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  1. That’s pretty cool, especially with the remote tanks.
  2. To follow up on the last post, I sent my steering wheel to California for them to re-cast it in green plastic to match the rest of the interior. My powdercoater has been working overtime for me as I now have red wheels on all three cars. I took my last five good wheels for the convertible project. Sure is easier than using a sandblaster our in my back yard in the heat.
  3. 1955 had shrouds with auto transmissions, otherwise they got the finger guard. Your Electra always confused me since it had AC but no shroud.
  4. That happened to me the second time I ever changed oil in my 55. I guess I got cocky after the first time when it was so easy and it was slightly askew. I was in a rental house at the time and my brother still refers to that house as the Exxon Valdez. It will also happen if you have two gaskets in there. I have missed that fun, but my ex-employee did that one.
  5. I watched a video online that says to clear coat in urethane, then dab “One Shot” enamel into the letters and wipe off with mineral spirits. The spirits won’t affect the urethane.
  6. When my career was restoring cars, I never wanted to work on my own automobiles. I was around them all day and when all was said and done, I just wanted to get in a car and drive without messing with them. I NEVER got as frustrated working on other people’s cars as I did on my own. So I bought a new Fiat Abarth. I eventually folded that business (cuz I realized I was a terrible businessman) I sold my little green 48 Buick hot rod to your truck driver and my three 55 Buicks sat in my garage, untouched and undriven for two years. I bailed on this forum because there was too much political BS going on in addition to the fact that I “didn’t like cars anymore”. Since you “have to be” around old cars for your business, maybe take a break from driving them for a week or two. Don’t let it go two years (they really turn to crap). Go drive a new Mustang or Mini Cooper or something “cool”. That will work until the first time your two year old Abarth drops you on the side of the road, and then you will be back to old cars.
  7. The main drag of a car cover is that sometimes my laziness makes me decide not to drive it since “the cover’s on it”. The advantage is that every time you DO decide to take off the cover, you remember why you love the car I the first place.
  8. Where’s the pat on the back emoji? Its a frustrating hobby that makes you punch things and throw stuff for a relatively balanced dude. Hang in there Matt.
  9. Get something like this. I don’t know what size you need. https://www.jjautofabrics.com/tack-strip-3-4-x-7-32-sold-by-the-yard/
  10. Geez Willie, I wish somebody would finally respond to you. 😜
  11. 56 four door sedans are WAY less frumpy than 54-55 once they gave the rear wheel a full opening.