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  1. Yes Jane, I would not like you see you get into a car that may have a lot of workmanship flaws. The car is "cute" and attractive, but may have faulty workmanship. If you remain interested, make sure you take it to a high quality mechanic to check out it's workmanship and condition. You could get into major expense. Check out the photos on these forums and galleries, you may find something equally nice, affordable and practical. John
  2. Thanks Mr. Earl. Being in Hawaii, surely means if marketed on the mainland, one needs to consider shipping. Alternative is the limited market on the Islands. John
  3. Earl, I am thinking - No.1, are the motels along the way will be open?? Many are restricted to essential workers only to allow then to stay so as not to expose their families. I know all in CT are mandated to this, at least for now. Expect the will open soon. Not sure what the rule is in PA, but I feel the AACA must soon make a decision. We are still 9 weeks to go. John
  4. Matt, I am wondering how far you want to extend that offer. I may be willing to put up $10. also. John
  5. Ben and Dave, Never been on the I-77 area, so am looking forward to including some side trips, or perhaps all byways, as opposed to interstates. Should be an exciting concept. Good tp see this work between NMC and the involved local organizers. John
  6. Yes Larry, isn't this fun. But, "timing" (no pun intended) during this "physical distancing" could not be better. John
  7. Note sure it has been mentioned, but please do not sit too long. Get up and move about a bit. John
  8. George, I know someone that recently acquired a '37, so I will check with him (He does not frequent the forum) to see of his needs. You can call me at 860.558.6764 and I will get you his number. John
  9. Any thought if this should be cancelled seeing that the National Meet, scheduled later in the year has been cancelled? John
  10. Welcome to you both. Please consider joining the BCA. You will find details on the forum. John
  11. Larry, Surely at this point, the museum must be closed, No? John
  12. Like wise, Cindy was helpful designing the promotion for the Covered Bridge Tours in Allentown, and I found it in the trash, before I almost lost it, I was able to retrieve and it now graces my garage wall, as well as our cherished print media, Thank You again, Cindy for all that you have done for the BCA. John
  13. Steve, I know how you feel about medical issues. Have had a few these past few months myself. Looking forward to staying together for Allentown. Hope you are better. John
  14. Larry, have a safe trip. Rental car from Heathrow, should not be too bad. I know you can handle manual shifts, but best stick with automatic. John