Clark Jr. and Bruce Wennerstrom were the directors of the club until Austies passing, then Genia and Bruce Wennerstrom until the passing of Genia W. and a few years later Bruce. I have been friends with Mary and Leif all these years since they were brought by Bruce and Genia to a SCCA double National at Pocono Raceway, (The event was run by Oscar Koveleski, also a good friend) when they came to see Tom Cruise race in Showroom stock, (I believe that was 1984) which is the class I was also racing in. They were teenagers and not married at that time. P.S. Just to show how it's a small world McKeel Hagerty owns one of my old 1LE Camaro Show Room Stock cars that I have been trying to buy back for over 2 years now!
  10. We took my '73 Stage1 Sun Coupe to the Lime Rock Park Historic Festival Sunday in the Park Concours. My grandson had a great time and joined a group of Judges, some of them friends of mine. The Chief judge for the event made him a judge and he had a great time, learned a lot and even had lunch at the judges luncheon. Start them young! The mostly original Sun Coupe surprised me and won a blue ribbon and trophy for Best in Class. It was a well attended show with amazing cars. Even a few Ferraris from Ralph Laurens collection. We drove around 120+ miles roundtrip. The weather was perfect. Radnor Hunt Concours is next Sunday with the Harvest Gold '73 4 speed. The featured class is Buick: "The designs of Bill Mitchell", will have a lot of friends from the BCA and GSCA in the class. Should be a great time, win or lose, it is an honor to be invited.
  11. Reservation made a few weeks ago, when posted it was open here on the forum. No problem at all.
  12. P.S. Just want to say thank you to Tom Mooney for getting back to me right after my previous post. Just ended a nice detailed phone conversation with him. I received a lot of information, that really helped a Riviera novice like me. I learned a lot about the Gran Sport to go forward with in my persuit for one of these cars, if not this one then something else in the future. Thanks again Tom, it was a pleasure to talk to you.
  13. Hi all. New to this forum, but not new to collecting Buicks. I am interested in buying a 1965 Riviera Gran Sport on Ad # 2292832. I have spoken with the owner and he has sent additional pictures. The car is located in California. I am waiting for Monday to see if the Carbs are the correct #'s and also the #'s for the distributor. It does bave the BS trans. Supposed to be numbers matching Motor, etc. The owners name is Jesse Horn and he says his partner in the car is Tim Sweely who is supposed to be well known in the Riviera world as he is a large manufacturer /supplier for 1963-1965 Riviera parts. Both are members of the ROA. I was wondering if anyone knows about this car or has any opinions on the car and owners. I have spoken to a couple of friends including Ken Lisk who owns a '65 Non GS with dual carbs from the factory. They are the ones who gave me the Carb and Distributor #'s and also a link to the discussion on his car here. I am a long time GSCA, BCA, and AACA member with Senior and Grand National Award cars. One was also nominated last year for a National Award. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated, because I really would like to try to purchase this car. I did email Tom Mooney who was reccomended to me by Ken L., but I have not recieved a reply yet. Thanks in advance for any help I can get.
  14. Today is three years to the day of the 50th Anniversary BCA event at Mr Bulgari's "NB Center for American Automotive History". I just reshared my album of the event on the AACA FaceBook page to give everyone an opportunity to see where next years (2020) event will be held. Just over 200 pictures.
  15. Add the 2015 1/2 Cadillac Escalade to that list. It has been an ongoing problem that I have had "fixed" with an update numerous times over the last 4 years. The hatch doesn't fall though it does have a mind of its own and closes whenever it wants to like someone has pressed the close button. It closes at random times, sometimes with the chimes working, and sometimes with them not working. It has hit me on the head and back numerous times. Good luck with GM. Hopefully they can fix it to your satisfaction. I still dont trust it and am wary everytime I use it! Glad it didn't do worse damage to your hand.