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  1. Lovely looking cars. Hope they run as good as they look! What part of Ireland do you live? My wife's parents were born there. John
  2. Fred, Sorry to hear of this decision during these times, but you are "at the forefront" of this COVID battle, and I know how painful this must be. I still have the baseball cap I picked up in Concord last time. John
  3. David, I would suggest you repost this on the Pre-War forum. This car should draw considerable interest there. You might indicate where you lived (in general), or where the car is located (in general). I have only slightly newer models, so not much help. Good luck with the car. I do know you will want to see if the gas tank is leaking, I assume empty be evaporation by this time and try to turn the belt by hand and see if there is a chance the engine is free. You might want to be sure that no animals (mice, mostly) have built nests in the air intake. Plan to remove the oil t
  4. Pardon me, but I have to ask, which one to you consider a "meet" and which one is the "reunion". I believe a lot of members would consider a Buick National Meet as also a reunion. John
  5. Lamar, I peruse or follow all the later on your list, but not looking for anything. I feel those I follow are pretty straight forward, but do not much follow the Buy-Sell aspects. John
  6. For me, the survey was not too clear. I had been considering attending both with a relaxing drive between Concord and Strongsville, but there was no question mentioning attending both. For me, I have not yet made a Registration, but have hotel reservations. As some of you know, I have been working toward a National Meet in Gettysburg, PA in 2024, so a delay in 2021, may set some shifting in events for 2022 and 2023, OR NOT, should 2021 just be cancelled. Big question, just how far can the push-forward be continued. Personally, at age 84, I will be fully vaccinated by mid-Februa
  7. Chuck, Sorry I came to this a bit late. If the newsletter is not on their web site, and you see this, I would like a newsletter forwarded. Thanks, John at j.scheib@comcast.net
  8. I stand corrected. I wondered because I knew you drove to WI. John
  9. The whole float system takes a beating on a trailer ride when the bowl is dry and the float and pin have nothing to dampen the ride. Brian, As they say, Buicks were meant for driving, as you know. John
  10. I am guessing, that you have a two barrel carb as standard for the year 1932. But some engines had a single barrel as in 1931, I am told. The engine number should be able to tell you the year built of your spare engine. We should be able to tell you the year, if you have the number. John
  11. I know these are very hard to find, but we will ask anyway, on the odd chance someone will have a set. The car we have has the bumper. but with incorrect guards Maybe we will get lucky. Let me know if you have some laying around, or if you know someone who might be a source. Thank you. John
  12. Not sure if a '32 will interchange, but Pete Phillips might have one if they do interchange. John
  13. And don't forget the fireworks show! I believe after the concert. John
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