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  1. Per what Don Micheletti posted, per a Service Bulletin issued later in1938, the heater hose bracket was moved to the front spark plug cover bolt after the valve cover design was changed by eliminating the center hold down stud. This, of course, means that there are later production 1938 engines that use the same valve cover as 1939 & 1940 (and some later years).
  2. I understand Dexron 5 is full synthetic and should NOT be used in our Dynaflows as it will attack the natural rubber (Buna N ) etc.
  3. Tecumseh,Michigan. I lived there in the 50s&early 60s.
  4. Tecumseh Michigan. I lived there in the 50s& early 60s.
  5. Drove my 39 Special 80 miles round trip last Saturday to Sauder Village Museum in Archbold,OH for their annual Antique Car Festival. Cars must be 1942 or earlier and stock or restored to stock. NO rods or modifieds. My kind of show!! 80 ish cars displayed throughout the village either under or near many shady trees. No entry fee or trophies. They give you $20 "Sauder Bucks" to spend anywhere in the Village. The show usually is held in mid May. Lovers of prewar cars within a roughly 50 mile radius of Archbold (NW Ohio) should make this a yearly place to be.
  6. This is great. Would like to find another one for my 39 which may well have come from this dealership. Davis Buick eventually became Bob Eddy Buick which became Walt Pierce Buick which became Taylor Buick. Steve Taylor eventually gave up this franchise and now owns Taylor Cadillac in Toledo.
  7. 1956 was the last year for spark plug covers.
  8. Thank you for all you have done. Your work to keep things fair and civil are truly appreciated. Enjoy the Buick Garage and traveling in the Airstream. Get up to New Bremen, Ohio and tour the Airstream factory.
  9. Thanks for posting the picture. Rare car. Those lenses are also used as dome lights on some of our cars.
  10. Any group or part number on the box? Looks like the end flap is gone, though.
  11. Congrats, Pete. Hope you can bring this one back to life.
  12. Agree with Jake and Pete on the interior. Also agree with other posters to get it cleaned up and running if possible. Values are not great; but cleaned up and running will broaden its appeal.
  13. Anybody notice the standard steering wheel? Would also lend credence to Barney's thoughts that this is the low priced business coupe Model 46.
  14. Fender lights were optional for 39 vs 37&38 where they were standard for use as parking lights. As you stated 39 was first year for turn signals; but in the rear only. Many restorers wire up the fender lights as turn signals. 1940 turn signals were standard front and rear. For 39 the parking light function was part of the headlight through the multifunction light switch.
  15. Thanks for giving us the results on this. You made a wise decision to pass on this.
  16. Thanks for sharing. Great news to see the body and frame reunited!
  17. 1954 thru 1960 with raised letters. 1961 thru 1970 switched to the Trishield design with black surround.