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  1. But not in Park. 😁
  2. I’ve never used BaT. Is it at all line eBay? Do people just wait and snipe at the end?
  3. Kinda looks like my junk drawers too. 😁 I have several of those bezels now Lamar.
  4. Bernie, you have leaches on that seat up near your head. Watch out.
  5. The main problem I have experienced is if there are too many cushions surrounding your tank, you will lose the ground for your gas gauge. With that said, I have used bike inner tubes sliced lengthwise so you couldn’t see them from below so there is no movement THEN I had to ground the sender separately.
  6. Good luck. I welded the tie rod ends.
  7. I have used both. I know for a fact they have brake line kits for your car. I usually use SS for brakes and OE for fuel. I don’t really know why.
  8. I agree with John D. I have had wheelcovers fly off. If they flew off again I replaced them. I think it is a hubcap problem not a wheel issue.
  9. Inline Tube is the only way I would do this. I have never had an incorrect pre-bent line from them.
  10. The hunt is ALWAYS more exciting than the repairs.
  11. I saw that one. It certainly makes restoring one at this point not a sensible decision. A lot of 53’s available too.
  12. Every time I see some of this expert rigging, I want to admit it was me. I used the super glue. I welded the flapper open. I hope you sell the car back to it’s old owner so I can undo some of YOUR work. 😘
  13. I’d take it. I like the seats. It’s a TBird pattern.
  14. For those who don’t know the car, it is a low mileage car, but it lived in Texas it’s entire life. Under hood heat in the sun fries plastic. Even while sitting.
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