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  1. Chuck, Sorry I came to this a bit late. If the newsletter is not on their web site, and you see this, I would like a newsletter forwarded. Thanks, John at j.scheib@comcast.net
  2. I stand corrected. I wondered because I knew you drove to WI. John
  3. The whole float system takes a beating on a trailer ride when the bowl is dry and the float and pin have nothing to dampen the ride. Brian, As they say, Buicks were meant for driving, as you know. John
  4. I am guessing, that you have a two barrel carb as standard for the year 1932. But some engines had a single barrel as in 1931, I am told. The engine number should be able to tell you the year built of your spare engine. We should be able to tell you the year, if you have the number. John
  5. I know these are very hard to find, but we will ask anyway, on the odd chance someone will have a set. The car we have has the bumper. but with incorrect guards Maybe we will get lucky. Let me know if you have some laying around, or if you know someone who might be a source. Thank you. John
  6. Not sure if a '32 will interchange, but Pete Phillips might have one if they do interchange. John
  7. And don't forget the fireworks show! I believe after the concert. John
  8. Steve, An excellent substitute, as been to Riviera Meet there and proposing a future BCA Meet there. , I am afraid my wife is quite concerned about my health, so we will be withdrawing. This is not because of the venue change, but our decision not to travel. I applaud your, and others. outstanding efforts to make this happen and to make it a safe event. I just wish I was about 10 years younger. Again, I appreciate your efforts going above and beyond what was in " your job description". Thank you so much. John Scheib
  9. Bill, I concur with others. Thanks for your service to the club. Hoping for a full recovery. John
  10. I think it is the Ellsworth Street Building, location on the west side of the property. Other buildings and entrances are on other sides of the property. John
  11. I would a bit careful in prompting a larger gathering, and a word of caution to others anywhere in states that are not yet "fully opening", as larger crowds will draw "eyes" that may want to turn you in for too large a gathering. John
  12. Matt, I now feel this is a good time to be retired. My son has a good banker and started processing a loan before the quarantine got settled in, So, he was able to get the loan in the first phase. Small construction business, but similar to your business as far as need is concerned. Thanks for your efforts to continue and hope the restoration and sales of classics pick up soon. I know several in similar situations. John
  13. Yes Jane, I would not like you see you get into a car that may have a lot of workmanship flaws. The car is "cute" and attractive, but may have faulty workmanship. If you remain interested, make sure you take it to a high quality mechanic to check out it's workmanship and condition. You could get into major expense. Check out the photos on these forums and galleries, you may find something equally nice, affordable and practical. John
  14. Thanks Mr. Earl. Being in Hawaii, surely means if marketed on the mainland, one needs to consider shipping. Alternative is the limited market on the Islands. John
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