The Passing of Bob Coker

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6 hours ago, MrEarl said:

Just to finally let you all know where the term that many of you have been called by Bob came from.  Colonel Charles Codman was General George W Pattons senior aide or right hand man during World War II. Somewhere along the line, Bob learned that Pattons nickname for Colonel Codman was "Cod".  Hence if you were ever referred to as "Cod" by Bob, it would have been in the highest regard, as Codman was highly respected by Patton. 

Now you know the rest of the story. :)

I never met Bob, sounds like he was a great guy. However I had previously thought that "Cod" was short for "codger". Thanks for the clarification...

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I met Bob probably 10 years ago when I was first starting to look for a Reatta to buy. I had a tip that he had several (5 at the time), and my grandfather and I happened to be in his area, so we gave him a call. 


Now keep in mind we had never met him and it was a Saturday afternoon in January. Two guys call him out of the blue and ask about Reattas... He immediately invited us to stop by, and gave us the grand tour of his cars, his property etc. We probably spent 4 hours there total.


One of the most kind-hearted and welcoming individual I have ever met. I hope one day I will be like him. He truly was a Progoofoff


Rest in peace, Bob. 

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Marck you are correct about a kind hearted guy. I remember I had talked to Bob about the Landau to see if I could get the car to Wichita Kansas in January for a 3 day indoor car show. Lamar I think you got to be part of the conversation. Well long story short, Bob wanted to see  if Lamar would be able to make the trip to Kansas  but that did not work out for one reason or another so after several calls Bob said why don't I just come get it.  I gave it a long thought and I was still working at the time and could not get that much time away. 

He was a giant of a man just to offer the car. We both had a good laugh that Bob told me he didn't think he wanted to travel to Kansas in January for love or money. it was just the next week we had a big ice storm so I guess he was right in not wanting to come to Ks. Never did get that done but we did have several nice discussions. 

Bob is a guy that will be missed, He was a true gentleman


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