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  1. jscheib

    Strangest place to find a mouse

    True Ben, I believe the wiring covering was a soy based, rather then plastic based wire covering. John
  2. jscheib

    BOD Candidates

    Usually, the host hotel has a bar open hours before the dinner. That should good enough to meet your pals with employing an extra 2-3 bartenders. Believe me, the hotel sure want to sell drinks, just not employee staff for a loss of revenue But, I sure would support longer cash bar times. Maybe if we could get people to step away from the bar sites, things would move faster. John
  3. CTCV, I assume you do not belong to the Free Spirit Chapter of the BCA. I would suggest that Dave Brady of Dave Interior Restorations in Emmaus at 610.065.2172, would welcome a phone call and a visit to his shop so you can have a #D view of this set up on his car. I would offer mine to see but it is in CT. I suggest bringing a camera. Feel free to mention my name. John D. Scheib
  4. jscheib


    Please excuse my choice of avitar. Too old to change. John
  5. jscheib


    2019 PWD ELECTION If you are on the mailing list for the PWD, as described in this section of the forum, you should be aware we conducted a ballot for a new National Director. The results are that Brian Heil has been elected to replace Mark Shaw. If you did not receive the ballot, that means you are not on the mailing list. Please communicate back to me at j.scheib@comcast.net and I will see that you are on future mailings. Like wise, if you did receive the ballot and no longer have an interest in PWD, let me know and I will have you removed from the mailing list. We hope to hold a meeting in Midwest City in June to discuss these changes going forward. In the meantime feel free to use this thread, call me, as I served as the election committee, or Brian, or use this forum. John
  6. jscheib

    Brian Heil Official Announcement

    Congratulations Brian. Sorry I am a bit late to this party. Been awful busy with some other stuff. John and Bea
  7. jscheib

    Spam 🥧?

    Glad we got this going again. If we were able to have a true "forum breakfast" in Allentown, I was prepared to treat everyone present to a piece of true PA scrapple, also know as spam, without a can. Maybe next time, if in the NE. John
  8. jscheib

    1972 LeSabre Custom Convertible

    Looks like the owner had a dog on his/her lap; hence the scratch marks. John
  9. jscheib

    Buick Reatta OEM Center Cap Emblems NOS - Set of 4

    Margret, I missed the ebay auction. You wrote this the closing day of the auction. Do I understand you have sets left for sale. Could you contact me by Pm with your address and I can send a check for 4 Reatta caps. John
  10. jscheib

    1925 Hood detail

  11. jscheib

    Lower Hudson Valley Chapter Picnic

    Great Event. And thanks LHV Chapter members for their hard work. John
  12. jscheib

    Buick fenders

    MetroPetro, Do you have a site in Hershey? Or can you carry some photos with you? I will get you aa site to find Jon Henry from MA. He may have an interest. He might stop by on the way home, if you cannot connect. John
  13. jscheib

    Hershey 2018

    Marty, Maybe you could address him as Hi Junque. He was just up Maine last week, you know. Almost cousins to NOLA. John
  14. jscheib

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    Thank you, Jack. Quite a read!! John
  15. Mark, I have to figure out how to add a quote. Funny, perhaps the sale of the car was because you had the problem with the '38. John