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  1. Good for you and great photos, Ed. I love all sorts of Car Clubs also. Talking about racing, I like a roof over my head, I am a tin top guy. I raced SCCA Nationals and Regionals in Mazda's, Camaro 1LE's when they first came out (1989) and you needed a comp license to buy one. Started with Rx-7's, Rx-3's at Bridgehampton (miss that track a lot) and still get into a Miata (sold my National race wining Miata a long time ago) every now and then at Lime Rock. Also raced A Sedan Ford Mustangs. Was sponsored by BFG. That helped keep tire costs down! Been on the Board of Directors of the NYRSCCA sin
  2. Thanks, Mark. It most definitely was an honor to be nominated. Will keep trying as attending AACA Meets has become an important and wonderful part of my life. I wouldn't trade the experiences and friends I have made for anything. Looking forward to seeing you and Marion next year. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and enjoy a healthy and Happy New Year!
  3. Same here. National nominated two years in a row (2018 and 2019) Both times did not win. Thinking back and as advice to others I think my cell phone photos didn't do the car justice and would at the least try in the future to get better photos taken if nominated again. It was a nice document to receive each time stating the car was nominated as an outstanding vehicle. (I had them framed) Was not nominated this year, but I guess being nominated three years in a row would be too much to expect. Maybe again in the future it will be? Good to hear the non winner documents are already being recieve
  4. My deepest condolences to Mr Singe's family. May his memory be a blessing. At the Gettysburg National meet I made it a point to stop by at the Awards ceremony where he was sitting to thank him again for opening his collection to all during the National Meet in New Jersey last year. I spent a few minutes talking with him about his cars. I told how marvelous his collection of cars are and especially how much I enjoyed his collection of Automobilia, especially his vintage posters among all the other things he collected. He was very kind and and was happy to talk about his cars and collections. He
  5. I would love to have a chance to be online to purchase this car/ I would love have a chance to be online to buy/look at this car with a MOPAR expert/friend to verify everything when you have made up your mind as to what you are asking for it. If I can afford it! LOL Thanks.
  6. My mostly all original 1973 Buick Gran Sport Stage1 Sun Coupe. Photo taken at the 2020 Gettysburg Grand National where it won its First Grand National Award. 1 of 4 SCO code O (Other) paint and 1 of 45 Stage1 Sun Coupes built.
  7. Just got home an hour ago. What a great show. Perfect weather and a great turnout of beautiful cars and people. Thanks to all in the AACA Staff and Paula Ruby and the Gettysburg Region and all who helped Judging and entrants also. What a great way to end the year! I only had the chance to take about 100 photos and will put them up on the FaceBook AACA page later today if anyone is interested. Thanks again to all in the AACA!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing this Mark. See you and Marion Friday I hope. Also a big thank you to all AACA National and Regional staff, members, attendees, etc for making this happen. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to attend at this facility again. Everyone should also realize the extent of the effort required to make this event happen. There is no other organization in the USA and possibly the world that has made the effort and the logistics to make an event of this size happen in these trying times in the show car world. The rules seem simple enough and hopefully will be taken seriously by
  9. Got ,my confirmation by calling the office. A few days later the confirmation came in the mail also. Looking forward to the Meet. So far the weather seems like it will be great.
  10. Great Thread and great posts. Thanks to all who have posted. I tried to buy the Schuster Book on Amazon. I did find a copy for a reasonable price, but after putting it my cart and continuing to browse by the time I went to complete the purchase it was already sold. I am thinking it might have gone to someone reading this very thread also. All the other available were too costly to consider. I did end up with the two books in the attached photo and I look forward to reading them when I finish reading some other automotive books that I bought first.
  11. I miss going to Hershey and seeing all the corral cars and vendors. Next year will be bigger and better. Looking forward to the Gettysburg National Meet.
  12. We will be taking the Harvest Gold Four Speed to the Greenbrier. We will also be taking it to Hershey. Looking forward to Hershey also and seeing and talking with both of you there. Take care and stay safe!
  13. Price for the car and the "special package price" would be helpful. Thank you!
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